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Crimes against humanity.


This short (second part on request) book with pictures, mainly for Doctors, nurses and med students so they can learn by their mistakes, fuck it lets offend everybody, is dedicated to Tata and Mama who helped me so much in their living years, 1931 to 2006 and to dear Mama 1941 to 2021. Each part will have additional paragraphs in rolling released versions. A donation of any amount would be great if you enjoy the progress of my draft copy of my autobiography by Paypal.


Quick jump to: Part 18, Crimes against humanity in South African Psychiatric Hospitals

Crimes against humanity, as defined by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Explanatory Memorandum, "are particularly odious offences in that they constitute a serious attack on human dignity or grave humiliation or a degradation of human beings.

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About the author: Marek Pawinski (bipolar) born in Warsaw, Poland and immigrated to South Africa in 1968, started to operate computers in 1990, (remember Leisure Suite Larry) i started off my vocation in the electrical field and during that time became more interested in computers when i learned how to use CAD. I changed my vocation to the information technology field and studied for my MCSE (Microsoft Certified Sysytems Engineer), i gave my final exams a miss (wrote and passed only the four cores) when i discovered the Linux operating system and Red Hat 6.1 was my first boxed set. So in those days i obtained my MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional), NT 4 but continued to self study fifteen Microsoft Windows NT/2000 related books in all and thirteen CISSP related books till present. The good about books i purchased is that there are a lot of practical examples to play around with on my LAN.

I then opened another business (other than my electrical business) promoting and selling open source Linux operating systems. I became quite interested in the Information Technology Security field and being quite a book worm in those days i read and used examples of the Information Technology Security books. To this day i still read Information Technology Security books even though most of the information can be found browsing the internet. Unfortunately in this day and age i have to deploy an active protection system to prevent line-of-sight and broad spectrum frequencies from acquiring and/or destroying my mum, Jabu and i.

I am blessed with bipolar disorder via electronic pulse frequencies
and as Steve Fry (from the (BBC), whom also suffers from bipolar disorder, i am in a stable condition, presently (It fluctuates). Yet when i get treated like shit i type like shit.


Part eighteen

Lets have a look at medical and pharmaceutical torture. I wonder if the pharmaceutical companies employing the pharmacist's who design the prescription drugs actually try out the prescription drugs out on themselves first other than trying the prescription drugs in test??? cases with 1000 or more (for example) human beings being the guinea pigs to obtain a baseline. Like BP medication which can and does cause ED in some cases.....


Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital - Crimes against humanity

The beginning of November 2014 i suffered a nervous breakdown and was admitted to the G.J. Crookes Hospital in Scottburgh, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa, after less than two weeks a girl general practitioner, Dr Ndlovo decided to transfer me to the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital nestled in the foothills of the Underberg still in Kwa Zulu Natal but in the middle of nowhere. Most of the patients there where admitted for drug induced paranoia or criminal acts.
For example it took my wife, Jabu and i to return home on the 14/01/2015 seven hours by four taxis and we missed the last taxi as it was late and we had to walk for one and one half hour up a hill to get home, we arrived after sunset. The non scenic route takes one and one half hours by a low level flying sixteen seater Quantum ambulance transporter.

These are factual events as of 13th January 2015 which occured at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital and G.J. Crookes Hospital, three months prior to the 13th January 2015. I am working on the typos and grammatical errors.


To top it all i have to go back to the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital for more evaluation by a general practitioner as there currently is no psychiatrist at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital and ones fate is decided by a general practionioner. Did you see the movie Rwanda, well what is to follow is very similar. I was the only Caucasian patient in the two wings of the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital amongst forty five Africans. What a nightmare, i was assaulted by an psychotic patient who tried to steal my breakfast, six slices of bread with a bit of butter and tea. i limped for two weeks after this incident with terrible pain in my left buttock. Patients who assault other patients are hit with batons by the security guards and then given Clopixol Acuphase injections to knock them for a few days. The patients fight and hit each other for tobacco especially when the tobbacco runs out and i m the only one who has tobacco. It is impossible to enjoy a hand rolled cigarette by oneself as i was surrounded by twenty psychotic or semi psychotic patients each and every time demanding two pulls of my fag and the patients act as if its there right to my tobacco. Never mind food or gifts received from visitors, one has to eat what one receives at the nursing sisters station or all the food will be taken over by the patients.
What a relief to find out that prison is worse than the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital from two of the patients who actually where in prison, i am being a bit salcastic in this sentence.

On one occasion a patient was bugging me with questions and i told him to speak to the nurse. The nurse told me to "fuck off" and when i went to the sister in charge to report this the security guard followed me and tried to prevent me from speaking to the sister in charge, the security guard from LK Solutions Security then said to me that i am "rubbish" and he will call the other security guards to beat me with battons.

Flooded bathroom floors

Bathing time is African style like the majority of Africans in South Africa bath in a large plastic dish with about ten litres of water or less. I was quite used to this as this is how i bathed at my wives, Jabu house. Above is a pic of how the basins looked like.

I feel sorry for the patients as most of them receive no visitors and i have never heard of or seen before this episode that nurses walk around with polycop plumbing pipe about four hundred milimeters long and fifteen milimeters thick and assualt the patients. Is this Psychiatry?

On the other hand the sisters in charge and some staff sisters where quite good to me and where very helpfull, but they have to follow the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital rules.

Medication is handed out at 09:30 after breakfast and the patients share the same water cups to down the medication, thank God I do not have turberculousis or some other horrible disease from sharing cups with 45 patients.


The patients spend the whole day in a closed courtyard, fifteen by twenty meters and urinate in one corner of the courtyard as the patients are not allowed to go inside the wards to urinate during the day. The stench of urine is unbearable in that corner of the courtyard unless it rains and the urine washes away into the drain. On one night the urinal was blocked inside the ward and the urinal overflowed with urine for three days. More stench and those patients without shoes walked in the urine. The toilets do not work and faeces build up till someone flushes the toilet with a bucket, most nauseating.

Water is sometimes not available during the night when the water bucket and one cup is not left on the other side of the locked grill gate, never mind the fire hazard. If there was a fire there is no chance in hell that all five wards could be open to let out the patients. The wards, ten patients per ward are locked at night as some windows where broken with axxess to the courtyard from the passage.

At this stage I think I would be ashamed if I was any part of the medical profession, especially the Doctors whom are aware of all this and general practitioners who treat psych patients as there is currently no psychiatrist in the Hospital.

I have sixteen years experience as an electrician in the construction field and seventeen years experience in Information Technology mainly using the Linux operating system as well as Microsoft Windows, yet at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital i must take orders from cleaners and nurses under twenty five years of age, one of the duties of the nurses is to write reports about the patients. If the nurses don't like a patient they write negative reports about a patient. I found that most of the male staff nurses had more of a heart than the females, some female nurses and sisters are real bitches. On my last day when as i typed before attacked and surrounded by thirty or so patients for a fag, the one male staff nurse looked on in despair but he could do nothing. I was so happy and excited to go home on LOA (leave of absence) so one of the nurses asked me if i was having a relapse (from my excitement) can you believe it. The nurses play little mind games and notarize everything a patient does in the courtyard during the day which is mostly sleep. Like i typed before 45 or so nut cases and four sexy nurses just does not go, the males all want the attention of the nurses. Some of the nurses are very very shaftable but i think most of them are into bondage. We where all to go for a haircut and at first i refused. I did not want a kaal kop (no hair African style), so i eventually said i would like my beard trimmed but the nursing sister said i could not go anymore. She had the hots for me but was playing hard to get. One has to have a beard as there are no razors available and the patients my slit each others throats with the razors.


I was unable to pay my bills as i was in the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital and G.J. Crookes Hospital, joy to the world, i now have "hundreds" of debt collector companies after me and my credit rating has dropped to zero. Of course no shrink, G.P., sister, nurse nor social worker will help me out with my debt but someone was very eagar to put me away to Umzimkulu psych hospital because of their grave faux pas. The social worker at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital has ninety patients in the queue and i was lucky to see the general practionioner on the 13/01/2015 as he was still busy attending to patients from November 2014. This frightens me as i may wait for weeks to see the general practionioner on my return.

Stephen Fry (a BBC presenter) based in London AFAIK has experienced mental health problems for much of his life. I am sure he did not receive the treatment i received in Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital, not for the life of my can i still phathom that Psychiatric patients are treated with assualt and abuse as part of there treatment to become well again even thought most of the patients are in the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital are there for drug induced psychosis where they stabbed or assualted someone.

The Zulu language is spoken most of the time and i don't have a clue what is going on especially at the twice daily forced prayer sessions but i have to join in anyway. Jabu my wife is a Zulu girl yet i only understand a bit of Zulu, like "faga lo makulu mthondo kona la ingquza". Jabu is quite religious so i don't have anything against religion if i at least i could understand the singing and chanting.

I think it's disgusting that South Africa receives billions of ZAR in medical grants from overseas for this kind of treatment and never mind the theft. I had a terrible summer flu for two weeks and only realized later that the roll on deodrant shared by forty five patients was for woman. The roll on ordered for the patients at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital is stolen by someone working in the Hospital for there own use and most of the nursing staff are woman, can't figure out the theft bit as the nursing staff have three to eight thousand ZAR smart phones and drive new 150 000 ZAR plus motor vechicles.

I was treated slightly better than the rest of the patients because i am Caucasian, and like i typed before the only Caucasian within miles of the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital. I hope someone takes notice of this part of my book so my African friends (patients) can receive better treatment instead of being assaulted with battons, high heels and plumbing pipe.


I don't know anymore what is the official language of South Africa but the medication i took home on my leave of absence, the instructions where in Zulu.

I actually fear for my life at Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital, the ward where i am now is called Male Block Two. And one of the patients in this ward is some kind of martial arts expert. On my arrival he had to show off his moves whist we where waiting to be counted. (Counting of patients involves the patients sitting for one hour doing nothing waiting the shift to change and then be counted.) From time to time this "martial arts patient" goes a bit nuts especially on the tobacco subject like most other patients, 70% of the patients. Pure joy knowing i can be assaulted or worse anytime for a small amount of tobacco or food.

Hyena attack

Above is a pic of an example of the small pieces of tobacco some patients would gather for hours to roll one fag using a newspaper as rolling paper

Patients are admitted to Male Block One where 80% of the patients are psychotic, 40% from actually been mentally ill and the rest mostly drug induced pyschosis or being sent to Umzimkulu for some criminal act. Smoking of tobacco is allowed in the ward. Sorry to burst your bubble, i was never once tested positive for mary jane nor coke nor any other magic mushroom. Then the transition to Male Block Two where smoking tobacco is also allowed. Male Block Three, i dread to go there, there is absolutly no smoking allowed and i have been smoking tobacco for thirty five years. I had a small nervous breakdown on admittance to Male Block One and then to Male Block Two. Each transition is like some kind of initiation ceremony where the patients test to see if they can obtain tobacco and food out of me. One patient actually sits on my bed up to and hour waiting for me to light up as he figures what's mine is his. Not all the patients are like this thank God and i recon i have made a few friends.

Wolf attack

The tobacco saga occurs with all new patients and their tobacco or food is quickly consumed in a few hours. Watching lions, hyenas or vultures on TV or in real life on a kill can give a good picture of the food and tobacco episodes, meaning the food and tobacco brought by visitors to the patients.

Hand rolled fag

Tobacco smoke contains many harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide, cyanide, nicotine and tar, which cause disease and death. Non-smokers and ex-smokers on average, live longer and are healthier than smokers. For more information call +27117203145

Above is a pic of a hand rolled fag the patients used to roll when i had rizla rolling paper in stock, newspaper was normally used, bit harsh when one has a cold or flu, the newspaper that is.

Boredom is a real killer and lucky enough my sister bought me a few magazines (to the disapproval of some staff nurses as there where semi naked girls in the magazines, wow can you handle that, maybe the staff where afraid that the patients would start shafting each other, too many happy clappies rule this world on a Sabbath day) and a novel with large font as my multi focals where stolen at G.J. Crookes Hospital, Scottburgh, this was Xmas of 2014 on the 22nd of December 2014. My previous business, AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's keep me busy for sixteen hours a day so you can imagine doing sweet fuck all most of the day from sunrise till 21:00. Some of the patients whom have been at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital for months, up to nine months or more love it there, free food, free accomandation and free medication, at the taxpayers expense, joy to the world. Lets face it most South Africans have one meal per day if that and at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital:


BBQ at Jabu's mum's place

I rather enjoy this in the pic above than the menu below

  • 09:30 Breakfast: Six slices of bread with margarine on three of the slices and tea with milk and sugar, sometimes no milk
  • 13:00 Lunch: Rice or phutu pap or saltless samp and 25 gramms of meat unless there is mince meat then 50 gramms, drumstick of chicken sometimes on Sundays
  • 16:30 Supper: Rice and beans or pap and pilchards
  • 20:00: Black over sweetened tea (laced with stay soft) and four slices of bread, two of them with margarine
No need to complain, wow at G.J. Crookes Hospital, the food was better, at least different kinds of porridge for breakfast and an egg and a variety of meat and veggies for lunch. Don't understand why all the Government food dished out is not standard

South Africa is one of the few countries in the world where one can receive treatment for under $3 but this kind of treatment i don't ne ed and i am not the only patient who complains about abuse and assault. Most of the African patients and there families live in the sticks cks so to whom will they report all this to. I love South Africa and South Africans but this is really the pits.

I noticed many of the patients at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital take a drug called Risperidone, a horrible piece of work where sixty sixty percentage of males suffer from erectile dysfunction when taking Risperidone, i wonder if the "mental patients" (that's what they are referred to as by the staff) actually have a choice whether to have erectile dysfunction or not, i bet my bottom dollar and it's a fact that no patient is informed of the side effects of the medication they are taking, why should us "mental patients" be informed or have the right to know of side effects, we are the scum of the earth, maybe Government Psychiatry gets it's "info manual" from the holocast. I once researched Risperidone for days on the internet in 2012 and wow what negative reviews. Some of the patients are so spaced out on prescription drugs they sleep most of the day to keep them calm.


During my stay at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital, i observed the finer art of theft, assualt by LK Security Solutions on patients, i pity the guy (patient) whom escaped from the ajoining ward, his screams could be heard miles away whilst the patient was beat with batons. No respect for patients, i once informed one of the staff members that the burglar bars put up on one window had jaggered steel edges and could hurt someone so the staff member said "let them". There is no outbound communication to the outside world for most of the African patients, if one asks a nurse to send an sms the answer is "battery flat" or "no airtime, mean while the nurses sit using WhatsApp the whole day. Ok it would be a bit heavy if 45 patients used the nurses phone, even though i offered to pay, the nurses could at least answer truthfully and inform the patients that cell phone calls are allowed. The nurses are a bunch of liars and have the cheek to pray twice a day with the patients. If a patient ask a nurse for something the answer is more likely to be "kusasa" (tomorrow). I can understand spending twelve hours a day for five days shift with psychotic patients is a bit taxing but the staff nurses opted for this job and i think that the patients at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital could be treated with dignity and more humanly.

I learned a whole lot of new Zulu words at Umzimkulu psych hospital like, ingquza, masende and bhebha to the disapproval of Jabu.


Some of the African patients where so desperate for tobacco they would collect the tiny pieces of loose tobacco from the floor and when there was enough tobacco they would roll a "joint" in a manner of speaking.

Don't try this at home or anywhere else and i do not condone this but it seems that according to Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital, violence is cool and condoned. As long as you sort out your frustrations with batons, polycop plumbers pipe, high heels, a strawberry jam sandwich and mind bending, muscle spasm causing injections.

I am upset now very upset. How on earth could Dr Ndlovo from G.J. Crookes transfer me from a cage full of pigeons to a cage full of vipers and ruin me financially. If i had been discharged from G.J. Crookes i would have been able to make up my payments. Surely if a patient is so psychotic they would be transferred on day one or two. Yet according to my mother: a security guard impersonating a principal psychiatrist, informed my mother that "they need the beds" which is also not true as there where two empty beds in the ward and G2 is also used for psych patients.

I must have been in a very bad state of mind as one night sister took my blood pressure nightly and allowed me to take her blood pressure on numerous occasions. Imagine that some cleaners and staff nurses allowed me to choose and play songs on there smart phones. Ok i hope this paragraph does not get anyone into trouble but i watched the most fantastic game of soccer with the night staff and security guards one Wednesday night. I stand corrected i was at G.J. Crookes longer than 72 hours as i now remember there was no soccer game the next Wednesday for some or other reason whilst i was at G.J. Crookes Hospital.


Doc e, arranged that i do not have to go back to the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital, thank you very much for that.


I prefer and so do all of us, a restroom like in the pic above and not a restroom overflowing with shit and piss

I acquired two "bodyguards" in Male block one after my tobacco was stolen off my person whilst i was lying down in the morning sunshine on the tiled section of the courtyard floor. My one bodyguard and friend (John was his name) even himself mentioned that it was stressful holding onto my tobacco and rolling "joints" for me. The other bodyguard had been in the ward for many months and the other African patients where a bit wary of him. He would make sure that the other African patients stayed away whilst the tobacco was rolled mostly using my own purchased paper or if that ran out then newspaper. Best to choose the meanest mother fuckers as your friends in a place like this, which works on occassions.

Talking about "joints", marijuana is freely available at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital. I found this out when a patient asked me for a light and my bodyguard and best African friend John, told me not to smoke from that "joint" as it contains marijuana. Mary jane is supposed to induce paranoia in mentally ill patients so WTF.

Quite educating this business. I found out that one can crush and smoke pain killers as another room mate who slept opposite me did. Maybe that's why some nurses refused to hand out pain killers without a Doctor's script. So if you have a splitting headache in the afternoon one might obtain some pain killers the next day if lucky. I stay away from pain killers if possible but with my buttock injury from being assaulted and my two week summer cold i was popping pain killer's like crazy. Not thanks to the female Doctor whom i requested pain killers at the nurses station and she did not write them up the first time.

Come to think of it my best African friend went on his knees to talk to this female Doctor at the nurses station. Not that they where married but i was under the impression that Zulu girls serve food on their knees to their husbands. And he was nowhere near psychotic.

To get back to the drugs story, on one occasion i received a phone call in the injection room and there was this newly admitted coloured chap trying to open the medicine trolly. (He also received the customery tobacco treatment on arrival.) A few days later he and the guy who smoked the pain killers managed to steal some drugs from the medicine trolly. They received the baton treatment for their troubles. The assaulting of patients continues to baffle me as i was under the impression that violence in psychiatry was meant to be discouraged (never mind frowned upon) and guys that where in private and most state hospitals, that i have communicated with where never assaulted. Thank God i never witnessed any assault the first time i was admitted at G.J. Crookes Hospital unlike Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital.


On my move from one section to the next at Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital i lost my mountain view bed but was soon invited to another ward closer to the windows by two patients, the alterior motives you guess it, tobacco. The first ward or section i was in (gets a bit confusing this ward business) but anyhow i had a lovely view of the foothills of the Underberg mountains but knew this stunning view of the mountains and a village which was part of Umzimkulu village would not last and soon became quite mudane. Being an outdoor lover i never dreamt magestic mountains could become so boring.

So much agro and fustration as the patients where not allowed out the wards for walks. In any of the three wards bar one occasion. Maybe the patients would try to escape, wow why on earth would anyone want to escape. The one occasion sixteen patients where allowed to go for a walk outside was for a haircut. I remember that day very well. I was sitting in the courtyard and a female nurse starting picking out patients for a haircut. She called me out and i said no thanks. I did not want my hair to be cut bald as some Africans cut their hair. My blood really boiled and when the sixteen patients where about to get on the way for hair cuts i wanted to go with to have my beard trimmed off. The female nurse then changed her mind and said that i could not go at all. Talk about being petty.

I might be making a big issue of the tobacco story but that was the only occupational therapy there was at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital and when the patients received their monthly disability grant or visitors brought tobacco the patients who smoked, smoked non stop almost till all their tobacco was finished in two or three days. Might as well make a "meal" of it when you have it. I was rather more cautious and tried to ration my tobacco till Jabu came to visit me. For every one hundred grams of tobacco i received, i recon i smoked fifty grams and the other fifty grams was for "bodyguard" and sharing of tobacco fees.

Ninety five percent of the patients smoked and a large percentage never smoked before but only smoked at the Umzimkulu to pass the time and have something to occupy themselves with, the youngsters under 28 years of age or so would hide there smoking habits from their mothers or family when they came to visit them.

The patients make their own beds in the morning's. The nurses then come along and make the beds again. I found out only one blanket per patient is permitted during the summer months. Allegedly June and July the coldest months, really cold in the Underberg as I found out first hand on some of our vacations in the Drakensberg, two blankets are allowed. One or two degrees celsius (34 F) outside in winter at late night and early morning it gets really cold without a heater in the bedroom wherever you might be in a hotel or the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital. The patients ward windows are not triple glazed but thinking back the glass is 15mm thick so that must help with the cold a wee bit.


How dare the Sisters, nurses (male and female) and security guards force the patients to pray and dance around in a circle singing Zulu religious songs after the way some of them treat the patients, two faced religious attitudes, i am sure it is written somewhere: abuse, assault, degrade ones dignity, humiliate and tomorrow you will be forgiven. I took no part in these prayer "meeting's" other than i was forced to stand. And my last morning at Umzimkulu Psych Hospital i did go around in circles chanting something at the insistence of one of the nurses just to please her and not have hassles on my last day.

Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. On that day many will say to me, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name? And then will I declare to them, I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness. Matthew 7:21-23

I used to be quite a self religious person but i have lost my respect for God due to this hospital stay and psychological after effects, really too much is too much.

I think Stephen Fry is correct with his viewpoint on God. ''The quicker you forget about Him, your life will change for the better"

This is the final nail in the coffin between God and i and it really hurts me to loose faith after so many years, but this is really it, i have had enough. What i have gone through in my life is a fraction of some of the pain and suffering others go or have gone through but i have had enough of this blatant two faced religious attitudes.

And it gets even better, on the 18th Febuary 2015, another anniversary, my birthday, my

The reason i was sent from G.J. Crookes Hospital in Scottburgh, South Africa to the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital was that Doctor Ndlovo filled up a bath and gave me a teaspoon, cup and bucket and asked me to empty the bath, i choose the bucket, she asked me whether i would like a bed by the window in the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital as normal people would pull the bath plug. Just thought i would ad a bit of humour, this did not actually happen but one never knows, many things said in jest could be true.

Crimes against humanity, as defined by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Explanatory Memorandum, "are particularly odious offences in that they constitute a serious attack on human dignity or grave humiliation or a degradation of human beings, they really fucked me up at Umzimkulu.



Crimes against humanity, as defined by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Explanatory Memorandum, "are particularly odious offences in that they constitute a serious attack on human dignity or grave humiliation or a degradation of human beings.



Part nineteen

November 2015 i relapsed and landed up in the Ethembeni Ward at G.J Crooks Hospital on the 5th of December 2015. This is a government Hospital on the South Coast of South Africa where 95% of the patients are African.

The food at Ethembeni ward is good, mielie meal porridge or jungle oats, egg, bread and tea for breakfast. For lunch a hot meal is served with two veggies and meat as well as phutu or rice. Supper another hot meal with a little less on the plate.

But smoking privlages are few and far between in the psych ward. Five fags a day is all one is allowed, if one has them. So if one is used to smoking thirty fags a day one has suddenly cut down to five which was very good for my stress levels. The security guards reguarly steal the patients smokes and shared my smokes with other patients. The security guards (there is ways one on duty) find this ward most boring and cannot understand the illness of the patients.

On arrival at the Ethembeni ward i was beaten up by male staff nurses, hit with solid punches to my back for no apparent reason. Must be another lesson they will never forget. I was not that psychotic to imagine that.

Bath time is at around six thirty am and only six thirty am. I was beaten up by two of the biggest security guards for having a bath in the afternoons due to the heat, whilst still in the tub i was pounded with fists to my face. Doctor M ignored my complaint.

There are ten beds in the Ethembeni ward, two seclusion room beds. In the five room ward there is a television. The only entertainment is to check out the young nurses butts if they are on duty that day and the cleaner was a real dog. Like i said the hospital has an OT section but there is no OT.

Thank God i was transferred to an infectious ward for a few weeks where i had more freedom. I could smoke when i wanted to and spent the days recovering at a normal pace, there was no beef as to when one could take a shower, not like the Ethembeni ward "prison" where i "misplaced" my wedding band and my multi focals where stolen on another visit.

Yet the powers that be decided to transfer me back to Ethembeni ward as i was smoking too much, like there is so much to do with no OT (occupational therapy) at all, even though the hospital does have an OT section.

The infectious ward has thirty six beds, eight of the beds are taken up by non psychotic psych patients. Can't be that of a infectious ward as only 70% of the nurses wear masks and not all the doctors wear masks. Strange the reason i was sent to Umzimkulu psych hospital, according to the CEO (Chief Security Guard) was that the beds at Ethembeni where full, i never knew the doctors transferred patients from Ethembeni to G2, must be another lesson they will never forget that they gave me.

As usual the security guards are in charge of the ward(s), to be a security guard at a government hospital the security guard has to first go to university for three years at least, in any faculty, the security guards also have to be au faut with beating up one patient, eight against one. Which i witnessed with my own eyes at G2 and at Umzimkulu.

Strange that there are three other security guards, who are in charge, Indian chaps whom use brain power to negotiate with a troublesome patient but they are not around much.

Talent abounds at G.J. Crookes Hospital, there are tons of lovely nurses and sisters. The white nurses uniforms are quite see through at times and nothing beats a nice tight behind. The cleaners are not too bad either and some are quite friendly. On the subject of talent, i would not mind shagging my out patient GP. she is quite cute and also an African. I have been with Jabu for six years now so African "girls" really turn me on.

In the apartheid days i would have been killed for going out with an African girl or marrying one. By the Africans and not the apartheid security police, according to one of the staff nurses at Umzimkulu Psych Hospital.

Nothing wrong at looking as long as one does not touch. Being away from Jabu my wife for such a long time really makes one "jags" (randy). Oh well as long as there where tons of nurses to look at. ED (erectile dysfunction) is a real pain and the doctors don't give a fuck, never mind the herbs cost an arm and a leg a shot (pun intended) but there is no spontaneous love making. The herbs or Cialis have to be taken and then the long wait till the mood changes and we are ready for love making. The joy of living in South africa where the "girls" out number the men fifteen million to one. And yes money talks, African girls like "mulungu" with big bucks, so i will have have no luck in that department. Not that WIC "girls" don't like march, (money) either.


On a brighter side, Xmas day we spent at the beach and had supper at the mall thanks to my sister whom arranged a pass out. It was nice to eat out with my family and especially my wife at one of the restaurants. My sister and i also spent a day at the beach amongst the throng of holiday makers on a previous occasion.

An African lady was locked up in the seclusion room for a few days and all she did was scream at the top of her voice, non stop. She was there for at least one week, strange that she was not transferred to Umzimkhulu.

I think I rather be in a psych ward at G.J. Crookes Hospital (but not Umzimkhulu) than at the oncology ward if i had to choose illnesses. I am so blessed, touch wood not to have any physical illness other than erectile dysfunction which is a cause of the meds i swallow religiously. No joy to those guys whom suffer from blood pressure hassles as well, ED is also part of their game. Two doctors suggested i take Cialis, fuck that i need a boner on demand not having to wait one hour before i can get hard on and stress does not help either, i can take 2000 mg Cialis and will not get it up if i am stressed out.

Just like in Ward one at Umzimkulu Psych Hospital the patients bath in a basin to make them feel really at home. 70% of South Africans bath in a basin at night or during the day with a kettle of hot water or boiled water on a fire. In the country where i come from, after WWII and still into the fifties, ditto for some.

G2 ward at G.J. Crookes had five showers and as i mentioned previously Ethembeni ward had one scalding hot water supply from the bath. A thermostat costs around 250 ZAR, (12 USD). The thermostat was either set on boiling point so 10 patients could have hot water or some dick head needed to replace the thermostat, but who the fuck am i to talk being a former electrician of sixteen years. Maintenance could at least install another water heater back to back at ethembeni after spending millions of ZAR revamping G.J. Crookes Hospital where the reception area is tops and so is the pharmacy.


To top it all on my last out patient visit to G.J. Crookes in May 2016 there was no psychiatrist working in the Hospital and i was seen to by a GP. Hopefully this has changed by now, psychiatrists might as well not study for a few years longer if a GP can do the shrinks job which they cannot.

I obtain a rash from the meds i take but was refused by the GP in May 2016 for a script for Persivate ointment, she informed me "i must go upstairs" and wait another three hours in the queue to see another doctor. Seriously if herbal meds where strong enough for my condition i would be taking them and not these shit meds that give me erectile dysfunction and Cialis costs an arm and a leg which i cannot afford even though there are herbal alternatives at one third of the price which work just as well.

It was rather cold on a motorcycle in May 2016 and i arrived at G.J. Crooks at round 8:00 by the time i obtained my file it was 09:00, i waited till 12:00 to see the GP at the psych clinic. The total cost for the consultation and meds supply for six months is one and one half USD (twenty ZAR) so can't complain there.

It's the assault, violence and theft that really bugs me and this is commited by the security guards even though some nursing sisters and nurses steal the patients food, to take in a lunch box home with them, as well as milk and fresh juice. Odd that someone with a 6000 ZAR smart phone needs to steal. I was once shaking and almost had a nervous breakdown when in front of thirty six patients at G2 an African chap was assaulted and held down by eight security guards, he just cried out "mfowethu mfowethu" (spelling) which means brother in the Zulu language. One needs six months to recuperate after being a patient in a government hospital. Not all Africans are like this, most go to church on a Saturday or Sunday or maybe it's the bible that's the problem.

When one is psychotic one does not know what the fuck is going on so the doctor's and sisters try there best in a fassion with meds that are of dubious nature. Each shrink likes there own meds. Strangely in a private hospital a psych patient recovers on average in ten days but the government hospitals have some philosophy that a psych patient needs to stay from one to three months if not longer. However if a psych patient is too spaced out for care in a private hospital and the twenty four hour "knock out injection" which puts one to sleep, does not work then he or she is sent to a government hospital if the patient is non compliant of all things. So those whom have medical aid really score.

We have discovered from reading this book that violence is acceptable by staff members, theft is A ok in psych wards and hospitals of all places, by the staff. I would not treat my dogs the way i was treated and my African friends where treated in the psych hospitals.
Spot of bad luck in the South Coast for me with my manic episodes spiking due to what i thought was the change in altitude but i will never know as there is only a twenty minute if that consultation with a GP or shrink per out patient session at the G.J Crookes Hospital.


Jesus I trust in You

Part twenty

On a very brighter note i was once admitted to THMC, what a holiday camp it was in those days. This was a semi private/government psych Hospital. I believe the historic place has been closed down now due to the high cost of rates and taxes in Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa. A real shame as most of the buildings were from the early 60's. I believe i was given the incorrect intel as the place is still open. The procedure is one starts of at a private hospital, then demoted to a government hospital then sent of to THMC for a holiday. At one stage in our lives we will suffer from one illness or other so having bipolar disorder is just one of those things or is it brain radiation from electronic sources.

There where two swimming pools at THMC, some med students don't even know the place. One for the patients and one for the staff nurses who lived in the single quarters. There where also two full size snooker tables in the games room. A cafe for the patients and staff as well. There was a historic chapel and some of the buildings where quite historic which means nothing in South Africa, try knock down a historic building in Europe for instance and see what occurs, just come with bulldozer and put up modern skyscrapers. Come to think of it i got into big shit one night as i was chatting up an African sister, the next day she was put on day shift. What mentality, black is beautiful.

There where six meals served a day, breakfast, tea, lunch, tea, supper and then tea again, tea as in tea or coffee with biscuits not tea tea. The food was quite good and one could put on weight. THMC was nowhere near similar to Barbara Streisand's movie "Nuts". More nut case staff members at Umzimkulu psychc hospital than anywhere else. They really taught me a lesson they will never forget. Sometimes its spelt Umzimkhulu. Which in Zulu means "place of the fucked up mountain", not really but close.

Draft copy

May month 2020 I noticed they are demolishing the psychc clinic, the new clinic will be in the main building at G.J. Crookes AFAIK, reception said I should ask security where it is. I found out on the 12th of August 2020 that I was incorrect, the old physc clinic had a nice garden overlooking the R102, I used to eat my sandwiches and have a smoke whilst I waited for five hours to see the Doctor. Now the new psyhc clinic is in a dreary old concrete part of the old part of G.J. Crookes hospital where one sits in a corridor exposed to the elements, fuck. Mama whom does not get treated correctly for, my brother and I all suffer from one of the many forms of bipolar, I have a brother who is a sisi.






This is how I started my AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's business in 2003 with a simple HTML website which progressed to the hacked joomla website (designed for me for free by a Linux guy from JHB) in Pennington of all places as shown in the pic above hosted by Afrihost when it was hacked.

I like playing around with these

My first boxed set of the Linux OS was Red Hat 6.1 around 2002. I then used Red Hat 7.0 through to Red Hat, 7.3 was a great release. Or could it be 1999/2000. I later went over to Fedora Core and then at Fedora Core 2 to Mandrake Linux because my video card would not work on Fedora Core 2. And then Mandriva. I miss the Johannesburg thunderstorms where from my SOHO i could see the bad weather coming from the south and would unplug every computer even though i had UPSes. No such thunderstorms in Pennington.

Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu Linux was born in 2005 and slowly over the years pushed out Mandriva Linux which i think Mandriva/Mageia Linux used to be the best OS around. I am a RPM guy. Ubuntu Linux has come a long way since i tried 5.05 i think it was. I recommend Ubuntu Linux for a start up Linux if you are new to Linux. 6.06 will only work on my 200? Semptron laptop. So i use the CD version of AntiX on my 2006 laptop with a Septrom processor. All my laptops i purchased in Johannesburg are still intact. My two desktop machines have died.

Mageia Linux

Mandriva and then Mageia used to be my favourite and i am still lost without them. I had to leave Mageia 6 as X kept freezing my laptop early 2018 after grafting fine since it's release in July 2017. It's very easy to kill X in Mageia if it's acting up. I was most likely been hacked because of this book.

I was very sorry to have to leave Mageia 6 even though i still play around with it on Virtualbox. I still have Mageia 5 installed on my mothballed Centrino. Which is not much use as the core temp goes to 75 C when idle and the screen has packed up.

Debian Linux

At Johannesburg on one of my machines i used to use Debian Linux as a file server and burning server.

I used Mandriva as my desktop.

Today instead of Mageia 6 KDE Plasma i use Debian Linux KDE Plasma as well as PCLinuxOS.

Since Buster was released i have gone back to using Mageia 7, i fucked up my Debian installation. Lucky i had a separate /home directory. Ubuntu was no hassle to upgrade from 18.04 to 19.04 to 19.10 then to 20.04 LTS and now 20.04.1 LTS.

Ian was the guy who complied Debian and Debbie was his girlfriend. Hence the name deb ian.

I am just going to mention these four as i know from past experience they work well even though i have tried most of the top fifty.

PCLinuxOS Full Monty

I dabbled around with PCLinuxOS in JHB. It is based on the now bankrupt Mandriva. Looks Like Mageai but these days it works better.

I trashed my 200 Gig Windows 10 partition and installed PCLinuxOS as /

So far so good, I am quite content with PCLinuxOS, has regular updates. X crashes now and again but not as much as in Mageai. For some reason when I log into PCLinuxOS I have to kill X and log in again and get my toolbar back.

Will see how it goes, no more Windows 10 or any other Windows on my machine as in JHB from 2003 till October 2012, except Windows XP on my Centrino which I purchased with XP, now moth balled which has seven obsolete Linux OSes on it, no XP. Overheats like shit and screen does not work. Served me well on many of my time share adventures with Mandriva installed.

Then a new kernel was up for PCLinuxOS and all hell broke loose. Upon boot X was fucked. I tried with drakconf in a terminal to adjust the display and keyboard which did not work, I choose the "happy hacking keyboard" and X came up but on reboot nothing, so I went back to the old stock kernel and PCLinuxOS worked in a fassion. I got pissed off and installed Fedora KDE Plasma spin, it worked on my spare partition till I updated. Once again no X with the new kernel only X grafted with the old stock kernel and still does so I got really pissed off and ....

Downloaded the Windows 10 iso on Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS copied the iso to Debian buster and burned the iso on a DL, it took 25 minutes to burn. i backed up my book and docs I need and proceeded to install Windows 10 over the 175 gig PCLinuxOS volume. By 04/08/2020 at around 04:15 I had Windows 10 installed again, the May 2020 update and I activated it so it is a legal copy, what a relief to have Windows 10 again Linux was starting to piss me off except Debian Buster and Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS which still graft. I also tried to install openSUSE but no go, openSUSE wanted a boot partition. So I have Windows 10 again and will wait till Microsoft 10 next patch Wednesday (for South Africa) in August 2020. Mageai 8 Alpha 1 is not updating as of 03/08/2020, I get errors, it was my fault, so i left it and the came along Beta 1 and I am on Beta 1 now, 08/08/2020. The new Mageai 8 Beta 1 kernel works unlike Fedora 32 and PCLinuxOS. Pity Fedora 32 and PCLinuxOS FULL MONTY do not graft but I think it's the hackers/that are fucking me around. PCLinuxOS now works with the stock kernel, I had 184 updates this morning, 15/08/2020, Mageia Beta 1 is going well, no hassles with the new kernel. 30/08/2020 all good with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Debian Buster 10, Mageia Beta 1 and PCLinuxOS stock kernel, I will only boot into Windows 10 on patch Tuesday even though it's a waste of 175 gigs HDD space.

These are the top nine Linux distro's in the world today:

The others are mostly forks of the above except Arch which i have not tried. but now I have (September 2020).

20/08/2020 CAT 10:30 Jabu and I go to her best friends mothers funeral. Miss V. Was supposed to be 19C but was a scorcher 25C. The ANC grated the dirt road to the funeral and filled up Miss V's water tank, Mostly in isiZulu but the pastor did preach once in English. All I seem to go to is funerals except my brothers wedding which was a grand affair at Zimbali in April 2019

26/08/2020 06:06 Wednesday CAT All I hear is the birds chirping in peace full Pennington. Jabu is coming to visit me for a short while this morning, Mama is up I can hear she opened the front security gate and door. It's quite warm, adios for now.

27/08/2020 16:15 Jabu arrives for the weekend.

30/08/2020 08:50 CAT Sunday Zack comes to visit me, he has brunch with Mama when she returns from church as he has to go home at 14:00, last time I saw him was in June 2020, I love my stepson. He is a man now. Jabu returns from work and after she has rested cooks us "kentucky" and pap. My irratable bowel syndrome was fine till this morning 31/02/2020 02:10. It's nice to be back together with Jabu again since 12/06/2020. We where separated for two and a half years even though whilst Mama had her fractured humerus she was here from end July 2019 till January 2020 as a care giver.

31/08/2020 03:07 CAT Monday Jabu returning from a shopping trip at Umzinto at 17:35 the Quantum taxi loses it's front tire and they almost roll. Jabu and the other girls walk down the hill to Pennington, Jabu arrives after sunset a bit shaken up. My girl is quite a strong isiZulu girl but she had a harrowing experience. If this had occured on the bridge going over the N2 the taxi could have gone right over the bridge and landed smack bang on the N2, thank God she eventually arrived safely.

01/09/2020 Spring Day Jabu arrives home with the shopping and two bunches of flowers she purchased from an Indian chap outside the local store. I wake at 22:45 after crashing at 20:32 after Generations TV show. When I am resting during the day Mama watches the BBC and other news programs and then at night. Mama loves cooking soups, all kinds of soup during the day even though she only has 45% use of her right arm. 23:58 it has been a cold last few days especially Sunday, 13C. I can't wait for summer. My above ground pool has a puncture in the bottom half so I am fucked for a pool again.

02/09/2020 00:05 CAT Watching Catholic online Mass for a change on my laptop, did not have data last month to use the laptop much after the 15th so watched online Mass on the A20. Keeping the five operating systems on my laptop up to date uses quite a bit of data and remember I downloaded Windows 10 last month.

03/09/2020 13:05 CAT Thursday Jabu say bye and I see her walk down the street towards the local shop, she is going to spend some time with her mother and Zack. Reminds me of eThembeni when she came to visit me and when the visit was over she walked out the security gates and the next time I saw her was at Umzinkulu. I was reading an ad on my website about lawyers who do medical work. I think Doctor Ndlovo a 28 year old GP at the time who sent me to Umzimkulu should sell her car, her husbands car and her house and move into a shack for giving me a credit rating of 0, and pay my debt, why not, why must i be in debt because of Doctor Ndlovu? I will investigate this further.

04/09/2020 06:50 CAT Friday Siphokazi comes to work, she is a good domestic but I check my money pouch which I have not checked for a long time and there is 200 Rand missing, fuck. Mama takes a walk down to the local store at 12:05 and returns at 14:15 quite hungry. I have the potatoes in the skin ready and Mama fries the onion and chicken livers.

05/09/2020 03:05 CAT Saturday I wake late these days after retiring just after the load shedding was over last night at 20:46. Jabu paid me a surprise visit after work, it was so nice to see her. She cooked me eggs and tomatoe and left for Umzinto at 13:35.

06/06/2020 05:30 CAT exactly Sunday The alarm wakes me and I wake Mama up for church. Mama is ready by 07:00 and drives off with a lift to Church. Mama really enjoys going to church, I had a few hours to myself with no electricity, lucky the towers batteries last for two hours so I can watch you tube. I have been going to every day Catholic Mass online for quite a while now, that's the first thing I do when I wake up. I have decided to set my alarm to wake me like my African nurse from Tara recommended I do so I can start off early, those where the days of AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's. Too much sleep at night no good, I am a night shift guy. I like to start my day at midnight since 2003. 20:53 see you tomorrow.

07/09/2020 15:56 CAT Monday Jabu arrives from work, bit of a bad mood but we make up during the load shedding and all is good.

08/09/2020 03:00 CAT exactly Tuesday The alarm wakes me and I fall back asleep. I wake again at 04:57. Siphokazi is coming to work today to help me scrape the ceiling of chipping paint, she was supposed to come yesterday but she said she had to go to the clinic, she actually went to collect her child grant I suspect. 05:43 there is a glimmer of sunrise. It's a mission to find a handy man in Pennington since Mr C retired and he used to charge me peanuts. 13/08/2020 Mr J was supposed to tile the toilet, I am still waiting.

09/09/2020 02:06 CAT Wednesday During February 2012 I met a girl older than I, much older, who stayed at Mama's place from Kirslwald Germany and she stays in Wroclaw Poland for six months of the year. Anyway we went for time share near the Kruger Park and we both enjoyed it. We kept in touch and she used to post me Tabac after shave, chocolates and sandels to Pennington. Unfortunatly on the 20th May 2020 we had an arguement about Jabu on WhatsApp. I did not sleep that night and Mrs E caused me to to develop mild mania. On the 12/06/2020 when I announced that Jabu and I are back together again she nor her friend from Warsaw Poland, Mrs K would not chat with me anymore, pity. I like mild to moderate mania as it keeps me productive. Mild mania is the best for me, stable no good. I am a hermit anyway.
As of today my mild/moderate mania seems to have passed and I am feeling more stableish with a bit of mild mania. Anyway of course I had to wake up early today just as I had to go to G.J. Crookes to collect my meds, the last few nights I was sleeping late. Lucky I had a power nap between 08:45 and 10:00. I went to GJC late, we arrived there at 11:50 and I was the only one in the q to collect my file. Like I said I don't know what will happen when it rains as the new clinic corridor is protected by a 1.4 meter wall so the patients will get wet unless they are allowed to sit in the inside corridor. I had some bloods taken, then the pharmacy and I was out of there in two hours. I have been an out patient at G.J. Crookes since January 2016 so they know me well, even the top security guards know me by name.
Mama in the meantime went for a haircut and we went to Checkers afterwards to do some shopping. When I go to Scottburgh I try sort out as many things as possible due to transport costs.

11/09/2020 02:55 CAT Friday, my nieces birthday, she turns 18 today. Happy birthday. In 2012 when I had my medical plan I was diagnosed with IBS by Doc L from Scottburgh. A few weeks ago I had extreme pain in my lower right abdomen when I got up from the armchair, I took some pills from the pharmacy and the pain has gone away, but I can feel a pushing pain in my lower right abdomen and I have only had two mugs of coffee now since I woke up at 00:18. Online Doctors are investigating my condition and I might have a hernia. Fuck that's all I need, I have been constipated for 15 years because of the meds I take, Mama feeds me plenty of fruit and vegetables. I don't do much PT as I am out of it between 08:00 and 11:00. Like I said since I opened my AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's business in 2003 I have been wakeing anytime between midnight and 02:00 and grafting till 07:00 more or less. That's in Randburg, then I used to start work again answering the phones at 08:00 till 19:00 and taking online orders so I grafted most of the day with power naps between. It's going well between Jabu and I and in a few days it will be our three month anniversary since we are back together again. I can't be bothered with spelling anymore, normally Samsung spells for me.
Mama is going to tile the toilet, so I have to go buy a few squares of tiles soon. The tilers where there to give a quote at 17:54, both of them where not wearing masks. I accepted the quote.
Went to bed early and woke at ....

12/09/2020 00:20 CAT Saturday Rebooted from Windows 10 and into Ubuntu 20.04 by mistake as I was listening to Catholic online Mass at the same time. So I did my usual morning Mageia Beta 1 update, all went smoothly. 02:15, had a hot shower, i feel the cold, feel sleepy now, 03:01. I woke at 06:32 and Mama and I went to Park Rynie at 07:55 to purchase some tiles, they did not have a large selection, in fact the first hardware shop we went to they had none at all. Today is the third month Jabu and I are back together. We will celebrate with a flattie chicken braai (BBQ) tomorrow. These mixture of herbs I take for ED are dangerous, the other night i took some and had a terrible pain in my right elbow, a bit in the left elbow and chest pain, it was as if I was having a panic attack. Come to think of it Mama upset me about two weeks ago and I had the same syntoms. But I think I have RA as I sit here and type my elbows are slightly painful. Tata died from an OD of steroids due to his RA. I am going to give it a break from taking a dangerous mixture of these ED herbs, fuck I really felt bad. I have been taking Lexan herbs in Randburg for my constipation and early on in 2012 but Doctor L said in 2012 I can take Epsom salts but my online Doctor says they are not for long term use and I have been using Epsom salts for the last two years at least in conjunction with liquid parrafin. So I will use Lexan herbs now and liquid parrafin, like I said Mama feeds me lots of soup and fruit especially during the winter. Jabu is not too fond of soup, she is used to her food at her mothers place. What the Africans do is month end they purchase 10kg of mielie meel, 10kg of rice, 10kg of flour, 5kg of sugar and meat from Umzinto, I used to do the same except for the flour but Mama will have none of it and it works out much cheaper at Checkers, also used to purchase 5l of oil. Rice does not go off but mielie meel does get worms if it stays too long. Mama however did purchase 5kg of rice and 7kg of brown sugar on her last shopping trip. Once Jabu did mot have ten rand pay the carrier so she had to cart all her shopping to the taxi rank. The hassle is working from home I drink a lot of tea and coffee, the one consultant place i worked for in Sandton once they offered free lunch and had a cold drink machine near the IT office but I was only doing contract work, we retire around 23:00 and.....

13/09/2020 03:00 CAT Sunday exactly I awake. The alarm also wakes Jabu and she goes for a pee. Hopefully the tiler pitches up today to do the tiles in the toilet. I will let you know how it goes. Actually my guts are not right, yesterday I did not have much discomfort in my lower right abdomen but this morning I feel something pushing, maybe I do have a hernia, fuck, all this fucking constipation over the last 15 years from the meds. I am back to smoking my hand rolled fags, I need them to calm down my nerves other wise I would be taking 10mg of Rivitrol a day. 04:54. 07:02 Mr Sazi the tiler arrives and at the same time Mama goes off to church. I sold all my mechanical tools and extension step ladders back in March 2016 but I kept my electrical tools as I was an Electrician for sixteen years. Those where the days when I used to climb a 11 meter extension step ladder and slide down from the top. Worked in 45 C ceiling voids and in front of 50 C boilers till my whole body was wet with sweat. I was quite good with step ladders but when I was an appy I once fell all the way from the top of a street light as the pole was rusted at the bottom. I once read on Google that an Electrician was rated as the 20th most dangerous job in the world. I remember once working on a crane fixing a luminaire on a four foot step ladder three stories up, if I fell of the step ladder I would be a goner. We used to do all sorts of things like put bolts in place of fuses to see which luminaire was shorting in a tunnel of thirty luminaires. Anyway it was fun in my younger years, I can't get it right anymore. Too much anxiety. Then I used fly and drive all over South Africa for four years as an electrical engineering assistant. That was a great job, the second best I ever had and it paid good money in those days doing contract work, that was when Tata was still alive. It took me and hour to replace a pull luminaire switch here in Pennington after many attemps, Kwela Electrical of Pennington really fucked up the electrical installation in this house in February 2012 and I was quoted back in August 2017 7500 rand to fix the fuck up. So the tiler used some of my tools as he only came with a tile cutter and grinder, the only thing he fucked up was scratching the door on the wheelbarrow when he was sawing the bottom of the door. The toilet looks nice now and we will only be able to walk on the tiles at 15:00 on Monday the 14th September 2020.

14/09/2020 *.* CAT Monday I don't remember what time I woke up but we went to sleep early last night. It feels good when I am supervising and planning renovations going on around the house. I have hired Siphokazi as a handy girl as well once a week for now. Oh yes fuck, yesterday we had a flattie chicken braai which turned into a disaster as Jabu was pissed off with Mama, Mama can be difficult to get on with sometimes. I took my TSR for spin yesterday and parked her in front of the bike shed. I later started her and she stalled so I tried to start her again and the ignition was dead again, I just paid Mr Ra 700 bucks a few months ago for a second hand ignition but he said he will give me a warranty. So as the sun rises i need to make Jabu her cup of tea before she goes off to work. 06:00.

11/09/2020 03:30 CAT Friday

All is going well with Mageia Beta 1, I had to do a "dnf update" today as the control center keep giving me a python error. New kernel for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS all went smoothly and PCLinuxOS I am still on my stock kernel as my machine does not like the new kernels. I have given up trying to get the new kernels to work. Windows 10 users keep reporting BSOD so I am wary of updating Windows 10. But at 04:01 I started to update Windows 10 anyway and I finished the September 8th update 2020 at 05:56. All went smoothly just took two hours and I like to watch the update running. On my Celeron every thing happens very slowly in Windows 10. Debian Buster 10 does not have many updates and no new kernel in a long time, I don't know if that is right. Just how stable can it be, I get an update once every three days. 13/09/2020 Dolphin crashed on Debs Buster 10 after I copied large folders.

18/09/2020 19:10 CAT Friday I was dead tried and retired and woke at 04:05 on 19/09/2020, even though the alarm went off at midnight I went back to sleep.

19/09/2020 05:47 CAT Saturday Renovations renovations these last two weeks. Tiled the toilet, painted the ceiling in the lounge and kitchen door. The good news is since I received my 350 Rand SASSA grant of which I received another 350 yesterday I have received a donation of 5000 Rand from Mr R from the USA and a donation of a Lenovo S145 i5 laptop from Mrs M from South Africa. Mr E from Australia loaned me 1000 Rand. It is going well between Jabu and I but Mama is a bit of a miser lately and said I drink too much milk and that I drink too much tea too, but these meds make me hungry. Also a big thank you to my brother who has helped me since March 2006 when Tata passed away and at times my AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's business was not going to well due to undercutting the prices by 70% as they where a sponsored company for five years then they vanished and my clients complained that their DVD's where faulty, I had a 99.9 % success rate.

19/09/2020 04:05 CAT Saturday I started to work on my S145 and finished at 20:32 with a break for breakfast, lunch and at 21:45 Jabu and I had supper.

20/09/2020 00:04 CAT Sunday Installed a bit of software on Mangero 20.1 on my S145 and retired dead tired at 00:50. Woke at 05:35 I will now upload and see how it goes 05:48. Woke Mama at 06:00 to get ready for church, I watched Catholic online Mass. Sunday is braai day, free fire wood from the many tree's in Mama's garden, I always try light the fire with one match stick and get it right most of the time. I use newspaper. I learned to light a smoke in moya (wind) a long time ago with one match stick. Unlike last Sunday we had a very pleasant flattie chicken braai. I eat a lot as these meds keep me hungry. Mama and Jabu prepared the veggies and I started to braai the chicken and Jabu finished braaing it. Jabu is just good at everything, a perfect wife. She knows just about everyone in Malengeni, Pennington and half of Ethekweni. The day eneded with Jabu going to sleep at 23:35 and Mama was fast asleep already. Mama is getting old she is nearly 80. I did not go to sleep yet....

21/09/2020 00:04 CAT Monday I am fixing the fuck up I made on my Debian partition by using the "dd" command to flash a flash drive, and sorted it out at 00:15 with PCLinuxOS on my 250 G5. I have to think hard to get a command line as I have forgotten most of the as most of the shit is GUI now. I fell asleep around 05:00 and woke at 06:58, Jabu rushed off to work and did not even have breakfast but drank the cup of tea I made her. Mama is now preparing breakfast for me. 08:47. Retired at 20:07.....

22/09/2020 00:00 CAT Tuesday exactly The alarm woke me. I booted into Ubuntu 20.10 Beta to try to get my touchpad to work on my S145, no go. I the tried dkms on Mangero 20.1 KDE Plasma no go, I finally installed the 5.9rc kernel on Mangero 20.1 and my touchpad works. 02:15. Happy as a pig in shit. I then booted into Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta with kernel 5.8 and my touchpad works even better than in Mangero. I am running eight operating systems now on my 250 G5 and S145 04:04 will upload now and have a break watching you tube or a movie till 05:00. Siphokazi came to paint the door frames at 07:02 and Jabu rushed off to Umzinto at 07:52 for a school meeting. 17:55 I had to send off some docs to someone so I will call it a day now. 19:52.

23/09/2020 00:55 CAT Wednesday I had my forth possible heart attack this month or angina. My angina or heart attack started at 23:10 yesterday and I phoned Jabu at 23:15. Twice I have woken up and my chest was burning this month. Once Mama upset me and I had a burning in my chest and once after making love with the ED herbs. My Doctor says I should go to G.J. Crooks for an ECG. My Doctor says if it last for longer than twenty minutes which it does I am having a heart attack. So I am on Ubuntu 20.10 Beta now as I don't know pacman and Arch but I will boot into Mangero 20.1 soon. 09:08. 09:15 my above ground pool was delivered and I have to set it up. It actually takes two people to set this pool up and Mama is bitching as usual. Let's hope Siphokazi finds a taxi at this time as I am quite excited. During the summer I skinny dip at 04:00. Siphokazi arrived at 10:15 and we set up the pool. At 13:00 I had my first spring swim when the pool was still filling up, the water was cool but nice. I had two more swims, at 14:00 and at 16:00, the weather forecast for the next two days is good but it will start to rain Saturday which we really need and it will rain for the whole week next week. I am going to upload now as I can peg at any time with my angina. 18:58

24/09/2020 00:45 Thursday Heritage Day CAT The BIOS on the S145 is a bit fucked up. I have to boot into the BIOS each time to change operating systems. I am on Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta now with the 5.8 kernel. I seem to be very hungry lately, I had an early supper at 16:30 and then at 22:15 after a swim at 20:30 fried eggs and toast. Jabu will be working from today till Sunday and I will see her at around 07:15 this morning. I was falling asleep when she arrived. It's braai day in South Africa so we had a flattie chicken braai which Mama and I prepared as Jabu was at work. Jabu gave the finishing touches to the chicken and was rather tired from work. I can't stop thinking of my extension step ladders which I sold back in March 2016. I really need them now to paint the front of the house. Not that I would go up myself. Only in Pennington the first time in my life I put my foot through a ceiling board when I was climbing into Mama's roof void. I enjoy planning and supervising the renovation work, Siphokazi is a bit cheeky and does not listen. I am a bit too soft with her. It took me six days to get the S145 right. The only thing that does not graft lekker on the S145 is my MX 1100 mouse on Ubuntu 20.10 Beta but at least the touch pad is fixed now., yet my MX 1100 grafts fine on my 250 G5 I have three fifteen year old MX 1100 mice. The MX 1100's work the best on Mageai, PClinuxOS and Mangero 20.1. Even though my MX 1100 works fine on Ubuntu 20.04 on my 250 G5, Doctor Ndlovo are you going to pay my debt? Mama is paying for all this and I need a new mouse. So far we have tiled the toilet, painted some of the ceilings, painted the door frames and washed the bathroom ceiling, I painted it with Velveglo in 2012 and the ceiling looked like new after a good wash. The kitchen ceiling was filthy dirty from the fat from the stove. I am not using Velveglo but a cheaper alternative. Did I mention we put the above ground pool up on Wednesday and already the monkeys had to jump all over the pool and look what's inside. Keep thinking of this fucking extension step ladder, I need it to paint the front wall of the house. Our buurman has turned out to be a real poes, loaded and does what he want's during lock down level four he had his domestic come to work. At first Johan was quite friendly when he moved in but I think David one of my tenants pissed him off when David would shout shut up to his K9's. Johan is a biker with a Harley and four cars and two young daughters right for the plucking. He does all the renovations around his mansion by himself but we don't get on anymore even though at first he even helped me with my snapped choke cable on my TSR, speaking of which I just spent 1450 Rand making it roadworthy this week. I will take it for another spin on Sunday morning if I am not too tired. I went to sleep at 21:20 last night and woke at .....

25/09/2020 02:27 CAT Friday I updated Mageai 8 Beta, there is a new kernel, and I updated PCLinuxOS on my 250 G5, this keyboard on the S145 is awe sum. I don't give a fuck anymore that I am in debt unless Mama kicks the bucket soon then I will be fucked but I can always live in Malengeni hopefully with Jabu. Once it's November 2020 I am going to reapply for a disabilty grant even though I have been told I can't get one. Strange I had a grant in Randburg but I left it as my AMPPOL IT Linux CD"s & DVD's business wa going well. I am also due for an electrician's pension which I let fall through in Randburg as I did not fill out the paper work. I think I will stick with Ubuntu 20.10 even though I extended my Manjero 20.1 partition on running live system with gparted to 200 Gigs and it worked, Linux has come a long way since 1999. I actually have not booted into Mangero for days now, don't feel like learning the pacman command line, don't have enough time. So what shall we do next next next week, paint the kitchen cubboards Mama says. I didn't get any last night Jabu was too tired from work. All I had was an erection, but no chest pain. I hope when Mageai 8 is finally released it comes out with a decent kernel that support's my S145 WIFI and touchpad. Like I said Mageai 8 Beta does not graft on this machine. Will not boot at all and I don't feel like fucking around with kernel parameters, the Linux OS needs to work stock except for dkms, git and build essentials which I had to figure out. I have never sent a machine back even though in Randburg there where a few of my clienst machines that did not work with Linux. I used to do installations as well, that's when I knew Linux backwords. Now I am way behind. Not only with Linux but these meds make my brain fucked up. I did not take my meds on the night of the 24/09/2020 and morning of 25/09/2020 just to see how I felt, anyway I did not fall asleep during the day all stoned. I took my night meds at 02:30 on the 25/09/2020 with a clearer mind. I will take my morning meds a bit later this morning. So far no angina or heart attack. Like fuck I am going to die in a government hospital. I forgot about self CPR, I don't know why I did not do it. Anyway It's 05:34 and I see the sun will rise soon so time to upload.

26/09/2020 07:11 CAT Saturday Slept like a baby. Johan's biker friends who have come for the weekend are revving their bikes, I love the sound of bikes revving. I am used to it at the bike rallies I used to go to, I have many badges, especially from the Rhino rally, They don't talk to me but I told them to rev their bikes to 11 000 RPM. Clive stole my MCP badge when he was a tenant here for two months, I only have a pic of it. Wow I slept well. From 21:50 last night till 06:15 this morning. what happens at the rally stays at the rally, but we had great fun, getting pissed, strip shows, camping and a bit of fighting. I love camping and wish I had a car so I could take Jabu camping to the Drakensberg during the summer, winter it's freezing cold. I have been camping to the Drakensberg many times as well as time share. Jabu and I went to the Underberg for time share in 2012 in the winter when it was freezing cold. At Umzimkhulu psychc hospital the patients told me they only get two thin blankets during the winter and it gets to -6 C there. Umzimkulu is in the Underberg. Like I said I have had a good life till end 2013. I don't drink since 2003. Only one beer every three months or so, I prefer my blend of Turkish coffee, which a Pole taught me to brew in 1992. A big spoon of filter coffee in a big mug brewed for three minutes ad sugar and milk to taste. Now that there are renovations going on in Mama's house planned and supervised by me I feel much better. Anyway Johan our buurman turned out to be a real poes and Mama is always taking his trash of our pavement and putting it on his pavement every Tuesday as she does not want the monkeys and K9's to rip apart his trash onto her pavement which she rakes. Johan came here with his millions from Randfontein and thinks he can take over. Pity we don't have a good buurmense like Mr R and Miss R who used to stay in Johan's house before, we used to get on so well and they where also Afrikankers. Our house was built first in the 70's and Johan's house was built much later so he can get fucked. It's not my fault our bedroom windows looks over straight at his verandah and braai area. The guy who designed his house should of thought about it first. I asked Johan the other week if he would rather be friends and all he said was "what". So there you have it we have to live with nervous tension with our buurman. It's supposed to piss down with rain today but there are hardly any clouds and the sun is shinning, maybe I will go for a swim later. My IBS has come right almost and I am having craps more frequently, in fact I had one just now after breakfast at 07:35. Amazing how this constipation works. I am quite pissed off with the ankel cramps and am only taking 1.5 mg of Risperdal at night instead of 2mg bd of which GJC pharmacy did not have stock anyway. We will see how it goes. I used to take 3mg of Risperdal at night. My friend who is a pharmacist from Kentucky USA said I should reduce my meds little by little. I have plenty of Risperdal in stock. 66% of men who take Risperdal get ED. Jabu is quite fed up with my ED. These Rizla machince rolled fags I have been smoking since 2003 are way to strong and as from yesterday I am going to smoke factory fags. Ten years ago there where pills on the market one could take to stop smoking but bipolar folks could not take them as they would go manic. I need to enquire with my Doctor if there is anything on the market now which bipolar folks can take but they are S5 and cost 2000 Rand for a three month course. 08:52 I am not used to writing my book during the day, Mama is still fast asleep which is good, she watches the news channels till 02:00/03:00. I am waiting for the much needed rain. My pool is already full of leaves. Lucky I have some HTH from last summer, my pool takes 2300 litres, it's the best pool I ever had if the monkeys don't fuck it up. Next week I am planning on painting the kitchen cub boards if it does not rain too heavy as Siphokazi cannot cross the river to come to work. Like I said we are all praying for rain. Anyway God bless, I will upload now 09:45 Oh yes addendum All is going well with Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta touch wood, I had a few updates this morning, It's the first thing I check, Mangero 20.1 is on standby if Ubuntu fucks out. I can't wait till 22nd October when Ubuntu Linux 20.10 is final. I am really enjoying Ubuntu after being an RPM guy for so long, but I have no choice as only Ubuntu and Mangero work on my S145. Lets hope the final release of Mageia 8 has the right kernel and I will be able to install dkms git and build essentials. I read a clip that Lenovo is bring out a whole lot of machines with Ubuntu 20.04 installed but not my S145 for sure. I need to boot into Windows 10 soon and see if there is a BIOS update but the BIOS updates on my 250 G5 used to fuck up my boot sequence and only Ubuntu saved the day. 09:54 It's 13:22 now and it's getting cold, maybe the rain will come soon, Mama has gone to the shops and I am cooking the rice. 22:05 slight angina, took disprin and it went away. Will go for ECG this week.

27/09/2020 03:38 CAT Sunday Have decided to resign as CFO, care giver, security and projrect manager. Let Mama take over she is so so clever. I have power of attorney. Shame she has done so much for me but she can moan, i have to be very patient with her but it's difficult. Anyway I have to stick with her she is old and ill and I love her, she loves me too. I updated Debian Buster 10.5 to 10.6, Mageia Beta 8 and PCLinuxOS on the HP Celeron 250 G5. There where a few updates on the Lenovo S145 which did not need rebooting even though I like to reboot even after Linux updates. I am still waiting for the rain, maybe today. The garden is so dry and on the South Coast normally all the flora is so green. When Jabu and I went to the funeral I could not believe how dry it was. It's cloudy and cold outside 16 C, so I will dress warmly from 08:00 when the cold hits me. I take my meds at 08:00 and anything between 20:00 and midnite depends if I want the cramps to hit me from the Risperdal. I shall see how it goes on 1.5mg nochte. Tired of these fucking cramps since 2003 when I checked out of Tara (THMC). No Doctor ever told me that Risperdal causes cramps, I found out in Pennington first from an African Doctor at Pennington clinic when he reduced my dosage after I complained of cramps in my ankels, they don't tell you straight, hey man these meds will cause you never to fuck again just take them. Fucking bullshit, destroyed my sex life and now it's worse since October 2017. And you want me to do what, go to GJC and have a ECG so they can give me a disprin and send me home like they almost did to Miss M. 05:55 time to upload. I have to wake up Mama for church and make Jabu a cup of tea. I had the house to myself for two hours and am on Manjero 20.1 now but can't get the spell check to work. Works fine in Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta but not PCLinuxOS. The day goes by quickly and Jabu returns home early from work. We have a sort of phutu and wors with gravy and pele pele for supper. I say sort of phutu as the mielie meel during lock down will not turn into phutu Jabu says and she is a fucking good chef. Unlike my dear Carina whom only made me French toast. To think about it did I mention I have had two houses in my lifetime and a flat. My last house was on a 1600 square m propery and we had three cars but since 2003 I have stayed with my folks in a 320 sqaure m double story house Tata took 19 years to build on weekends. He managed to finish the en suite bathroom and soon passed away after that. He could do any job as he was taught first in technical school in Poland before he became an Electrical engineer at varsity. I was good at electrical work, plumbing and woodwork. I plumbed the first house servants quarters when I was younger. And I once worked at an electrical and plumbing company where I did a bit of plumbing, now I can't get it right to change a tap washer, the have made the holes smaller and it takes Zack and I to do it with pliers. 23:59

28/09/2020 00:30 CAT Monday At last it started to rain yesterday afternoon and is still raining. How nice to freshen up the land and fill the water tanks. No swimming for me this week just as I put up the pool. It's supposed to rain all day today and I pray it does. I am cheating a bit as I listen to online Mass whilst I type. I took my meds just now, as long as I take them I should be ok. Unless of course the electronic pulse frequncies start hitting me, I have not been in hospital since January 2016. Let's make it another 12 year record. I have not been smoking plain hand rolled fags for two days now. But my chest is tight right now. Been smoking since I was eighteen. Lets hope I live till eighty something like some of my smoker friends of my folks did. So as I sit here on my CEO's office chair which must be eighteen years old and the leather is coming off, I wonder where I will be in five years time, worse off or better off. Lets hope better. I feel less anxious these days and Jabu gives me strenght and support. 01:08 tierd, time to sleep. 05:51 Pity it's still not raining as I wake up. A new cloudy day. I am now having hassles with updating Manjero 20.1, don't have time for this shit, the database is corrupt. I knew there was somthing wrong when I booted into Mangero 20.1 and there where no updates, Windows 10 on my S145 is not much better it will not install a Lenovo update even though I flashed the BIOS just fine last night. My MX 1100 does not work too well on Windows 10 either, the MX 1100 must be more than ten years old. Like I said I have three MX 1100's, one is dead, one is half fucked and the MX 1100 on my 250 G5 grafts just fine so far. I think I will stick with Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta for now. At least the spell check works, Arch is not so great if the update database gets corrupt after a week or so and I only used Mangero 20.1 for a few days, I spent an hour trying to fix the PGP signature issue and got pissed off and booted into Windows 10 at 16:30. Never had this shit with Mageai either than when I was being hacked like with Mangero 20.1 now. 07:10 Windows 10, installed all the web browsers just about avaiable. Anyway having fun with Windows 10 now.20:20. 21:59 All seems to be working well with Windows 10 on my S145, on the 250 G5 Celeron Windows 10 was fucking slow. Now everything flies except for the updates which Linux is much better at speed wise. Fucking irratating these pop ups that I have tweleve days left to purchase an anti virus, now I forgot what I was going to type.

29/09/2020 06:51 CAT Tuesday Don't remember what time we retired last night but it was a wonderfull evening. As project manager I am still planning what renovations to do next. Mama and I disagree on the electrics. After the wireman was here in August 2017 he found twenty six points of non compliance which Kwelea Electrical let slide in Febuary 2012. Now I have to repair them. The quote in August 2017 was 8500 Rand including the COC. But I want to do something differnet, I want to replace all the pull switches for the luminaires as they keep fucking out. One fucked out last night in Mama's bedroom. Mama purchased the place of photo and in the pics there where normally toggle light switches. So Sally sent us old pics of the place which the Terblanches could not sell for three years. The only caveat about this place is that it is frightfully cold in winter. 08:25 The sun is shining, no clouds and we did not have much rain. I have been using Windows 10 since November 2017 when Mama purchased the 250 G5 Celeron for me, what a pleasure using Windows 10 on an i5 with 8 gigs of RAM. I have not had the oppurtunity to use Virutal box yet. The only hassle is on my S145 the boot process is very slow but once the OS is up and running it flies. I have four browsers open now as well as explorer and the Lenovo Control Center. I think I will stick with Windows 10 for a few days or untill it needs a reboot. Lenovo is supposed to be a hell of a good machine company but the S145 does not work well on Linux like I said, did I mention I installed PClinuxOS yesterday and still cannot get the WIFI to work. I use USB tethering to update and connect on PCLinuxOS. I am not going to use Virtualbox on Windows 10 as it has failed 80% of the time in the past on my 250 G5 Celeron. Talking about my Celeron I think I am in Mageia Beta 8 now and will see what updates there are. Just eight updates, I updated most of them last night. It's Jabu's day off so she is fast asleep whilst Siphokazi is preparing the kitchen cubboards to be painted with clear varnish. I have yet to update Windows 10 on my 250 G5 but I think I will leave it as it requires 2.6 Gigs of data. Mama just woke up 08:56. It's bad when there are two project managers in the house. Well these last few days I have been working a bit in the mornings, oops it's 09:17 time to take my meds. How time flies, it's 09:59 already and I have yet to have breakfast, I am not feeling hungry as Mama baked some bread yesterday and we had an enormous spinach roll. I have had a crap the third time in a row this morning, this constipation baffels me. Once I have to take liquid parrafin and epsom salts or Lexan herbs every fourth day and sometimes I don't, I have been advised by one of my online Doctors not to use epsom salts. I still need to sort out my ECG. I received a $60 donation towards my ECG. My Paypal button works. Last night I took the ED herbs and I did not have a burning in my chest. Mrs M says it's gas but I think I will believe what one of my online Doctors says that it's Angina. Like I said I have stopped smoking plain hand rolled fags and my mouth feels much cleaner. Now to get some funds to purchase a three month course of stop smoking meds which cost 2000 Rand and I have yet to find out if bipolar folks can take them. Ten years ago they could not as they would go manic. 10:13 Let me have a break. Had pichards and rice for supper and a lot of kissing and hugging after supper. Jabu fell asleep whilst Mama was busy in the kitchen. I was watching "Adults only" a lot of twirking buttocks when the power went of. Really pissed me of, in Rnadburg we did not have power failures every five minutes except for load shedding. I must have fallen asleep around 23:50 on the couch.

30/09/2020 04:32 CAT Wednesday My A20 02:00 alarm did not wake me. Only the Cubot Manito wakes me. Am listening to Mass. Siphokazi sanded the kitchen cubboards yesterday and started to paint, she is coming back to finish today. Mama is having guests for lunch so it will be a bit tricky. Praise be to Jesus Christ another month is almost over in this covid-19 world. We are at lockdown level one, hardly anyone wears their masks anyway. 05:50 Looks like it's going to be a cloudy day and I did the laundry last night. Forecast is moya. A lot of moya. The laundry should dry, that's my job, the laundry and dishwasher. Last night I had elbow pain and this morning I have as well. It's not from sleeping on the couch as I sleep on my left side and my right elbow is more painful. I drink 1.5 litres of fluid a day as recommended by the Minster of Health. I am enjoying Windows 10 on my S145 yet I see the fan goes off often even when idle. HWMonitor goes mad. I will reboot after a few days into Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta and should have a nice lot of updates. I will never have a Joomla website again, It's beyond the scope of my knowledge to restore when hacked especially when I am psychotic. A HTML website like this I can restore in a few hours from my backups on my flash drives. I am used to my 250 G5 Celeron which does not have a fan. I suppose you wondering how it is possible that I receive a 350 Rand unemployment grant when I have all this hardware. Well the wild black cat has brung me good luck, she comes every day to the door and walks through the house sometimes. I feed the black cat every day. When I was penny less, Mr R gave a large donation and that started the ball rolling. Since then funds have just rolled in. It feels better not having to live day by day. So Mama and I can now afford to do renovations a bit to make the house a bit nicer to live in. We can't agree on the electrics though. Mama has something in her head about the roof when the electrics are more important, like I said thanks to Kwela Electrical of Pennington there are 26 points of non compliance to make good. Jabu went off to work at 07:20 without saying goodbye, Siphokazi arrived at 07:02. I have yet to find out what Jabu's pluck was this morning. Time to prepare my meds for 08:00. Jabu said that I told her not too talk loud to Siphokazi as I did not want them to wake Mama so Jabu got pissed off. Well what a small world we live in, memories memories, on the 28/09/202 Mama purchased from Mrs B of Secondchances in Pennington some picture frames, a dinning room chair (which I do not want and there is no space for) and a top for Xmas for Jabu. The top is suitable for a ninety year old. I Whatsapp Mrs B if she could deliver this morning and no reply. This is the same Mrs B that in March 2016 when my brother and Mama put the house on sale, I called to have a look which furniture she could buy from me. She sent George instead, another one of those with "i am so blessed" all over his truck so is Mr B's profile pic on WhatsApp to purchase my tools. George had a look at my tools and said he will come back to me with a price. He came back and said he could take all the tools and see what he can get for them. I thought fuck the house will sell quickly so I let George take my tools. The fucker came back with 1600 Rand for 20 000 Rand, more like 30 000 Rand worth of tools. I paid 60 Rand for a Stanley knife the other day. I must say George came back for some 80-200mm crimpers and gave me 200 Rand, they where new. I still have my megger and 240/380 volt tester. I was just discharged from hospital in January 2016 and was quite vunlerable. Mr C paid me a good price for my grinder and electrical spares which I need now to finish the electrics. I kept one 6 foot step ladder and my electrical tools. What the fuck, I think I will slowly fix the 26 points myself. Just need to purchase a strong rechargeable LED light as the DB is in a dark cubboard. Small world, I wonder what is Mrs B's pluck now, she has Mama's 680 Rand but does not deliver the goods. Siphokazi finished painting the kitchen cubboards and touched up where she had made a fuck up. At 12:08 Mama's quests arrived and they had lunch and are chatting, I am yet to eat today. Jabu said she will cook me chicken feet and dumplings. It turns out Mama had cooked for us. 14:50 The guests departed at 15:27 and in the meantime the monkeys climbed into Mama's bedroom up a gutter 2000 mm up. Looking for something to eat. I chased them away and they concentrated on getting into the open window of a car. At 15:47 Mrs B delivered the chair, top and frames after I complained to Mrs P her good friend. If only Mrs B had answered my Whatsapp early this morning which she read there would not be all this shit. Jabu has gone to sleep (21:40), I am the kiss and hug type of guy. Windows 10 is more responsive than Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta, I seemed to have a lag as I type in 20.10 Beta. What happened to my magazines during this covid-19, no more of my fav mag. I am blessed (now here I go) with this new machine. I hope it last me at least ten years like my previous laptops or more. As long as Gnome and KDE Plasma do not become too bloated. I would like to upgrade to 16 Gigs of RAM by a specialist so I don't loose the warranty. My swap is 16 on Ubuntu, Mangero and PCLinuxOS, I don't know how the PGP update signature in Mangero 20.1 could fuck out in less than ten days and four days of use, bullshit OS. I spent 90 minutes trying to fix it and that's enough, goodbye Mangero 20.1. Arch sucks. Fucking piece of shit worked so well in the begining. True as fuck if Mageia 8 final does not work on this machine I will crack. I always have Windows 10 if Microsoft does not make a fuck up with there updates, they should not, I paid a lot of bucks for Windows 10 unlike the rest, only data costs to download Linux OS and time. Well folks my clock has changed these last few days it's 22:00 exactly now and I am sitting on Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta. Let me open the window it"s getting a bit stuffy in here. Telkom fucked up everything when they pulled out of Pennington with no prior notice so we don't have ADSL but they are laying a fibre cable, hope it gets to us. I pay a fortune in data costs. 23:20 I am sitting and watching "adult only XXX" a lot of twirking and boobs music videos when I think let me try Mangero 20.10 one last time and choose only one mirror.

01/10/2020 00:00 CAT Thursday I boot into Mangero 20.10 no luck with my plan. Pity the WIFI and touchpad works. Useless to have a system that does not update. So I boot into Windows 10 and download the newly released Fedora KDE Plasma 33 Beta, released at 17:00 CAT on the 29/09/2020. WIFI works not the touchpad on my S145, have 478 updates, no updates at 06:12. I retired at 02:32. So it's up to Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta to keep me going. I will try fix the touchpad problem in Fedora later when I have time. For now being the 1st I am going to have the morning off and spend the day with Jabu, she also has the day off. BTW the MX 1100 works wonders on Fedora 33 Beta so does the boot loader. During the Live process I almost had to hit the left button with a four pound hammer for the mouse to click, same on Windows 10, this mouse is fucked. Can't look a gift horse in the mouth, re Lenovo Idealpad S145 i5 8 Gig RAM, not so ideal for Linux OSes but it keeps me busy. I am just loving Window 10, what a pleasure after my HP 250 G5 Celelron. Problem is the more one uses Windows 10 the more it fucks out, I uninstalled the anti virus last night, it kept fucking me around. I will trust Defender. these anti virus are very intrusive. So what does the project manager have planned for next week. The electrics if I can get hold of a rechargeable LED light, spares are no problem to purchase. Will have to consult with Mama. I am an unhappy chappy when I don't have Mageia installed on my machine. 08:00 time to take my meds and upload. 09:45 my Logitech Mx Master 2S was delivered, I am now testing it out on Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta, so far so good. Works 100% and on Windows 10 too, what a pleasure, time to mothball my ten year old MX 1100 which I have been battling with like shit. Thank you Mama. I still have not had time to set up NFS, like I said I used to be able to do it blind folded. I start watching "adult only XXX" but retire at 23:16...

02/10/2020 02:00 exactly CAT Friday Had a good few hours sleep. Updated Mageia Beta, Ubuntu 20.4.1 on my 250 G5 and there where no updates on my S145 with Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta. The 2S is working well, the only reason I purchased the S2 was that the Logitech website said it works on Windows, Mac and Linux. The 2s should last me another ten years. Did I mention I have a Microsoft mouse which must be eighteen years old and works 100% on Linux. I used to have three or more of them but I don't know where they are now except for one which I used to use on my Acer Semptron which I purchased between 2003 and 2006. The HDD is failing soon otherwise it works 100%. I don't have space for all these machines in my Ocean view office. In August 2012 and 2013 I could see the Ocean from certain rooms in the house but the trees have grown high now at the buurmense and we have no view. Rain rain at last, It came down last night. Tomorrow's forecast is heavy rain. The garden was so dry, no swimming for me. Hold on It's October 2020, time to start watching Xmas music video's as I have always done in October. I don't care if the touchpad does not work on the S145 on some Linux OSes now that my S2 is grafting 100%. Gone are the time share days when I used to take my Centrino Duo with me on holiday. I used to go on time share alone tri annually just to get away in the bush. I used to love going to Carina's farther's cattle and game farm. I have not been on holiday since October 2012 bar our honeymoon on North beach Ethekweni. Jabu and I really had a good time, I would not mind going by taxi to uShaka. I can't wait to make this house SABS 0142-1, it really bugs me. Like I said when I moved in I was quite happy with the socket outlets, copper cable and luminaires as they reminded me of Pilgrim's Rest to which I have been tons of times, untill the wireman from Ethekweni said otherwise in August 2017. The choke in the kitchen luminaire caught alight this year. 05:28 the birds are chirping even in the cloudy weather, what a lovely peaceful place Pennington is. 05:45 sunrise is near, let me check and upload. Retired at 23:08....

03/10/2020 04:32 CAT Saturday Slept late again. Today God willing my bike mechanic from Umzinto Mr Ra is arranging me an electrician to come out and give me a quote to do the electrical work. It's pissing down with rain and forecast of flash flooding so let's hope the electrician pitches up as the five others have not. Two work part time and two are supposed to be self employed, one was the original wireman from Ethekweni. In the meantime I have updated Ubuntu Linux 20.04.1 on my 250 G5 and am busy updating Mageia 8 Beta with a new kernel also on the 250 G5. Siphokazi was here yesterday and as usual she did a good job at cleaning the house which is only 140 squares so not much to clean except that there is a lot of furniture unlike Mama and Tata's mansion in Randburg which was 320 squares live able. All measurements in this book are S.I. So far in August and September 2020 we have:

Let me reboot Mageia 8 Beta on my 250 G5 now and see if all is ok, one should always reboot Linux OS after a new kernel and if there are many updates to see if all works koscher. Ladies and gents we have X, the new kernel is 5.8.13 on Mageai 8 Beta. Looks good for my S145. Like I said only Fedora 33 Beta, Mangero 20.1 and Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta has the WIFI working on my S145, I am very disappointed with Mangero 20.1 that there is a PGP signature fuck up after less than a month of use. No train smash as Linus brings out the new kernels my machine will soon work stock with all Linux OSes. I have not complied my own kernel in years. Like I said due to my disability I am limited to working from midnight till 06:30 since 2003 and again from 11:00 till 20:00. I dought I will find a night shift job in Umdoni with no transport. Mama says I should work during the morning and cut the tree branches, like fuck. Maybe I should put a broom stick up my bum and drag it along behind me whilst I am about it. 06:11 Jabu will have a guest at 06:30 who is a domestic in a house nearby and they are best friends but have not seen each other for a long time. Her guest Miss S arrived at 13:00 whilst I was having my power nap and left at 14:50 in the pouring rain, I lent her my raincoat top which is too small for me and I used to use on the TSR in the rain. I used to grow my own pele pele and tomatoes in Randburg, In Pennington in 2012-2014 I only grew pele pele, lettuce and spinach, I think it's time to do so again, takes ninety days for the pele pele to rippen, though in this fertile soil I should get two crops with the right amount of rain. Pity I once had 53 tomatoe bushes in Randburg but no such luck here the monkeys will eat them. Being an Electrical engineer Tata did the electrical installation at Randburg himself with steel conduit in those days, the guy who did the COC in 2011 said magic. The only electrical maintenance I had in Randburg was to change the lamps and water heater element. I don't really care if the touchpad works on my S145 now that I have the S2. The S2 works magic. How I battled with my ten year old MX 1100, once again many thanks Mama and Mrs M from South Africa. 06:53 I will test and upload now, woke Jabu up with a cup of tea as requested this morning. Jabu will be going to her mothers for one week on Monday so I will not see her. This is our last weekend together and it saddens me that I do not have my own houses/flats like I had in Gauteng. I have only received one Paypal donation in four years for this book and that was last month, the month of angina/heart attacks. Lets hope when I kick the bucket it's in the arms of Jabu. My Doctor has advised me not to take ED herbs. I have yet to go for an ECG and blood tests but I will wait till my next angina attack then the ambulance can take me to GJC casualty if it's not too late. I am feeling much better on 1.5mg Risperdal at night with no ankel cramps so far. The other meds I take as directed. We will see when I go to the clinic this month if there is another incomplete parcel. Like I said it is over 3200 Rand's worth of meds I receive monthly for 45 Rand for six months. Not bad. I hereby certify that the Logitech MX Master 2S works 100% on Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta. The drought has broken, it's raining. Let me get my cup of tea and test and upload. 07:15 08:25 Unfortunatly due to my constipation and the toilet not being able to handle my large turds, I have to cut them up with a 300 mm knife blade before I flush. 16:35 Mama and I battled financially the first half of 2020. The cats started to come to visit especially the wild black cat. She would walk through the house and look for food till I started to feed her, as if an angel came from heaven Mr R donated 5000 Rand in June 2020. Then in September 2020 I received my first Paypal donation of $60. The electrician did not phone today and I have decided to leave the electrics as is till I buy the spares and do the job myself, don't care a fuck anymore, hassle is if I am short of a part I don't have transport to drive off to Park Rynie and buy the spares straight away. In Randburg I had so many contacts I could find an electrician if need be in five minutes, this South Coast is really fucked up. Unfortuantly most of my friends left for Australia thirteen year ago. In the last quarter of 2011 my brother wanted Mama and I to move to the Isle of White. But I like South Africa and I will die here unless of course I am on holiday overseas and I peg on holiday. I have visited eight countries in Europe in my lifetime. And been all over South Africa. I would love to take Jabu to Poland especially Zakopane. I will not recognise Warsaw anymore from the pics my uncle has sent me of the skyscrapers that have gone up. The president of the USA has Covid-19 now. I am afraid of Mama whom takes daily walks to the beach and shops. But at least she keeps fit. I retire at 23:05...

04/10/2020 05:30 CAT exactly Sunday My Cubot Manito wakes me. I don't know what is going on but I am sleeping late these days. Mama was up already and getting ready for church. I have yet to watch online Mass. It's cloudy and gloomy outside. I have a nice view of the garden and outside security gate from my office as well as the street. Jabu is up as well but still in bed, I already made her her cup of tea. I have for the last four years being paying off Doctor Ndlovu's debt little by little but the interest keeps building up as I am paying of a minimum amount. Don't give a fuck as long as I pay as per agreement with the debt collectors. March 2012 I had all my cards paid off. Bipolar folks tend to go crazy and spend too much, that's why I will not make the same mistake in the last quarter of 2020. The renovations are costly and Mama still wants to tile her bedroom but I am saving a lot by doing the renovations myself with Siphokazi. Just can't get hold of an oregan pine toilet seat and loo paper holder. Mama left for church at 07:23, I will watch online Mass now. 08:57 I wrote off my Merc C180 on the 5th Of December 2012 on the R102 opposite the Wrecked Heron sigh post. The first to arrive on the scene was a traffic cop who did not ask how I was but tore off my liscence disk. I put a blanket on my roof of the car after I had half rolled it and but all my belongings on the blanket. My GPS was stolen from the blanket. The ambulance arrived and wanted to take me to GJC but I asked them to take me home. For three weeks Jabu cared for me as my right shoulder was fucked from the impact of hitting the barrier from the safety belt. I don't know why the air bags did not go off. I always drive slowly on that stretch of road down the hill as there are trucks coming out onto the R102 from the Umdoni landfill. Anyway, the last time I drove a car to Scottburgh was two years ago with oom John's VW Golf, it felt as if I had been driving a car all these years. The second fastest I have driven on a bike was when I had my XJ 750 with Dorota on the back down a hill on the way to Haartebeespoort Dam at 210 on the clock. I have had tons of cars and bikes pre December 2012, now I am stuck with my Chinese TSR which breaks down every month. I will get to point B but i never know if I will get back to point A. Like I said we had a braai and I took it for a spin when I got back home according to Mr Ra the rectifier blew. Very nice of Zuma to allow all this Chinese shit into the country, I have a Seiko made in Japan which needs to be fixed as well as a 1992 Zippo lighter which still works. My washing machine was made in the the USA so was my fridge. The last time I checked APC UPS was made in Singapore. Even the Chinese AV cables are faulty. The only good thing that came out of China was my Cubot Manito but a new battery costs 500 Rand on ebay. Like I said my Acer Semptron is still grafting which I purchased in 2003-2006. My HP Centrino Duo lasted me at least over ten years, they manufacture shit now. We will see how long the S2 and S145 last. I am betting on five years. My 250 G5 will be three years old in November 2020 and works well but is too slow for Windows 10 and even Linux OSes. Will never purchase a Celeron again, for 1500 Rand more I at that time could have purchased an i3 even though Zack played COD Black Ops for five hours on the 250 G5 and he won the game. I am not much of a gamer. I enjoy typing my book and testing Beta versions of Linux. 09:27 Mama will be back from church soon. I enjoy the online Catholic Mass. The Linux guys put a lot of work into the distro's for free. So now on my S145 i am an Ubuntu guy, much prefer Fedora 33 Beta KDE Plasma but I will stick and learn Ubuntu Linux 20.10 for now. This morning I quickly popped into Windows 10 for a .NET update and Defender update. Windows 10 looks good and I have the right boot loader from Fedora 33 Beta except it will not boot Mangero 20.1, I have to go into the BIOS to do that. Sunny skies will soon be here and I will be able to swim in my above ground pool, that reminds me, I need to empty it a bit as the rain has filled the pool up to 90%. I wonder is "sudo bash" still works, need to give it a shot. Can't wait for Mageia 8 final to be released, the Beta 1 is going well on my 250 G5. I will wait another week before I boot into PCLinux OS to see if there is a new kernel which will allow my WIFI to work. Like I said I have given up on Manjero 20.1 don't have the time to fuck around. Two hours is enough. 11:00 had homemade pizza for brunch. Jabu bought the base this time and Mama and I baked the topping. Delicious. 13:22 just woke from my power nap, Jabu is sleeping. I am a bit bored now. My four USB 3.0 ports have stopped working a few days ago on my twin fan cooler. They still charge the S2 and MX 1100 but if I plug a flash drive in they are dead. Had this problem before, will have to sort out tomorrow morning. Worked fine just the other day. Always something. 23:42 You might wonder why I hire a girl to do handyman work. Well most of the guys I have had bar one where either drunkards or sgebengu's. The one guy I hired turned out to be a real sgebengu, whilst I was in hospital he stole my fags, watch (not the Seiko) and a Samsung smartphone. Only one guy was good and he stayed with me for a long time in 2012 but decided to return to the Eastern Cape. Siphokazi is also Xhosa but her work is very good and I teach her the building trade, mostly painting for now. Even though she taught me something when we where doing a concrete mix.

05/10/2020 00:00 CAT Monday I will now proceed to update. No updates on Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta, lets try Mageia 8 Beta 1. A few updates, not much happens on the weekend. No new kernel on PCLinuxOS on my S145, Fedora 33 Beta had a few. I fell asleep at 02:32 and woke at *.*, Jabu was packing, She is going to work then her mother's place for the week. Once again I watched her walk down the street and waved good bye. 10:42 Siphokazi is painting the curtain rails. She arrived for work just after 07:15. Paint job looks good so far. All going as planned and on schedule. Looks like my four USB ports on my twin cooler have fucked out. I can only charge the MX 1100 and S2. Windows 10 which I booted into this morning gave an error that the USB 3.0 are fucked. Pity I like to have an extra four USB 3.0 ports. 10:49 tea time, I will have my power nap when Siphokazi is gone to the clinic. Mama left for her walk to the beach and shops. 12:00 lunch time. 21:33 Had a nice power nap after 18:00 and feel fresh now. Chatted with Jabu just now. I will miss her this week. 21:37 let me upload this now. 22:15-23:59 watching a movie.

06/10/2020 00:11 CAT Tuesday Finished watching a movie. 00:15 Some updates on Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta. 00:23 Listening to online Mass now. Pause, make coffee. 00:34 continue listening to Mass. 01:02 Amen 01:10 take meds. 01:17 Another movie but let me first upload. Had power naps till 06:30 08:00 After breakfast painting again. 14:15 knock off work. Update Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta and Mageia Linux 8 Beta 1.

07/10/2020 02:00 exactly CAT Wednesday listen to online Mass. Update Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta and Mageai 8 Beta 1. Watch movies. At 10:28 I boot into Mangero 20.1 and a pop up tells me I have 234 updates. Fuck me George. I did no further attempt to fix Mangero 20.1 PGP update issue since I last bitched that Mangero was not updating. In all I have spent three hours trying to get the PGP issue sorted last week. So I installed the 234 updates and for now Mangero 20.1 updates again out the blue, can't rely on Mangero 20.1, once it updates once it does not and it looks like a very nice Arch based KDE Plasma OS. So now I have Windows 10, Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta, Fedora 33 Beta and Mangero 20.1 (maybe) working on my S145, I tried to fix PCLinuxOS via USB tethering but no go, the WIFI still does not work. 11:18 will upload now. Will test Mangero 20.1 during the course of the week and will learn the command line if Mangero 20.1 updates. Simplicity, I hope it stays that way. 11:36 unless I am being hacked again and the helpful hackers fixed Mangero 20.1 KDE Plasma for me running kernel 5.9. It's my day off today from renovations. Need to get hold of a an extension step ladder. 11:55 lunchtime. Did not feel like eating today so no breakfast and lunch. Mama came back from Scottburgh at 15:35, after witnessing a horrible ordeal. Two taxi's had crashed and one guy was been beaten with sticks and kicked. Mrs M of Pennington and Mama decided to go to church to pray for him. So I had a big supper of mince and spagetti at 17:45. A nice peaceful day alone. 18:43 Lets boot into Mangero 20.1 KDE Plasma and see if it updates through the command line. It does. *.* Fell asleep on couch and woke up at .....

08/10/2020 00:01 CAT Thursday Take meds and switch to online Mass. No updates for Mangero 20.1 nor Fedora 33 Beta hmmm. Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta has some updates on the S145. Mageia 8 Beta 1 has a new kernel on my 250 G5. 00:54 Mass is ended. Let me reboot Mageia 8 Beta 1 on my 250 G5, Ubuntu Linux 20.04.1 and update. Failed to retrieve updates, selecting a new mirror, internal error, reboot. So far Mageai 8 Beta 1 is giving me the least amount of shit. 01:12 Lets give 20.04.1 another bash. 01:27 done with the 250 G5. Felling a bit sleepy let me have a nap. 02:21. Alarm woke me at 07:00 exactly. 08:20 no updates for Mageia 8 Beta 1. Lets check out Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta. No updates either. At last I got hold of an electrician and he will come give a quote next week. If Jabu is not working she is still sleeping, I will phone her just now. Time to take my meds. 13:00 Mama cooks a nice brinjal and potatoe bake lunch. Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta recons I need to reboot after a few updates so I will do so at 14:12. 19:35 All I seem to be doing is updates. Fourteen updates on Mageia 8 Beta 1 and a new kernel for Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta. Can't wait for Friday late afternoon, I have a surprise install for me. Friday will be very very busy. As the 22nd of October 2020 draws closer I am enjoying using Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta and Windows 10. I just did not enjoy the seven hour feature update from Microsoft, even on my 250 G5 I never had such a long install of a feature update. Anyway Windows 10 is doing well and my S145 will be one month old on the 16/10/2020, how time flies. Well blow me over, who would think I would spend my time, 80% using Ubuntu Linux. I have always been an RPM guy other than using Debian Buster 10.6 by force on my 250 G5 as my Mageia was continually hacked. As you know my first boxed set was Red Hat 6.1 then I went on to Red Hat 7.* and as of Fedora Core 2 I changed over to Mandrake then Mandriva. From Mandriva I went on to Mageia and then Debian and now Ubuntu Linux. I had an i5 overclocked Desktop in Randburg and Pennington which the mobo gave up on me. That was some machine, I forget to how many Ghz I managed to overclock it to. I had a overclocking mobo. It now lies mothballed together with my AMD desktop. With all this load shedding one needs a laptop anyway. I recon I can get three hours of battery life out the S145, I tried it out the other night watching movies and I fell asleep during the movie. So basically I am very happy with my gift of the Lenovo S145 i5 laptop and hereby certify that it works on Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta as long as one installs dkms, git and build essential. The touchpad works 100"s. Well done Ubuntu Linux guys. I will wait till Mageai 8 Final is released as I am having no joy with PCLinuxOS on this machine. Fedora 33 Beta WIFI works but not the touchpad. Come to think of it I have not tried to sort it out yet. Mangero 20.10.1 is dicy once it updates once it does not. I have had quite a almost month with this machine. My Ubuntu Linux 20.04.1 is rock solid on my 250 G5. Just it's the local mirrors that seem to fuck me around the most especially on Mageia 8 Beta 1. 20.33 let me see what's on TV. Bit boring without Jabu here. But the surprise is that she arrives after work tomorrow, Friday. I ride with my TSR to the Pennington clinic tomorrow at around 12:00. Lets hope all my meds are there and I don't receive an incomplete parcel again. Need to remember to take my mask with. Will have to be screened first before I receive my meds. About time I took the TSR for a spin after I have spent so much bucks repairing it and making it roadworthy. Just a bit rusted from standing outside as we don't have a garage. I miss my XJ 750, 90 in first gear at top RPM. Now that was a bike in those days. We had open fields in Randburg when I was a kid and we used to use them as a motocross track but they have since been fenced off. My friend had a thumper now that was power. When my horse comes in I will take Jabu to a bike rally and camping in the berg during summer. Even in summer the rivers have ice cold water high up in the berg. South Africa is a fab holiday destination. My favourite is Mpumulanga with Grasskop, Pilgrims Rest, Blyde river canon and Sabie. The Kruger Park is full of elephants and once with Carina we must have spotted 12 in one day. I have never seen an Ingwe in the wild. Bush babies are so qute at night. And the dangerous buffolo, , I have been within a few meters of a rhino on horseback. Last time Jabu and I rode a horse was in 2012 at the underberg. When I went with Mama for timeshare in October 2012 it was one hell of a ride, looking down to the left was a sheer drop. I don't think I could get onto a horse today. I rode horses from the age of fourteen till October 2012 and then on that fateful day of 5th December 2012 the devil took my Merc away from me. February 2013 till end August 2016 my TSR was fine. I used to visit Mama at Summerhill Lodge Scottburgh for the day once or twice a week for lunch. When the house was put on sale I became more anxious and depressed. lucky Mama had a place to come back to end July 2018. Unfortunatly she is a bit unfair and even though it's her house she has taken over everything, even though I sort out all the paper work and bills for her. I am her caregiver as well and she needs one believe me. Anyway the 12/10/2020 will be our fourth month that Jabu and I are back together. I miss her dearly when we are apart for extended periods of time. I will only upload this late Friday or Saturday morning as I don't like writing into the future. Wishing myself luck on my two kilometer ride to the Pennington clinic. Retired at 23:59 after watching "adults only XXX"..

09/10/2020 05:51 CAT Friday Home brew coffee and a new day. Siphokazi comes at 07:15 to clean the house. At 11:15 I start to prepare to go to the Pennington clinic. I leave at 11:50 after checking my TSR. All looks good. The R102 is closed due to a sinkhole for the last few months, the sinkhole came about must be two years ago. Lucky after three years ago there is an alternate route to Scottburgh and the Pennington clinic which I new about. What a harrowing experience. A narrow road full of potholes where barely two cars fit. I came back the scenic route past the shops, before that I hit such a large pothole I don't know how my TSR made it, I will have to inspect her tomorrow. I get screened and wait for my meds. It takes a while as the Sister who knows me very well cannot find the meds. Eventually I receive a large plastic bag of meds. Oh yes prior to this I somehow twisted my strap on my helmet and could not get it undone. I thought I would have to ask the Sister to help me get my helmet off but after a few minutes somehow managed. At 15:40 Jabu arrives for the weekend. We have fish and chips for supper and Jabu brought along some paw paw. We retire in each other arms at 22:16....

10/10/2020 01:17 CAT Saturday. Brew my coffee brew, Mama is still watching her news channels. I wake up and my elbows are painful, I take my meds. My chest feels like something is pushing on it. Damn elbows, I don't know what it is. In Randburg I had a Zippo lighter in just about every room. Now lately in Pennington I have one in my Office and one in the TV room where I spend most of my day. I use the 1992 model Zippo in my office which I battled to get to work as I made a mixture of parrafin and meths to try to get it to work during lock down level 4 to no avail. After flushing it with Zippo fluid it now works. My 2012 model Zippo lighter I use in the TV room and when I go out. Mama makes sure the house is well ventulated even in winter. As Mama went to bed and Jabu is fast asleep I will upload now and watch a movie, let me check out Distrowatch first. Mageai is normally released on weekends. The Mass is ended go in peace. 02:22 check and upload. PS as usual I updated Mageai 8 Beta 1 on my 250 G5 and 20.10 Beta on my S145. 02:35 I did not check first if is resolving but after upload it is not. 02:45. Hosting does not work weekends. As I brew my second mug It starts pouring with rain. We need the rain and the weekend is forecast for rain and cold, 21/19 C. 02:58 always on a Friday afternoon my domain goes down. Thinking of it actually 60% of Pennington's roads are potholed, soon they will be dirt roads. How times have changed since March 2012. Lucky for my TSR which can handle these potholes looks like it. Sometimes one has to drive straight through pothole as there is an oncoming car coming. Nothing to download tonight, where is Mageai 8 Beta 2 ?. I have plenty space on my HDD. I will boot into Windows 10 on the 13/14 to check for patch Tuesday. Like I said the 12th Of October is Jabu's and I forth month anniversary back together. 05:06 still not resolving. 05:30 the sun is rising, I thing I will give it a weekend break from these continual updates and concentrate on my wife Jabu who is only here for the weekend. 05:31 A rainy cold weekend coming, time too upload and hope after 08:00 my site is up again. 07:06 will upload now, have a blessed day.

11/10/2020 03:30 CAT Sunday Need to wake Mama at 05:45 today for Mass whilst I now listen to online Mass. Going to do the reboot thing and update all my OSes. Had a nice lazy day with Jabu yesterday. Windy, cold and cloudy. Had beef stew and pap for late lunch. Delicious. Today the weather forecast is even colder. Where is summer. I am getting a bit bored of online Mass, it's the same story every day for the last few months except for the readings. I used to enjoy going to Wednesday Mass with Mama when she lived in Scottburgh. In 2012 I used to drop Mama off at Mass at Park Rynie and go do the shopping at the mall and come back to fetch her. Now she relies on lifts to Mass. Mass is at eight so she has to get up early. She enjoys the new Priest's sermon. My best friend in Randburg always used to say why I don't just come into the church when I used to pick Mama up from Mass after her car was stolen on June 16th *.*. There are five Catholic churches nearby if one has a car. Like I said it's easy to get to Umzinto by taxi but getting back to Pennington is a mission. Jabu somehow manages but she has lived here most of her life and her mother used to be a Catholic in her younger days. I would not mind going to uShaka in Ethekweni with Jabu on a hot Friday day by taxi. I have never been. All is quite except for the CPU fan going off on my S145. I am used to the fan less 250 G5. My wild black cat visits daily for scraps and even runs into the house. According to Google a black cat is supposed to give good luck and prosperity. Which I have been having lately since late July 2020 when it all started with Mr R from the USA. Now since then and August in particular I have something to do during the day and work from anywhere from 23:00 till 14:30. Being a project manager is not easy especially with Mama around. It's 04:58 now and I can hear the birds starting to chirp. Let me make myself a mug of tea as the clock strikes 05:00. There is a glimmer of light breaking through the clouds on this Covid-19 day. I remember the days of plenty when the harvest was good pre August 2018. Then all went downhill and the shit started to come from London in the form of a 35 year old devil. As CFO for Mama's affairs I could not pay many of her bills in the first half of 2020. Till the angels came from heaven in the form of strangers and long lost friends in the third quarter of 2020 and saved Mama's and my bacon. Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ and fuck those who fucked with us. Now Mama's house is starting to look like a home thanks to me even though we disagree on many of the renovations. Mama had nineteen years of renovations in Randburg and she says she has had enough now. So this month will be the last month of renovations. All I have left to do is give the kitchen and toilet ceiling a second coat of paint and the electrics to be done. Like I said I am not going to touch the electrics as if I need a part how am I going to get to Park Rynie to quickly buy the part. Mrs M of Pennington is always busy. We shall see this week what the quote will be for the socket outlets if the electrician pitches. I want to fix the 26 points in stages. This house was built either in the late 70's or early 80's going by the plumbing and electrics. Half of Pennington was a sugar plantation way back owned by Sir Richard. We will soon have fibre in Pennington so that is a blessing. 05:39 time to wake up Mama. It's light outside now not too cloudy but 14 C. As our last K9 was ripped apart by Gus, Jenny's K9 we have a lot of cats visiting from next door as well. Jabu is the expert snake killer, she takes shit from no one and has many contacts. I would be lost without her as my wing man. My prayers have almost been all answered, just two more. It's difficult getting Mama out of bed and it's 05:58 already, her lift comes at 07:00 sharp. In the unlikely event that Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta crashes and I have to reinstall I will be fucked as I don't remember what I did to get it working in the first place. So many OSes. That's why I like to have a few back up OSes on my machine that graft 100%. I am sure the final stock iso will not work on the S145. Anyway I have a good large / and a large /home partition for Ubuntu Linux 20.10. Like I said I will only try Mageia 8 once it is final, still a long way to go, maybe Xmas time 2020. 06:20 time to brew some coffee. Being the project manager for the renovations and reducing the mind bending intake of Risperdal (now I think clearer) I have managed to save thousands of Rands on the renovations and touch ups at Mama's house. Imagine if I had to get a pro painter in and general handyman. As it is I found a tiler for 70% of another quote. My black cat is indeed bringing me good luck, I see this morning I won the equivalent of eleven loaves of bread on the lotto. Mama left for church at 07:06 and at 07:37 we had a power failure. Only in Pennington. Had none of this shit in Randburg except for load shedding. When it rains, thunderstorm or someone farts the power goes off. Total fuck up, soon I will run out of firewood at this rate and my 80% of my firewood is wet. I only keep 20% dry. Gone are the ESC (easy slow comfortable) days. Jabu has gone to the shops now, I hope the generator is working at the shops. No fucking breakfast, I don't feel like taking the gas out. 08:32 let me test and upload, have a blessed Sunday to the believers and fuck the rest. 17:00 20.10 Beta "the software on this computer is up to date", Mageia 8 Beta 1 had two updates. 17:02 sleep, the machine not I. Prior to this when Jabu returned from the shops I packed the braai fire and fell asleep on the couch. When I woke up Jabu had already lit the fire. She did not want to wake me. We had a nice chicken flattie braai even though it was a bit windy and cool. We retired at 22:10...

12/10/2020 05:35 CAT Monday I had a good nights sleep, once again the A20 alarm did not wake me. Apparently Jabu says the alarm does wake me but I turn it off and go back to sleep. We have scrambled eggs for breakfast and toast. Kiss and hug goodbye and as usual I wave to Jabu as she walks down the street to work. I will see her again later in the week. In the meantime the cheeky twenty five year old came to work at 07:10. Siphokazi is giving the kitchen and toilet a second coat of paint. Siphokazi is like an unguided missile and thinks she knows everything. She really upset me this morning. She is dripping paint on the wooden wall and I told her previuosly to wipe the paint straight away with a damp cloth but she does not listen. Once the paint has dried one has to sand paper the paint off. At 08:30 I watched online Mass as usual. So my day began well with Jabu but full of shit from Siphokazi and Mama. Mama did not want me to paint a second coat, I don't want to leave the job half done. I have had enough of this shit, once the electrics are done that's it. 09:25 17:59 The painting inside is now finished. Busy updating. Will await the electrician this week, otherwise will leave the electrics alone, they have been like this since February/March 2012. 21:06 In four days it will be one month since I received the S145, how time flies. The buzz is over and I am used to the S145 now. I will stick with Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta for now. I opened Libre Office today and it opened in a millisecond. I was under the impression that there would be no more kernels for this Beta release but I just downloaded one so it's time to reboot. 21:21

13/10/2020 04:35 CAT Tuesday Basically did sweet fuck all today. Other than boot into Windows 10 awaiting patch Wednesday update (for South Africa) and played around with Windows 10 a bit. Fitted the new toilet seat in the afternoon. Mama went for her usual cardio walk. After supper I retired at 19:46 and had a nice bhepa in bed.

14/10/2020 02:00 CAT Wednesday exactly First the famous coffee brew and then updated Microsoft Windows NT 10 on the S145. In the meantime I updated 177 packages on Mageai 8 Beta 1 (250 G5) and a new kernel and updates all on my 250 G5 for Ubuntu Linux 20.04.1. By 03:00 all three where finished and listened to online Mass in the meantime as well. No renovations planned for the rest of the week till I get hold of an extension step ladder. Think I will watch a movie now. Looking forward to the weekend. God bless you this lovely summer morning, oh yes, I did swim a couple of times yesterday but the water was quite cool, my pool is under an enormous tree, it's the only place on the property really where there is flat ground but I of course made the ground level for the pool. What a difference an i5 makes compared to a Celeron. rkhunter flies. The 250 G5 Celeron gave me a bad opinion of Windows 10, but now I am quite content with Microsoft Windows NT 10 on my S145. Had a few updates on Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta just now but nothing to reboot for. It's not good to keep rebooting for a HDD. As I light my fag with my 1992 model Zippo ligher I say adious and see you later. 04:00. 06:22 the sun has risen a while back and soon the pedestrian traffic will start walking down our road as well as the cars heading for Scottburgh and North. 06:25 time to have a tea break. 11:20 nothing much to do now after my power nap, the meds put me to sleep, my wild black cat is here for the second time, this time for lunch. Lets update Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta on my S145. Mama woke at 09:42 this morning, she had a good sleep after watching the news channels till late. I did not feel like breakfast this morning so Mama is cooking home made hamburgers for brunch, a mixture of pork and beef. 11:37 Mama calls me for brunch. When I had AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's in full swing, I used to download hundred"s of gigs of iso's. 12:00 I like coffee after my meal. Whilst I am drinking my coffee at 12:23 there is another power failure. Time to bring out the gas, I feel like a spot of tea now. Dang power failures, not one power failure at night since I purchased my 1000 lumens LED lantern to work on the DB and for power failures at night. I hope when the electrician comes there is not a power failure as he has to drill two holes. 12:48 power back on. Maybe the guy at Simmerpan spilled his coffee on the control panel. Let me boil the kettle and have a wonderful afternoon with Mama. I am quite pissed off with ESC, they sent us a bill for 3000 Rand two months ago when our average usuage used to be 800/1000 Rand per month. Four call center agents and one email later and now the bill has been reduced to 2800 Rand, great. Bit boring when not doing renovations and Jabu not here. Let me have something cool to drink and upload. Don't feel like a swim but it's quite hot now so maybe I will jump in anyway. 15:00 At 19:36 Mrs M from Pennington and I had a disagreement. Mama was supposed to house sit her place this weekend till Tuesday to look after her cat. Fancy that Mrs M from Pennington did not even ask me if it's ok with me. I said nothing at first a week back but Mama has only 40% use of her right arm, is in continual pain from her fractured humerus (more than a year ago now) and never mind she is not feeling too well with her BPMD. Mrs M from Pennington is just like my brother, goes over my head and think they can do what they want. Fuck that I retired at 20:24 after having a chat with Jabu......

15/10/2020 02:15 CAT Thursday I woke after the A20 alarm went of repeatadly. 414 updates on Mageai 8 Beta 1 on my 250 G5. A new kernel for Ubuntu Linux 20.10 beta on my S145. Today will be a scorcher so lots of swimming. Ladies and gents we have a 5.9 kernel on Mageia Linux 8 Beta 1. Maybe will work on my S145, can't wait for Beta 2 to be released. We are more like on RC 2 03:50 I tried my one of my four USB 3.0 ports on my twin cooler again and now they work. The cooler used to come in handy when Zack was playing COD during the hot summer months on the 250 G5. I am doing the laundry right now and waiting for the forty minute cycle to finish before I hang the laundry after sunrise. Siphokazi is coming to work tomorrow to clean and iron. 04:46 I have been listening to adoration and benediction for the last fifteen minutes, I will listen to online Mass just now, don't feel like watching a movie. My unemployment grant still has not come through which I give to Mama. Everything in my office is mostly basically donated including the data. Mass has started, lucky I can multi task. The birds have just started to chirp and at 05:03 there is a glimmer of light coming from the East. The days will be longer and I will work till 07:00 instead of sunrise. After I take my meds at 08:00 they really make me feel sleepy then I need a power nap. I have set my alarm for 02:00 for now to recover from my mild mania as of 20th May 2020 due to Ewa till 12th August 2020. Jabu does not like it when I graft at night, she says she does not like to sleep alone. 05:11 let me go hang the laundry and carry on with Mass which I have paused. 05:36 done hanging the laundry. Let me have a coffee break. I did not finish watching or listening to online Mass today, first time in many months. 16:05 two swims today, the water is nice and cool. Must be 20 C. Looks like Mama will not be house sitting at Mrs M from Pennington. Jabu and I almost had the house to ourselves for the weekend. 18:36 Finished watching today's online Mass after all.

16/10/2020 05:00 CAT Friday Woke up late again. My dearest Jabu is coming for the weekend today. 05:32 been eating too many pele pele. Usual stuff, a new kernel on Mageia 8 Beta 1 on my 250 G5. Libre Office updates on Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta on the S145. Siphokazi phoned to say she can't come to work today, she is sending her sisi. Now I have to train someone new. Siphokazi says she is going to hospital with her mother. Jabu should be here just after 07:00 and she was. It was good to see her. I had one early morning swim today and then it became too cool. We spent a pleasant evening together whilst Mama watched the news channels. Must have retired at 09:15....

17/10/2020 02:00 CAT exactly Saturday The alarm wakes me and Jabu shakes me awake as well just in case. How nice it is to have my wife with me. Going to do the laundry now, it will be hot and sunny today. The electrician did pitch yesterday and said he will give a quote. I am sure I could do the job myself if I had a truck. Received my grant this morning so am quite happy. Apparently uncle Cyril has extended the SRD grant till end January 2021. Suits me, don't have to put too much of a strain on Mama. Every cent helps. I purchase 5 kg of rice, 5 kg of mielie meel, 5 litre of oil and 8 kg of brown sugar with 350 Rand. 03:30 Am listening to online Holy Mass now. Soon i will have an extension step ladder, hired from a friend. Laundry is finished, will hang at sunrise. "rkhunter" flies on my S145, I use it as a benchmark speed test compared to my 250 G5 Celeron. I wasted three years of my life because I did not have 1500 Rand more to pay for an i3 250 G5. 4 gigs of RAM is too little anyway. My next machine will have 16 or 32 and will hopefully be an i7/i9. The first thing I will do when I make big is pay off my debts. Doctor Ndlovu has not offered to pay them. So in my younger years I used to enjoy horse riding, a 70 something year old friend of Tata's and Mama's once went horse riding and fell of the horse and hurt his back in the berg, he said "i curse the day I climbed onto that horse", Like I said I have only come off once and that was in the Underberg when I was too heavy for the horse near the Sani pass. I would not mind going horse riding again. At fourteen/sixteen I was galloping back to the stables. Camping is next on the list, now that is real fun. Especially camping near the Kruger Park like Pilgrims Rest. I have not seen God's window since February 2012. I regret we gave our time share away for mahala. I wonder what Paul Rigden did with Mama's 400 K after he came out of jail. I am afraid to invest anywhere suspect. So far we have spent quite a lot on renovations. I just want to paint the outside window frames and hope the electrician comes back with a quote. He says it's a small job. Seems like quite a good chap. Any way let me finish watching online Mass. 04:06 Paused it too long there is no video will have to listen. Then of course there are motorcycles, hate them now. The TSR has really put me off biking. Spent thousands repairing the TSR, could have bought a car with that money. Mass is ended. My bad, should have bought a car in January 2013. Blessed are you among woman, pray for us sinners. Feel like booting into something else now and see what's up. 04:16 04:30 Piece of shit gives me a "PGP" error again. PCLinuxOS updates fine via USB tethering. No hassles with Fedora Beta 33. 05:25 time to hang the laundry. 06:32 time to have a break. Spent a pleasant day with Jabu and Mama. Had pap and wors for lunch. 20:35 Mama and Jabu are watching TV now. I swam a couple of times today. My last swim was at 18:00, water nice a cool. Just had to log in to do something so I thought if there are any updates but there where none on the S145, Like I will have a sandwitch now and some water mixed with juice. I love updates as you must know by now, for ten years I did nothing but download iso images and either sell them or test them out on virtual box.

18/10/2020 04:52 CAT Sunday I am having too many power naps and sleeping too late these last six days. A new kernel for Mageia. So the not so wild black cat continues to visit. These days for breakfast, lunch and supper. She even goes into the house and lets me pat her whilst she is eating. Have not seen her this morning yet when I went to inspect the pool. All good luck so far from the black cat. Mama is not going to church today so we will later listen to online Mass together. These last few days I have only been updating Ubuntu Linux and Mageai. Thanks to Canonical I am able to use Linux on my S145. It's the only one that really works 100% up till now. 07:42 Mama and Jabu are still sleeping, I am watching "2 Guns". I partly got the idea to type this book from my brother who gave me a book by John Cleese, an autobiography. I type this book in the spirit of open source and rely on donations. Most of the donations have come from Mama and my brother. Till 9th August 2020 when his wife sent me the second venomous letter after she contacted me first on the 8th August 2020. So Mama, Jabu and I survive on our own but Jabu has to feed herself when at home and Mhlengi. Taxi fare is expensive to school. Like I said I give my grant to Mama. 08:00 Jabu is now awake and I made her tea. Let me watch the end of the movie and then we will listen to online Mass when Mama wakes up and has had her breakfast. I was watching TV last night and something the actor said made me listen to Spanish Train on you tube. I have not heard it for ages, It seems as if I had just heard it the other day. I had a small collection of mp3's (64 days) years ago but the HDD failed so I hit it to pieces with a four pound hammer and chucked it away. That's the best way to format a HDD. I always keep my four pound hammer handy. Mama is very worried that food is so expensive and I try run the bills as best as I can unless we get unexpected bills like from ESC. I had an awefull week last week not doing renovations since Monday. Really boring and to top it all the alarm does not wake me at 02:00. Lets hope the electrician gets back to me this week. The morning started of cloudy but from my office I see it's now sunny. Maybe I will have a swim later. Mama as usual left the back door unlocked and Mrs M from Pennington wanted her to house sit. I can't watch Mama 24/7, I need to sleep sometime. That's odd you tube has not alerted me of the usual online Holy Mass this morning, Mama did not want me to ask Mrs V to take her to church today as Mrs V's husband is ill. I don't feel like watching the end of "2 Guns' right now so I will take my meds and start another day. 08:26 I sleep a lot lately like I said and it's bugging me. 14:06 Lunch is almost ready, Mama has gone to the beach, she is upset with me that I did not braai but it's too windy. I am trying to watch the last part of the movie. 14:12 Sunday lunch, fried pork chops and rice, we normally only eat meat every two days. After a pleasant day with Jabu I retire at 19:36....

19/10/2020 01:22 CAT Monday Brew, update watch end of movie. Jabu once again walked down the street to work, I waved and shouted bye but she is coming back today. Most boring cloudy day without renovations.

20/10/2020 03:21 CAT Tuesday New kernel for Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta. Jabu went off to work at an other house today, real nearby. She says I am feeling better because I sleep a lot. The black cat still comes to visit and I continue to watch/listen to online Mass in the mornings. Th electrician gave me a quote this morning, at last things are progressing, the job should be done this week. Mama is feeling much better and not shouting so much. Mrs M from Pennington still does not talk to us since Friday even though she is a devote Catholic Christian, she does not practice what she hears at Mass. I am sitting more often at the S145 laptop screen during the day now. Tonight is my second fav, pap and wors. I love prawns and chips but they are so expensive even by the ocean. 11:52 It's very windy today, no swimming, I hope a large branch does not damage my pool again. Mama is cooking soup, she loves to bake and cook which she could not do at Summerhill Lodge. Even with one arm she manages. Jabu just had to clean the windows today so she returned home early whilst I was having one of my many power naps. I remember about twenty six years ago we where at the South Coast with Dororta and my daughter Kasia and the weather was cloudy and wet as well in October. Just as we where about to leave one morning the clutch in the BMW packed up and we only left for Johannesburgh in the late afternoon. To top it all someone almost wiped us out at the Van Reenen's Pass late at night. Kasia was very young the and I carried her in a back pack like attachment on my back. Pawel was not born yet my son. I have not seen them in over twenty years but have chatted with them especially Kasia in the last three years. Have not seen them for so long that I don't miss them. They will contact me again one day if they so wish. 18:02 Jabu is cooking supper, I am the tea maker. Mama only drinks Rooibos. Retired early again......

21/10/2020 02:00 exactly Wednesday

22/10/2020 10:20 Thursday The electricians arrive and fit a duo LED kitchen luminaire, pull switch and LED lamp for fan, place is so bright now at night and wire the socket outlets to the DB as I fitted them in 2012. That's all in the budget for now. According to me renovations of two months are now over, we will see if Mama requires anything else. Ubuntu Linux 20.10 is released.

23/10/2020 Friday Siphokazi's sister once again comes to work.

24/10/2020 Jabu is working this weekend.

09/11/2020 01:05 CAT Monday My clock changed the last few weeks and I have been going to sleep at around 20:00 and waking at around 06:30. Don't feel like typing much during the day. Had a nice weekend, took Jabu for a hamburger at the beach on Saturday. Received some cash back from my funeral policy. It's the third time this year we have been out for hamburgers. Otherwise I just sit at home and think of ways to make money. Whilst Jabu and I where away for breakfast on Saturday morning a guy came looking for his black cat. Mama gave it to him and I am quite pissed of as I tamed the cat and fed it for a few weeks. The black cat has not come back.

10/11/2020 07:31 CAT Tuesday We have a new maid, a 28 year old, her name is Nomvula which means in isiZulu no rain. She is quite pleasant and not cheecky like Siphokazi. Siphokazi left without saying goodbye but reffered us Nmomvula. I did not feel like sleeping and went to bed at 22:03 and woke at ...

11/11/2020 02:26 CAT Wednesday It has been raining for two days now. I emptied my pool a bit yesterday, I hope it's not too full this morning. Still raining. Only slept for four and one half hours so don't feel like smoking, too full of nicotine. Need to open the window as it is a bit stuffy in here but it is cold. I have been passing my days with the usual shit, doing the laundry, dishes and watching TV.

17/11/2020 Invested in Ether at first and then Bitcoin for Mama and made four thousand Rand for her in exactly one month. Mama's bank gives her less than 3% per year interest per year so I made 40% in one month. Bitcoin and Ether is very risky though so buy crypto at your own pearl.

16/12/2020 GJC does not have Lithium so I have not been taking it for a while. This has improved my sex life. This morning Jabu came multiple times and really enjoyed it for the first time in a long time after I used the herbs. Best love making since 2017. I investigated and on the next day I received my last Ubuntu 20.10 updates and my last Ubuntu 20.04 updates where on the 24/12/2020, I have not received any Playstore updates since this day so someone is fucking with me big time.

23/12/2020 Christmas is almost here. Mama has been very ill and weak for the last two months, please pray for her. I leave my 250 G5 laptop on most of the time now to watch the live Bitcoin and Ether price, more than last week i not had any updates on both my Ubuntu laptops strange.

25/12/2020 Had turkey for Christmas with Mama, Jabu and myself. Had a shit Christmas as the debt collectors kept phoning me just before Christmas, don't know where they got my unlisted number from and I have a deal with them that I am paying them off.

31/12/2020 Jabu cooked beef Breyani for us.

01/01/2021 00:00 Jabu and I kissed and wished each other the best for the New Year. Jabu worked today.

03/01/2021 Reinstalled Ubuntu 20.10 and will see if I get updates. Still no updates on Google Playstore, Sunday Bitcoin was over 34 000 USD per coin. When I first bought some It was 18 800 USD.

04/01/2021 Bitcoin dropped to 29 750 USD and picked up to 30 000 USD at 13:40, hope it does not drop more, I like it at 34 000 USD plus.

05/01/2021 Bitcoin is battling to break 31 000 USD this morning. Ether is up to 1019 USD. It was 626 USD when I first bought it. Still no updates on Google Playstore this morning bar one. I have had five updates this year on Google Playstore. On my S145 Ubuntu 20.10 had a new kernel and some updates. I have yet to sort out my touchpad. All else works so far touch wood. I am happy I have updates on 20.10 so I decided to boot into Ubuntu 20.04 (I have had an Ubuntu version without reinstalling on my 250 G5 since I bought the laptop three years ago), and yo and behold my updates out the blue are back without me doing anything, maybe I reinstalled Ubuntu 20.10 for fuckall at 02:24 in the morning on the 3rd, I am fucked when I get up early these days. Mageai 8 Beta is doing well but I don't have the data to update it during the day. Jabu is working everyday now and is pissed off that I am making bucks with Bitcoin by lying on the couch, she does not call it work, at first she was quite excited that I was making so much money according to my bipolar disorder. I have not made any money since 2013 when I sold my last Linux DVD. If the Bitcoin price shoots up before April I will be able to buy myself a car. 10:38 The Bitcoin price is 31 332 USD. My blood pressure pills or my angina are playing havoc with me these last two months, I get dizzy and feel faint often. I am scared to ride the TSR.

06/01/2021 Woke up early for a change to see the Bitcoin price above 34 000 USD per coin at around 02:00. Made a fuckup up on my S145 when installing dkms on Ubuntu 20.10 trying to get my touchpad to work yesterday afternoon should have fucking left the installation alone it was fine, I was just been fucked around as usual this time with the updates. Last time I got the touchpad right first time when it was Beta. Still no touchpad but all else seems to graft. Hate it when something does not work. Waiting for new kernel, don't feel like compiling one. 03:38 Bitcoin has slipped down to 33 666 USD. My prediction is either it's going to crash in the next few days or jump to above 50 000 USD per coin. On Sunday Bitcoin started to shoot up to above 34 000 USD so I bought some more with my profits, it was nerve racking yesterday when it dropped. I hope it stays above 34 000 USD. I was supposed to fetch my meds on the 31/12/2020 but the clinic closed at 10:30 so lucky I have stock but will have to fetch them soon. Even though I keep receiving incomplete parcels the last 18 months. 03:52 33 824 USD per Bitcoin. At 06:21 Bitcoin jumped to above 35 500 USD per coin. Since then till 09:37 Bitcoin has been steady at 35 1/200 USD. I was just having a power nap when the phone rang, nobody phones me on this number so it can only be the poes debt collectors again, strange some debt collectors have left me alone for years and I have just been paying. If I make some money on this Bitcoin the first thing I will do is pay off these fucking Umzimkulu debts and then buy a car. 09:55 now Bitcoin has dropped to 34 752 USD per coin, I have been watching the laptop screen from the time I wake up till the time I go to sleep since the 17th November 2020. The price goes up and down like a yo yo. Well enough of this Bitcoin thing, I will let you know if i succeed in making big bucks this first quarter of 2021.

So on this 6th day of January 2021 I sit at my laptop and think that I did not even go to the beach during the Christmas holidays. Real hermit since mid 2003, had to be with my line of work running AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's for ten years. My best friends are long gone to Australia, UK or the USA. The only time I go out is with Jabu and Mama when she is feeling well. Went to fetch my meds at the Pennington clinic today. Only four out of eleven meds I take where in stock from GJC Pharmacy, great. I am a bit tired as my power nap was cut short and will sleep early tonight.

07/01/2021 05:00 CAT Slept very well and woke up to the Bitcoin price at 37 250 USD per coin, a few minutes later it jumped to 37 750 USD. Jabu informed me the other week that a friend of hers invited her to the USA. She is fed up with working all day for pennies as a maid and still being poor without her own house and car. So soon when this Covid-19 is over I will not see her for a long time. Maybe that will be in 2025. Zack has finished school now so she says she can go or leave Pennington to find better well paid work. Lets hope I make some money on Bitcoin before that so she will stay. Mama is still ill and spends most of her days in bed. The pain from her fractured humerous almost two years later is unbearable. Just a few months ago Mama was walking down the hill to the beach and the store and back up the steep hill. I will spend another day watching the Bitcoin chart since 17th November 2020. I am waiting till Bitcoin reaches at least 50 000 USD per coin before I sell some again but this morning I thought I would take some of my profits and sell some at 37 150 USD, i bought some at 34 000 USD remember. Had a few updates on Ubuntu 20.04 and 20.10 early this morning as well as Google Playstore. I will only update Mageia 8 Beta if I wake up very early. As you know this book is mainly for my information so I can read back and see what was in my life in Pennington and Scottburgh. Bitcoin is now 11:07 hovering around 37 000 USD. Up till now I have made 4000 ZAR plus 8250 ZAR gross profit. That does not include fees for buying and selling which come to a couple of grand. I am still learning this crypto thing so can't expect to make too much in two months. Don't worry debt collectors you will soon have all your fucking money, at one stage the banks used to phone me and ask me if I wanted to invest and always wanted to raise my credit card(s) limit. It's not my fault I had money to pay off my debts then I was sent to Umzimkulu for fuckall and the shit hit the fan. At 14:30 Bitcoin stands at 38 050 USD per coin breaking another record high. At the moment at least I am not throwing any bucks away but have made some for Mama. Keeps me busy this Bitcoin. Bit nerve racking though. Looks like it's going to hit (rally) to 40 000 USD any day now. Mama has fed me for a long time in Pennington now so I can give her some bucks back for all the good she has done for me.

A few seconds past 18:00 SAST the bitcoin price was exactly 39 000.00 USD per Bitcoin for a few seconds and then rose. At 20:10 SAST Bitcoin hit 40 000 USD for a few seconds, went up to 40 250 USD and then down to 36 800 USD per coin, now at 21:12 it's back at 37 700 USD. Real roller coaster ride.

08/01/2021 This morning I woke to Bitcoin at 38 250 USD per coin. Nomvula is here today to do the domestic work. I pay her above average. It's pleasant to work with someone that is not cheeky and always has a smile unlike Siphokazi who left to work in Scottburgh last year without telling us. I predict the Bitcoin will hit 40 000 USD again per coin before end of Sunday. At 09:35 SAST it was a few dollars short of 39 000 USD per coin again. My prediction came sooner than I thought. I was having a power nap when the phone rang and Bitcoin was at 39 675 USD per coin. At 12:35 SAST Bitcoin hit 40 000 USD per coin. At 12:49 SAST it was 41 000 USD per Bitcoin. Now it's just above 41 000 USD per coin, 13:08 SAST. Looks like 50 000 USD per Bitcoin is coming sooner than I expected.

Just before I called it a day I had a kernel install on Ubuntu Linux 20.10, dkms is now correctly installed as I thought it would be but still no touchpad working on my S145, should have never reinstalled 20.10 on the 3rd December 2020 as I was just being hacked as usual with no updates coming in from the 17/12/2020 and no updates coming in since 24th December 2020 on 20.04.

09/01/2021 03:36 SAST Bitcoin hovers at 40 000 USD per coin. I had a skinny dip using my lantern this time at 04:21 whilst updating Mageai 8 Beta 2 on my 250 G5. The outside luminaires I put up in 2012 are all plug in and I did not feel like fucking around with the extension, actually I need to get hold of a double adaptor. I bought a 1000 lumens lantern last year for all the load shedding and have not used it much. I had a very good power nap now, nobody phoned me this time like the last few days. Mama is watching online Catholic Mass at the moment, it's lunchtime. Jabu always cooks me breakfast and supper for Mama as well. How Mama is suffering these last two or three months, I pray everyday that the Lord will take away her horendous pain together with the pain killers. Looks like Bitcoin will stay under 41 000 USD per coin for the weekend but one never knows especially as to what occured last Sunday. I am sure before Valentine's day Bitcoin will have reached 50 000 USD per coin.

As you know I am a novice at this Bitcoin thing and all predictions are for my information only. As of the 11/11/2020 I did not type anything for a long time till later in the year. I type I get hacked, I don't type I get hacked as well, it's so fustrating for me that of all the distro's I have installed on my S145 Ubuntu Linux 20.10 was the only one to have the touchpad to work 100% as well as Manjero I think, need to check one day, don't remember. Now I can't get the touchpad right. Of course all works on Windows 10 but I very rarely use Windows 10, since 2003 I have had Linux as my operating system of choice. Don't know why this touchpad bothers me so much as I use my MX Master 2S all the time. Of course there is nothing wrong with my Samsung Galaxy A20 other that it has a generic screen, I had problems with my Cubot Manito when I was typing this book as well. The last few days I have not had to reboot my A20, always had a problem with typing on the touch last year with my A20 after 24 hours or more.

Just noticed Bitcoin has hit 41 150 USD per coin again, 13:26 SAST. So now I have something to keep me busy during the day instead of just watching TV. I was too busy with AMPPOL IT to notice Bitcoin years back. When I made 4000 ZAR in one month when I first bought Ether and Bitcoin a family member of mine said "good buy" but now they keep sending me negative articles about Bitcoin and "what goes up must go down" so I got so nervous before I went to sleep last night that I sold 28% of my Bitcoin. It's Mama's funds after all and I don't want to be blamed for losing any. If it was my money I would just carry on and last year December I was making 250 ZAR per day average on crypto which is not bad since I have not made any money for a long time. Since I went to sleep Bitcoin has been hovering at 40 600 USD per coin. The trick is to buy in the dips and sell when Bitcoin goes up and still make a profit with the buying and selling fees. I don't just hold onto my Bitcoin and wait till it reaches 100 000 USD per coin.

09/01/2021 16:55-17:50 Herbs don't always work too well.

10/01/2021 This morning 08:20 SAST Bitcoin stands at 40 800 USD per coin. Last week I have been having headaches all day long and Jabu says it's from this Bitcoin, I think it's my BP as I feel dizzy as well but all this stress of buying and selling is taking it's toll I think. I am not doing too well this year with Bitcoin, whenever I sell it goes up and when I buy it goes down. Last night I sold 28% at 40 600 USD per coin and now at 08:52 it's 41 100 USD per coin. I will leave it at that now so if Bitcoin crashes I will not loose too much. You can loose ZAR but one still has coins.

Who would think after all these years with RPM and Red Hat 6.1 then Fedora Core then Mandrake, Mandriva and Mageia I would be with Ubuntu Linux because of this S145. I have got used to Ubuntu Linux and am quite enjoying it but I was better at RPM than DEB, even though I used Debian Buster for a long time on my 250 G5, how time flies.

So Jabu has been working every day almost in January 2021 and is quite tired at the end of the day. Normally it's a bit boring when she is not here weekends but now the Bitcoin keeps me busy. She still cooks for us after relaxing a bit after work. I was surprised she agreed to yesterdays attempted love making. Like I said the herbs did not work too well. Must be these headaches and the dizzy spells I am having. I think the BP pills are too strong as when I don't take one in the morning I am not dizzy during the day. I think it's time to consult with my online Doctors. Mama is watching online Mass again, I try work out the data so she can watch online Catholic Mass every day in the New year. Mama is doing much better now, she does not stay in bed all day long but watches some TV and makes herself breakfast and lunch as usual. I have just eaten a late breakfast of Jungle Oats which Jabu cooked this morning and am waiting to see if I get a headache. I am trying to figure out where these headaches come from then I will take my meds. 10:30 SAST, I normally eat breakfast with Jabu much earlier. 11:37 SAST so far only a tiny headache, the one day I did not have one at all so maybe today I will be lucky. I have had a good life up till now bar a few hipcups like Umzimkulu Psychc Hospital.

I predicted to myself that Bitcoin will stay around 40 200/41 000 USD per coin this weekend, will see if I am right. I am not sure if I did the right thing selling 28% yesterday. Bitcoin stays above 34 000 USD coin I am ok. I am trying to work out my profits as of today 10/01/2021 but it's very difficult with the selling and buying fees, I made so many small transactions that it would take a month of Sundays to work out. Yet I am happy that the Lord answered two of my four wishful prayers last year. I have yet to get rid of the debt collectors by paying off my debts and buy a car. I have not been on my TSR for weeks and need to start it soon, last time I wanted to start my TSR the battery was almost flat, no train smash, my bike I can start and drive without a battery. Jabu will be home soon and we will chat a bit whilst she reads Facebook non stop, shitting on me that she can't concentrate but I talk a lot which is usual.

So Bitcoin sits at 39 400 USD now per coin at 13:42 SAST. Bitcoin has dropped over 1500 USD. I am not too worried as I withdrew 28% yesterday and I need it to stay above 34 000 USD per coin at least to make me happy, I don't like it when my ZAR value goes down. But knowing Bitcoin it will soon be above 50 000 USD per coin, like I said, before Valentines day.

11/01/2021 02:06 SAST Bitcoin dropped to below 600 000 ZAR per coin during the night. It's now at 37 482 USD per coin. Ether is doing quite well this last week and is now at 19 600 ZAR per coin. I started of my crypto world with Ether. Bitcoin is now at 36 855 USD per coin at 02:52 SAST. At 08:41 my phone rang and I was woken from my power nap (must be the debt collectors again) after working all morning to find the Bitcoin price at 32 500 USD per coin. One debt collector told me "we will keep on phoning you" if I don't give them my date of birth. No train smash that Bitcoin is sitting at 33 255 USD per coin now at 09:23 SAST, it will go up during the month, below the 34 000 USD per coin I was hoping to avoid. It's the nature of Bitcoin to jump up and down. Bitcoin is back to 34 370 USD per coin at 09:38 SAST. If the Covid-19 does not get me, I will have a car soon this year which I am working hard for on this Bitcoin crypto thing. I have always had a car or super bike since I was 18. A 50 cc when I was 16. I always wanted my own truck but drove company trucks in my line of work as an electrician.

From the time I woke up at 02:06 SAST this morning I attempted to update Mangero 20 but no go. I just wanted to check if the mouse works, touchpad that is, it did work. Useless to me if Mangero does not update with some bull shit GPG data error. I then updated Debian Buster, Mageai 8 Beta 2 and PCLinuxOS Full Monty on my 250 G5, no updates since Friday on Ubuntu Linux 20.04.1 on my 250 G5. No updates on Ubuntu Linux 20.10 on my S145 this weekend and this morning. Google playstore used to have tons of updates every day now since 16th December 2020 there are few and far between.

By the end of the day Bitcoin should be back up close to 40 000 USD per coin if not 44 000 USD per coin this week. The day ends for me at 22:00 SAST each day when Jabu is watching the Bitcoin and I am sleeping. I have asked her to wake me if anything untold happens. Bitcoin is now hovering around 32 900 USD per coin, 16:38 SAST. I still have my bit of coin but my ZAR value has dropped a lot.

I don't know who I am offending that my Ubuntu Linux updates keep being held back nether mind my Google Play store. Jabu will be back just now from work and shopping for milk, bread.

18:52 SAST Bitcoin has dropped to under 30 800 USD per coin, looks my family member brought me bad luck with all the negative advice.

12/01/2021 04:02 SAST Installed Linux Mint 20.1 on my S145, WIFI works not touchpad, volume keys do not work. Updates work as of 04:42 SAST. I tried to change to a local update mirror and now I am getting a "signature" error. Fuck this, I wish Mageia worked properly on my S145. Bitcoin is back to 34 624 USD per coin at 05:51 SAST. Yes ladies and gentlemen we are back at 35 000 USD per coin at 06:00 SAST. At 35 400 USD per Bitcoin I sold another 28% and of course the price this morning just before 08:00 SAST went up to 36 200 USD per Bitcoin. Bad moves I am making this year, last year I had more luck. I think I will leave what I have now and watch the chart. At least I have made a small profit since 17/11/2020 till today.

Jabu found a taxi quickly and is at work already at 08:00 SAST. Nomvula is here today to help me with my pool for a bit. Bitcoin has been sitting around 36 000 USD per coin all morning, I was hoping it would go to 40 000 USD per Bitcoin. Time to relax now, I have been working since 04:02 SAST. The time is now 13:47 SAST. I had a Firefox update on Linux Mint 20.1 so the updates are coming in till they get hacked again. I have never used Linux Mint except in virtualbox or have quickly uninstalled it when another distro come along to try out but now I have a one TB HDD so I have plenty of space to install various distro's. I don't understand why Mageia 8 Beta 2 does not pick up my WIFI as it has the 5.10.x kernel. I would not mind have been donated a 250 G6 i5/i7 but in South Africa they only sell them with 4 Gigs of RAM AFAIK from what I gathered. I am not a gamer so I don't need a too fast machine so the S145 is right but the WIFI and touchpad keeps me busy on some distro's. If Linux Mint continues to update unlike Ubuntu Linux 20.10 and Ubuntu Linux 20.04.1 I will give it a bash even though I had one update on Ubuntu Linux 20.10 today, tzdata and Ubuntu Linux 20.04.1. Amazingly I received eight updates from the Google Play Store in the last 24 hours but that's still not right, my apps are out of date on my A20. Time for a late lunch, I am a bit busy too eat at 12:00/12:30 these days. As you know I love updates and can immediatly notice when something is amiss. These ten years with AMPPOL IT I became a download junkie and was very good with "rsync" and "wget". I downloaded tons of Linux iso images.

Jabu will be home soon, sometimes she thinks she is the Presidents daughter the way she avoids me. Other times when she is not too tired and in a good mood she is an angel. But these last two months it's difficult to kiss and hug. Only made love three or four times. When she first moved back in last year we where like on honeymoon for the first few months, madly in love. I think she is getting tired of me. She has had enough of my erectile dysfunction and says these herbs will kill me. My BP pills do not cause ED. My Doctor changed them a long time back. Lithium and Risperdal cause the shit. Jabu is still young and needs a good love making session now and again, as do most folks, like I said the other night was a disaster.

So as I type this on Linux Mint 20.1 released on the 08/01/2021, I can only install if I wake early, It's too hot in the day to sit at the laptop even though I have my fan on and sit in wet swimming gear to cool me down on my leather chair. I needed a break from Ubuntu Linux 20.10 for something new that works. Now I have Windows 10, Ubuntu Linux 20.10, Linux Mint 20.1 and Mageia 8 Beta 2 on my S145. I will soon attempt to get my touchpad to work on Linux Mint 20.1.

The Bitcoin price has been steady today at 36 000 USD but is now at 34 635 USD per Bitcoin as the USA starts business soon. 15:30 SAST.

13/01/2021 05:26 SAST Woke up late. Had a good nights sleep. Bitcoin is at 33 400 USD per coin at 06:21 SAST. To think Bitcoin was 17 770 USD per coin two months ago the 17th November 2020. Am having a hassle with my software manager on Ubuntu Linux 20.10. Will not choose a mirror and hangs. Will have to reinstall Linux Mint 20.1 again as I don't know what the fuck is going on with the updates manager, apt is corrupt. Linux Mint 20.1 otherwise looks good and the volume keys work now but I will stick with Ubuntu Linux 20.10 on my S145 as my main operating system till I get Mageia 8 Beta 2 100 % right.

Did I mention they are installing Fibre in Pennington? The cabling is going quite quick. Hard work these guys are doing in the hot weather. Soon as they are finished I will apply for Fibre.

I am not feeling too well this morning, I have swum five times but I still feel dizzy but no headache. I did not take my BP pill this morning. Maybe it is my heart like my Doctor said last year. Too much smoking, don't smoke if you are a youngster over 18 and reading this. Too late for me, I have been smoking since I was 18. I don't drink either, only a lot of tea and coffee, juice.

Bitcoin wants to go to 35 000 USD per coin now, 11:20 SAST but is battling. Like I said I am happy if Bitcoin stays above 34 000 USD per coin. To be honest I don't really know how much profit I have made over two months till we reach the 17th January 2021 but it's a shit load for me. It Bitcoin had to crash right now today I would be slightly up. As you know we are just poor simple folks and at least I am kept busy now during the day with my crypto. On the 18th of January 2021 I will decide if I should sell some more, lets hope by then crypto is up to a good price. But I like this game so I doubt if I will ever sell all my Bitcoin and Ether. Before I die I want to pay of Doctor Ndlovo's debts, buy a car and retire comfortably with a tile roof over my head, hot running water, electricity and food. A lot of times when I have a warm shower I thank God. And I thank God for my big above ground pool in this hot weather. My pool is under a huge tree so the water does not get so warm till January and February but it's so nice to have a dip early in the morning.

My last 28% sale was due to my family member's negative vibe about this crypto and I sold at the incorrect time, not Mama nor Jabu. Like I said Jabu was very excited at first with this crypto thing. But it's all I talk about now so Jabu is a bit bored with the crypto.

We are cooking one of my favourites tonight, mince and pasta, Jabu cooks the mince sauce and I cook the pasta. I like to help to cook where I can.

14/01/2021 05:26 SAST Bitcoin is at 37 408 USD per coin. Had a good nights sleep again. My Google Playstore updates are coming in (I have had 17 the last three days) and I had one update on Ubuntu Linux 20.10 via my software manager on my S145 this morning.

Before I reinstalled Ubuntu Linux 20.10 on my S145 this year because I was getting no updates, I noticed my suspend was not working when I closed the lid last year. But the touchpad was of course working since Beta. Sure sign of something amis. Real fuck up, now I can't get my touchpad to work. Lenovo did not do a very good job with Linux compatibility with the S145. It's the first machine ever that I have had that one or other Linux does not graft. Even though in Gauteng I had a couple of clients whose machines would not graft with Linux when I had AMPPOL IT.

Jabu is not in a very good mood this morning when she woke up but was feeling better during breakfast. I did not feel like eating. First time I ate today was at 12:50. Fanisile phoned me twice in the last five days and Siphokazi texted me this morning. They all looking for work. At first they where excellent at work but then lapsed and neglected to pitch up for work or came to work when they where free. So I have Nomvula now with whom Mama, Jabu and I are happy with her performance.

At 08:30 SAST Bitcoin hit 38 000 USD per coin for a second. This morning SAST Bitcoin has been hovering around 38 500 USD per coin.

My Samsung Galaxy A20 is fucked again, when Jabu was putting it down at around 21:30 on the glass bedside table she knocked the screen and the screen cracked. I did not have a screen protector as three screen protectors previously did not allow me to type properly on this Umzinto generic screen, which is the second screen I have had since January 2020. There goes some of my Bitcoin profit. Well the story ended well as we had some fun.

Bitcoin hit 40 000 USD per coin briefly at 17:35 SAST.

15/01/2021 00:00 SAST Can't sleep, trying to decide what to do with my A20. Lucky I am still online. Jabu is going to visit her mother today. She has to get up at 05:30, in less than three hours time. At 00:30 I reinstalled Ubuntu Linux 20.10 for the second time this year, still the touchpad does not work and I installed dkms correctly, fuck the touchpad worked with the Beta.

I am very tired now and will try and sleep, 04:05 SAST, just as load shedding starts. Can't sleep with all this excited of my phone screen breaking. Little things set me off and I can't sleep. I will have to have a long power nap during the day. January 2020 I dropped my A20 and now January 2021 Jabu drops it. Not her fault, she tripped over a glass.

I woke up again at 06:30 SAST. It's 10:25 SAST now and I am not feeling too tired now, Mama is watching Catholic online Mass. It will be a boring weekend without Jabu but she needs to visit her mother sometimes never mind Zack, he slept over for one night here the other week. Nomvula is here today, I sent her to buy some milk for the weekend. With these dizzy spells and headaches I don't feel like risking driving my TSR.

I spend my days more on the S145 during the day but It's really hot in my study, last night was an exception. Gone are the days when I used to wake up reguarly at 01:00/02:00 for over 15 years.

16/01/2021 04:26 SAST Had an excellent nights sleep, went to sleep at 19:00 last night. Woke up to Bitcoin at 36 512 USD per coin. 40 000 is better but as long as it stays above 36 250, I am happy. Nomvula came today to do Mama's nails and give her a proper bath, these days Mama does not want me to bath her. She says it's embarassing.

Friday we started to have load shedding again. The cell towers batteries used to last two and one half hours if fully charged. Now since Friday, if the electricity goes off there is no network as if the batteries are disconnected. Today Saturday as well. They say the load shedding will last till Sunday. But guaranteed load shedding till September 2021, on and off.

I had a nice long power nap between 13:05 and 14:15 when the electricity was off. This is total bull shit that the cell phone towers batteries are not working. I just spoke to Jabu and she comes home tomorrow.

17/01/2021 03:03 SAST I have finally managed to calculate if Bitcoin is at 40 000 USD per coin, I have made nett 23 050 ZAR profit from the 17/11/2020 till today 17/01/2021 with an initial investment of 10 000 ZAR (her bank would have given her 40 ZAR), lying on the couch or sitting in the armchair watching the screen and my smart phone. The more it drops the less profit I have but I see Bitcoin going up up up. I have given back Mama all the funds she borrowed me since 17/11/2020 for Bitcoin and Ether and she says I can keep what's left in my Bitcoin account, I will now gamble with that and hope to pay off the debt collectors fully and buy a car soon.

Bitcoin is now 36 309 USD per coin, 03:09 SAST.

18/01/2021 05:01 SAST Another good nights sleep after load shedding from 18:00 till 20:30 last night. $29.95 (USD) donation to read my book as from today.

19/01/2021 02:31 SAST Woke up tired. Being having hassles with my internet connection. Fixed now by my ISP, it was their error with all this load shedding causing a fuck up on the network.

Bitcoin is hovering around 37 000 USD per coin this morning, 04:08 SAST. Decided to install Microsoft Windows 10 patch Tuesday for January 2021, got fed up and left it installing half way through. Wasted an hour. This Microsoft is a real fuck up with updates, they take hours even on a 10th generation 8 thread, 4 core i5 CPU. Anyway fuck this I am back on Ubuntu Linux 20.10. Will sort out Windows 10 later. 05:14 SAST.

At 10:45 SAST 19/01/2021 I received my new smart phone which will come from my Bitcoin profits. I decided not to have the screen replaced for the third time at Umzinto on my A20. It was fucked anyway since the first time I dropped it in January 2020.

Had a very long day since 02:31 and retired at 18:30.

20/01/2021 03:30 SAST My Whatsapp has a couple of Gigs of media so I am downloading them now on my new smart phone. Bitcoin is at just below 36 000 USD per coin now, 04:05 SAST. Looks like we have already had the dip at 30 000 USD per coin. If Bitcoin stays at 36 000 USD per coin for a few months, I will have only made 22 000 ZAR, no car :-(

Plan on having a nice relaxing day today, woke up with headache again. Jabu works five days a week now unless they need her on weekends as well.

This Covid-19 is quite bad, the folks are dying like flies. Mama went to see her Doctor yesterday, he prescribed her some morphine patches. Let's hope the morphine patches work. Mama has really been suffering these last months with pain.

06:00 SAST Still waiting for Whatsapp to finish, is at 80%.

21/01/2021 00:03 SAST Woke up a bit early this morning to the Bitcoin price at 35 000 USD per coin, no good, I was hoping Bitcoin would be at 45 000 USD by now.

01:25 SAST Thought I would give the touchpad another go on Ubuntu Linux 20.10, S145, this time I have the touchpad working. Had to edit GRUB.

01:44 SAST feeling a bit tired and headache, not used to waking up so early. 02:22 SAST going back to sleep.

I started off with Ether and then sold most of it for Bitcoin when Ether did not make much profit, look at it now, I first bought Ether for 626 USD per coin, now it stands at 1318 USD per coin, 05:42 SAST. Bitcoin has dropped to 34 443 USD per coin this morning and during the day dropped further to around 32 500 USD per coin this afternoon.

22/01/2021 03:42 SAST At 04:00 SAST Bitcoin has dropped to 30 058 USD per coin, to think Bitcoin was at 42 000 USD per coin just the other day. I still believe Bitcoin will be above 50 000 USD per coin before or on 14/02/2021. I still have a profit even though when Bitcoin price falls my profit is less.

So far so good with my new smart phone, I just need a cover and screen protector which I will obtain this week. I will let you know later what it is. Was very tired last night and must have gone to bed at 18:30 with a terrible headache. Jabu brought me some Disprin. I have been popping pain killers like crazy these last two weeks, never in my life have I had such headaches. Jabu says it's because I am not taking Lithium anymore as G.J. Crookes Pharmacy does not have stock these last two months. I have been on Lithium since 2003. My friend from the USA who is a pharmacist confirmed just now that it is likely a lack of Lithium.

Nomvula is here today to do her weekly cleaning. She bought us some potatoes which cost me R70.00 and cost R130.00 at the nearby store.

It was 32 C in the house today, we had frozen pizza for supper. Went to sleep at 19:00.

23/01/2021 00:44 SAST Woke up with a headache again, fuck this. Mageai 8 Beta 2 will not update, will try again later. Bitcoin is at 33 100 USD per coin at 01:34 SAST, that makes me happy at least. The cost of food is terrible, I don't know how some families manage on 1840 ZAR per month, little meat. At 01:56 I went for a swim. The water is lovely, my headache subsides for a while after being in the cool water. I used my lantern again in the pitch black night.

I asked my Doctor more than a month ago to give me a private script for Lithium but she obviously forgot.

Today will be another scorcher with an expected temperature of 34 C.

With the Bitcoin price below 33 000 USD per coin my profit is down to 19 980 ZAR right now from 23 050 ZAR a few days ago. I will laugh at the doomsday profits when Bitcoin hits 150 000 USD per coin.

Basically had a terrible day with a headache all day long except early morning when Jabu and I made love.

Went to bed at 21:02 and I don't know if I slept or just lay there day dreaming.

23:33 SAST This Bitcoin thing has become boring, did not make a lot of bucks fast enough for what I needed it for. Will leave Bitcoin as it is now at around 32 000 USD per coin. I am tired of watching the chart and screen for over two months now, I need to make at least 30 000 ZAR per month to live and retire comfortably with my family.

Fuck this, mother fuckers, son of bitches get me hooked on drugs then they don't have stock of my meds at G.J. Crookes Hospital these last months, in the begining there where no problems with stock, anyway thank you and next time fuck you.

Made a fuck up with my screen protector which I put on my smart phone this morning, my headache was so bad I could not see straight, it's slightly skew.

24/01/2021 00:00 SAST Here we are again, will I be manic soon or not because lack of meds from G.J. Crookes Hospital Pharmacy. Good start today, did not sleep much yesterday except for one hours power nap and a bit at night.

00:05 SAST Time to continue my movie on Netflix, nah don't feel like it, let me go sit with Jabu and make her some tea and my special brew of coffee for me. Went to sleep at 02:10 and woke at....

24/01/2021 06:53 SAST Did not take my meds last night nor this morning, no headache so far. Even though I did pray that my headache would go away so the Lord answered. Mageia 8 Beta 2 is doing fine so is Ubuntu Linux 20.10 on my S145. Headache free lazy, sleepy day. Went to sleep at 20:10 and woke at 23:16, had three power naps during the day. 23:45 going to boot into Windows 10, apparently there is an update.

25/01/2021 00:00 SAST Busy with Windows 10. Did not stay long. No updates on Ubuntu Linux 20.04.1 and Ubuntu Linux 20.10 this weekend, here we go again. Mageai 8 Beta 2 always is busy with updates. Slept too much yesterday so am not tired now. 01:24 SAST.

10:18 SAST A rainy morning at last. 16:37 SAST still no updates on Ubuntu Linux 20.10 on my S145

25/01/2021 03:26 SAST 13 updates on Ubuntu Linux 20.10 on my S145 and 7 updates on my smart phone.

05:00 SAST Reboot S145 to check if the GRUB update did not fuck up my touchpad.

26/01/2021 07:25 SAST Nomvula came to clean the pool.

27/01/2021 04:26 SAST Since the 17/11/2020 have made 13 050 ZAR profit on my crypto. The rest of the funds are still in crypto and go up and down as the Bitcoin price changes. Bitcoin is now 32 126 USD per coin at 04:55 SAST. So my crypto craze is over as Bitcoin has been sitting steady for the last days around 32 000 USD per coin. I am going for Ether now.

Woke up with a headache as usual. I might have developed diabetes due to lack of Lithium.

09:45 SAST Went to have my blood sugar tested and my BP. My blood sugar is 5.6 and my BP was 180/100, fuck at least I don't have diabetes.

All day long I have had a terrible headache, I feel as if I can go manic anytime now. 18:25 SAST, just can't take it, it's worse than Saturdays headache, at least Saturday Jabu was here. She went to her mothers today after work till Thursday evening. Fuck this bipolar disorder. My online Doctor said just now that I should double my dose of BP pills.

20:00:44 SAST Can't sleep. The headache is gone but now the tiredness has set in. I have dimmed my screen a bit and sitting with low lumens. Oh Lord why have you forsaken me. Why am I a hermit almost these last two years. I don't even go to the beach. Today was the first time I went out in a long time. I used to enjoy riding my bike to Scottburgh to visit Mama. As I listen to the rain I wait till I am very tired or 00:00 whichever comes first. I will have you know I was a tax payer for around thirty years. Now all I get is emails and SMSes reminding me to pay my debts. Gone are the days with Carina where we used to eat out and dance three times a week. Jabu loves me very much but is just too tired to show it sometimes, she did not even text me today and ask how I am feeling.

21:48 SAST I have decided to sell most of my crypto, fuck this I am not going to wait forever for a car. At least I made a profit from 17/11/2020 till today 27/01/2021 of 18 050 ZAR. I left a bit in crypto, I am really tired of watching the screen all day long, I will now spend my days sleeping and watching TV, fat chance of getting a job at my age and believe me I have tried almost everything, even typing this fucking ebook.

22:22 SAST Bored, waiting till 00:00. My tooth has been hurting since before Christmas but I don't feel like a fucking extraction now. Eventually fell asleep.

28/01/2021 04:23 SAST Woke up feeling fresh this morning. Not much of a headache yet. Rained all night, I wonder how full is the pool. So I will not be getting a car before 14th February 2021 nor will I pay off all my debts, Bitcoin did not shoot up as I expected to 150 000 USD per coin.

The weather will be cool today and tomorrow with rain. No swimming. My tooth still hurts. Fuck these fags which have fucked up my teeth.

I have never had such hassles with updates as I have with Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux, Ubuntu Linux keeps not been able to find the update server. Mageai is still the top distro in the world.

29/01/2021 03:00 SAST Friday rkhunter shows five rootkits on Ubuntu Linux 20.10. Updated Mageai 8 Beta 2 on S145, still no WIFI.

Ears are blocked this morning from stress. Woke up with a headache. Took some pain killers. Drinking Rooibos tea from yesterday. Nomvula is coming to work today. Will kick start the TSR today, I should really do it every week. When Nomvula was covering the TSR she saw two harmless non venomous snakes. She was quite afraid.

30/01/2021 04:43 SAST Looking for a car. Hope I don't buy a dud. Terrible headache again when I woke, went for a swim and the headache is a bit better. I am not feeling too well these last weeks so I am not typing much. All my updates are working.

If you are installing a Linux operating system for the first time alongside Windows 10 It's best to make a / and /home partition. So if the Linux OS goes south your home is restored. It's best to try out a live Linux OS like Ubuntu Linux to see if it works on your machine.

Today on 30/01/2021 at 13:35 SAST I bought a car. My first car since since 5th December 2012. If it was not for crypto I would not have been able to buy the car. I made a mistake in February 2013 and bought a motorcycle even though for the first three and one half years the TSR rode well. When Jabu came back from Umzinto I took her for a drive. No more carrying 10 kg up the hill from the store to our house, now we have a car. And now we can shop at Checkers in Scottburgh again, much cheaper.

31/01/2021 00:05 SAST Woke up rather early. Started by updating Mageai 8 Beta 2 on my 250 G5.

I purchased the car at a good price so it has a bit of work to do. The mechanic fixed the lights and brake lights today. Wednesday he will replace the brake pads, I hope the discs are not fucked because they grind when one brakes.

02/02/2021 08:35 SAST Tried to start my car, battery is dead.

03/02/2021 02:20 SAST The aircon in my car had to be disconnected as it turns on by itself and drains the battery, will have to repair that as well as two electric windows that don't work, the car is full house.

05/01/2021 00:02 SAST 2021-02-03 02:50:21 status installed ca-certificates:all 20210119~20.10.1, last update on Ubuntu Linux 20.10.

06/02/2021 04:45 SAST No updates on Ubuntu Linux 20.04 and 20.10 for a few days now. Playstore has plenty of updates because my book has been offline. 09:19 we have had load shedding since 08:00, waiting for the mechanic to arrive.

07/02/2021 03:05 SAST Mageia 8 RC is released. Went to fill up with petrol and to Rocky bay. It's been so hot these last few days. Tomorrow is supposed to be rain and cooler.

08/02/2021 03:26 SAST My headaches have subsided these last few days, not so intense because I am back on Lithium. Bitcoin is doing well this last weekend between 38 000 and 40 000 USD per coin. At 15:00 SAST Bitcoin suddenly shot up to 44 500 USD per coin over an hour.

09/02/2021 01:50 SAST Bitcoin now sits at 46 125 USD per coin. 02:38 SAST Bitcoin is at 47 038 USD per coin. Ether is not doing too well. I don't have much Bitcoin left over so I have only made 2000 ZAR in the last eighteen hours. I first sold 1000 ZAR yesterday morning at 38 500 USD per coin and then the rest from 15:00 SAST till now. Always when I sell the Bitcoin value goes up, fuck. It's a big gamble as Bitcoin can go the other way anytime. 12:22 SAST new kernel update for Ubuntu Linux 20.10. I missed 42 now on 43.

10/02/2021 04:20 SAST Had a good nights sleep and did not wake with a headache. Went to sleep at 19:30 last night. It's either too hot or too cold in this cabin. Winter is slowly coming in as the sun rises later.

13/02/2021 04:01 SAST Have not been feeling too well these last two days with my abdomen giving me trouble. Terrible pain in the lower left side. Bitcoin hit 48 000 USD per coin the other day. I am a bit depressed as I don't have much Bitcoin left. Jabu is working this weekend. My car has gone in for a service and to fix the aircon.

14/02/2021 PM SAST Zack came to visit. Like I said he is a man now and does not enjoy hanging out with madala too much.

15/02/2021 02:24 SAST Woke up early for a change, yesterday I woke at 06:30. Can't wait to get my car back even though it was not such a thrill when I bought it. Mama is not feeling too well these last five days with her mania. She is starting to get ill again. After all these months lying in bed at first and then watching some TV and not leaving the property she is going nuts. The surgeon recons that a second op on her fractured humerus might not be succesfull. Mama is taking strong pain killers which last only for a hour. I am basically typing this book for myself even though a lot of people read it but are too tight arse to even make a $5 donation. 03:15 SAST I went for a skinny dip and bought some more Bitcoin, a small amount, I need to save bucks to repair my car. This time I am going to leave my Bitcoin as is till it reaches 150 000 USD per coin. Zack is sleeping in the family room so I can't update my Mageai 8 RC this morning. Those who invested 10 000 ZAR in Bitcoin 10 years ago are millionaires now. It's so hot let me go for another swim.

18/02/2021 It's my birthday today. Jabu cooked some beef breyani. Delicious.

09/03/2021 10:35 Tuesday. These erectile dysfunction herbs have not been working too well and I have a problem with my blood pressure so I am sacred to take them. I get up late these days and sleep at 22:00. Saturday we drove to Scottburgh but did not make it. The water hose in my car fucked out. Mark Pillay from Umdoni Village Pennington really sold me a piece of shit after telling me the car is mechanically sound. Brake pads where fucked so was the wiper motor, Mark said I just needed a headlight lamp but the whole electrical front and rear system was fucked, my mechanic worked for five hours on it. The tires I never noticed turned out to be cracked and I had to replace two. Lucky the engine was not damaged when the car over heated. The aircon was fucked and needed to be repaired. I sorted out the rust. I was so eager to buy a car with my Bitcoin money that I bought the first thing that came along. I have sold all my Bitcoin now to pay for the car repairs. I wanted to purchase some Bitcoin two Saturday's ago when the price was 44 500 USD per coin and today it was 54 400. I have a better chance of finding a job now that I have a car, once the car is fixed I need to start looking. My Doctor says I need to come in to GJC for a chest x-ray, ECG and blood tests. I can't walk further than a 100m and I am out of breath. At least if I have lung cancer I will die with a car. Mama is feeling better today but on Sunday she and Jabu where really fighting.

11/03/2021 07:30 Mr P the mechanic pics me up to fetch my car, it broke down last Saturday with a broken water hose. He also sorted out the wipers and adjusted the handbrake. Seems to be a very nice Indian chap and charged me a reasonable price of R1500. I have spent more than I expected on this car. But at least I have got 4 wheels. Mama is a bit ill and does not want me to drive her around yet. That was the main objective to buy the car. I went to G.J. Crookes and all hell broke loose. I received my file quickly and my meds after one pharmacist did not want to give them to me.

The I went to the Dentist. My blood pressure was too high so the Dentist sent me to get some pills to lower my BP. Stupid bitch patient sitting there said I was pushing in but the Dentist told me to go in and get the pills. Anyway fuck her the cow. I had to have two teeth extracted, the injections where rather painful by the female African Dentist who was quite pleasant. Then she started to extract but there was not enough aneathstetic so she gave me some more. I had two infections and though I would hit the roof with the pain. I clenched my fist as she quickly extracted my teeth. I was supposed to go to The post office and Checkers but I was bleeding and in great pain so I drove straight home. At home the pain subsided. I pray I don't get a dry socket as one is not supposed to smoke after extractions.

12/03/2021 02:10 SAST Woke up early for a change. Let me boot into Windows 10 and do a patch Tuesday. Took fucking three hours to update Windows 10, fuck what an OS, did a BIOS update as well. Thank God for Linux. I was pissed off with the atmosphere at home and picked up Jabu from work and we went to Checkers to do some shopping. Of course Mama bitched that I bought 10kg rice. What an unpleasant vibe at home with Mama being ill. Jabu and I also went for prawns on special at John Dory's. It was nice to get away from the house. My car is still using too much water even though when we came back from Scottburgh the car only used half the water tank of water. So I should make it to GJC on Monday, God willing. Jabu has gone to Umzinto today to do her hair, I hope she comes back early.

15/03/2021 11:45 SAST Left for G.J Crookes Hospital to see my Doctor. She examined me with a stethoscope and said my heart is beating a bit fast. She prescibed some pills for me and at the same time did my pysch pills. I was a bit early at Crookes just after 12:00 so had to wait till 13:08. For 45 ZAR I had a chest X-ray which was very quick then went for bloods and an ECG. The sister that took my bloods did it in such a way that I did not even feel the needle go in. The ECG was done in the same room and the sister even gave me a hand up off the bed when she was finished. I then went to the Pharmacy and a very pleasant Indian pharmacist helped me again with my meds. Whilst I was waiting for the bloods my Doctor walked past and looked at the X-ray and said my lungs are a bit elevated and gave me some breathing excercises to do. God bless her. I had a very good afternoon at Crookes. My nerves are rected though because my car is using 300ml of water per 15km. My mechanic in Park Rynie says the head needs to be skimmed for 4500 ZAR buy my mechanic friend in JHB told me to do the condom test on the radiator and days it's not the head cylinder so what the fuck now. It's 22:10 now and I cannot sleep.

18/03/2021 05:08 SAST Have already brewed my coffee. Today is Jabu's birthday. After work she is going to iNkompo to spend her birthday with her mother who is alone now during the day as Zack has gone to Durban to study at Rosebank College for a year. Happy birthday Jabu and thanks for all the delicious cooking these last months. Mama complains a lot these last two months and it is difficult to have a decent conversation with her. She will be eighty in April. Yesterday she broke one of my fridges drawers as the margarine was to heavy for her, I told her to call me when she needs help. I make Rooibos tea for her all day long when I am at home. My car drives well but looses 300 ml of water every 15 km. It's going in again to a different mechanic soon to get a second opinion as my mechanic friend says it's not the head gasket as per the condom test he told me to do. Jabu is only coming back Friday afternoon so I will miss chatting with her. Wednesday's we eat macaroni and mince so she made enough sauce for today as well. I as usual cooked the macaroni. Ubuntu Linux 20.10 is giving me hassles again with the suspend when I close the lid like it did last year, I hope I don't have to reinstall again like I did last year. Mageai 8 WIFI will not work at all on my S145 even though Mageia 8 is all updated. Sunday Jabu and I went to the beach for two hours. I have a real Lithium sunburn. It still burns today. It's nice to swim in the warm tidal pool. I am a bit nervous when 21.04 is released whether it will work on my S145. Jabu asked me to take her to work at 07:10, I hen went and bought some wors and went to the kiosk for a milk shake at 08:00. My Bitcoin money is running out. What a terrible evening I had with Mama, I took 4,5m g Rivitrol to calm down, I was really stressed, the bitch just carried on and on moaning and reminding of my past faults. Fuck I have had enough of this. I almost chocked on my peanut butter and bread sammies for supper. At least in Ethembeni they used to let one eat in peace. Now Mama does not like Jabu's cooking, she says there is too much oil in the gravy and she does not like Imana gravy which I love. At least I fell asleep quickly with all the Rivitrol and fell asleep around 20:00. With Jabu we chat so nicely, Jabu and I that is.

Did I mention my ECG was fine but my heart beats a bit fast and I have elevated lungs so I have to do breathing exercises and walk a bit. My blood test are not back yet.

At 05:00 I started to upgrade from 20.10 to 21.04 Beta Ubuntu Linux. Fucking suspend when I close the lid still does not work all else seems fine.

19/03/2021 03:41 SAST Load shedding so I waited for the power to come on, I did not fell like using the gas. Nomvula is coming today so we might have some piece in the house. Last night I just felt like sticking a knife in my throat, I have had enough of Mama's shit over the last three months. When Jabu is not here Mama is worse. Mama keesp saying I spend all her money but I just pay the bills and do grocery shopping and buy Coca Cola once in a while. Oh Lord please look after me, I can't take this nervous tension no more. At least Jabu comes home tonight but she is working this weekend. 04:50 SAST Yes ladies my Ubuntu Linux 20.10 installation is fucked, it just froze, I have not been using it much lately. Fuck operating systems, I never had these hassles with Mandriva in Johannesburg nor Debian on desktops I designed myself.

20/03/2021 03:00 SAST Woke up early again, see on Gumtree that my car same model is going for 59 990 ZAR in very good condition with more millage, Jabu only told me at the beach yesterday at 16:15 that Monday is a bank holiday so I don't know if my appointment with my mechanic is still on. Took me fucking three months to find an electrician and now I am battling to find an auto mechanic for a second opinion. Tired of sitting think I will upload and continue watching my movie on the couch, not much to do these days without Bitcoin. 04:36 SAST Changed my mind and watched some porno but it does not excite me since I am back on Lithium, only Jabu excites me. Finally got hold of the mechanic. Jabu does not want to sit with me much in front at the TV room and listen to Mama's nonsense. It's hot in our bedroom as it is west facing and bears the full brunt of th eafteroon son. I fell asleep at around 13:00 on our bed and Jabu woke me ruffling through her clothes when she came back from work. She is too tired to make love when she comes back from work so we just kissed and hugged a bit. She went to bed early and I retired at 21:00 and woke at.....

21/03/2021 02:21 SAST Good morning, maybe the mania is creeping in again. I only slept just over five hours. Just a ten days ago I was sleeping ten hours. Shit load of updates on Ubuntu Linux 21.04 Beta, took a few minutes. Like I said the more one uses any operating system the problems one will pick up that's why I installed Ubuntu Linux 21.04 Beta the other day after the freeze, could have been my browser, anyway. I use a different browser for different functions so I don't get cross infected. The heart pills I am taking now also cause impotence, great. I want my car to be over and done with and be fixed so I can see where I stand a buy some Bitcoin. Fuck I should have bought some Bitcoin at 44 500 USD per coin the other Saturday, now it stand at 58 000 USD per coin. The only hasle I see with my Ubuntu Linux 21.04 Beta installation so far is the dock is slighly greyed out and over lapping. I temp solved it by un auto hiding the dock and hiding it.I see now one can use different power modes. I have been thinking of Marion Jordaan and her paedophile grandson a bit lately who Shane is sitting in jail. Marion and I go way back to must be 2014, she was very friendly and used to help Mama out a lot when I was in hospital and give me lifts from Pennington to Checkers, then one day she wanted Mama to stay over at her house for four days and look after her fucking cat. I was not happy with that as Mama does not have a cell phone and does not want one. So Marion said in October last year must have been leave it I will not go on the retreat Mama does not have to after the house. Imagine that, asking someone to house sit who has only use of one arm. I think of Marion as sometimes I see her driving up our road and see her parked at the kiosk by the beach. Big Christian Marion is, more like the devil. I wonder how Shane is keeping, he used to visit me sometimes before going to jail. I am sure he enjoys it there as he is gay. He must be twenty six years old now but had the mind of a sixteen year old poor guy. He did not actually have sex with children but passed on video's and pics of children being raped. Interpol bust him. Jabu says I must not take Mark Pillay to court (the guy I bought my Elanta from) as these Indians have connections and he is an armed security guard. Mark seems to be very pleasant and even came out to my house when my car was running on two cylinders. But fuck I have a lot of problems with this car and have had many cars, never a new one but not such a fucked up one as this before I fixed it up. So far I purchased the Elantra for 28 000 ZAR and up till today it has cost me 39 470 ZAR. It's so nice to have a car, I have not driven more than 300 km with it yet. All this financial advice I receive from my family members has been a total fuckup. Mama's sister in Warsaw wants Mama to come back to Warsaw now, Mama will have no medical aid and her pension will be worth fuck all. Like I said I will die here unless I win the lotto and move to the South of France where there is no fucking load shedding. My schoolboy French is a bit rusty though. I thought of buying a generator but it makes a racket.

Strange last night at 20:16 I sent an email to my Aunt and Uncle in New Zealand asking how my cousin Dominic Pawinski is. I had not heard from him in a while on Messenger. My aunt replied this morning SAST that he had passed away at 03:00 Ghana time from liver complications. May your soul rest in peace Dom, we had such good times together. He did not have money to be treated in hospital in Ghana. Even though last year he must have had some bucks as he was on a drip. He was the only member of the family on May 18th 2013 to congratulate me on my marriage to Jabu at around 09:00 SAST but we where married at 11:00. See you in heaven Dom, give me a sign that you are ok, love you. Dominic and I spent many good times together, in 1986 if I remember correctly we went to Port St John's in the Transkei. My VW Fox got stuck in the long grass and a kind farmer with a tractor pulled us out. We BBQ'ed grayfish. On our return to Johannesburg Dominic rolled my car between Aliwal North and Queestown. Poor guy he said when he makes his millions he will buy me a car, his projects did not work out too well, he had a really tough life from twenty year and on. I took some oil and burnt it at the side of the narrow road, a truck driver took us to Queenstown. Dominic had a slight cut to his head and I was uninjured. The local hospital let us sleep over. Mama and her friend came to fetch us and twenty four hours later at night, the last wheel of a 24 wheeler truck hit the car with Mama, her friend and Dominc and I in the car. Mama's friend had his foot badly severed, I don't remember how we got back to Johannesburg after that. Things seem to happen in two's to me so I hope nobody dies next in the family. Must have been 2010 Dominic stayed at Mama's house with me for eleven months whilst I was running AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's. Dominic was a great cook so he helped Mama cook. Dominic's mother sent 500 ZAR per month whilst Dominic was staying with us for food. I as usual used to crash at 20:00 and he spent the evening chatting with Mama. There is more to follow but I am very tired now with the stress of Mama and the car. I feel quilty that during those eleven months Dom used to make me tea and coffee all the time and used to roll me Best Blend hand rolled fags. We once repired my above ground pool with 40 mm plumbers pipe, he had a different design in mind but we used mine. The above ground pools would not last long in Randburg after a hail storm and a season. We had a wonderfull Xmas whilst Mama was away, I don't remember where. We cooked a turkey and the next day his friend came with beers and turkey. I had one or two beers. We did not go out much as I was running AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's.

22/03/2021 14:30 SAST drove to Checkers for Easter shopping as I don't know when my car will be back from the mechanic, spent some time on the beach at Scottburgh. How nice to get away from Pennington and this shit hole house with all the stress. 22:49 time to watch Channel O uncensored. Can't sleep and fell asleep on the couch watching TV woke up again at 01:05 on the 23/03/2021, one night I can sleep the other not. I might have a nervous breakdown soon. I only slept seven hours in 48 but ...

23/03/2021 I went to sleep at 21:00 and woke at 06:00, thank fuck for that, I am not going bonkers yet.

24/03/2021 08:30 SAST took my car in too the second mechanic. It's the head gasket. Poes Mark Pillay of Umdoni Village Pennington and he is an armed response security guard, very fucking honest, (first he told me he owns a security company) sold me a piece of shit. My bike mechanic told me he would never buy a car from an Indian and the tow truck driver said the same, they are both Indians. The Indian staff at G.J. Crookes have been very good to me especially when I was in G2 there was one very pleasant Indian Sister (She always used to ask me how I was) and so is Sister P of the Pennington clinic, have not seen her for a long time. 20:01 SAST just had a shit load of updates, I love Beta's and from past experience Ubuntu Linux Beta's do not fuck out but I will reboot soon just in case. Hopefully my car will be ready by Easter. Just the shocks to be done. I purchased my Hyandai Elantra 2005 1.6 GLS for 28 000 ZAR, to date it has cost me 39 670 ZAR including the 28K. It will end up costing me 50K if the comptuer or gearbox don't fuck out. I told Mama to purchase a car last year August for 60K but she and a family member they said no. Fuck why am I always right. I am not making any bucks now as like I said I only have 89 ZAR crypto left over. Thank fuck I receive 350 ZAR a month for fags from the ANC government but it will end in May I think. Looks like it's going to be one night or two no sleeping and the third night sleep when I am exhausted like I was last night. Mama poured some water in the bath for me and Jabu gave me a back/neck massage in the bath. I am mostly vila (isiZulu for lazy) like Nomvula says. I am listening to heavy metal now from the TV room. Mama is in bed. She pissed me off just now and asked me if I am going to sleep. Poor Mama she was very depressed in December but now she is mildly manic. I became vila in this poes plass Pennington with no employment and the lethargy caused by the pills. Mama wants me to rake the leaves, I have no interest in gardening even though when we first moved into Pennington I had a veggie garden, spinach, lettuce and chili, that's what the monkeys did not eat fucking pests. Like I said in Randburg I once had fifty three tomatoe shrubs. I hope this Covid-19 takes the whole world down, not really I enjoy life and stress gives me a kick and something to do. Jabu is at her mother's tonight, she will spend one night a week at her mother's every week to get a break from this shit, she just can't take it anymore. A family member asked what she contributes, fuckall except of dragging 10 kg up the hill when the car is fucked and cooking after sometimes working seven days a week and giving me a BJ when she is not tired. The first BJ she ever gave me was on the beach down from Botha';s house years and years ago. Once this piece of shit Elantra is fixed I want to purchase a K9 and do my cardio excercises on the beach with the K9. I miss my K9's and fuck I miss Mabula, Dikholo, Kruger Park, Pilgrims Rest, Graskop and Sabie. Tata when he was alive and was an Electrical Engineer in a high position during the aparheid era and said there will be a fuck up with the electricity, now we are to have five years of load shedding. I don't know what is worse apartheid or the ANC, they both fucked up everything. Stupid bitch Dlamini banned fags and it cost a fortune to purchase illegal fags last year as it did most South africans so they can arrest all the smokers. So I laugh at Krysia she said we would die like flies here but the third wave has hit Poland, stupid racist bitch together with Ewa.

Anyway I will end up spending 50K on the Elantra if the computer or gearbox does not fuck out next, God forbid. On the 30/01/2021 I purchased it with 180 615 on the clock, today it has 180 900 odd. But it's a pleasure to have a car after eight years. Fuck what a pleasure. All my life till 5th December 2021 I always had a car. Come to think of it the TSR was not too bad, it never once broke down on the road, always broke down at home, Chinese shit. I have yet to find a watchmaker to repair my thirty year old Seiko, made in Japan. Those where the days. Even though my Chinese designed and made in China Cubot Manito Cell ohone is still working and will be three years old in July. One just can't get batteries for them, only on eBay. 21:54 SAST let me upload and reboot, my uptime is 5 days 14 hours. Housten we have a problem my one browser takes a long time to open and Firefox hung a bit so does Opera, hmmm unlike Ubuntu Linux. Let me try again 21:35 SAST Maybe a reboot will help, I never had any problems with Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta. Had to reboot could not upload will try again. 21:40 SAST Reboot helped, will monitor, Beta's should not be used on production machines.

So Mageai 8 is fucked with me on my S145, only Ubuntu Linux 20.10-21.04 Beta, Linux Mint and Mangero work as well as Fedora 33. Fuck I am disappointed with Mageia 8, works fine on my 250 G5 the final 8. Ubuntu Linux 21.04 Beta can fuck out any time but I always have Windows 10 in an emergency. Actually let me boot into Windows 10 and see what's cutting, no I don't feel like i am too vila. I am Jesus Christ of Nazerth, just fucking with you I am not manic yet but am heavily stressed and possible have very very very mild mania. Some nice ebony ingquza, on the porn site, just checking if Opera is working. Fuck I don't know how to fix this suspend bug. Like I said first time I ever purchased a laptop where Linux does not work properly ie the S145, fuck Lenovo and the first time in my life I purchased apre owned piece of shit car. Pennington is cursed for me except Mama and Jabu. I saw the poes at the shops the other day who tied my headlight of my TSR with a string, he said "kaffir" in front of me a couple of years back when he came to look at my bike, his name was Evan. There where also racial over tones in Scottburgh the other day when I was with Mama by somebody else. On my death I have instructed Jabu to cremate me, keep half my ashes and chuck the rest into the ocean off BJ rock even though the Catholic's don't like the ashes to be split, I have no interest in the family grave in Warsaw, Dorota fucked that up for me. Come to think of it I don't think I will ever hear from Kasia and Pawel my kids ever again. Nomvula says she is my daughter and calls me dad. I can hear Mama snoring, I don't know why she is manic if she sleeps well. Let me go brew some coffee, 23:40 SAST. I have been taking too much Rivitrol these last few days and my saliva runs and sometimes breaks my fags.

25/03/2021 00:17 SAST Automatic suspend works on my Ubuntu Linux 21.04 Beta. Fuck this the Bitcoin price is too high but I am going to purchase some anyway. A small amount and this time leave it till Bitcoin hits over 70 000 USD per coin. At least I will have something to do. 00:50 SAST let me upload and go watch TV or come back and type some more, hold on I have not finished with Dominic yet let me go back to him, scroll up. 01:13 SAST. Every time I purchase this fucking Bitcoin a hour or so later it falls. I purchased at 52 415 USD per Bitcoin and now the cunt sits at 52 049. just now it was 51 980 USD per Bitcoin. I hope Musk knows what's he is doing. I am downloading Manjero 21..... and when I have slept well will install it again.04:05 SAST, I have a feeling I made a fuck up upgrading to Ubuntu Linux 21.04 Beta. I must make some bucks and Bitcoin is the only gamble, it paid of last year with an ill spent result of a fucked up car. Fucking bitch has gone below 52 000 USD per coin again, figures. Yes Ubuntu Linux Beta 21.04 is totally fucked up on my S145. So at 05:10 I reinstalled Ubuntu Linux 20.10. So far so good expect the suspend when the lid is closed. Can only be something to do with the /home dir.

21:25 SAST Installed Manjero 21, will see how long it will last, Manjero 20 was a failure for me with updates. Tried to fall asleep at 20:15 but am thinking too much about my car. Eventually retired at 22:22.

26/03/2021 03:55 SAST When the lid is closed on the S145 the suspend does not work either on Manjero 21, will have to check on Windows 10 if it's the Lenovo S145 giving hassles. Will try out Manjero 21 KDE Plasma for a few days. Not so used to KDE only on my 250 G5 with Mageia 8. Bitcoin is sitiing at 52 143 USD per coin. The "gamble" is on again, I have a fraction of Bitcoin. It's quite easy using KDE Plasma, spent most of my computer days using KDE. The touchpad does not work on Manjero 21 as well as my new Ubuntu Linux 20.10 install but that I know how to sort out now.

05:33 SAST Well maybe I have a car now, like I said it's in the workshop will next week. It's wonderfill having five wheels. Once my Elantra is fixed up I pray it does not give me anymore hassles. But the more I pray the more hassles I get. I pray mostly in my above ground pool. The spell check does not work in Manjero 21 as in PCLinuxOS, fuck, even though I sometimes don't care a fuck about my spelling. I just made Jabu a cup of tea, she is going to work early today as she has guests coming.

Ubuntu Linux and Mangero do not come with a firewall installed by default like Mageia and PCLinuxOS so one has to fuck around installing a firewall. It's raining now for a change, yesterday a bit of rain. Lets hope by Easter I have my car back and the weather is good, I would like to spend my time on the beach with Jabu after she finishes work. Time for another cup of coffee even though my Doctor told me not to drink so much tea and coffee. I will not be doing my cardio walk in the rain today.

10:30 SAST Nomvula is here to do the house work. Mama is still moderatly manic. She pinched me till almost blood. 15:45 Mama goes to see Doctor Vach, he prescribes her a sleeping tablet and tells Mama she should sell the house. Last time the Doctors had that bright idea and Mama moved into SummerHill Lodge for two years we could not sell the house and I was on razors edge. Strange i was right again, lucky I did not go to university. Fuck Mangero 21 spell check. Tomorrow Mr P is taking Mama at 08:30 to Scottburgh and to get her script. I really wish I went to university then I could be the President's son. Now I am just a big boss with a fucked up car. Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ, he will get me through this as well. Like I said I have never had such bad luck in my life as I have had in Pennington.

The Bitcoin price is hold steady between 52 500 and 53 800 USD per coin.

Tomorrow Jabu goes shopping for her mother and us in Umzinto. I need socks for the winter and two chickens, Checkers did not have. Today Jabu carried 8kg of groceries up the hill from the local store. I am a bit dissapointed as it's her weekend off, I prefer to spend my time with her. Mr B my third car mechanic did not get back to me today as promised, fuck what reliable contacts I had in Johannesburg.

27/03/2021 03:50 SAST Had a good nights sleep. Am excited about Mangero 21 KDE Plasma. It's always a fag then my brewed filter coffee which is ready now. I remember in the good old days Mandriva had YAWP, a very accurate weather widget. Gone are those days for a weather widget in South Africa, Parrot only used to show Durban.

Bitcoin has gone up 2200 USD per coin since I bought a slice. Now sits at 54 736 USD per coin. Jabu says don't buy and sell now just wait.

My S2 lasts for days and days without a charge, I see it's now 55% full, will need a charge today.

It's going to be a pleasant morning this morning. Mama is going for a ride with Mr P to Scottburgh to get some fresh sea air on the beach. Jabu will catch the 08:00 taxi and Mama is leaving at 08:30.

So it's goodbye Mageia 8 except on my 250 G5, I will miss you. From the Mandrake days till the last quarter of 2020 I used Mageia as my main OS. Debian was still the best OS on my server in Randburg and very easy to install, Manjero is a bit of a mission to install with the /boot/efi. I had to guess a few times during install. It's a bit tricky to install when one has multiple OSes installed on one machine. I wonder what's Dominic doing right now. Time for some tea now. 04:47 SAST. Really these are fucked up OSes they bring out now, gee I yearn for Mageai 8. After Mama and Jabu are gone I will boot into Mageis 8 on my 250 G5. It takes a bit getting used to the superior KDE Plasam Desktop. But I don't know how long my luck will hold out on Mangero 21. Slight fuckup I am on Mageai 9 cooker on my 250 G5. I did not change my repo's in time. Is stable though.

Compliments of Mark Pillay of Pennington, Umdoni Village

Hyandai Elantra 2005 1.6 GLS

Right Royal fuckup I made with this car. I need however to investigate this further as when Mr R brought back the car from Umzinto it was running on two cylinders. Somehow the distributer plug had come off and Mark said that the water hose to the radiator had been changed and soon after the head gasket fucked out.

Friday 15:45 Mama goes to see the incompetent Doctor Vach at his rooms in Pennington who has been treating Mama for bipolar disorder since March 2012 without success. I informed his wife (who is a Sister there) that Mama is mlidly manic. She came back with Mr P and they say he says he will pick up Mama on Saturday morning to go to Scottburgh for a break. Mama takes her book of life with her. They end up going to SAPS Scottburgh, where the Captain advices Mama to get a protection order against Jabu. Saturday night Mr P who is a pastor come to visit us and we get nowhere after three hours. Mama wants Jabu out of the house after the physical fight they had which Mama started. Mama belongs in a physc ward. Monday Mr P and Mama are going again to Scottburgh, to see the police. Mama keeps threating to close her bank account so she might go to see the bank manager. She is totally fucked in the head. Taking adive from an idiot Like Vach. The Doctors also thought it would be best she move in to Summerhill Lodge and look what it turned out to be, I was right again. Cost my family member 350 000 ZAR the Sumerhill lodge stay over two years. Jabu leaves tomorrow Sunday for iNkompo, I will follow her once parking is found for my car as the road up to her mother's house is inaccesible by car. I am quite used to Mama being violent when she is manic so I took no notice of them fighting but in the end tried to separate them. We will see what the result of Monday will be. I have not lost my wife Jabu yet but I will loose my mother. I am her caregiver and she cannot afford a paid caregiver. I have lived with my mother since 2006 and I decide when she is manic or not, not some Doctor who consults with her for twenty minutes. I fell so sorry for Mama she does not know what she is doing. I have basically two choices, one is to separate from Jabu and stay with my frail disabled mother who will be eighty on the 8th of April or leave her here and go with Jabu. Mama cannot afford a caregiver on her pension. Shit choice. I love both Mama and Jabu. Maybe things will cool down till Monday but I don't like Mr P intefering even if he is a pastor. He runs a shuttle serivice that's why he got involved (whilst driving her to Vach), 28/03/2021 04:12 SAST, enough of this shit. Lord please guide me through this difficult time, the pastor said I am selfish. Jabu's eviction under lockdown level one will make my aunt Ela in Warsaw very happy, the bitch, as well as some relatives in London. Mother fucker son of a bitch fucked up our Easter, we had bought fish for Good Friday and ham for Easter Sunday. We where planning on buying a Texan steak or rump at the local store (which has a very good butchery) for Easter Sunday as well. What part of "Mama is moderatly manic" did Doctor Vach's wife not understand. I wonder what the bible says about breaking up someones marriage. My wife Jabu is going to bath in a basin now twice a day you mother fucking cunt. With the nearest tap 850 meters away. Like I had to bath in Umzimkulu physc hospital in ward one. Jabu now has to walk from the taxi stop in dense sugar cane, where she can be raped or murdered

"Mom is manic and will need to be admitted. SAPS will take her to GJ CROOKS for involuntary admission. I am away for a week to return on the 13th. I am sorry cannot do more."

27/03/2021 09:55 SAST Mama will be back soon from the beach at Scottburgh, Jabu is in Umzinto shopping.

28/03/2021 04:12 SAST At 03:55 I took double the herbs and a pill that Jabu bought me in Umzinto yesterday. Is my clock right? Fucking Mangero 21 I was on London time it's 02:18 now, I took the herbs at 01:00, they take an hour to work, Jabu agreed I can wake her. Now I don't know when the fuck I took the herbs. I am sure it was at 01:00 but I think it was at 02:00. I will let you know if they worked or I will get a mycardial infaction. Everything looks bright white, they are working. Thirty minutes to go. At 03:10 we attempted to make love, it turned out to be oral sex only. God bless you Lord. I fell asleep on the couch and woke at 05:15 with a hard erection, so we tried again, nada. I told Jabu I will not wake her again, she needs to sleep. The Lithuim, heart pills and stress are causing me not to get an erection. I booted into Windows 10 yesterday and the suspend worked, the suspend now works on Manjeo 21 KDE Plasma. It's weekend so no updates. Mangero is a rolling release so there should be a few updates Monday. Let me upload, fuck this.

06:24 SAST Mangero 21 KDE Plasma looks good, will give it a week. No wonder Mangero is #2 on, varity is the spice of life, nice to be away from Ubuntu Linux for a change. At 06:41 I managed to penetrate Jabu with her on top. I did not cum, it only lasted for a few minutes.

28/03/2021 SAST Jabu cooked me one egg as usual and fried tomatoe and toast for breakfast. For lunch we had pork chops and chips, the pork chops she had purchased at Umzinto yesterday.

At 15:28 we packed Jabu's belongings into the truck hugged and kissed, took photo's, I cried as we bid each other farewell and she departed for her mothers house. At 15:44 she was at her mother's house. I will miss you Jabu and I love you very much. Yet we will meet often once I get my car back from the garage. iNkompo is only five clicks away but I don't have my TSR anymore so I can't visit. The Elantra will not make it up the rain ravaged dirt road through the sugar cane.

I finally had a power nap before 17:00 and feel fresh now at 20:40. So far Mangero 21 suspends but the screen did not turn off when I left the lid up. I received four updates just now. We will see as the week progresses. Mr B the mechanic at Park Rynie did not phone me on Friday, he said he will take the head off on Thursday and send it to engineering on Friday and I should have my car back by Tuesday/Wednesday. I should have taken the car to the Indian chap Mr P from Sezela but the condom test passed so I was sure it was not the head gasket. Mr P price was 4500 ZAR and Mr B price is 4950 ZAR if no more faults are found on striping, If the head is cracked or costs too much to fix I will ask Mr B to put the head back and sell the Elentra as a non runner, I received the Bitcoin profit for free anyway so who the fuck cares anyway, I always get shafted in life especially in Pennington bar Mr R my bike mechanic and project manager to repair the Elantra. I need a temperature sensor.

I already miss Jabu and will miss making her morning cup of tea tomorrow. Maybe she will be happier at her mother's but has to spend sixteen ZAR a day on taxi fare plus she needs to walk long distance to the taxi stop. Soon as I find funds for a caregiver for Mama, Jabu and I will be together again. She looked so beautiful Saturday morning after putting on her make up before going to Umzinto.

21:01 SAST my clock has totally changed these last few weeks I used to sleep eleven hours a night and now go to sleep after 22:00 if I can sleep at all. Must be mild mania, it's contagious.Poor Jabu was a starnger in this house the last two months, she was treated badly by Mama, never mind the physchological abuse I receive every day. Beacause Doctor Vach of Pennington is a fuck up. Sue me you useless piece of shit. Mama might as well see a Sangoma. Come fucked up Doctor Ndlovo who sent me to Umzimkulu, save my marriage now, fucking piece of shit. Doctors like to teach patient's a lesson, the Doctor will never forget. Like I said I had no shit with GP's in Gauteng. Except Milpark Hospital who xrayed me and my medical aid would not pay for that particular xray. Thank God I have one decent Doctor at GJC. Today on Facebook my cousin posted pics of Dom her brother when he was young. I wrote off my Merc C180 on the 5th of December 2012, Dom's birthday was on the 6th.

22:05 SAST Lets watch a movie on Netflix but first I need to brew my fav coffee. Installed aspell and now the spell checker works on Mangero 21, really enjoying KDE Plasma. Don't feel like watching a movie. Will continue to type. 23:00 SAST I have just been informed that Mr P can't take Mama to Scottburgh tomorrow, thank fuck for that. Sorry Doc, time for another cuppa and stretch my legs, choose coca cola instead.

23:51 SAST Decided to update Windows 10 on my 250 G5, will go check now, should take a few hours. Have not used Windows 10 on my 250 G5 in months. Mangero 21 still does not blank screen maybe a reboot will help, did the other day.

29/03/2021 00:45 SAST Windows 10 is still updating on my 250 G5. 01:00 will try sleep and let Windows 10 update. When I woke up at 06:30 this morning Windows 10 was updated on my 250 G5. I will let Mama watch morning Mass on Windows 10 as on Ubuntu Linux 20.04 and Mageia 9 cooker she cannot hear the Mass even with the volume set above 100%. Her tablet is old and looses signal. As I look out of my office window I see a cloudy morning and Autumn is here, I stood in the pool yesterday but the water was ice cold so I did not jump in. Time to cook breakfast, I think I will have a boiled egg with toast. Mama always has Kellogg's with Jogurt for breakfast, I brew her pot of Rooibos tea normally around 07:00 when Jabu was here. The weather is changing, the clouds are fading. Blank screen still does not graft on Manjero 21 too vila to reboot. At 07:50 SAST I received what might be good news from Mr B that my car might be ready tomorrow. Normally I enjoyed breakfast with Jabu at 07:15 today I will start eating breakfast later yet my heart pills should be taken in the morning every day at the same time. Let me upload and then reboot. Reboot was a bug, had to hard shutdown but on boot up Mangero 21 booted very quickly. Will leave it now for ten minutes and see if the screen blanks whilst I enjoy my breakfast and take my pills. Fuck the screen does not blank nor dim. 11:15 SAST Windows 10 fucked out whilst I was watching No Surrender on you tube on my Celeron 250 G5. 11:30 SAST I am now updating PCLinuxOS Full Monty on my 250 G5, 1.7 Gigs to download and install, will take a while during the day. Had left over pap and Umzinto sausage for lunch, not much, I will be hungry again by 17:00. Lucky there is a pork chop left over from yesterday. Mama fried frozen hake for herself with Low GI bread for lunch. 14:45 SAST time for a break.

20:35 SAST Spent most of the day lying on the couch watching You Tube, Mama cannot hear Mass on the 250 G5 even at 150% volume so I have to set up her tablet for her. The S145 has good speakers. Let me play with Totem The way you fuck me. 21:18 Nice sound of rain the last hour. We are blessed in Pennington with good rain this year, the problem is winter when the water tanks run dry, there has been no water in Mchlume for three weeks now, the Africans are burning the sugar cane trucks. It's a mad township, where the men fuck chickens, goats and something else. Dom once said put jam on your dick and get a BJ from your K9. I always thought he would come visit us in Pennington again. 21:21 let me try sleep.

22:23 SAST No luck, can't sleep. Let me fuck around on the laptop. It's 20 C now and a cool wind is blowing through my office windows. Still a bit of rain. Nomvula did not clean my office window properly last week, I can see it's all smudged. It's pouring with rain mow, 22:53 SAST. Manjero is for advanced Linux geeks, Ubuntu Linux and Mageia are for beginners so is PCLinuxOS, Fedora is for semi advanced users based on installation. Debian is the easy to install. Mangero 21 would be 100's if it was for the blank screen bug, maybe the bug is with the S145. I have been sleeping less and less over the last ten days the mania is slowly creeping in, please pray for me. I recon I am suffering from mild mania or insomnia. I am so fucked after not sleeping for two nights that on the third night I crash. I am smoking BB now oops it's 00:01

30/03/2021 00:02 SAST Tuesday Let me have another fag and finish my cuppa whilst i wait to see if the screen goes blank after I set the power management back to defaults. No luck, let me OD on sleeping pills and see if I sleep till 06:30 at least. Did not take any sleeping pills but fell asleep on the couch. Woke at 05:45 SAST. Don't feel like tea or coffee, drank a bit of juice. Looks like it rained most of the night. Will have to check the pool level, I swam twice yesterday. The holiday makers will be here soon for the Easter holidays. I feel fresh now but I don't know for how long I slept. I see Bitcoin is at 57 064 USD per coin now. 09:00 Had jungle oats for breakfast. I will be hungry at 12:00, chickens livers and potaoes on th emenu for lunch. I have administered 2 mg Rivitrol to Mama's pot of Rooibos tea, I don't know why I did not do it when Jabu was here, I ahve had enough of Mama's Mania. I have administered the Rivitrol to Mama as per a top Johannesburg psychiatrist. She will calm down today, thank you very much Doctor Vach. 10:00 SAST let me go fuck around on PCLinuxOS whilst Mama is watching Mass. Doctor Marek signing off. Doctor Vach's wife is rude and I managed to text Doctor Vach at 16:03 SAST and he says my story is a one sided story even after I send him the pics of Jabu's blood splatterd face. He only wants to talk to my brother from London who deals with gene pool therapy. The blind leading the blind. I contacted Doctor Vach this afternoon and he only wants my brother to phone him. My Doctor has increased my anti phychotic meds tonight, still don't fell like sleeping after a few days, maybe I sleep two hours in twenty four. What a day, I will relax now, 22:32 SAST.

31/03/2021 00:20 SAST Not much relaxation. I miss Jabu, I don't work on a ship. Where did I leave my cup of tea, I am in between the family room and office. Let me have a break and watch some TV. Channel O or 322. SAST Managed at last to download and install Mageai 8 on my S145, I first downloaded the live Mageia 8 Gnome iso and installed, the wifi worked. I then added KDE Plasma and yo and behold we have Mageai 8 KDE Plasma back, on the S145 of course. I am very tired but content.

31/03/2021 16:21 SAST Fuck this mother fucking world. I just can't handle the vibe here, Mama's mania is getting too much for me. I wish I could smile, laugh and chat with someone who is compus mentus. My car is still not ready, after the head gasket was done it was running on two cylinders so Mr B said he will sort it out. Lets hope I have my car for Easter. Nomvula was here today and cooked us some pap, gravy and Umzinto sausage.

19:03 SAST Woke up from a power nap on the couch not long ago. Feel quite fresh. What will tonight bring, more insomnia. How nice to have my fav distro working on my Lenovo S145 even though the touchpad does not graft. Now I really feel at home. Jabu and I no longer stay under the roof thanks to Vach and his bitch wife, I phoned her today and she said Mama was abused, shame what about the mental abuse from Mama on Jabu and I these last three month's as Vach has not got a clue how to treat bipolar patient's. 20:41 SAST climbed into bed and after a few minutes out again, what a fuck up, I was doing so well with Bitcoin, then I purchased a fucked up car and now Jabu is gone.

20:47 SAST What should I do now. I have Windows 10 installed, Ubuntu Linux 20.10 and Mageai 8 on the S145 and of course Linux Mint which is just using up space. Let me watch a movie. Crashed at around 21:32.....

01/04/2021 05:25 SAST Did not have to brew was too tired last night so am drinking my famous brew which I brewed last night. So strange waking up and Jabu not being in the bed next to me. Finally a good nights sleep. Mageia 8 KDE Plasma on my S145, so far so good. Please note the debt collectors who SMS and phone me every morning (I have blocked there numbers), if you need money get it from Doctor NDLOVO who sent me to the UMZIMKULU PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL.

08:00 till 14:50 SAST What a day with manic Mama. Nomvula was here to clean up for Easter and Mama told her she was supposed to come Friday, poor Mama does not know what is going on. Picked up my car at 15:05, now the temperature sensor is fucked but the head gasket has been changed. Picked up Jabu at around 15:35 at Kelso. It was so nice too see her again. From my allowance Mama gives me we had Rump steak Hamburgers and chips and salad. Jabu had a delicious Rump steak. Park Rynie was very busy the holiday makers are already here. Pennington beaches will be packed on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, tomorrow there is a 94% chance of rain.

At the height of AMPPOL IT Linux CD"s & DVD's I used to go on a bi-annual or tri-annual holiday by myself. We had time share. It was great fun and I love Dikhololo and Mabula as well as Crystal Springs and Pine Lake Inn. Now that my car is almost repaired, just the shocks, wipers and temp sensor to go, Jabu and I will go for a short break. Like I said I hope it's not the computer and gearbox that go next. Tomorrow morning I will check the coolant level and pray it's right as today I drove from Park Rynie to Pennington and back to Jabu's house and back to Pennington, twenty two clicks by my own measurement. I noticed the Elentra has a outside temp gauge, I am very chuffed. If ony the Elantra did not have so many hassles it would be a super car. If only I had made a bit more Bitcoin I am sure I would have bought myself something better.

Jabu grafts this weekend so I will be seeing her after work.

oops it;s 00:23...

02/04/2021 00:23 SAST The holiday makers have been making a racket which I can hear clearly from my office, 00:27 the music has stopped now but I can hear loud voices. Does not look I m going to get much sleep this morning maybe I will be exhaused by 04:00. 01:04 I called SAPS Scottburgh anyway and looks like they had a chat with them, I cannot concentrate nor can Mama sleep with the blaring music from across the road. Unfortunatly Janet sold it to a very pleasant African guy who turned it into a holiday house. The house is empty most of the time like 50% of Pennington. Let me stop typing I am so tired I cannot see the font on the screen properly.

03:35 SAST Must have fallen asleep around 00:35. That's three hours sleep, I will have a long power nap during the day. I phoned SAPS Scottburgh after to say that the police van was here and the guy on duty said I am a star as very few folks phone back to give feedback or thank the police. I keep thinking about Jabu even though we spent a good few hours together last night.

04:17 SAST Am listening to No Surrender by Judas priest. What did I say we have here, Windows 10, Ubuntu Linux 20.10, Mangero 21 and Mageai 8 all working in a fassion, Mageia 6 net applet does not appear, have to do it manually. Will try out Mageai 8 KDE Plasma for a few days now. So far so good, screen dims and blanks after the time I set it for unlike Mangero 21. 04:50 time for a cuppa and relax in front of the TV. 06:40 I fall asleep and my alarm wakes me up at 07:00. Got a feeling I should buy some Bitcoin on Tuesday. Bitcoin is a bit high now at 59 473 USD per coin. Lets see what happens on Tuesday. Today at around 09:00 Mama is going to get her anti physchotic injection depot which should stat working by Sunday evening. I pray the injection works. No miracle cure for bipolar disorder. 07:25 SAST 02/04/2021 Enjoy your Good Friday. We will be having fish for lunch with microwave potatoes and a Polish salad. We don't eat meat on Good Friday. Mama refuses to use the dish washer so she can wash the dishes herself. Not long ago I used to pack the dishes in the dish washer and unpack them when they where ready washed.

15:15 SAST Picked up Jabu from work and she stuck me for lunch. We both had Rump steak, chips and coleslaw. There goes the we don't eat meat on Good Friday, I should have ordered hake. Thereafter I drove Jabu to her mother's house in the rain (not all the way up the inacesible road), the wipers work, thank God but not 100%. Thank fuck I have my car back. Tomorrow Mama and I will have the fish and potatoes as I crashed between 12:00 and 14:00 so we could not have. 19:56 SAST As soon as I logged in to Mageia 8 KDE Plasma I was notified of twenty five updates, one was systemd so I had to reboot. 20:16 SAST what shall I do now, Mama is watching the news. She loves BBC, Sky and CNN as well as RT and 404 and 405. Let me go sit with Mama as long as she does not start her shit again. Crashed early for a change and....

03/02/2021 03:08 SAST Guess what am brewing my coffee. 03:51 Bitcoin is at 59 164 USD per coin. No change over th elast few day seven though Federer apparently purchased $10 million of Bitcoin. Keeps me a bit busy this Bitcoin thing. I have not cum in weeks and looks like I will not as my heart pills also cause impotence. Jabu is terribly afraid of the drunkards on the dirt road to her mother's house. Yesterday there was a guy falling all over the dirt road. Nice to see cattle again, reminds me of Karin's farther's game and cattle ranch. Tea time 04:00:48 SAST. I had yesterdays tea in the microwave so that was quick. Don't expect any updates on the long weekend but let me check. No nothing. I had great fun with PCLinuxOS Full Monty the other day. Works like a charm on my 250 G5. I never liked Gnome and am glad to be back on KDE Plasma except for Ubuntu Linux which I now use on my 250 G5 mostly depending on my mood. Let's hope Mageia 8 lasts a few months as I don't have a /home.

This Hyandai Elantra 1.6 GLS 76 kW is quite a nice car if I had purchased it without so many fuck ups. I am still getting used to all the controls, have not read the owners manual yet. The Elantra has almost the same features as my Merc C180 had but my Merc was in mint condition. My Merc C180 did not have electric windows at the rear. Since 30/01/2021 the Elantra has been more in the garage than with me. I regret I sold my Merc W123 200 1981 in Randburg another family members advice. My mechanic friend in Johannesburg one of his clients has a W123 with 1.4 million KM on the clock.

I feel as if I have lost my wife now that we don't stay under the same roof, I am not a fucking miner nor do I work on a ship. I will have you know I was a tax payer for over thirty years.

Sun is rising soon, 06:00 SAST let me call it a day, I am in a good mood this cloudy morning and slept well until Mama woke at 08:25 and verbally attacked me. I had already fried the fish and microwaved the potatoes. Yellow tail is a delicious fish. Tomorrow we will eat canned ham for breakfast (costs 89 ZAR for a small can now) and Lamb, veggies and desert from the local store.

I have got so used to using Ubuntu Linux since last year September 2020 that's it's a bit weird using Mageai 8 now.

The afternoon ended of very well. I picked up Jabu after work and we went to a eating house in iNkompo. I also found out that the CD player does not work, the radio I knew worked. The meat was delicious and I even had some Amarula shoots with ice. It is forbidden for me to drink at home whilst Mama is manic, then Jabu arranged a 2 litre coca cola. The dinner was going to have a party later so they had blaring music playing, I loved it even though Jabu and I had to shout to each other to communicate. She is not working tomorrow thank God. What I love is four Amarula shots in a wine glass with plenty of ice. Don't tell Mama our little secret :-) I retired at 19:30.

04/03/2021 00:48 It will just be Mama and I today, Mama never used to cuss but now keeps calling Jabu a "kurwa" in front of me. Of course the "Sangoma's" (fucking quakes) know better whether Mama should be hospitilazed or not. Vach diagnosed her as being anxiuos. Bitcoin is 2300 USD per coin down from yesterday. I did not got to university but I can tell exactly when Mama is manic. Mama had a anti physchotic shot Good Friday morning, thanks to one of my Doctors, he recons the shot should kick in in three days. So I am looking forward to Monday morning. Thinking back to yesterday, the dinner was built not long ago, last time I used to frequent iNkompo often on my TSR. And he dinner has cleaner toilets than the kiosk at Pennington. so I will not see Jabu today like I said, let the poor girl rest after her traumatic ordeal with Mama. Jabu seems to be but is not made of steel. She is my isiZulu girl and I will fight for her till kingdom come. WTF amd I going to do till sunrise, Maybe I should boot into Mangero 21, nah there will not be many updates on the weekend unlike Mageai 8 just now has a new kernel and I am a bit vila. My Doctor increased my meds a while back and I am doing good, just yesterday after I came home I had to sit down, hope it's not my BP again. I have not yet had any cramps from Risnia. However with the dosage I am taking of my meds I will never get an erection again, last time Jabu and I tried was total failure. I will have to stay checking out ebony ingquza as long as I don't touch.


Zack is spending the weekend in Umlazi, Durban. I am sure he misses Jabu, he lives and studies in the big city now but he stays in a nice rent free house with DSTV, he only pays for food. Happy Easter Zack and Nomvula.

03:11 SAST Everything seems to graft on my S145 with the best operating system in the world except for the touchpad and the netapplet has to be run manually. Manjero 21 looks good but will not blank screen after two days of use. And of course then there is Ubuntu Linux, the second best operating system in the world for home users. Debian I would choose as a server machine.

03:21 SAST March 2021 was very traumatic for me, Mama was manic, I lost my cousin at 51 years old, I purchased a car on 30/01/2021 and with less than 500 km travelled I had major issues with the car and Jabu was evicted from Mama's house as per Doctor Vach's orders and Mr P helped fullfil this by taking Mama to SAPS Scottburgh, like I said I will lay a charge of assualt against Mama if she continues her shit.

15:20 SAST Pastor comes to visit at my request, I was quite touched the way he read the bible when the four of us where here, he also blessed my car. Mama whispered in the Pastor's ear whether they are still going to the SAPS for a protection order against Jabu, he said NO. Dumb fucking manic bitch got in to such a sate because Vach has been giving her the incorrect meds for nine years. Stick with 99 luft ballon. oh where are you right now Rossana (Jabu), are you warm, are you fed, i miss our hugs and kisses. Yet we have not lost each other, our love is just stronger even though Rossana you where tired after work and where not in the mood, come back to me Rossana, Hail Mary full of grace let Jabu and I live under the same roof again.

Mama should be taking:

Retired at 19:30.

05/04/2021 03:07 SAST Please Holy Mary let there be no shit today from Mama. If only, if only Mama was on the correct meds, I don't think the injection will work. How can I honour my mother if she is verbally abusing me all the time. Last night Mama asked me to phone Ela, there where four sisters now there are two. Ela really pissed me off she told Mama on Skype that Mama should send me to the funny farm. Mama is hysterical, this fractured humerous of hers since July 2019 has really fucked up her life. I remember the days when Jabu used to bed bath her. I requested that my brother give a video call every Sunday to Mama so she can see her grandchild. So far he has done so the last two Sunday's. This is the second time in less than two years I have had to call in my own Doctors for help with Mama. My first Doctor was over ruled by Vach. Lets see what happens now with the second Doctor. I think Mama deep down is afraid I will leave her. She is confused.

04:03 SAST 57 660 USD per coin, Bitcoin has dropped 2000 USD per coin over the last few days. Never mind Bitcoin goes up and down and Ether has been doing well. I predicted at least 50 000 USD per coin by Valentine's or more. More and more large financial institutions are accepting Bitcoin as payment. I have both Ether and Bitcoin in my portfolio now, need to risk, can"t sit here doing fuckall.

Umzimkulu Hospital welcomes you all with open arm and hopes that your stay will be as pleasant as possible. “put your feet up and make yourself at home!!” BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA from their website. This fucking Doctor Ndlovo needs to start paying off my debts, I am sick and tired of these debt collectors.

04:47 SAST Listening to Nightwish, years ago I used to listen them my fav is "no surrender" By Judas Priest. The CD player started to work suddenly in my car yesterday. I now check the coolant level everyday. I want to purchase the CD of an African girl and guy singing yet I forget there name, they where number one on Channel O, if you know who I am talking about please email me. No fuck I can't find them on you tube.

05:00:45 SAST Time is flying by this morning I have been up over two hours. Jabu wakes at 06:00 to take a bath in her basin and prepares to go to work. Thinking back to Thursday my Doctor said there is no need for me to go to eThembeni, I wanted to check myself in, on the other hand my other Doctor said I can check myself in anytime. I am awaiting 08:30 with great expectation when Mama wakes. She has not gone for her night pee yet. Every time there is a fuck up she says I am ill. Not this time. Mama has a habit of digging her nails into people and pinching hard when she is fucked in the head.

05:29:13 SAST I am slowly getting used to driving my car after eight years of not driving a car but a bike, I miss the wind in my face a bit, never know with this cryoto thing, I could buy myself a bike soon and help Doctor Ndlovo pay off my debts at the same time. No need for a 750 or 1100, the 76 KW I have driving my Elantra is plenty DOHC 16V. I want Jabu to time her, 0 to 80 km/h in how many seconds when I floor her. Mama went for a piss five minutes ago and back to bed, shame she also has this bladder problem and spends a couple of 100 ZAR on pads a month. I mop up her piss when she does not make it to the loo.

06:00 SAST Let me have a break. I just turned the music off and can hear the chirping of the birds.

05/04/2021 14:08 SAST I receive a very generous loan/donation from Mr R to cover the cost of my shocks. I was quoted 5000/5500 ZAR but I might have someone cheaper. I will find out tomorrow. No they are 6500 ZAR at the other place. Talking about donations and gifts I was quite surprised when Mama and I received a gift from overseas for Xmas and I received a gift from overseas for my birthday on the 18/02/2021.

I drive to iNkompo with Jabu and we sit at the cafe and buy a 2 litre coke and chat for hours. Needed that break, Jabu also gives me a haircut. Mama was most unhappy when I left that I took all the keys to the house bar the kitchen door keys so she could get out in case of fire. The other day she opened all the security gates and left the keys lying where any passerby could have taken them. Mama said she will call the SAPS. Good my Doctor said she is manic and needs to be taken to GJC as an involuntary patient. I rather try look after her here but it's very stressful, like I said Jabu and I are not made of steel. With this Covid-19 shit it's not a good idea for Mama to go to hospital but it looks like the only way. Strange mania she is having this time, normally I notice she is starting to become manic when she starts to wake at 04:00/05:00 and sleeps no further. Now she is worse of in the morning. I don't know if Mama should be taking Lilly fluoxetine if she is manic.

So I have been using Mageia 8 KDE Plasma for five days now. 21:34 SAST

23:07 SAST Can't sleep, too much excitement today. Let me try go back to sleep. Retired nicely and ......

06/04/2021 05:51 SAST That's almost seven hours sleep, good. Like I said we are just poor simple folk and appriciate any donations towards my ebook. It's rather chilli this morning with rain forecast, I can feel the cool Autumn breeze blowing through my window. It's raining I can see the girls walking down to work with Umbrella's. I am unable to drive my car in the rain because I never know when the wipers will fuck out completly. Last time the wipers worked fine on two speeds on the way to iNkompo.

20:00 SAST So much for Mageai 8, total freeze had to hard reboot. I was doing sweet fuckall, just left my machine on for a few hours whilst I was busy in front. Fucking hackers. Don't know why I have much bad luck with my fav OS. Still waiting for the transfer to come through, the banks like to hold on to the funds and transfer when they make the most profit. So i am back on Ubuntu Linux 20.10 right now. 20:20 SAST. Bitcoin is at 58 202 USD per coin and Ether is at 2120 USD per coin. Have not bothered to fix th etouchpad yet, why is my fan growling. Core 1 is at 50 C, hmmm, the others are at 42 C. Odd after all these month's I feel at home with Ubuntu Linux now even though Mageia has a superior control panel. let me check if this thing sleeps. Yeah Ubuntu Linux 20.10 sleeps and so do I.

07/04/2021 02:08 SAST This is the the time I start typing not the time I wake up mostly. 04:03 SAST Being waiting since last night for a RTT to go through. I need to make more bucks with Bitcoin and Ether before I can purchase the shocks and Mr P my mechanic from Johannesburg says a temp sensor can cost 600 ZAR.

04:10 SAST let me try to get my touchpad to work on Ubuntu Linux 20.10. 04:32 SAST Tea fag coffee fag, I hope my Doctor is not reading this, she told me to drink less tea and coffee but I am thirsty all the time especially when I smoke. Let me reboot and see if the touchpad works. 04:36 SAST No luck, will not work on kernel 5.8.0-48-generic. Fuck.

07:44 SAST Mageai 8 is useless to me on the S145, certain important browser does not function with the web pages I need it to function. Fuck up after fuck up, first the S145 then the Elantra. Only success I had was with crypto and my pool.

First thing I do when I return from shopping and dropping off Jabu at her mother's is jump into the icey pool. The injection Mama received on Good Friday morning seems to have improved her mood a bit.

08/04/2021 02:14 SAST Happy 80th birthday Mama, 100 lat. I purchased a black forest cake with Happy Birthday on it and some bath salts and hand cream for Mama. Mama will receive fleurs from overseas this afternoon.

02:41 SAST Bitcoin has dropped to 56 268 USD per coin and Ether is sitting down at 1983 USD per coin. The magic number for me is 150 000 USD per Bitcoin.

08:45 SAST I had to pump up my left rear tire, maybe I hit a pothole too hard. I found my tire gauge as well so it's steady at 2 bar. We will see tomorrow morning. Unless there is foul play from one of the buurmense and they are letting my tire down.

11:02 SAST I rushed off to Park Rynie to have my temperature sensor replaced whilst Nomvula was still finishing off washing the car. I wanted her to be here for Mama. Praise be to the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Good Friday injection prescribed by my shrink is working on Mama. One can see a major improvement in the last few days. 19:29 SAST So I will get a second opinion on my shocks as well, I have had quite a few prices. Mr B did an excellent job with my head gasket and temperature sensor.

19:37 SAST Hail Mary full of Grace, please let me have no more shit with this Elantra, Amen.

19:39 SAST I was getting a bit nervous this morning, Bitcoin and Ether dropped but are up again now.

09/04/2021 01:24 SAST Even though I am taking an increased dosage of some of my meds as per my Doctors suggestion, I still wake early. It's back to 2003-2013 when I ran AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's. Bitcoin is steady at around 57 863 USD per coin this morning and Ether is doing well at 2075 USD per coin.

01:55 SAST After yesterdays flat tire I am wary of driving to iNkompo again with all the potholes on the dirt road, two clicks of dirt road full of fucking potholes, pedestrians and cattle. But I love Jabu and I love Shisanyama, Shisanyama one buys meat and the meat is BBQ'ed for you and your partner with hot sauce if you like. One brings ones own bread or rolls and a flask of tea or coca cola.

03:19 SAST I am looking forward to Shisanyama this weekend with the love of my life and umfazi Jabu who will be working so we have to go late. I asked Mama if I can go away for the weekend, she said don't leave me here. Hope this fucking tire is not flat again this morning at sunrise. Let me move back to the TV room and carry on listening to Jeruselema.

05:12 SAST Nice relaxing quite morning, just right now Mama went for a pee, I have a text let me go check. It was Facebook. I have been using Windows 10 up front for thirty six hours uptime now on my 250 G5, I use Ubuntu Linux 20.10 on my S145. I am looking forward to the 22/04/2021 when Ubuntu Linux 21.04 will be released. Right let me upload and I pray my tire is not flat when the sun rises in less than an hour.

10/04/2021 06:30 The tires where not flat, will check tomorrow. Jabu and I spent a very pleasant day in Scottburgh shopping and at the beach. I purchased a Sandisk flash drive (which Jabu has in her handbag) for 59 ZAR, the shop next door wanted 150 ZAR. I have arranged for a spare key to me made for our car, Mama will have 60% shares in the Elantra after the shocks are fitted which best price I received is 5000 ZAR. When I opened the bonnet at around 07:00 there was a kitten in my engine compartament. Lucky I checked the water level otherwise the kitten would be mince meat when I started the car. The buurman has a lot of cats and now kittens. I think he put my black cat down.

On this day, 78 years ago, 500 Polish Children arrived in Oudtshoorn on the 10th April 1943. These Children went on to form the core of the Polish community in South Africa.

We where rather tired and Jabu did not feel like going to the Shisanyama. What a great day to spend with my wife, oh yes we went shopping at Checkers as well and I forgot to buy brown sugar. Originally I meant to purchase tomatoes and a pool floater only but we ended up with a whole trolly of shopping. Jabu and I deceided that we will not see each other tomorrow Sunday. It's her mother's birthday tomorrow. I retired early and....

11/04/2021 04:02 SAST Had another good nights sleep. Today I will be roasting a chicken and potatoes in a jacket in the microwave with butternut. If we have electricity otherwise I will have to do a flattie braai (BBQ). I reported to UGU a water leak seeping from the street two days ago but they drove up and down our street and have done fuckall about it. Obviously it needs to be a fountain before they do anything.

I still think Mama should be on Epilum, Camcolit and Risperdal, we will see what happens when my shrink returns from holiday.

Bitcoin is sitting at 60 432 USD per coin and Ether is at 2147 USD per coin, 05:12 SAST.

I forgot to mention that on Friday morning my print device which I had ordered arrived so we don't have to go around begging folks to print for us. It's a good HP as usual 3 in 1 WIFI print device and works fine so far on Ubuntu Linux 20.10. I just need to get the scanner to work but have been so busy I don't have the time. I will test the WIFI on my 250 G5 today as I am using Windows 10 with an uptime of more than 48 hours.

Like I said Mageia 8 is fucked with me on my S145, way too many hassles, with my one browser, I need everything to function. What a pit I was so excited about the WIFI working on Mageai 8. In the old days I used to submit bug reports to Mandriva Linux and Mageia Linux but I am too vila for that now.

12/04/2021 01:35 SAST Been playing around with my print device, let me check if I can scan on Ubuntu Linux 20.10. Bitcoin has been hovering around 60 000 USD per coin the weekend. Ether doing well at 2140 USD per coin. It's difficult to find a handyman in Pennington when I have Jabu on my Whatsapp profile pic. We have a burst pipe leading to the washing machine and dish washer underground. If I open it up there will be water pissing all over the place, the soil is preventing a fountain of water. Like I said every thing happens to me in two's. 03:28 SAST Scanner works fine on print device.

03:54 SAST Started to upgrade to 21.04 Beta for a second time from Ubuntu Linux 20.10. Finished upgrade at 05:08, touchpad now works, took so long as I was watching TV and questions popped up during the upgrade. I now have Ubuntu Linux 21.04 Beta on my S145. 05:20 SAST bit tired will go relax now.

06:00 SAST Today was a total fuck up. We did not find where the burst pipe is, will continue looking tomorrow, going to have a nice water bill next month. Again when I left to pick up Jabu at 15:30 there was a kitten in my engine compartement. I have yet to test my print device on Ubuntu Linux 21.04 Beta on my S145, I am very chuffed that the touchpad works. I only slept five hours or so since last night. I fell asleep on the couch at 09:10 and woke at 10:10. My central locking is starting to give me hassles on the Elantra, wonderful just fucking great. I worked so hard to buy the Elantra with my Bitcoin profit. Mama has helped me with the outstanding amount to repair the Elantra.

15:30 SAST It was nice to see Jabu today, I did not see her Sunday, I gave her a lift just past the N2 bridge. We spent at least thirty minutes together.

Johan Venter does not want to do work for us anymore, he blocked me on Whatsapp today after promising to come the last few months for odd handyman jobs. I will see if Jabu's brother succeeds tomorrow. So i phoned Mr Venter and he says he is busy, like most people in Pennington I think he is unhappy that I am married to an African. Jabu and I met him at the Kiosk whilst having breakfast a while back. I think my shares have dropped drastically since I put Jabu up as my profile pic.

19:49 SAST Time to sleep, Bitcoin and Ether are doing well today.

13/04/2021 02:35 SAST Morning that's six hours sleep, not too bad. I love this song, the way you fuck me, when I get hold of a song I can loop it for months. Thinking of Dominic right now, fuck to kick the bucket at fifty one, fuck. Firefox crashed on my 250 G5 yesterday, I have an uptime of six days now on Windows 10. We will see how my Bitcoin monitor goes, bit bored with Linux on my 250 G5. Bitcoin and Ether are sitting nicely at 60 379 and 2159 USD per coin. One of the debt collectors who offered me a good deal four years ago now keep phoning me sending text everyday, mother fuckers. Like I said the touchpad works now on my S145 with Ubuntu Linux 21.04 Beta but not too great, Lenovo made a big fuck up with this machine series. The main reason it was choosen for me that it had 8 Gigs of RAM, the other shit they sell in South Africa mostly has 4 Gigs of RAM.

03:58 SAST I love this stress of being an Induna, last year when I was renovating Mama's house it really kept me busy and had my blood in my veins, turn brighter red. And this waking at 02:00/04:00 spikes me up. Even though I think I am going to take a break now and relax and watch some TV, as you all know I am a prescription drug addict and the levels of meds I am taking now are quite high. Oh yes I managed to bhepa the other day and cum without an orgasm.

05:46 SAST A new day starts wish me luck with the burst pipe today.

09:14 SAST The plumber popped in and said it was the guys digging the fibre that had damaged the UGU water pipe in the street. The water is seeping underground onto Mama's property then into the two buurmans prpoerty. What a waste of money and labour, of course the guys wanted a full days pay so I kept them busy by painting Jabu's and my former bedroom ceiling and the kitchen window frames. Nomvula cooked pap, gravy and Umzinto sausage for us all. Mama is eating very little these days and I can see her arms are very thin which worries me. At Summerhill Lodge she used to eat a large plate. Shame she is getting old and this mania of hers once a year is not helping. I hope to contact my shrink today for further advice.

14/04/2021 03:25 SAST 35 minutes to go till load shedding starts. I woke at 02:04. So that's six hours sleep. Whilst the guys where painting yesterday I watched my Bicoin monitor, I will not be doing the Microsoft patch Tuesday on either of my machines today.

03:36 SAST let me upload before they cut the power. Ubuntu Linux 21.04 Beta had a new kernel this morning and 49 updates in total. Nice to have my touchpad to work on the new kernels, thank you Mark and Canonical. Nine minutes till load shedding, will they cut or not, I am ready. 03:57 SAST Pity Mageai Linux 8 one browser does not graft on my S145. Let me check my print device on my Ubuntu Linux 21.04 Beta. 04:01:10 SAST Still waiting. 04:03:25 SAST looks like no load shedding, lest give it till 04:05 SAST, Bitcoin is at 63 361 USD per coin and Ether is at 2286 USD per coin. Houston we have a problem no load shedding and I was so reddy.

04:26 SAST

Love you Jabu and miss you

04:30 SAST Let me have a break, tired now.

13:33 SAST Another shit load of updates on Ubuntu Linux 21.04 Beta, just the way I like it, good work guys, eight days to go. Bitcoin has been above 64 500 USD per coin this morning and Ether is doing well as well at 2384 USD per coin.

15/04/2021 02:40 SAST Woke up to total darkness. Second time Ubuntu Linux 21.04 Beta comes out of sleep and the mice are unresponsive. Was meant to go to Umzinto yesterday but because of the fucking load shedding cancelled. Will go next week. Jabu went to Umzinto to do her hair yesterday after work. Am sitting here with my lantern and typing. Another five years of load shedding. I think I need to think of buying a generator seriously.

03:48 SAST Booted into Windows 10 but left it, patch Tuesday updates take too long, don't have time to fuck around. I wonder what time they cut the power, it's not load shedding though. 04:12 SAST Time to upload, see you anon. Eventually the electricity came on and there was less than 180 volts, only the luminaires worked. Reminds me of a story where one sparky put 11 kV onto 380 volts in Alberton, you can imagine what happened.

09:00 SAST Left for Umzimto at the insistance of Nomvula, lucky we went, we got our business done and where back home around 13:05. Sometimes I just need a kick start from a girl like Jabu or Nomvula. Nomvula recons she is my daughter and calls me dad. Mama had cooked a pot of rice and I gobbled it all up with mince sauce. Mama is feeling much much better, her manic phase has passed.

16/04/2021 01:32 SAST Woke up nice and fresh for a pee. Once I wake up these days I don't fall asleep again, "got so much to do" he he

Ubuntu Linux 21.04 Beta was non responsive when it came out of sleep, so I booted into Mageai 8, HPLIP works better on Mageia 8 than Ubuntu Linux 21.04 Beta (print device), imagine if we could put all the Linux distro's together and have one mother fucker of an OS. I noticed with Mageia one needs to install Gnome and KDE Plasma for all packages to graft well.

03:03 SAST Smoke break, the weather is changing, forecast a cold weekend especially today and Saturday, 21 C freezing cold.

04:47 SAST Nothing much, just fucking around watching some music video's on TV. I hope Jabu is at least not working Sunday even though she needs the bucks. She sent Zack to collage so he could have a better life than she did. Unfortuantly I can't help much with bucks, it's bad enough that Mama feeds me and gives me a roof over my head. My one family member from London called Jabu and I freeloaders again. They want us to bow down to them because they are so full of shit as well as bucks. Crypto is the only way I can make bucks now but the whole family is against crypto. I purchased my fucked up Elanra with Bitcoin and I made it to Umzinto and back yesterday, 30 clicks. It's quite windy outside as forecast. Like I said Mama puts down the colateral and I take the profit. It's a lot of work getting Bitcoin and Ether right. And I monitor the graph the whole day on the couch. Jabu shat on me about that yesterday, she does not understand neither does my mother how one can make money by lying on the couch the whole day. At first my family member in London was quite chuffed that I managed to purchase a car with Bitcoin profits. Thinking of Dominic now, so sad so young, my one aunt who lived in Cape Town and the Bruma Comaris took all her money when she also died at 51. Mama insists on washing the plates by hand like I said, this morning I found a "washed" plate dirty and full of tiny ants, fuck that from tomorrow I use the dishwasher again.

05:34 SAST The buurman's parrort is making a noise this morning. May he or she is feeling cold. These kittens are a nuisance, they keep getting into my engine compartament and tanning on my carport. At least the cats keep the snakes away. Right that's it let me go balles bak. I will stick with Mageai 8 for a few days and see how it goes.

17/04/2021 07:00:00 SAST The alarm woke me had a brilliant nights sleep. Thursday they stole my shiny red aluminium tire valve caps in Umzinto, will have to get hold of some plastic ones. 08:16 SAST Had my morning brew already and drinking a nice cup of tea, Mama is still sleeping. Had thirty six updates on Mageia 8 just now. Mageia 8 did not freeze coming out of sleep. So it's not Lenovo on my S145. Jabu has Sunday off so I might finally get to see my wife and Zack is up from eThekweni, it's his birthday on Sunday. What a big boy he is now, I have a video of him when he was ten years old at a braai. Bitcoin fell 2000 USD per coin as the Turks decieded not to accept Bitcoin as of month end as a payment form. 08:23 SAST Let me upload, my Elantra's tires look fine this morning, Nomvula checked the pressure yesterday and they where 2.1 bar, should be 2.2. Lets hope I don"t have to manually pump them up before Sunday with my compressor.

08:32 SAST Don't know how long it will last but Mageai 8 is grafting just fab. 08:44 SAST Just took my pills on an empty stomach except my heart meds, don't feel like making breakfast, Jabu was so good to me she would make me breakfast every morning. Let me go relax for a bit. Eventually had breakfast, some left over hard boild eggs, mayo and toast. UGU water arrived and sorted out the water leak on there side, now I can close the trenches on my side, Mama's property looks like the trenches of WW1. Will not be able to go to iNkompo till I sort out my valve tire caps. Was busy this morning with UGU. I only printed four 40% pics in colour and my colour ink is at 80%, fuck.

Mama and I had chicken livers for lunch with yesterdays left over rice. Now that Jabu is at her mother's Nomvula cooks for us on Tuesday's for four days. I don't have time to fuck around and cook now especially after what I have gone through since January 30th 2021. Fucked up Elantra, Mama's mania and trying to keep the books balanced. Like I said I had a hunch to purchase Bitcoin at 44 500 USD per coin early this year but the "family" kept advising me against it. Fuck that, I hold onto the crypto I have now and don't buy or sell like Jabu says. Will wait a few months and see what Bitcoin and Ether does. It's fab looking at a KDE Plasma screen again. The funeral is on right now of his royal highness Prince Philip may his soul and the souls of all the departed (Dominic) rest in peace.

14:56:49 up 1 day, 13:19, 4 users, load average: 0.39, 0.37, 0.51, lets hope Mageai 8 stays up till the next kernel or glibc update. I don't expect updates during the weekend. Lets me go have a shave, Jabu does not like stubble.

16:38 SAST just been balles baking and watching the funeral, I am very hungry these days, Thursday when I came home and ate a whole small pot rice which was left over which Mama had cooked with Nomvula's mint sauce. Jabu is a chef compared to Nomvula. anyway I texted Jabu at 16:14 SAST and she said she was having a nap, poor girl is tired but she has to make money for Zack. The last stand is sounding, the funeral must be nearly over. It was cool till 10:00 this morning then warm then cool again after 15:00, I thought of jumping into the pool but when I stood in the pool it was ice cold. Winter is fast approaching and I fucking hate it, Dominic said living at the equator it's hot all year long.

16:48 SAST Bitcoin is at 60 821 USD per coin, ouch and Ether is at 2393 USD per coin.

20:33 SAST 15th March 2020, Dominic said on messenger to me "send ciocia M my biggest hugs". I thought about it and I cannot drive to iNkompo with no tire valve caps so I will put Nitto insulation tape on my valve caps. Don't feel tired now because I slept so long last night. Tomorrow I will decide if I will see my wife and Zack. Just playing around with KDE Plasma on Mageia 8, far superior control panel and system settings than Ubuntu Linux Gnome, in fact all Gnome, in fact I don't know Gnome unless it's Ubuntu Linux.

21:22 SAST Can't sleep, not going to ly in bed looking at the starry night. I use le legume du jour, whichever distro's works for me on my S145 is fine as long as it is Linux but I feel much more comfortable with Mageai 8 now. I have a rather enormous /home partition for Ubuntu Linux 21.04 Beta but the bitch keeps freezing when I come out of sleep. Let me check my tea it's brewing, against Doctors orders I still drink too much tea and coffee but looks like my lungs are still good, there are no more cardio walks since Jabu was evicted by Doctor Vach's and his wives orders, it's Doctor Vach's wife that stirred all the shit, Doctor Vach apologised and said his wife had answered my Whatsapp. I am not on a mission to hunt down and write negative reviews about Doctors unless they malpractice like Doctor Ndlovo with her long wig at the time and being about 26 years old those days. I have two super Doctors I get on very well with and a third that has changing moods but in the long run we are good. Doctors at the psyhc clinic used to cause shit with me, Docctor Malawi (spelling) in particular who wanted to send me to the GP for my rash and wait the whole day in the que, Jabu solved the problem after ten years, instead of persivate she let me try some cream from her Doctor in Umzinto and the fucking rash has gone, need to apply the cream once a week only, thanks baby. But with Jabu gone I neglect a lot of things, I need a woman in my life to kick my arse.

18/04/2021 04:25 SAST Happy birthday Zack. 58 946 USD per coin, big ouch for Bitcoin, Bitcoin has dropped by 7000 USD per coin over the last few days and drastically overnight whilst I slept, let me check out Ether. Ether is still doing ok at 2272 USD per coin, it's holding my portfolio up. 05:29 SAST Bitcoin is crashing fast 56 700 USD per coin. If it was not a Sunday, now is the time to buy. At this rate Bitcoin will have dropped 10 000 USD per coin since the Turks announcement. 05:34 SAST That's it Bitcoin has now crashed 10 000 USD per coin, the 18th seems to be bad luck for me. Just watching Maroon 5 animals, reminds me of the wild love making between Jabu and I last year was it July to September. Pity it had to happen this way all my family members including Ewa and Krysia saying that Jabu is with me as long as Mama has money. I don't think it's true. My mechanic friend in Johannesburg also has a thirty four year old African girlfriend and he is seventy. I know him from the early eighties. My legs are cold, I need to put on my long john's, please Lord guide me through this day, I am a sinner please Lord forgive me and let us have a good day with no shit from the Elantra, Amen

06:22 SAST Hail Mary full of grace please let me make an living.

06:36:07 up 2 days, 4:58, 4 users, load average: 0.10, 0.53, 0.49, Mageia 8.

02:35:51 up 3 days, 58 min, 4 users, load average: 2.05, 1.00, 0.69 Mageai 8

08:35 SAST Leave for iNkompo without tire valve caps. Meet Jabu and Zack at the tar road. We head off to the first petrol station where they put pressure in my tires and clean my windscreen. I go to the second petrol station and yo and behold, they have tire caps, steel ones for the front and plastic ones for the back, I give the petrol atendants 20 Bucks. So far so good, we head off for Scottburgh beach, Mama allowed me to spend 200 bucks on breakfast for Jabu, Zack and I. Nice breakfast and Zack gets a free large plate with happy birthday written on it with free ice cream. Magic time. We head off to Checkers and do some shopping, time is of the essence as Zack has to catch the 14:00 taxi back to eThekweni. We offload the groceries at Mama's house and head for iNkpmpo. This time with tire valve caps I am able to take Jabu and Zack almost all the way to makakwazi's house along the dirt road.

14:00 SAST I start roasting the chicken and potatoes in the skin as well as butternut for Mama and I, the chicken was simply fab, nice and juicy. Spend the rest of the days watching TV.

19:15 SAST Jabu made a grave faux pas, she purchased without consulting me first, on hire purchase a Celeron N3060 for Zack. I am really pissed off.

19/04/2021 02:03 SAST Mageai 8 had a kernel update with 19 packages so I booted into Ubuntu Linux 21.04 and had 51 packages to update, I have never seen such a fucked up BIOS as on my Lenovo S145.

03:33 SAST Today will be a busy day, Jerome is coming to close the trenches after UGU fixed their water leak on their side on Saturday. Thousands of litres of water wasted over one week.

03:49 SAST A new day with Ubuntu Linux 21.04 Beta, will see if she freezes coming out of sleep.

05:12 SAST Started updating 1546 packages (1.3 Gig of downloads) on my Celeron 250 G5 Mageia 9 Cauldron, Alpha, ouch never worked with Alpha before will see when I reboot what's up. Finishes at 06:42 SAST, booted into Ubuntu Linux 20.04 was too vila too boot into Mageai 9 again.

16:25 SAST Green, Jabu's brother came to close the trenches, Jerome did not pitch. Cost Mama 650 ZAR this water leak of UGU's.

20/04/2021 02:55 SAST Ubuntu Linux 21.04 Beta did not freeze waking from sleep. New kernel so I have to reboot. I purchased some Bitcoin at 56 800 USD per coin yesterday, right now Bitcoin sits at 54 800 USD per coin, fuck. I might do a patch Tuesday today whilst Nomvula is here and I am Having my power nap, will see. My left arm hurts, either I am having a mycardial infarction or I sleep on my arm. Nothing to do but ride out the Bitcoin dip, It's the only way I might make bucks again. Strange they have not phoned about my shocks and spare key yet. Thanks to Bitcoin as you know I purchased a car on 30/01/2021. Everything is good with the car touch wood either than it seems to be loosing tire pressure. Another problem, the tooth I swallowed the other month, the root is giving me pain from yesterday, fuck, the Dentist really hurt me at GJC last time but I did have two infections. Just read fast so you don't see the spelling mistakes. 05:55 SAST That's it time to upload and stick with Ubuntu Linux 21.04 Beta till the final release on the 22nd April 2021.

20/04/2021 09:30 Mark Pillay of Umdoni Village Pennington said I hired "bush mechanics" to repair my Hyandai Elantra, that's why its so fucked.

21/04/2021 03:27 SAST I am quite excited, Jabu is going to visit me for thirty minutes before work on the corner street. Before she moved in here (even tough she has lived here many times), July 2020 I think it was she would come visit and we would have breakfast. Bitcoin and Ether are slowly climbing this morning as the Asian markets have opened. don't feel like typing today, have been in a good mood these last two days, I enjoy waking early and having a power nap later. Ubuntu Linux 21.04 Beta, three updates this morning, so far so good, no freezing. 04:46:52 up 1 day, 1:19, 1 user, load average: 0.34, 0.30, 0.41. There we have it Bitcoin is at 56 238 USD Per coin.

07:35 SAST Jabu is in the taxi passing Selbourne, I convince her to come to the gate and sit in the car. Chatting and lots of kissing like young lovers. Jabu leaves for work at 08:25, it was a very pleasant visit and made my day. This touchpad does not work very well in Ubuntu Linux 21.04 Beta, worked better in Ubuntu Linux 20.10. I am tired now, I need my power nap, 10:15 SAST I seem to spend more time on the 250 G5 than the S145. I owed Facebook 27 American cents so I paid them, Google seems to have stopped my ads just when I am near 1000 ZAR and I can claim. Google owes me 4.21 ZAR when they closed my adwords account, I spent over 350 000 ZAR in advertising over ten years with AMMPOL IT Linux CD'd and DVD's.

21/04/2021 Afternoon SAST

I am lying on the couch half asleep when I hear a noise, Mama came into the dining room from the kitchen and looks like she is chocking, I give her the heimlich maneuver, she sits on the dining room chair and then falls hard on the floor smacking her right temple. I administer CPR for fifteen minutes but she is gone, Mama passed away in my arms, may your soul rest in peace Mama, love you. In Johannesburg I lived in Mama's house since Tata passed away in March 2006. Mama did everything for me. She gave me a roof over my head and fed me and helped me with AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's by delivering to the post office. We where on very good terms when she was not manic. Till her dying day Mama denied that she suffered from bipolar mood disorder. I have mixed feelings about my beloved Mama right now as she was manic the last three months. Normally she was such a kind and gentle soul. Even though the injection did help on the 02/04/2021. I am sad but Mama suffered such great pain from her fractured humerus op the last almost two years and her bladder problem that maybe it's better that she is with Jesus now. Mama enjoyed chatting and so did I, I hope there is BBC in heaven, she loved to watch that. Can you believe it at my age she still used to tuck me in to bed. When she stayed at Summerhill Lodge I used to visit her on my TSR and we would walk to the Scottburgh beach and sit and enjoy the sun. Sometimes we used to go for coffee in Scott street. Mama battled a bit walking up the steep hill from the beach back to Scott street. She knew all the shop owners in Scott street and got in trouble for feeding the homeless. Mama was an afternoon person and would leave for the post office at 14:00 in Johannesburg. AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's was doing well then. We came to Pennington with no debt. I will miss you so much Mama, God bless you for all that you have done for me in your living years.

26/04/2021 I receive a copy of the death certificate, Mama died of natural causes. On the afternoon of the 21st April 2021 Jabu came quickly from work to support me. She is back at Mama's house, I don't know what I would do without her support. Tons of paper work to do, lucky I purchased a print device recently.

28/04/2021 01:35 SAST Did a lot of shit to do with the Mama death, thank fuck I purchased this print device less than a month ago. Around 05:00 I reinstalled Ubuntu Linux 21.04, went quick, the touchpad trick was freezing Ubuntu Linux 21.04. Could not leave home the last week as I was continually asked for info from the funeral people. Mama was cremated at 12:00 in Durban.

29/04/2021 05:02 SAST What hectic days, cremation for Mama, arranging the memorial service and all the rest of the shit. First time this morning I slept late since Mama passed away. Maybe because I drank a quart of beer last night I slept well. My tire pressure in my Elantra keeps going down, need to try sort it out when I collect Mama's ashes. Really stressful all this shit. Mageai 8 is working well on my S145 except the touchpad. Updated Windows 10 the other day.

29/04/2021 08:35 SAST Left for Scottburgh, bought a spare pull switch for my luminaires, saw my mechanic about my wipers, went to the tire place to have new valves fitted, I hope to fuck my tire pressure does not go down now. Walked up and down Scott street certifying documents, went to the dentist to have my tooth extracted paninlessly, and finally picked up Mama's ashes, was at home by 12:05 where I started arranging a Team meeting for the funeral on Saturday. Finished at 16:00. Woke at 23:32 SAST. Jabu gave me a bath at around 19:30.

30/04/2021 00:03 SAST Drinking my famous brew now. If a person dies in the house it is the isiZulu's culture to wash that place with the blood of a goat. I want to keep the mat where Mama fell and died in my arms. Will all debt collectors please email me there banking details as I was paying from Mama's account. Strange my Indian dentist who used to buy and sell cars said he would never purchase a car from an Indian, this is the third Indian that has said this, Mark Pillay from Umdoni Village Pennington really pulled a fast one on me. The Elantra yesterday seemed to have no power with the aircon on coming back, driving to Scottburgh I had my window open. The car has nice features though but the foot brake and accelerator are too close together and I keep thinking the handbrake is there where my Merc C180 handbrake was.

02:57 SAST Tired of this need to relax and watch some TV, Channel O my fav.

01/05/2021 01:36 SAST The day of Mama's funeral Flowers where dropped of yesterday, two white bouquets and one pink, ordered via London. We had a test run of Teams yesterday as there where folks attending Teams from London, Warsaw, Paris and New Zealand. We had a few attending in person and Jabu was able to make it from work. Mr P gave a wonderful sermon. Nomvula videoed the funeral as well. Mama's wish is for her ashes to be buried in the family grave in Warsaw. Strange thing her name is already inscribed on the tombstone due to a technical error. I will be cremated in South Africa and Jabu can keep some om my ashes and the rest are to be thrown into the ocean off BJ rock, down from Botha's house. I cry now and again but did not cry too much during the funeral. Mama's and Tata's ashes where placed next to each other between the two bouquets of flowers, Jabu's idea and it looked nice. Tata's ashes are also in Warsaw but we got two urns in March 2006. The funeral was at midday.

03:01 SAST Am listening lately to online Catholic church again, got so used to setting it up for Mama. Uploading Mama's funeral to You Tube don't feel like handbraking it.

04:05 SAST Mageai 8 and Ubuntu Linux 21.04 sleep function has fucked out even though Ubuntu Linux 21.04 does not crash anymore when I put it to sleep manually. Real great laptop this S145 Lenovo piece of shit, made for Windows 10. I lost 60% of my ink trying to print with Ubuntu Linux 21.04 after during the funeral parlor Avbob who did a great job, the HP print device worked fine. Every time I touched the wifi button the print device printed instructions. Windows 10 keeps printing a wifi passcode, fuck, I have had the most success of Mageai 8. Mageai 8 will not see my cell phone pics but Ubuntu Linux 21.04 does, what a fuck up booting between my multi operating system maybe I should give Mangero 21 a go. 04:28 SAST I had deleted all the print devices on Ubuntu Linux 21.04 and when I turned on the print device it was added auto like via USB and I added another now it printed a pic of Mama and I. Phew.

04:35 SAST My tires on my Elantra seem to be holding out, touch wood. The Elantra is very low and I have to be very careful of bumps. I am slobbering a lot because of the Rivitrol and it makes my fag wet. I don't know how to spell cigarette so I type fag. My Doctor came to visit me before the funeral and was so kind to bring me cake and a card with 100 ZAR in the card, every penny helps. Thank you Doc. Otherwise I am getting up early these days again and have power naps during the day. Dearest Mama I will miss you so. Think I will call it a day and upload, waiting for You Tube to process.

02/05/2021 07:15 SAST Breakfast as usual. 10:00 SAST I boil meat for stew, we are having phuti and beef stew for supper. Jabu likes to go off at a tangent. She does not allow me to finish my say and starts getting upset. Once she is on Facebook Jabu does not want to get off when I ask her something to do with her cell phone. I don't use Facebook much. She gets off from work early and there are no hugs or kissing, Jabu is too tired.

03:05/2021 01:47 SAST Am listening to Cathoilc online Mass as usual. Spend the rest of the day sorting out the debt collectors. The executor of the estate has not contacted me yet. 19:30 SAST My mthondo does not graft as you know and with Jabu's periods just finished I have a shower and convince her for some oral sex. She is not really in to it as she says she is stressed and tired, the phara's stole Mhelengi's cell phone which i gave him in, the phara's stole the cell phone in Durban today.

04/05/2021 04:16 SAST Bitcoin is at 55 768 USD per coin. It was 58 000 USD per coin yesterday so I purchased some. Ether is doing very well at 3273 USD per coin. This is my only chance to make money. I know I am taking a gamble but I have no other way of investing for my retirement. I will just buy and not sell. The main objective was to obtain Mama's ashes and have her cremated. The Teams funeral went well. Now to sort out Mama's estate. Am on Mageai 8 now, feel much more at home. Even though I am so used to Ubuntu Linux, I will boot between the two. 04:57 SAST

13:00-14:00 SAST Makakwazi came to visit today. She got lost and I was quite busy, when she had not arrived by 13:30 I phoned her, I tried to explain to her in isiZulu how to get here. Makakawzi said she was just around the corner. I locked up and was about to look for her with my 76 kW Elantra when I saw her standing in the street. I opened the gate for her and she was carrying a packet on her head. She had brought a large paw paw and butter avos. She walks with a walking stick and is obese almost like myself. I offered her tea and lots cake left over from the funeral. We chatted till Jabu came home at 16:30. Jabu cooked us my second fav pap and wors. (porridge and sausauge) As you know my fav is prawns then pela pela beef Breyani. I talk to Mama sometimes like I did in the shower tonight. We retired after the TV show Uzalo.

05/05/2021 02:02 SAST Guess what, get dressed and my brew. I feel the cold and wear long john's which Mama, God bless her soul had altered for me. Mama would do everything for me. I love you Mama Last night I found her gold plated watch which I used to adjust the date for her but I put it back, I just could not look at it. Bitcoin and Ether have fallen overnight SAST. Tea time, I am drinking Mama's Rooibos tea this last week as I purchaseda whole lot on special at Checkers for Mama, the Rooibos tea tastes quite nice with milk, Mama used to drink the pots I brewed her during the day black. 03:10 SAST watching online Catholic Mass. 03:35 SAST Rooibos tea should be brewed by now, I am thirsty. Mama always said I should not drink so much milk it's not healthy but a Doctor friend of mine at the JHB Gen Hospital used to say milk was good for you, God bless her soul, Doc B was a top ANC official. I like what the ANC has done for me in these Covid-19 times, now is the time to apply for my disability grant. I am starting to watch 404 Morning Live again instead of Channel O 24/7. Let me go to the kitchen and get that mug of Rooibos. 04:19 SAST just fucking around and watching You Tube, Bitcoin and Ether has gone up. Watched a bit of the funeral a bit as well. A debt collector contacted me yesterday and gave me new banking details, they don'y like to put things in writing they like to text. After waiting for three and one half hours at Umzinto there is a fuck up with my drivers license renewal. Fuck. More stress. Lucky I obtained a temp license. Remember the phara's stole my shiny red valve tire caps at Umzinto fucking cunts. Now I need to go back to poes Umzinto to wait for five hours three times for my disability grant. 04:27 SAST Time for another cuppa and a fag. Thought I would give Mangero 21 a try, there where 1.6 Gigs of updates. My print device works nicely on Mangero 21, I printed a 150mm by 200mm pic of Mama. Almost time to brew Jabu's 06:00 tea, makakwazi is fast asleep, I will spend the day with her. Let me upload, 05:45 SAST.

07:02 SAST Jabu cooked jungle oats and prepared a fruit salad of paw paw, apples and banana's. Just what my Doctor ordered. 09:25 SAST woke up from a long power nap. Ubuntu Linux 21.10, Mageai 8 and Mangero 21 will not sleep when the laptop lid is closed on the S145. Only Windows 10 sleeps but Windows 10 is far too slow to use. I can see the way the way the websites render. let me check my texts.

08:00-10:00 SAST I have a power nap. Wake up feeling nice and fresh. Makakwazi and I watch TV, I put a isiZulu channel on for her, her English is not too good. We will have sandwitches at 13:30/14:00 and roast chicken a la Jabu with butternut roast potatoes and a mushroom sauce, wow Jabu can cook. I went to fetch Jabu at the local store so she would not have to carry up the hill and to get the Elantra moving. She drove well. I retired after supper at 19:30 and woke at 23:53 for a piss and then I was awake...

06/05/2021 00:00:00 SAST Mangero 21 is doing well and the print device works nicely except for sleep. Lots to print and I have ordered new ink for 1147 ZAR which will only arrive in a weeks time so I hope I have enough ink to last me till then. I battled to find a RICA now, my command line "find" is rusty but I got it right. 02:45 SAST Jabu came to my office her stomach is painful and she cannot sleep, I gave her something to help her sleep. I used to shoot a tobacco muthi enema up my bum to solve my constipation but now in dire need I use a water enema. For some reason my constipation has improved for some reason but my shit is so big I still have to cut it up with a large knife so the shit flushes. I remember two years ago at Zimbali with Mama at a wedding I used Mama's toilet and blocked the toilet. Like I said I have mixed feelings about Mama as she was so ill the first quarter of this year. I always told her she will live till ninety four and now I have a good chance of becoming homeless, unless makakwazi takes me in. Ether is doing well but Bitcoin is struggling, It's make or break, will wait till Christmas. 03:04 SAST online Catholic Mass is almost over let me relax and watch some You Tube videos. On the day Mama passed away she watched online Catholic Mass on my S145, she normally would watch Mass on her fucked up tablet and it kept buffering. 04:43 SAST Just been watching Justin Timberlake Tunnel Vision on MTV Base intresting first time I have seen boobs on TV. Almost time to wake up makakwazi and make her a cup of tea, she leaves today. 04:50 SAST. 07:50 SAST I walked makakwazi to the taxi rank. She walks with a walking stick. On the way back I started to get emotional, I remembered the place where Mama fell on the grass pavement coming back from the local store, I could see her from her house as she fell. I ran to her but Mama was ok. Mama was with a buurman, Mama loved to chat with everyone. Very emotional, I cry a lot and I talk to Mama. I wonder if I was such a good son as everyone says I was. 08:57 SAST, I was supposed to go into Scottburgh today to sort some matters out but I might give it a miss, I am too tired to drive. Saturday will be a fuck up as it will pour with rain. 09:10 Lets me take my meds and eat the avo sandwitches Jabu made me for breakfast. Jabu also hung the washing which is normally my job. The garden service came this afternoon and I now have a spare key for my Elantra, what a relief something went right. I still can't get hold of the executor of the estate after numerous emails and phone calls. I have power of attorney to use Mama's bank account which I found out it's illegal to do so today after she has passed away, I wish the executor would pull finger.

07/05/2021 02:05 SAST I had some tea left over in my brew mug so I brewed my morning coffee in a small mug, I don't mind drinking cold tea and coffee. 03:58 SAST Mangero 21 had a kernel update so I had to reboot, I updated from the command line. I can't figure out why all my Linux OSes on the S145 don't sleep when the lid is closed. Mangero 21 does not dim screen or blank screen at all. 04:47 SAST printed some copies of Mama's ID to get certified. I could be getting tension headaches or I am not taking the Camcolit anymore BD. Only at night. I don't have enough stock to take the Camcolit BD. If the headaches continue like last time I will purchase Camcolit which I have a script for. There are more and more young people moving into the village of Pennington and more visitors from all over the place of the isiZulu. It will be a pity that we will have to sell Mama's house as Jabu and I don't have enough funds to live in Pennington. I lived off Mama's pension. 04:56 SAST time to upload and relax, we will see what the new day brings us, Nomvula is coming today. She is really moody sometimes when I make scefe. At 05:20 SAST Jabu and I made love and Jabu came this time. Thank you Mama. Mama used to phone me every day when I was at Umzimkulu. Fucking mother fucking bitch that sent me there Doctor Ndlovo. Ruined my whole financial life. Wanted to teach me a lesson she will never forget, like I said I had a tooth extracted painlessly the other day by my private dentist, you got money, no pain. All this stress I had It's a wonder I have not relapsed mainly thanks to Jabu. I chain smoke though to keep the stress levels down.

08/05/2021 Had both my machines running on Windows 10, Share It did not work on my 250 G5 to transfer files from Mr S to my HDD. Jabu's friend Sne came to visit and sleep over. She had to walk all the way down from Selbourne as she had no network and there where no taxi's. I got pissed off with Windows 10 after one day uptime when Windows 10 did not recognise my external HDD on my S145, used to work fine on the 250 G5. No updates on Mangero 21 but no PGP errors either.

09/05/2021 01:02 SAST Major fuck up, I try to get Manjero 21 touchpad to work and edit the grub file. Very risky as Mangero 21 is the only OS that prints properly without wasting my ink and paper. I install DKMS after git cloning elan. Now the reboot. Like I said I am a bit rusty with Linux operating system and don't know Windows 10 much. So I reboot and I get an error to run fsck. Fuck I don't read it properly and boot into a live Ubuntu Linux 21.10. I try to edit grub to no avail. I then start an install of Mangero 21 but unlike Mageai, Mangero 21 does not have the option to just install the boot loader. I say to myself to Mama who is in heaven lets do it and I boot into Manjero 21 again after having previously installing the latest kernel, which now causes my laptop to sleep the S145. I run fsck and there we have it, Mangero 21 boots. With the 5.11 kernel. Lucky I did not reinstall but Mama and I did it together as we have since March 2006 being supporting each other. I know kind Mama is looking down from heaven and will make sure I will be ok. We had a strong bond together after all these years through manic phases and all. December 2020 Mama was still ok but fell ill sometime in January 2021. 06:00 SAST Jabu wakes up and so does her friend Sne and we prepare to go to Checkers for some shopping and to the SAPS to certify some documents. I give SAPS Scottburgh a miss and head for one of the local stores to close Mama's account then to the beach where I need a pee. Jabu was later upset with me because I said let's go this way and she and Sne took the long way around. We sat in the same bench Mama and I used to sit when I visited Mama twice a week on my TSR. Mama and I used to walk down to Scottburgh beach from Summer Hill Lodge and sit in the sun, I would sometimes go for a swim. Marion would sometimes take me to see Mama. But Mama told me she preffered Pennington. She would walk down to the beach and local store returning through the bush trail. Mama would chat to folks along the way and ask them if she could pick flowers from there pavement, Mama loved flowers. The only thing I did not like was on two occasions she returned after sunset. It's only since January 2021 did Mama's fractured shoulder start to feel unbearably painful, the pain killers did not help and she was advised to see a specialist Doctor to treat her for pain. From March 2012 till February 2013 Mama was manic. When Mama was not manic she was a kind gentle soul. I don't know what fucked out with me as the last time i was in Tara was in June 2003 and then twice in Ethembeni and once Umzimkulu. I was discharged from G.J. Crookes in early January 2016. Let's hope it stays that way. The only reason I dislike Windows 10 is patch Wednesday in South Africa. Long tedious progress unlike Linux operating systems which take a few minutes to update.

10/05/2021 00:03 SAST I am using Windows 10 now and downloading some Steam games as I have a bit of of data to spare. When I purchased my i7 Gigagbye laptop in October 2012, I was so used to Linux operating systems that Windows drove me crazy. What a machine that i7 was. Now I have at least progressed to a i5. Ether is going mad, climbing like hell. 05:20 SAST I will call it a morning.

09:45 SAST Woke from power nap. NAFI today.

19:50 SAST 30/04/2021 and 10/05/2021 I appointed myself as temporary executor of Mama's estate. After number emails to Mama's bank of which I received one reply that they would forward the email to the right section, I have had no reply after sending the relevant docs. I have also phoned them numerous times without success.

11/05/2021 03:05 SAST Had a good nights sleep. Ate rice and left over chicken from Sunday's roast. Jabu makes a lovely stew. Did I mention the sleep function now works on Mangero 21 on my S145? after installing the 5.11 kernel but I have had no updates today weird, I always become weary when a rolling release has no updates, PCLinuxOS has many. Bitcoin is not doing too well but Ether is just fine at an all time high of 3909 USD per coin. 05:09 SAST As temporary executor of Mama's estate I had to print some Doc's now. Will the real executor of Mama's estate please stand up. Going to fuck around and rest now, woke up late and at 06:00 I will brew Jabu's tea for her. I feel like jungle oats and paw paw for breakfast. Jabu bitched a bit as she had to go to work early. 12:50 SAST just finished watching online Catholic Mass and finished the rest of my paw paw. I think I should really eat something now.

12/05/2021 00:05 SAST Installed kernel 5.12 on Mangero 21. 01:01 SAST no updates. Will now reboot for patch Wednesday on the S145, last night before supper installed preview release on 250 G5. Mangero 21, Ubuntu Linux and Mageai 8 now sleep. No updates from Mangero 21 and Mageia 8 on my S145. Planning on going to Umzinto tomorrow so Jabu gave me some pills to help me sleep. Got lucky as well.

13/05/2021 02:02 SAST Woke up feeling groggy. Did my thing and went back to sleep. In the meantime I thought I would have some juice instead of coffee. Knocked over the glass when I reached for a print of Mama. I have made a shrine of Mama in the TV room. After cleaning up the mess of juice and glass I went back to sleep at 03:50 SAST. The alarm woke me at 06:05 SAST Thank God I had a good nights sleep. By 08:01 SAST we where in Umzinto and I did my business and we where out of there in three hours. Best to get to Umzinto early as there are not so many people. After we left Umzinto we went to the Scottburgh mall to sort out some more business to do with Mama's estate but had a bite to eat first as we did not eat breakfast. We arrived home at 13:00 SAST. Bitcoin crashed and is not doing too well, lucky Ether is holding me up. Retired early very tired. Oh I forgot at 15:00 SAST I deceided to go for a swim in my icy pool. The water was not that cold and I went from a swim again at 16:00 SAST. Pool was full off leaves which I had to take out.

14/05/2021 00:00 SAST Woke up very early again. What will be with Mama's house, looks like we will have to sell it. Only option I really have is to build a house in Malangeni. 02:36 SAST I have many pics of Mama and now found a video of her birthday at Summer Hill lodge. 03:17 SAST time to relax on the 250 G5 with Windows 10.

15/05/2021 02:33 SAST Yesterday I reported to Vodacom that Mama is deceased after going to the Vodacom shop on the 13th after dialing 082135 and they said I need to take Mama's death certificate to the Vodacom shop. They now say Mama owes over 3100 ZAR even though her contract ends on the 23rd May 2021. Fuck and she has paid for May 2021. This morning when I woke up her SIM card was cut off with over 32 Gigs of data left and 68 ZAR of airtime. They have two things coming if they think they going to rob us. Vodacom sent an email that there is seven days to pay but Jabu said they cut off the data line around 21:00 on Friday night. That's how they thank loyalty after two years with Vodacom and spending an average of 558 ZAR on data a month for two years.

15:45 SAST Mkhwekazi arrives to visit for the weekend. She enjoys watching TV. She does not have TV at home. Jabu is in a better mood and behaves herself when her mother is here. Tuesdays and Saturdays are pap and Umzinto sausage days. Sunday we had Roast chicken, butternut and mash. Jabu had to go into work for a few hours. Jabu is a real chef.

17/05/2021 00:00 SAST After a bit of load shedding last night from 20:00 till 22:30 I fell asleep in between. I downloaded Knoppix but can't get it to boot on my S145. Even with Lecacy set in the BIOS. Today I will try phone and waste my airtime the Bank to find Mama's will. I have emailed her Bank five times. The cremation process was much easier. Anyway what the fuck, Bitcoin is sitting at 45 130 USD per coin and Ether is at 3423 USD per coin as of 03:43 SAST, so I am losing bucks. Lets hope Elon Musk stops his shit. 04:30 SAST I am battling to print on Mageai 8 but eventually get it right, no luck printing on Ubuntu Linux 21.04 yet Mangero 21 prints the best on my S145. I receive an email from Vodacom that Mama owes them 2577 ZAR for hardware which she never purchased two years ago, Vodacom owes Mama in the region of 35 Gigs of Data and 58 ZAR of airtime. I finally got through to Mama's bank and hopefully they will find her will soon.

18/05/2021 03:00 SAST Woke to load shedding my lantern had automatically come on at 02:00. Brewed some tea and coffee using gas and watched online Catholic Mass. At 04:00 when the electricity came back on I noticed my Multichoice decoder was stuffed again, Siphokazi had dropped it twice, I have to press on the decoder to get it to work. Don't feel like spending 599 ZAR on a new decoder which I cannot afford. I was on Mageai 8 and when it came out off sleep it froze after a while with no updates. Mangero 21 had no updates either weird for a rolling release. Elon Musk has really caused big shit with the price of Bitcoin, once he is for Bitcoin and then on Sunday against Bitcoin, seems Bitcoin is ruled by six billionaires in the world. Bitcoin sits at 44 752 USD per coin at 05:43 SAST. I have lost in the region of 6000 ZAR so I hope Bitcoin and Ether corrects itself soon. Jabu did not fall back to sleep after I woke at 03:00 and she is going to work early. Today is Jabu and my 8th Wedding anniversary, we are going to renew our vows and have beef Breyani for supper. Lets hope today I finally find an executor. 05:55 SAST 18:35 SAST the Pastor P and his wife arrived with two witnesses and we renewed our vows. We had a nice chat and supper afterwards, good to have guests over.

19/05/2021 I have finally got hold of the executor and Vodacom kept sending me invoices for over 3100 ZAR.

20/05/2021 I receive a letter of apology from Vodacom, the bill is only 558 ZAR for Mama.

21/05/2021 Early morning SAST Today is one month since Mama passed away. I wake at 02:00, fall asleep on the couch and wake again at around 04:30. Bitcoin and Ether are not doing too well at all. Had 205 package updates on Mangero 21 the other day. 1.3 gigs. I go to the Pennington clinic for my meds. It's empty, I meet Sister P and she asks me what am I doing back there, I was looking for a Sister, Sister P asks me how I am, I reply not good as Mama passed away a month ago. I go sit down and wait for my meds, the Sister who I know gives me my meds and say sorry for your loss. I was out of there in ten minutes. I then drove to the local store to purchase some milk, it was on special. Jabu told me I should try some pills that will help me sleep so I also purchased those. I was thirsty and had some coffee in the Cafe. I came back home and Nomvula had finished with the house. It's not Ubuntu Linux 21.04 that has a fault with the printer it's seems my cooler which has four additional USB ports has a fault with the ports again, last time this occurred was years ago. I have to keep plugging and unplugging the feed for the ports to graft. Anyway I am depressed with the price of Bitcoin and Ether, my only possible form of income, I thought I would pay off my debts by the end of the year. Jabu and I spent a very pleasant evening together. The guest house where she works, the guest gave her some magic salads to take home.

22/05/2021 03:05 SAST I wake up a few times for a piss and eventually get up at 03:05 SAST. I had to hard reboot Mangero 21 as I could not get an internet connection. Playing around with the router sorted it out. Maybe the battery was flat because the USB extender ports where not working. 07:50 SAST Jabu leaves for Umzinto to do her hair and buy some tomatoes, onions and green peppers. She also buys some pork sausages, pork chops and beef stew. The prices in Umzinto are much cheaper than in Pennington and Scottburgh. So I had the day to myself. She returns at 14:40 SAST after visiting her mother. Let's not talk about Bitcoin and Ether the prices have crashed horribly low. For supper we have pap and pork sausage. We decide to go to Scottburgh tomorrow.

23/05/2021 07:00 SAST Exactly my alarm wakes me, I slept right through the night with piss brakes. I rinse the Elantra and Jabu gives it a wash. There is something wrong with my lower back, if I carry anything my lower back conkes out. I took one bag of trash out last week and had severe pain in my lower back. Jabu is extremely pissed of, a bird shat on the Elantra after she had washed it. We head for Park Rynie and fill up with petrol, I find out my tire pressure in my right back tire is 2.7 bar and my left back is 2.5 bar and my front tires are 2.2 bar which they are supposed to be. I don't know what the guys in the tire place in Scottburgh did, I hope I am not loosing pressure again. Anyway we head off to Scottburgh at Checkers and purchase some 10 kg rice, a chicken and a few other things including a Foccaco for breakfast, Mama always used to purchase Foccaco when she lived at Summerhill Lodge or went shopping from Pennington to Scottburgh, they are tasty with dough and a pizza like topping. We went to Scottburgh beach to drink our cokes and eat our Foccaco's. It was very windy and we watched a surf sailor doing his things up and down the waves. Lucky I wore my under vest, shirt and body warmer, short trousers. Jabu and I had a very enjoyable time at the Scottburgh beach. I don't really have outdoor sandals so we went to the Chinese shop to purchase some where Mama and I purchased some sandals for her in which she passed away in, purchased about two months ago. Poor Mama she had some nice spectacles which she had aquired in London but did not want to wear them as she was saving them.

24/05/2021 01:35 SAST I woke up went for a piss and fell asleep on the couch till about 04:00 SAST. Watched a bit of You Tube and tried to watch Catholic online Mass but I did not feel like it as there was no sound so I am going to watch Mass later in the day. I am feeling in a good mood today and the weekend. The meds keep me alive. Jabu is frying eggs so she will call me just now. 07:27 SAST. Bitcoin is at 35 190 USD per coin and Ether is at 2129 USD per coin, Bitcoin has dropped 20 000 USD per coin over the last week but I a pretty sure it will recover. 08:05 SAST cleaned the bird shit off the Elantra, I hope the tire pressure holds. Let me go to my 250 G5 and watch online Mass. 08:44 SAST When Jabu came home from work she cooked a delicious left over chicken and rice stew, I was quite hungry. We went to sleep after the TV show Uzalo even though I prefer the TV show Generations.

25/05/2021 03:10 SAST Checked my smart phone whilst the kettle was boiling and one of my friends had sent me a magic You Tube video of a Polish religious Catholic song. I watched all twenty seven minutes of it, thanks Mrs J. Nice break from Catholic online Mass. Manjero 21 did not give me any hassles this morning, only caevet is that the dim screen does not graft. I prefer now to stay on Mangero 21 on my S145 as my print device works nicely, I use Ubuntu Linux on my 250 G5. These days I type after 06:00 as my night data stops then. It's 06:30 SAST now and I have already brewed Jabu her cup of tea at 06:00 SAST. Bitcoin and Ether have improved slightly so I am sticking in there as it's too late to sell, I would loose to much. Will have to see what happens October/December. The birds are chirping in tranquil Pennington, so much bird life, pesky monkeys (who will steal any food left in the kitchen, buck (deer), large lizards, mongoose and of course nyoka (snakes), a green snake was in the flower pots as I walked up the stairs to the entrance door the other day. I would hate to live in a flat. Well it's 06:40 SAST, time to upload and carry on the new day.

26/05/2021 04:40 SAST Woke up nice and late this morning. Just fucked around watching videos on You Tube, it was too late to do anything else. 08:32 SAST Bitcoin is climbing, it's at 40 465 USD per coin, good. 09:33 SAST finished watching online Catholic Mass. Mama's will has been found and now just waiting for the executor of the estate. This afternoon Jabu and I are going to see the Doctor in Scott Street and will pop into the Scottburgh mall afterwards. It's not payday yet for most so there was plenty of parking at the mall. Mission successful I managed to sort out two of the three things I wanted to do at the mall including purchasing a USB extender and buying some groceries. Have not had gemsquash for a long time. My right front tyre is still loosing pressure which is beginning to stress me out. I had to stop at the petrol station and pump it up, according to there gauge the tyre was 2.1 bar but my gauge at home said 2.0 bar so I pumped it up to 2.5 and fuck that. I cancelled Netflix a while back, don't watch it much and can't afford it now.

27/05/2021 03:40 SAST Usual usual story, brew coffee. Watch You Tube and surf till 06:00 SAST when I make Jabu her cup of tea. Am only going to type after 06:00 SAST now. Later in the morning I bhepa and finally came after such a long time. Looks like I can come every two months. All these ED causing drugs fuck every thing up except that I am stable.

28/05/2021 03:05 SAST The price of Bitcoin is depressing, I phoned GJC the other day to ask if they had any employment available, nothing at the moment she said but I need to phone every month. 13:20 SAST Mama's estate is finally moving on. Lots of paperwork for me to do this afternoon and more. This morning I informed Nomvula that we will only be able to take her for domestic work twice a month.

29/05/2021 03:10 SAST Woke up and fell asleep on the couch again till 03:52 SAST. Ubuntu Linux 21.04 is working and printing well, touch wood since I have a new USB extender. Had breakfast, toast and my fav strawberry jam and fell asleep on the couch when Jabu went to work. Got up from the couch a while later and fell asleep on the bed whilst fetching my meds. Woke at 11:15 SAST and took my meds and brewed some Rooibos tea. Nice and sunny outside but cold in the house, 19 C. Fell asleep again after lunch. Looks like all the stress of Mama passing away is catching up to me. We had pap and Umzinto sausage for supper. It looks like I have a beer belly bu I think it"s all the pap I eat is making my stomach huge in conjunction with the meds. At 21:30 SAST Jabu had a bath and it was a bit cold so Jabu topped up the bath for me, she only uses a tiny amount of water in the bath and I jumped in. She was laying in bed ready to sleep when I gave her a kiss. By 22:30 we where both asleep and I woke at..

30/05/2021 04:03 SAST Felt like going back to sleep but brewed my coffee anyway and watched You Tube till 05:53. It will be weird not paying Mama's bills tomorrow the first time since March 2006 bar when I was in G.J. Crookes, Ethembeni, G2 and Umzimkulu Hospital. I have managed to stay out of Hospital since January 6th 2016, I think it was. Lets hope all the stress of the Elantra, debt collectors and Mama's passing does not cause me to relapse. I still don't know where I will be living after the estate is settled. I chain smoke now as too much Rivotril causes me to drool like crazy. All going well today we will have Jabu's lovely roast chicken, mash and we purchased some gem squash. Ubuntu Linux 21.04, Manjero 21 and Mageai 8 is doing well on my S145, like I said I mainly use Ubuntu Linux 20.04 on my 250 G5. I see Bitcoin has gone up slightly this morning even though if I had to sell now I would loose a lot of bucks so have to hold on. I sold all my Ether last week as I was getting nervous with the crypto crash. I am down 13 000 ZAR. Lets hope Bitcoin corrects itself soon. I am looking forward to a large payout in October 2021. I am listening to online Catholic Mass in the background, 11:50 SAST. 08:15 SAST time to hang the washing. Looks like rain the whole of this week. 09:05 I phoned Mama's school friend in Warsaw. We where chatting and I heard a noise in the kitchen, next thing there is a large Monkey by the babana's and the cheeky thing eats the banana right outside the kitchen door. I close the kitchen door and carry on chatting with Mrs K2, next thing the monkey is back and steals the last banana, this time he came through Mama's bedroom window and banana's are so expensive, I remember in the late 80's when banana's used to cost 99 cents ZAR a kilo on special now they are 16 ZAR a kilo but grow in Kwa Zulu Natal. It's cheaper to buy banana's in Johannesburg or better still Umzinto where Jabu buys a massive pack of onions and tomatoes for 20 ZAR each. The weather in Europe is horrible this spring. What's the time, 12:03 SAST, will leave the washing on the line a while longer even though it's windy. It's a nice sunny day but cool in the timbrick house. I am enjoying the weekend, tomorrow Mama's estate continues. I am on Mageai 8 now and see tomorrow morning when the S145 comes out of sleep wheter Mageai 8 freezes. I had a good uptime of a few days on Ubuntu Linux 21.04. Thing I can't find on Ubuntu nor Mangero is a good network monitor like Mageia has.

31/05/2021 07:15 SAST Breakfast and fell asleep on the bed. Just woke up at 11:00 SAST when the executor of the estate called. I was busy with scanning and paperwork that I did not even have lunch. Makes one feel good when one has something constructive to do. Jabu bathed and so did I after Uzalo. Using the same bath water again. Jabu was falling asleep when I climbed naked into bed to dry off a bit. I find it difficult to put my socks and long john's on just after a bath or shower. By 23:00 i was still awake from all the excitement of the day. By the time I climbed into bed I could not sleep so I woke Jabu and she gave me some allergex and I fell asleep and woke at....

01/06/2021 05:40 SAST Had a very good nights sleep but could only spend twenty minutes on Mageia 8, Windows 10 refused to scan yesterday. Whilst Jabu was bathing after I had brewed her, her 06:00 tea I carried on surfing. At 06:45 Mageia 8 had a kernel update so I had to reboot. I don't know why the fuck Windows 10 would not scan but when I am in a hurry I need something to work. Every time I use Windows 10 there is some sort of fuck up, it's easier to use a Linux operating system but I enjoy booting Windows 10 now and again. I was listening to Catholic Mass online this morning and when the next video played I fell asleep again. After this morning's thunderstorm it has cleared up now. I love thunderstorms, in Johannesburg my office was South facing and I could see the lightening and thunder from miles away. I used to unplug all my UPSes during thunderstorms, the South Coast does not have such intense thunder as Johannesburg and the Drakensberg. I have not had lunch today either and the time is 13:32 SAST. I enjoy watching my crypto monitor, just waiting for Bitcoin to come out of the crash. Like I said crypto is the only way I can make bucks right now. Being watching some Roland Garos, I love tennis and golf. Rugby and Cricket not too much as it reminds me of all my friends who left for overseas. Used to go to a span of live Rugby and Cricket matches years ago. 15:30 SAST Jabu will be home soon.

06/06/2021 Evening SAST Jabu sees on Facebook an ad to rent a house in Malengeni and enquires.

07/06/2021 Very early morning we go see the house. It is 70 squares with two large rooms and a kitchen. Outside toilet, no bath nor shower, one baths in a basin. The house has water and electricity. The dirt road is a bit rough for my low Elantra but smaller cars make it up.

09/06/2021 Very early morning we go see the Indunda of iNkompo. Miss A the landlord and seller explains to the Indunda who is in charge of the village. Jabu and I rent with the first option to purchase. Better than sleeping on a cardboard box off Scott street, Scottburgh. I asked Nomvula to wash one window two Friday's ago, she said no. I texted her today to find out if she is coming to work on Friday, I received no reply. With her two cell phones, her farther back from Durban and her new boyfriend she must have enough bucks not to work.

10/06/2021 04:43 SAST The electricity will go off at 06:00 this morning. Load shedding the last week.

15/06/2021 03:02 SAST Same shit almost every day, don't feel like typing, don't receive any donations anyway. Lost a lot of bucks with this crypto thing because of Elon Musk and his mood swings. Will all debt collectors please check if they got there bucks and phone me if they did not.

16/06/2021 10:00 SAST Braai at iNknompo with nine guests (mostly family), nice to get out on this sunny winters day. This prepaid electricity meter system seems to be a rip off, I paid in 30 ZAR and only received 19 ZAR of KWh. Jabu left early for Umzinto to purchase meat and cold drinks. She arranged a truck to pick up her mother who is a bit over weight and chairs, mattress. At 10:00 SAST we met at the turnoff to the new rented house. Jabu got in with me and the truck followed. One really needs a truck on this road, I don't think I will make it up when it has been raining but Jabu insisted on this house. We brought our own water as the water was off, if the water is free UGU turns the water on whenever they like. I asked Zack and his friend to bring out the mattress and I lay on it and drank my cold drink and smoked whilst the others chatted. We are high up on the hill but one can hear the sound of the traffic from the N2 highway. I was relaxing nicely when Sne, Jabu's friend called that I can pick her up on top of the highway bridge. Zack and I went to fetch her in the Elantra. Sne arrived a bit too late to help Jabu with the preparations. We had pork chops, wors and a piece of steak with coleslaw and pap. Earlier in the morning I even had a cup of tea, Jabu had brought some tea sugar and milk along. Girls can organise anything and Jabu in particular. Sne asked me to give her a lift to the highway as she wanted to catch the taxi home before dark. When I got back every thing was almost packed and a car had come to fetch mkekweazi, we left at sunset. By the time we where on the R102 it was dark. I have not driven a car in eight years so I drive slowly especially in the dark, one idiot overtook me on a double white line as is was doing 60 in a 80 km/h zone. With the price of petrol I am not going to drive 100 km/h. Well that was our bash for the month, a most enjoyable day to be out of th ePennington house.

20/06/2021 04:02 SAST I have been waking anything between 03:00 and 04:00 these days. The other night I woke up at 23:23 SAST, had a smoke and some left over juice I had put in the fridge, fell asleep in bed again. I hate winter, it only warms up about 10:00 till 15:00 SAST. To top it all if there is no electricity the there is no water since yesterday. A pipe burst up the road and UGU worked on it the whole day. Lets hope they finish today. Thursday Jabu could feel there is someting wrong with the water pressure and she filled up buckets and five litre containers. So we have water for day. I made a faux pas, I emptied the pool a week ago. Today is farther's day in South Africa. Jabu bought some cake and a coke yesterday. 06:46 SAST Zack just wished me Happy farther's day. I have been thinking that the last house I stayed in Johannesburg was a 320 square meter house excluding the double garage and servant's quarters, now with are in a 140 square meter house possibly moving into a 70 square meter house in iNkompo with limited water and a high crime rate. Just great. I will miss Pennington but with my lower back problem I have developed now, It's painful just to take out the trash and hang the washing. Even though my back used to hurt in Johannesburg when I sat for long hours at teh Desktop computer during the AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD days. I have almost given up Bitcoin. Zack slept over Wednesday and Thursday night and washed my Elantra on Thursday. Friday I went to pick up Jabu after work but Zack had fiddled with the controls of the seat and I battled to drive off. We had a lot of sardines for Friday supper. The sardines run up the East Coast of South Africa when it is at it's coldest, from Prince to pauper, Happy Farther's day. 07:20 SAST

21/06/2021 23:20 SAST We went to bed before 22:00. It's two months since Mama passed away today. At 23:20 Jabu wakes me. We speak quietly as she walks around the house with the torch of her smart phone. I turn on the security lights and Jabu grabs the baseball bat. The Elantra looks fine, maybe it was the damn cats making a noise. Jabu heard a loud bang. I give Jabu a hug and a kiss and she falls asleep in my arms. I cannot sleep now and go online. Bitcoin is crashing the last week. I watch a bit of on line Catholic church and deceide to go back to sleep. 00:24 after some coffee and a smoke. We will see this morning if a tree fell over or what was the loud bang Jabu heard. Last time Jabu woke me up in the middle of the night was during load shedding when Mama fell after loosing her way in the dark going to the loo. On my S145 I have been using Mageia 8 and Mangero 21 mostly as my print device seems to work the best, all this shit I have to print for the estate. Ubuntu Linux 20.04 is still tops on my 250 G5. Earlier on Jabu wanted to go to the hospice shop so I took her there and waited in the boiling hot sun in the Elantra, I was over dressed. We then went to the beach and shops. At the hospice shop Jabu had bought me two XXXL shirts and two second hand long john's for a fraction of the price new in the stores, only available in Amanzantoti my size.

22/06/2021 04:02 SAST Keep busy

25/06/2021 Drove to Scottburgh to do some shopping on special but first went to the local store to buy some specials there. Needed a piss so went to a dinner to sit down and drink some Coke and use the toilet. it's very cold as the sun rises but then by 10:00 it gets warmer till 15:00.

28/06/2021 Monday Mkakawzi (my mother in law) comes to visit in the afternoon around 15:00 SAST. As of today we are back to lockdown level 4, the Delta variant is causing havoc.

29/06/2021 Tuesday around 03:00 I get out of bed and fall asleep on the couch. Wake up at 04:00. Thinking of buying some Ether as the price per coin is going up. Jabu has a cold. I normally don't get colds except in February 2020 when I had the terrible flu. I made a fuck up again by trying to get the touchpad to work on Ubuntu Linux 21.04 on my S145, Ubuntu freezes after a few days. I am going to try and set GRUB back to what it was. Lucky I have Mageai 8 and Mangero 21 working fine touch wood.

14/07/2021 04:59 SAST So the days go by. The Elantra has been out of action for two weeks now when I tried to pump up the tire I found the battery to be flat. Mr P is looking into it. We have two days supply of bread left. Last Wednesday I went to Umzinto after seeing the SASSA Doctor at GJC for my disability grant which I had previously in Johannesburg. SASSA wants more paperwork but alas today Umzinto is burnt down to the ground due to riots and looting which started on Saturday in KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng. The line yesterday at the local store was fifty long to purchase food. My anxiouty levels have been high. Think too many negative thoughts. God bless and save South Africa. I have had a terrible flu and cough these last ten days. Such a bad cough that when I lay down in bed at night I coughed and coughed and had to fall asleep laying up. I almost puked my lungs out. This morning I am still coughing a bit but not as bad. Bitcoin and Ether have crashed more since I woke up this morning. Gone is November 2020. My alarm clock has been waking me at 07:00 these last days, I still need a power nap even though with consultation with my Doctor I have reduced my intake of meds. 12:04 It's a nice sunny cold winter's day today. Lets hope things get back to normal soon. We are on our last 5kg of sugar and have about 6kg of rice and mielie meel left over. I purchased some long life milk a while back which will last for four days. Bread is the big problem as we don't have much flour to bake steam bread.

16/07/2021 08:12 SAST I phone Pennington Clinic to see if my meds are there, they are. My 11:45 lift stood me up so I arranged a 09:00 lift with Mrs V whoose husband took me to the Pennington Clinic. God bless them. He also took me to the local store but the bread would only be ready at 11:00. Jabu left at 10:40 to see what she could buy, she said when I phoned her that they have banana's, lemons, brinjals and tomatoes and is waiting in the que for bread. 11:54 I am awaiting her return, thank God for Jabu. With my lower back condition I could never make it up the hill from the local store.

17/07/2021 02:05 SAST Saturday Morning brew as usual with milk. Bit bored so I make sure Magia 8 is up to date on my S145. Then I go over to Mangero 21 which I have not been on for at least twelve days and as Mangero 21 is a rolling release there are 1.5 Gigs of updates. Now for Ubuntu 21.04, 398 megs of updates, no kernel up date. Now for Window 10. Bit of a long process but I managed to update Windows 10 without stripping my moer and stay on Windows 10 for a day. 03:28 I am now on Ubuntu Linux 21.04 but see my touchpad is acting up. Don't know if it's GRUB or the module.

18/07/2021 Sunday, Mandela Day, they came to collect the trash unexpectantly. My brain is bursting with the last weeks of news of the unrest in Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal. Just can't watch it anymore. Bitcoin and Ether no change, a bit down. It's going to be freezing cold from Wednesday. Hopefully I get my Elantra back this week which has been stuck in the workshop since the unrest.

19/07/2021 02:26 SAST Monday I will not pursue my disability grant any further. I did exactly what was to be done on the SASSA online booking website and SASSA in Umzinto told me otherwise, SASSA states if one books online one only has to go to the SASSA office once, what a fuck up and waste of time and shuttle bucks. I was at SASSA in Umzinto the Wednesday before the looting started. Most shops in Umzinto have been looted, I don't know if it's safe to go there anyway. 04:43 SAST Will we have bread this week, I can go without milk but I like my sugar. So my Bitcoin and Ether venture from November 2020 till May 2021 failed. The only thing that came out of it was that I bought a faulty Elantra from my profits in end January 2021. Like I said the Elantra was sold to me by Mark Pillay a security guard residing in Umdoni village at the time whom informed me he owned a security company on date of purchase. In the long run I only made a few ZAR from Bitcoin and Ether and this Elantra has cost my nerves. Never in my life have I purchased such a faulty car, I once had a Datsun Pulsar which made it to La Lucia by Richards bay via Eastern Transvaal and back to Johannesburg via PMB and Durban. I was better off without a car, my TSR never once broke down on the road and I used to leave Pennington for Scottburgh to visit Mama at SummerHill Lodge in the middle of winter at 07:30. On my return my backpack was loaded with food. As 21st July 2021 draws closer I miss Mama, all the good she done for me. Like I said we are just poor simple folk whose life showed me a toffee in Pennington after during 2013 when I closed my business down. I have now disabled the touchpad in Ubuntu Linux 21.04 and will see if she freezes after a couple of days. I have basically printed all I wanted to print on my print device so it's standing idle now. Just needs a change of ink soon. 14:50 SAST After this unrest in KwaZulu Natal I am thinking of not moving into iNkompo anymore. I will deceide before the end of the month. I will be stranded there with the Elantra fucking out all the time and it's too dangerous. With the high unemployment there are more and more phara's. The only thing to do when funds run out is to visit Mama and Tata, I am not going to sleep on the fucking streets of Scottburgh but I would not really do that. Jabu should be back with the shopping in one hour or so, let's hope it's good news. I believe milk, sugar and bread are on it's way. Can't wait, I enjoy shopping. Some folks in Durban wake at 03:00 to be 133 in the que to purchase food. Jabu also purchased some carrots, apples, sweet naartjies and banana's. 21:15 nyoka

20/07/2021 05:00 SAST Tuesday After eighteen days my cough has finally subsided. What a strong body the Lord gives us. Talking about the Lord, it will be online Catholic Mass today as usual. I might still change my mind about iNkompo. Bitcoin and Ether are crashing again this morning. 11:30 SAST Finished watching my Mass and Deliverance, audio via Jabu's bluetooth speaker. Unfortunatly because of my touchpad fix Ubuntu Linux 21.04 frooze again at 11:40 so I reinstalled at 12:00. We will see how it goes. Jabu and I have a bit of a disagreement after she returns from work, she left the pears in the window and the monkeys jumped up and down on the outside dustbin and managed to get the dustbin open the first time in nine years. The monkeys are very hungry with the unrest.

21/07/2021 May your soul be resting in peace Mama, it's been three months today since you are no longer with us.

21/07/2021 03:12 SAST Wednesday. Cold lemon leftover tea this time. Will brew my brew now. Marek please note leave Ubuntu Linux 21.04 touchpad fix alone, don't do it, it does not work on the newer kernels, I had an uptime of 12 days on Mageia 8 the other day. Variety is the spice of life so I am enjoying Ubuntu Linux 21.04 now. Jabu is so pissed off with me that she says she will not go to the local store today to buy bread. Everyone seems to be bipolar in this fucking world. We had a terrible evening argueing. Jabu was on the brink of moving out. I called in Nomvula to help me cook for four meals.

22/07/2021 07:00 SAST Thursday Jabu did not cook or make me breakfast. I made a slight fuck up reinstalling Ubuntu Linux 21.04, I thought I had installed 21.04 where in fact I had installed 20.10 so I had to upgrade at lunchtime. She came home from work and all was sorted. She will pega and tenga for me. 21:45 nyoka II. 23:09 don't feel like sleeping, I miss Netflix.

23/07/2021 03:21 SAST Friday Only had four hours sleep. Mr P says he will look at my car this morning finally. In a way I am quite content this piece of shit Elantra is not in my yard but I miss it and need it. 04:01 SAST Bitcoin and Ether have gone up a bit. It's a long time I will have to wait before I make any bucks.

24/07/2021 02:26 SAST Bitcoin and Ether are going up so I purchased a very small amount. Bitcoin is at 33 670 USD per coin and Ether is at 2121 USD per coin. Had a lazy Saturday sleeping during the day most of the time as I tend to do when I wake up early.

25/07/2021 02:06 SAST Sunday Bitcoin and Ether have slowly risen by a few hundred USD. Friday evening our element in our water heater blew so we have no hot water to bath and do the dishes. Impossible to get someone on the weekend. I will have to have a bath in the bathroom sink with kettle water. 05:00 SAST purchased some more Bitcoin and Ether. Bitcoin is now 34 328 USD per coin and Ether is 2152 USD per coin. Like I said this is the only way I can maybe make some bucks. They say Bitcoin is going to hit 60K again by the end of the year or sooner.

26/07/2021 03:58 SAST Monday Bitcoin hits 38 226 USD per coin and Ether is up to 2317 USD per coin, what a pleasant surprise to wake up to. 12:19 SAST Then out the blue I deceided to sell all my crypto partly due I don't know how much the water heater repair will cost and when my Elanra is fixed I need bucks for that as well. Mr R III send his guys out to repair the element but the sparky just took the water heater off the ELU and all seems to work fine touch wood. The water heater is on it's own CB. Wonder what bill I will get tomorrow.

27/07/2021 01:37 SAST Tuesday Had a good nights sleep retired after 21:00 as usual. Did the merry go round and updated Manjero 21, Ubuntu Linux 21.04, Windows 10 and Mageai 8 on my S145 as well as Mageai 9 on my 250 G5. I miss Mama and think of her often. I have prints of her all over the place especially in the lounge. I have no income now and am looking forward to the 350 ZAR SRD grant which was announced by the President last Sunday. Most where hoping the grant would be at least 585 ZAR. I earned 300 odd ZAR back when I was an apprentice electrician I am sure. Now the average wage in South Africa is 12 500 ZAR. I am a bit wary of going into Umzinto anyway to complete my disability grant forms. One minute all can be fine and the next the place burns down. So I thought fuck it and at 05:07 SAST purchased some Bitcoin at 36 510 USD per coin.

28/07/2021 10:50 SAST Wednesday Got a ride with the shuttle to Park Rynie to pick up my car. Mr P could after three weeks not find anything wrong with the Elantra even though when I went to the garage and checked the tire pressure the left front tire had 1.8 bar. I also have a fuel leak, when I left the Elantra at Mr P's the fuel tank was 3/4 full when I arrived at the petrol station it was only 1/4 full of petrol. We will see if she starts this morning. The aircon did not seem to be coming on by itself even though after the jump start three weeks ago the Elantra got too hot and Mr P had to top up with water in the radiator. Previous to that after selling all my crypto I had purchased some more bitcoin at 38 600 USD per coin. I am addicted to this Bitcoin and it keeps my mind busy. Let's hope it's true Bitcoin will hit 65K soon. I want to try get back my 13 000 ZAR I lost. 11:30 SAST drove back to Pennington the back again to Scottburgh to do some shopping at Checkers, I still support my local store and we spend quite a lot of bucks there. We will see what uptime I get on Mageai 8, last time it was 12 days.

29/07/2021 01:06 SAST No such luck this morning sleeping till 07:00 like yesterday but that's because I took the Allergex. So at 02:00 SAST I purchased some more Bitcoin at around 39 917 USD per coin. I felt very good yesterday after my long sleep, this waking at 01:00/02:00 really drains my energy during the day and makes me take continual power naps. 03:31 SAST so the yo yo ride begins, Bitcoin has fallen to 39 482 USD per coin. When it warms up a bit I will check the water and oil in my Elantra and attempt to start her. The water in the radiator was low, I don't know what the fuck is going on. The Elantra has a new head gasket.

30/07/2021 03:44 SAST Woke up at 02:12 SAST. Bitcoin is now sitting at 40 036 USD per coin. I will not be getting my 350 ZAR grant, it cannot be done electronically like previously, one has to wait in a que of many many many folks to submit papers. I purchased some more Bitcoin at 40 076 USD per coin. Small tiny amounts over the last three days.

31/07/2021 03:59 SAST Another nice surprise this morning, Bitcoin is at 41 999 USD per coin as I wake up. I feel much better now that I have my Elantra back but I am worried about the water being used in the radiator. I will start her every morning now. I feel like having a good nights sleep so I take Allergex.

01/08/2021 07:01 SAST The Allergex worked. I slept right through just getting up for a piss or two. No hot water again since Friday evening. The geyser element needs to be changed.

03/08/2021 14:55 SAST The electricians arrive to change the water heater element. We have hot water again.

04/08/2021 09:15 SAST I call a guy I know and he comes to fix the kitchen cold water tap gratis. Thank you very much.

13/08/2021 05:03 SAST So the days go by and I spend most of my time sleeping. Fucking piece of shit Elantra water leak is getting worse, don't know how I will make it to collect my meds today never mind to go to Park Rynie to have it fixed.

18/08/2021 Elantra head gasket gone again, needs a new head, cannot be skimmed so I am without a car again. Only had it for six months of which most of the time it was by the mechanics. 11 000 ZAR to repair.

21/08/2021 Missed this date, four months since Mama passed away, thought it was the 21st today but it's the 22nd.

08/09/2021 06:55 SAST Went to GJ Crookes to the phsyc clinic, had vacination and tooth extracted then went shopping.

15/09/2021 05:02 Looks like I had a dry socket, tooth still fucking painful and it's now the 25/09/2021 and my gum is still tender.

21/09/2021 Five months since Mama passed away. I think I am depressed the last weeks. I don't wake at 02:00 anymore. Sleep till 07:00. My brother wants to purchase a flat in Scottburgh and his son will take over the flat when I die but I will be split up from Jabu. Taxi too expensive from Scottburgh to Pennington. This evening I cried thinking of Mama. Funds will soon run out with no prospect of a job. I hardly ever use the laptop these days. The head of the Elantra is in the boot and I receive offers of 10K 12K for the Elantra which has cost me almost 52 000 ZAR to date. So I spend the days watching TV. How fustrating. Always look forward to Jabu coming back from work and I make her a few cups of tea.

22/09/2021 07:05 SAST Woke up with a morning glory. But I have reached a stage where I can't make love at all. Fucking meds. I have become very anxious these last few weeks as I don't know where I will live. Jabu says I need to thank God for what I have now. Nothing interests me, not even movies, just eat and sleep. Without a car my chances of getting a job are even slimmer. I am sitting with a 10K laptop and mouse with no idea how to make money. All my Bitcoin profits I put into the Elantra. And Bitcoin is going down these days, I was hoping to make some more bucks on Bitcoin. I had an uptime of 18 days with Ubuntu Linux 21.04 the other week. Can't be bother with rebooting and updating Mangero. Just waiting for a kernel to come along and get my touchpad to work. Typing this book in the early hours of the morning used to keep me busy and give me life. Now I just daydream during the day. I did not see my usual Doctor on the 18th and I complained about the ankel cramps I get so she reduced my Risperdal. I reduced it further as I have had enough of these fucking cramps over many years, since 2003 in fact. To top it all I was quite constipated by the 18th and took too many laxatives. On the night of the 17th I was freaking out about going to G.J. Crookes and took to many Rivitrol trying to fall asleep. I was stumbling around like a drunkard but managed to sleep in shifts of thirty minutes and eventually by 06:00 the effect of the Rivitrol had worn of, never again. Let me go get a smoke. 13:28 SAST. Buying this Elantra is the biggest monatary fuck up I have ever made. 52K in the trash. It cost me 2015 ZAR to repair the water heater element and thermostat and now the 8" plates on the stove have fucked out. One has to earn at least 12K a month to stay in Pennington even though Jabu and I are living of much less. Mama time and again said that don't worry your brother will help you but all he want's to do is buy a flat in Scottburgh. Let me go have a shower and wait till Jabu comes home. I don't know where summer is in Pennington as it's still fucking cold in the morning and at night. My stomach is fucked from this OD of laxatives and feels very hard even when I eat a little. I am not going to take 8K, 10K for the Elantra, I have deceided to get the head repaired. If after thirty days Mr P still does it for the same price. I hope to shit I am doing the right thing. Jabu can't carry 10 kg up the hill from the store and 15 kg from Umzinto. One day when she came back from Umzinto she gave me the bag at the gate and it was fucking heavy. 22:31, I can't sleep from all the excitement. Please Lord let me be making the right decision. I will phone Mr P tomorrow.

24/09/2021 What a morning, thinking and thinking as if I am planning some kind of mission. I deceided to repair the head as there is a chance my family members will help me with the cost. If not I am fucked. Last night I fell asleep around 21:00 SAST but tonight I cannot sleep. Updated Mageai 9 on my 250 Celeron just before midnight, last time I logged in as root was in February. Ubuntu Linux 20.04 works just fine on my 250 Celeron but is painfully slow. I don't even remember if it's a 250 what. I think I am sitting at my S145 now with Mageia 8. The uptime of my Ubuntu Linux 20.04 on my 250 was 41 days. This bipolar shit is really fucked up shit.

25/09/2021 02:21 SAST Let me go brew some coffee. It is a cool morning and my IBS hurts since I took too many laxatives. Today I need to pump up my front tires and wash my car. I am also going to empty 200 mm of water in my above ground pool and have my first swim of Spring. I will be the supervisor as Jabu's friend is coming to help me. I am wide awake, maybe I should take some Allergex as I will be fucking tired at 07:00, Jabu is fast asleep. Fucking had to have a sleepless night just when I had plans for today. Fuck the coffee I am going to drink water and have a smoke but I feel like something sweet. As I sit in my chair the pain radiates to my right kidney. This is the second time this month that I can't sleep. I am going to do the manic quiz now to see if I am depressed or mildly manic. I did the quiz and they wanted my email address, fuck them. I will tell you how I feel, I lived off Mama's pension and when the Estate will be over I don't know where I will be. No income, can't live in Malengeni as the para's will kill me so I am fucked. I have been trying to sell some furniture for three months now but have received not one call. When we moved from Johannesburg it was easy selling two thirds of the household furniture. But now that the looters have new clothes and furniture there are no takers. Over a month I had thirty seven replies to my Elanta for sale ad, like I said the average price was 12 K which the offered me. I used to pray in my pool, please Lord let no more fuck out with the Elantra and my prayers where unanswered. So now I am taking a big risk having the head repaired in the hope that what my family member said the other day that they might help me with the cost. What king of God is this that kicks one when they are down. I only listen to online Catholic Mass once or twice a week now, it has become boring. 03:04 SAST. I yearn for the good old days of AMMPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's, those where ten good years up till 2013. Now as the funds get smaller and smaller I worry more with no income. I can't deceide who to vote for on the 1st November. Christmas is just around the corner, lets hope we have our last turkey. Actually let me brew some Rooibos tea which I have been drinking since Mama passed away five months ago. I have to go to the dentist again as I have a completly loose tooth yet my teeth are not fucked from smoking as a retired dentist friend from Warsaw says I inherited Mama's teeth. I am enjoying typing again but I am really going to be fucked today with no sleep. 61 K for a fucked up Elantra and the book value is ony 43 K. The water pipes occasionally make a noise, don't know what the fuck it is. Like I said, Dorota and I drove my Datsun Pulsar from Johannesburgh to the Kruger Park then on to St Lucia by Richards bay come down to Durban and returning via PMB where we spent Xmas and back on to Johanesburgh. Those where the days where one walked out of one job and a few days later found another job. They cut the electricity in Malangeni off at 20:00 and the electricity only came back at 16:00 today. Water is free in the townships so it gets cut reguarly. How the fuck can the Minster of health get involved in a 150 million Rand scandal, he is now fired or resighned. The ANC is so corrupt they steal from the poor but I might still vote for them as I get free meds and 45 ZAR to extract a tooth. Anyway fuck it let me upload this attempt to get three hours sleep. 03:54 SAST 05:07 SAST still not sleeping. 05:27 SAST a glimmer of light in the sky, this noise of the water pipes is starting to bother me. The font looks fuzzy but I do not feel tired. Maybe I have been sleeping too much these last two months. I will not wake up Jabu with a cup of tea this morning as she drinks hot lemon water now when she wakes. The birds are chirping. I can see the buurmans car now and the street. Dit gaan a fucked up dag wees. I am just passing the time till 06:30. Was it August 2020 that I first purchased Ether and then Bitcoin, I had so much fun till they crashed in May 2021 was it. I had something to do watching the 250 G5 screen the whole day buying and selling. But now Bitcoin has crashed a bit so does not look I will get my Xmas bonus. Sunrise is officially at 05:43 so looks like it's going to be cloudy today but warm, I am looking forward to my dip in the pool. Right that's it, let me upload and have my morning brew coffee. 05:51 SAST. By 10:00 SAST we had pumped up the tires and cleaned the Elantra. It's a mission to clean the pool as the drain plug is too high. By 12:00 I should start to fill up the pool. I still have not slept a wink and don't feel tired but the weather report was incorrect and looks like I will not dip today. Jabu is at work. I did dip after all. Twice, once when the pool was half full and once when it was full. The water was ice cold. I had two power naps, one on the couch and one in bed. I then retired at 20:00, but can't sleep, it's 21:33 now, so the cookie may be crumbling. My cheeks are flushed, I took my meds but I am wide awake. Maybe the passing away of Mama and this Elantra is finally getting to me never mind not knowing where I will live when the Estate is settled. It all depends on my brother and his wife whom has been very helpful thus far. 21:39 I will try sleep again, the Allergex does not seem to be grafting. I eventually fell asleep at around 22:00 SAST and woke at..

26/09/2021 07:16 SAST Sunday, no more waking at 02:00, 03:00 these last few weeks. This bipolar is really shit, I get stressed just typing. Jabu went of to work. Let me go relax, before I have a breakdown. 10:02 SAST After having a very pleasant day updating Windows 10 on my 250 G5 and watching some movies, Jabu roasted a chicken with mash. By 21:00 I was not tired at 23:59 I was still awake. Bipolar shit. Oh yes my gum is still painful from the 08/09/2021, I looked in the mirror this morning and seem to have a piece of root still stuck in my gum. I dipped in the pool three times today, the water is refreshingly ice cold.

27/09/2021 00:52 Monday Downloading Ubuntu Linux 21.10 Beta, it's a large iso. 3.35 Gig. What I use to transfer the iso to flash drive is "dd if=some.iso of=/dev/XdA bs=1M oflag=sync status=progress". Need to get hold of a flash drive now. Ah found it. Right let's see if the S145 BIOS can handle two Ubunutu's. Debian Linux 11 live works on my S145 but needs the WIFI drivers. Right lets reboot and have a look at Ubuntu Linux 21.10 Beta. 01:17 SAST Ubuntu Linux 21.10 Beta Live, WIFI works, touchpad still does not work, nothing special new, except show apps button, once one has used one or other Linux distro for years they become quite boring. Right let me try sleep. 01:47 SAST Well it looks like sleep one night and then not the other. 04:06 SAST and I am still up. At least I am keeping myself busy. It occured to me in August 2018 if I remember correctly I could not sleep when Mama was moving from SummerHill Lodge back to Pennington. One hour to sunrise at 05:43 SAST. The weather forecast is a hot 28 C. But alas Thursday and Friday there is a 80% chance of rain and cold at 20 C. I replaced the black ink in my print device by torch light. My LED lamp does not give enough light to light up the whole room. My neck is quite tense, the Allergex did not work this time. As soon as there is enough of a glimmer of light I will go for a dip in my above ground pool. Let me call it a day and upload. 05:00 SAST. I spent the day dipping in my pool. I noticed at 05:32 SAST that the pool water was murky white, the pool floater is faulty. I finally retired at 20:05 and missed our TV show"s Generations and Uzalo. I woke at...

28/09/2021 02:06 SAST Tuesday Let's hope the pesky monkeys don't rip apart our trash today. Bitcoin fluctuates between 40K and 44K USD per coin since yesterday. When I could not sleep last Friday night I updated Microsoft Windows 10 on my HP 250 G5, the update went smoothly and quickly. So at about 02:30 SAST I deceided to update Microsoft Windows 10 on my Lenovo i5 S145. The update took three and one half hours. There was also a BIOS update from Lenovo for my S145 which I flashed from Microsoft Windows 10. Going into the Bios after the BIOS flash I lost my EFI boot entries for Mageai 8 and Mangero 21. I managed to update grub on my Mageai 8 partition and now have a boot sequence for Ubuntu, Mageai 8 and Microsoft Windows 10 in the BIOS EFI as well as in GRUB. Well done Lenovo, another fuck up by you guys. It is beyond the scope of my knowledge to get Mangero 21 to boot but I will try later in the week. At 07:05 SAST I went for my morning dip. The day passed quickly, dipping a few times. I will see if I can fall asleep tonight. 21:12 SAST. No such luck so at 23:00 SAST I downloaded EndeavourOS also based on Arch and then trashed my Mangero 21 installation. Now I have all my boot entries in my EFI BIOS section. I had a quick look at EndeavourOS and will test it out when I have time (If I wake between 02:00 and 03:00) or I don't sleep. SAST now. Friday night no sleep, Saturday night sleep, Sunday night no sleep, Monday night sleep, Tuesday night no sleep.

29/09/2021 02:46 SAST Wednesday Been awake all night. My Doctor said I should increase my Epilum and see how it goes after a week. I wanted to increase my Camcolit as well but she said just the Epilum. I took 2 mg Rivitrol yesterday morning at 08:00, 2 mg at 13:00, 2 mg at 16:00 and 2 mg at 21:30, my Doctor said no. Yet my back of my neck was not stressed yesterday. As I type I can feel the stress in my neck building up and the top part of my spine. After this fuck up with the BIOS flash Ubuntu linux 21.04 and Mageai 8 will not suspend again. It's raining and the forecast is rain for a week.02:58 SAST let me go relax at the TV. Sometime I fell asleep on the couch and woke at 04:43 SAST. 05:00 SAST let me upload now. At 06:00 I took 2 mg Rivitrol and fell asleep on the couch as Jabu was bathing then cooking breakfast. I woke up one hour later. I then had a power nap in the afternoon. The whole day the TV was on with the sound muted except when Jabu and I watched Generations and Uzalo. At 23:00 I started to watch Adults only but fell asleep and woke at 01:06 SAST. I spent a bit of time this morning trying to get my router to graft. I had no connectivity.

30/09/2021 01:06 SAST Thursday First I brewed myself some Rooibos tea, I have been drinking Rooibos tea since Mama passed, we buy in bulk so there was quite a bit of Rooibos tea left over when Mama passed away in April 2021. I then brewed my fav filter coffee brew and let me top up with some more Rooibos tea now, normal tea tastes aweful to me now. I can hear the gentle rain coming down. 03:17 SAST, I will have to drain my pool a bit from all this rain the last two days. 03:22 SAST Now for a sip of my delicious large mug of Rooibos tea and a fag. Must have smoked eighty these last twenty four hours. Depression, stable, mild mania, moderate mania, severe mania and psychotic. Looks like I was depressed the last forty days (slept much too much) and am now suffering from mild mania as I cannot sleep. As I type I enjoy my fag and my cuppa. 03:33 SAST. A bit under two hours till sunrise. 04:32 SAST time for a mug of Ricoffy. Been watching YouTube. 04:47 SAST Bitcoin has gone up by 2000 USD per coin, Ether is at 2971 USD per coin. Will I get my Xmas bonus with the crypto. It should rain all day today what we really need it. Friday should be cloudy but warm in Pennington and the school holidays begin. 05:22 SAST Mageia 8 is still tops for me followed by Ubuntu Linux 21.04 on my S145. Ubuntu Linux 21.10 will be released on the 14th of October 2021. In my day Arch was not popular. I am a Mandrake guy progressing to Mandriva and then Mageia. 05:42 SAST let's call it a day and upload. I spent most of my morning chatting via email to the executor of the estate as I did yesterday. My brother said previously that he might take a loan out and pay the estate duty and taxes. We then sell the house in Pennington and I move in to the CBD of Scottburgh. That will be the last of Jabu. How sad to loose ones wife over an estate. Jabu would be working for taxi money if she had to come stay with me in Scottburgh. The taxi's from Scottburgh go via Park Rynie then to Umzinto. Then another taxi to Pennington from Umzinto which are few and far between. 21:53 SAST everytime I climb into bed I start thinking. Just can't sleep. There is quite a wind right now and we had a rainy day. What shall I do tonight to pass the day till 06:00 tomorrow. Well there is a kernel for Ubuntu Linux 20.04 so I ma updating it on my 250 G5. Takes a while on a Celeron. Only the next few days will tell if I progress to moderate mania the severe mania. My Doctor told me today to take Camcolit bd. But these are not wonder drugs they take a while to kick in. 22:00 SAST let me go see how my 250 G5 is doing, it will need a reboot so I rebooted into Microsoft Windows 10 just for the fuck of it and to change my passphrase. I will now try to retire at 22:28 SAST.

01/10/2021 05:26 SAST Friday After having a good nights sleep I woke at 05:26 SAST. What a day I had. The legal aid company I am with said that they had not received there subs so I spent the whole morning emailing proof of payments and such instead of relaxing. At 18:45 my brother called and he still insists on selling Mama's house. At first in the previous months he offered we buy a bachelor flat for me in Scottburgh. He kept Whatsapping me flats for sale in Scottburgh. He says he only has funds for his immidiate family. So soon Jabu and I will be moving out of Pennington into a 45 square CBD flat or similar for me. Jabu will go back and stay at her mother's house and I will see her on weekends if she is not working, that is if the flat story does not change. My brother changes his mind often. Let no man break apart a marriage made before God. I will have to sell all the furniture and beds, headboards as a queen size extra length with headboard will not fit into a 26 square flat in Freeland Park. I have good experience of flat and house hunting from 2017/2018 when my brother first put Mama's up for sale whilst Mama stayed at Summerhill Lodge. Jabu says the landlords will not let us rent a room in Malengeni as I am likely to be killed. The house we rented in iNkompo earlier in the year before the riots was too far from the main road and my car would not get to the house in the rain. The house was also not near to other houses so it was a security risk even though the house was quite large. We wasted three months rent with option to buy on that house that's 1500 ZAR x 3. Mama said when she was alive "don't worry your brother will look after you". Tonight will be a sleepless night. Except as I said I fell asleep on my couch for and hour and one half.

02/10/2021 02:49 SAST Saturday Just woke up off the couch. Could not sleep again. Every time I lay down in bed I start thinking. So I watch TV or keep myself busy with the S145 or 250 G5. Hard to believe I earned in the region on average 18 000 ZAR in the mid nineties. My bookkeeper said I also made a good profit with AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's since 2003 till 2010. Now since 2013 I am unemployed with two BPMD psychotic episodes in Pennington. The time Doctor Ndlovo sent me to Umzimkulu I was not psychotic. 03:50 SAST. It's still raining quite hard, I can hear the rain through my open window. Will have to drain the pool a bit today. At least I swam or rather dipped last Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. The pool is 2.59 m x 1.7 m x 610 mm. Thunder in the background. Yesterday I sold all my Bitcoin and Ether and of course today the price went up. Don't give a fuck anymore with this Bitcoin and Ether. I made my 24 K in January and lost 13 K in May. Most probably find Bitcoin will go up to 100 000 USD per coin at Xmas. I am waiting till the 15th October to see what the price will be and maybe buy Bitcoin and Ether again. 04:13 SAST time for a mug of Rooibos tea. Still raining, now pouring. I don't remember how I drove out of the sliding gate in my Merc C180 as the runner gets full of soil washed down by the rain. When the Elantra was running after the heavy rain we had for three days in July I had to grab a spade and remove the soil to be able to open the sliding gate. Now the Elantra has been sitting outside in the rain for forty days with offers of 8 to 15 K to purchase it stripped. In total including the 28 K I purchased it for from Mark T. Pillay the car has cost me 52 K. If I put in a reconditioned head cylinder the total cost of the car will be 61 K in ZAR. Then the clutch plate or computer may fuck out knowing my luck. 04:51 SAST at 04:55 SAST I will upload. Warmed some pap and half a russian for breakfast with Jabu's famous gravy. Mr P came at 07:56 with his tow truck in pouring rain to take my car to his workshop. He found a second hand head cylinder. Car should be ready by Monday/Wednesday if I am lucky. I am taking out a loan from a friend to repair the Elantra. Been sitting all morning and thinking, my brother might change his mind about a flat and he does not want to keep Mama's house as an investment as he says it's a dump just like he said the house Jabu and I where renting in iNkompo was a shit hole. But it was a good price at 90K. At least if my car is running I can sleep in it. I will miss Mama's house and Pennington. We have been here ten years in March next year, by the the estate should be finalized and Mama's house on sale. I am hungry, let me have the leftover pap and russian. 12:45 SAST Jabu gets home from work at 14:47 and we spend a quite evening together, quite as in pissed of with each other. Over money of course. At 20:00 I retire and wake at ...

03/10/2021 00:20 SAST Sunday Not much sleep. I am drunk when I get up with the extra dosage of meds I am taking. Some updates on Mageia 8. 00:54 going to download the latest PCLinuxOS and see if it works on my S145 machine. 02:17 SAST Works but I changd mirrors too many times with "wget" so the iso is fucked the md5sum is incorrect. Don't fancy EndeavourOS so I reinstalled Mangero 21. 04:44 SAST time to have a break, will configure Mangero 21 later. After breakfast I took my meds as usual and fell asleep on the couch. When I woke up at 10:16 I watched Catholic online Mass, rather long as it has the Rossary bit at the beginng. I am not much of a Catholic as I only started to go to Scottburgh Catholic Church in 2016 when Mama's stayed at SummerHill lodge till August 2018. I always seem to fall ill in August or September as the season changes in Pennington. These days I watch Channel O with the sound muted. Once Jabu comes back from work we have sound. Jabu asked me to cook two fried eggs this morning. Jabu cooks one egg at a time but I just chucked two eggs into the frying pan and they came out great, mine sunny side up and Jabu's well done. Jabu also asked me to cut the whole chicken into pieces and boil it but I only managed to cut off two drumsticks and wings, the rest I boiled whole, we will see if there will be shit to play when Jabu comes home from work but she is going to pick the meat off the bones anyway and cook Chicken a la King. Was lovely a few weeks back with mushrooms and mushroom sauce from a packet. Fucking boils, I am now getting a boil on my left testicle, two weeks ago I had a very painful huge boil under my left armpit and I have a seeping boil in my right groin area. I can put my cock on the block that's it's the meds that cause these boils. 13:22 SAST I better go have lunch. Leftover potatoes and wors. I forgot to mention that Friday last I redeived a traffic fine in the post. Remember I swapped my TSR for labour on the Elantra. The guy who took the bike never registered the TSR in his name Mr R promised that he had. 19:42 SAST been busy emailing the Durban traffic dept, my TSR is still in my name. My brother from London, UK, latest idea is from shit hole house in Malangeni he called it to Scottbugh but only if the flat is under 600K, then I need to move to Toti. The deal is Noah his son will inherit the flat once I die. Let's hope my friend loans me the 9200 ZAR because my brother and his wife will not even though my brother a Doctor is rolling in the march. I repeat, Mama always used to say "your brother will look after you". I retired at 21:50 after taking a nice hot bath in Jabu's water. She only uses a tiny bit of water in her bath. So she topped up the bath with hot water for me. I woke at 23:12 and brewed my now famous coffee. So it's 23:26 SAST now. The life of a bipolar. Thirty three minutes to go till midnight and I will download an image. The Mageia 8 image as I only have Mageai 8 Gnome on flash drive. Hold on I just checked I have Mageai Live Gnome and Plasma and the full 4.2 Gig Mageai 8. The reason I am checking is that Mageia 8 did not boot right today. Let me reboot and see if I get the same Ctrl-D error. 23:36 SAST Mageia 8 KDE Plasma just booted fine this time. 23:43 SAST. Friday my brother suggested a flat in Durban for Jabu and I. Sunday night a flat in Amanzimtoti if the flats in Scottburgh are more than 600K, I don't know why he is bent on selling Mama's house like he tried to in 2016. Anyway like I said Jabu and i can't afford to stay in Pennington we are 2600 ZAR short plus food, fucking SASSA would not give me my disability grant. Lets hope I get my Elantra back soon and it does not give me any shit so at least I can sleep in the Elantra.

04/10/2021 00:00 SAST Monday I will now upgrade Ubuntu Linux 21.04 to Ubuntu Linux 21.10 even though the official release date of Ubuntu Linux 21.10 is the 14th October 2021. I started the upgrade at 00:15 SAST and at 01:00 SAST I made a grave faux pax when the installation was almost finished. I had the option to remove thirty eight obsolete packages and instead of hitting Y I hit D for details, I should have hit the escape key to get out of there I am sure but I fucked up forty five minutes of upgrading. So I did a fresh install of Ubuntu Linux 21.10 Beta. 02:35 SAST. It's 02:59 SAST, I will try sleep. Slept till 05:00 SAST exactly. I can see the road and so far it looks dry even though there is a 80% forecast chance of rain today. The birds are chirping in lovely tranquil Pennington. Hopefully before Wednesday I will have my Elantra back. It's been approx 45 days since the Elantra was last running. If my friend borrows me 9200 ZAR it will be just gnarly as Jabu and I will have more money to pay the Electricity, Water, Rates and general bills as well as food. I have taken a big risk in sending in the Elantra for repairs before my brother or friend borrow me the bucks. 05:56 SAST time to brew Jabu some hot lemon water. 06:05 SAST lets call it a day. At 12:15 Mr P contacts me and says he will bring the Elantra to my house with a driver. He phones again at 14:35 and says he will not bring my car as he has found another problem and will let me know at 09:00-10:00 tomorrow. Why do you keep on kicking me when I am down. I was so happy to get my car back. I will not be listening to online Mass and Morning surrender anymore, there is no fucking God. If there is a God she is one mother fucking cruel bitch. And I will stop praying every day, the more I pray the bigger the fuck ups. I had more luck and enjoyment in life when Mama was alive and Jabu lived here. I retire at 20:00 SAST....

05/10/2021 00:58 SAST Tuesday I find it difficult to get out of bed with this increased dosage of meds. I am now taking 800 mg Epilum bd, 200 mg Camcolit in the morning, 400 mg Camcolit nochte, 1 mg Risperdal nochte and 1 mg Rivitrol bd. I will now proceed to watch a movie, of course Bitcoin was 42 000 USD per coin when I sold the other day and now it's at 49 300 USD per coin, cruel fucking bitch. According to my smart phone I have not had a crap since 27/06/2021 unless I forgot to make an entry. Movie time. 02:00 SAST. Fuck the movie let me boot into Ubuntu Linux 21.10 Beta and see if there are any updates the I will boot into Mangero 21 and configure. 02:22 SAST. 02:55 SAST I have updated Ubuntu Linux 21.10 Beta, maybe a little bit early in the morning SAST and am in Mangero 21.1.4. Let me install aspell so my html editor spell check works. I am feeling much better since my increase in meds and soon will be stable again, I am between stable and mild mania now. Just last year and earlier this year I could satisfy Jabu in bed, now for the last two month's the herbs don't even work, never mind I have not come in month's yet on occasion obtain morning glories. 03:52 SAST let me have a break from the screen after almost four hours. Climbed back into bed at 03:52 SAST but could not sleep, thinking too much, It's now 04:35 SAST and pouring with rain, I am brewing my special coffee. Might as well go down living it up. I await 09:00-10:00 SAST today to hear from Mr P regarding my Elantra. I pray it's not another dreaded call like I received forty five days ago from Mr P, telling me that my cylinder head cannot be skimmed anymore as it's too thin, one can only skim a head two times, three if you are lucky. Brendan from Scott Mech Auto's Park Rynie, send my cylinder head of to enginnering and it should never have been skimmed. Fucking Mark Pillay from Umdoni Village Minerva road Pennington, one of the guys that wanted to buy the Elantra as a non runner said Mark buys and sells cars as well as being an armed security guard for National Security. I reported Mark Pillay to my legal aid and he told them bush mechanics from Umzinto repaired my car, I could not pursue the matter further as I don't know his exact address. So let me calculate, 28 K for the car from Mark Pillay and 34 K to repair as of tomorrow as I owe Mr P 9500 ZAR. Please please Lord let this next fuck up Mr P found yesterday not be a major expense. I will find out this morning. 05:08 SAST still pouring with rain. Sunrise at 05:31 SAST but there will be no sun. April 2012 till 5th December 2012 that fateful day I half rolled my Merc C180 we (Jabu and I) used to leave for the beach just before sunrise with the three K9's and walk the beach from Botha's house till Salmon drive or before the river, I don't remember. What fantastic sunrises coming up over the Indian ocean. I love K9's and we lost three in Pennington, Hiya my Datushund was my favourite. She used to sleep at the bottom of the bed by my feet in Pennington and in Johannesburgh. If it was not a mortal sin to commit suicide I would be dead long ago. Never know maybe it's still coming. A life insurance company wanted to insure my life for 2600 ZAR per month because I am bipolar. I will get back to you later in the morning and inform you what the damage to my Elantra is now, time to brew Jabu some hot lemon water. 05:52 SAST. I changed my mind, I am now watching the Rosary and Holy Catholic Mass. 15:32 SAST. Jabu should be home soon and Mr P said I will Have my Elantra tomorrow. Mr P started to strip the cylinder head at 08:58 SAST. for the second time. I retired at 21:11 SAST and woke at 23:14 SAST. Brewed some coffee and waiting till midnight. I took a laxative at 08:00 SAST and at 19:30 SAST it worked. A record eight days without passing a stool. I am now listening to the backend of today's Holy Mass. 23:45 SAST. I really don't know why Mageai 8 has dropped to position 29 on, Mageai 8 was 20 a little while back. This is not very accurate. Bitcoin sits at 51 769 USD per coin. 23:58 SAST.

06/10/2021 00:00 SAST Wednesday Still listening to Holy Catholic Mass. I am eagarly awaiting my Elantra back today. Monday Mr P said he will deliver my Elantra. I don't know about today, like I said I went ahead and had a cylinder head fitted as a friend said he will borrow me 9200 ZAR, nada coming from my brother at all. 00:13 SAST the holy Catholic Mass has ended. 00:50 SAST paid some bills. 01:10 SAST retired to bed but could not fall asleep by 02:05 SAST so I got up and updated Debian 10 on my 250 G5. It's been raining all morning. 05:06 SAST I regret that I did not purchase Bitcoin on the 21st September 2021 at 40 000 USD per coin. Right now Bitcoin sits at 51 545 USD per coin. In less than one hour I will brew Jabu her hot lemon water. My loose tooth is starting to hurt the last week. The African lady Dentist at GJ Crookes said I will be back. If I get the Elantra back today I will go see the Dentist at GJ Crookes sometime. Almost sunrise, officially at 05:30 SAST, I slept two hours last night and up all this morning. The birds have started to chirp. Jabu drinks her hot lemon water in the bath. 05:55 SAST I will let you know if the Elantra arrives today. No such luck at 16:15 Mr P phones me and tells me they sold him a faulty head cylinder. I retired after Uzalo TV series at 21:15 SAST. This morning, my brother said he will loan me the funds to fix my cylinder head, I knew he would that's why I handed in the Elantra earlier....

07/10/2021 02:01 SAST Thursday MR P will call me this morning. I am leaving for GJ Crookes this morning at 07:00 via shuttle to have my tooth extracted and to see my Doctor about giving me an anti psyhchotic injection. At least I slept five hours, the Allergex helped so did the fact that I had only slept two hours yesterday. The shuttle was at my house at 06:50 to collect me, by 07:15 I was standing in the q at GJ Crookes to be screened, a long q. The they stopped letting the folks in as the waiting room for the file collection was full, by then my lower back had excruciating pain from standing. The driver was still there and we drove to Checkers where we waited for thirty minutes till Checkers store opens at 08:00 SAST. We then proceeded to look for a dentist after thirty minutes shopping. I went to Tiara village off Scott street but my Dentist had closed his rooms. The next Dentist could only see me at 15:30 SAST. So we went back to GJ Crookes. There was no screening q but what a q for ones file. I went to the Dentist to sit down and wait as there where fifteen people standing in the q and many more seated. At 10:07 SAST the driver came to collect me. We where home before 10:30 SAST. I was hot and undressed to my boxer shorts. Mr P junior dropped off my groceries later. Jabu arrived home at 17:18 as there where mo taxi's being children's grant day. Jabu retired at 22:00 and I watched TV till 00:00 SAST.

08/10/2021 00:01 SAST Friday I have been in front of the screen drinking my Rooibos tea since 00:01 SAST. Looks like another sleepless night. Did some backups and will now try sleep. Took two Allergex. 01:47 SAST. 02:24 SAST, no I can't fall asleep. I am on Mageai 8 now on my S145 and will reboot to Ubuntu Linux 21.10 Beta, for some reason my encrypted flash drive does not want to mount on Mageai 8, nor does my Samsung smartphone. Only on Ubuntu Linux 20.04 and better. The encrypted flash drive mounts on Ubuntu Linux 21.10 Beta. I was writing a long email to my brother which will follow. 03:31 SAST.

Pennington-Scottburgh-Pennington-Park Rynie-Scottburgh-Toti-Durban-iNkompo.

If I had a 45K deposit now, never mind that it is unsafe with all the unemployment in KZN I would go and buy that "shithole" "shack" in iNkombo.

I forgot the size since I measured it but the lounge can take two large couches and the one leather look armchair of yours. Plus my three coffee tables I purchased from a school friend in JHB way back where the TV sits.

The large bedroom can easily take my Queen size extra length headboard and mattress as well as Mama's dressing table. We would just have to purchase clothes cupboards.

The kitchen is small and rather crampted but can take two fridges and a gas stove.. The place has a dish and outside toilet. Unfortunatly my elecronic Whirlpool fridge is a fridge only as I have never had a technician look at it since I purchased it in JHB. The KIC fridge of yours had to be repaired under warranty as well as my Defy fridge/freezer.

On the side of the property there is a level piece of ground to put my 2.59 x 1.70 x 600mm pool.

Work to be done is to put in a gate as the property is fenced off. She wanted 90K for the house through the Induna route which you don't understand.

I know the house is still available but it's a bargain for the size and wonderful views of the hills of Malangeni. One can see the N2, the traffic noise bothers me at first even though the house is far from the N2.The owner is fixing the house up so she might want more.

This option would put less strain on your budget and you were quite happy when you saw the pics of the braai.

What do you think?

08/10/2021 03:46 SAST Friday Today I leave by shuttle for the Pennington Clinic to fetch my meds at 11:45 SAST then I might pop in to the local store to purchase powerball tickets and lotto tickets. Jabu is working Saturday but not Sunday so we might go down to the beach on Sunday. I forget what time I retire but it was around 22:00 SAST and I wake at ....

09/10/2021 04:12 SAST Saturday Had an excellent night"s sleep. Brewing my brew right now. Going to reboot into Mageia 8 now. 04:50 SAST. 05:52 SAST She still wants 90K for the house, I offer Miss A 10%, she said she will accept 10K deposit, I will set up the paper work during the course of the week. Can't expect Jabu to work seven days a Jabu a week sometimes and do the house work, so her cousin arrives at 07:50 SAST to do the housework. Jabu and I deceide to have a maid once a month. Jabu returns from work at 13:55 SAST Bitcoin is sitting steady at 54 440 USD per coin. Load shedding again till Thursday, at 22:02 SAST ESC kills the power in Pennington. I turn on the lantern and keep myself busy on my smart phone till 23:45 SAST when I retire...Addendum, All hell broke loose this week. I asked my brother must have been forty days back for a loan to repair my Elantra so this week he gives me the loan, On the same day I receive a loan from three sources by using my link in this book as a donation. I am flaber gasted. To top it all, one morning at 03:00 SAST approx, I after eighteen years fill out my shares documents and they are approved this week. I receive a healthy amount in dividents. I don't know how all this occured in the same week. I now have 10K deposit for Miss A and 9500 ZAR for Mr P to fit a cylinder head, thanks to all. I already paid Mr P 1800 ZAR for stripping.

10/10/2021 03:25 SAST Sunday Like I said Jabu has today off, pity I don't have my Elantra as we could have gone to the beach. Mr P said I will have my Elantra by Thursday. 04:49 SAST Jabu will be relaxing and sleeping late today. She said she want's to cook beef stew and phutu today, normally it's roast chicken day. I wanted to go see our prospective house we are going to purchase this afternoon but Miss A is rarely online that's why I need our agreement in writing as well as a trip to the iNduna again. It's amazing that I can do with so little sleep, yesterday I fell asleep on the couch whilst Miss D was doing the house work. I don't feel tierd now but I am sure I will have a power nap later. I can see the sky now and the birds are chirping. I dipped last week. The pool was full of leaves. I took a laxative last night as it has been five days. 05:06 SAST time for a mug of Rooibos tea. 05:11 SAST , I can clearly see the road as well as the many tress on Mama's property she left my brother and I, pity I don't have enough bucks to stay in Pennington, I love it here, especially Mama's house. The weather will be good this week and the kids go back to school tomorrow. It will be a hard life in iNkompo if the deal between Miss A and I goes through. There is a tap on the property but the water supply is only turned on at certain times. ESC turns the off the electricity reguarly. No rates and taxes to pay. This is my oppurtunaty to have my own house and Jabu will inherit the house if I die first. 05:24 SAST my feet feel rather cold without socks on and I am wearing my long john's and jersey. Let me go do a ESC meter reading, it's the 10th. 06:08 SAST let me go relax on my couch. 12:10 SAST Jabu and I with the shuttle driver leave for iNkombo. 2 km from the turnoff tar road at Selbourne gate number 2. THe shuttle driver and I take measurements of the house and I draw a plan. Bit rusty, last time I used CAD was in 1998. But now we know which furniture to take with and which to sell. We are back home within an hour. We have Phutu and beef stew for supper. At 19:15 SAST I finally have a crap, more like having a baby. Around sunset Jabu falls asleep on the couch and I leave the luminaires off. Busy negotating a deal with my brother. He insists I move into a flat in Scottbrgh which will be in his name and his sun will inherit when I die. Jabu and I will be split. I rather take my chances with the "shithole" "shack" at iNkombo. Miss A did not repair the broken windows and leaking roof as she said she would. We are due to sign an offer to purchase this week and put down a 10K deposit to secure till Mama's house is sold. God willing the para's will not stab me to death at iNkombo. I can't remember what time I retired but I took my meds at 20:10 SAST so must have been around 21:00 SAST What a Sunday and last week, what a week.....

11/10/2021 01:24 SAST Monday I love being mildly manic mixed with a bit of depression. The depression part I do not like. 02:26 SAST so I am back at typing my book these last few weeks, Bitcoin sits at 54 686 USD per coin. 02:28 SAST. We will see on the 15th and or 18th what Bitcoin will do, either Bitcoin will crash or shoot up. I have made many mistakes with crypto these last thirty days. Especially on the 21/09/2021 when Bitcoin was at 40 O00 USD per coin I should have purchased then but one learns. Mama when she was alive always said "don't worry your brother will help you out when I die" Mama was incorrect, it's every man for himself. Even though my brother, a rich snob who has his own problems and does not want my hassles, promised me in writing tp purchase a flat for me in Scottburgh, then if it cost's more than 500K a flat in Toti, then he stated Jabu and I should go live in Durban where the maid's get work six days a week. The flat would be in my brother's name and his son would inherit it. I arranged Mama's:


11/10/2021 03:15 SAST Monday Coffee mug finished, time to brew my Rooibos, I don't actually brew my Rooibos tea, I put in one and one half brown sugar large sterling silver teaspoon and the Rooibos tea bag and add hot water, stir and leave the Rooibos tea bag in the mug and enjoy. During the day I take a long time to drink my Ricoffee and Rooibos tea so it's cold by then and I enjoy it like that, as Doctor once told me I should avoid associating something with my fag. But I drink and smoke at the same time. When I first get up in the morning I chain smoke with my filter coffee brew which I only drink once a day when I wake up. 03:36 SAST Bitcoin sits at 55 555 USD per coin. Time for a break even tough I have been listening to pop music in the background. I am awaiting the return of my Elantra with great excitement on or before Thursday from Mr P. It's still a bit chilli in the early morning's. Even though I am wearing only one jersey, no socks and my long john's. I keep my office window open to breath some fresh ocean air. Did I type that I am awaiting the days when I will be able to skinny dip in my above ground pool at around 04:00 SAST before sunrise. My pool is in it's second spring now under a enormous tree that's why the water is so cool and the material lasts, no hail here as in Johannesburg to rip the pool apart. Our buurman is also selling his house and he got his gardener to give the house one coat of paint. When was it that I supervised and planned the painting of Mama's ceilings and curtain rails, must have been September 2020. That was fun and kept me busy for a few weeks. So as my brother said whilst Mama stayed at SummerHill Lodge, you are on your own. which he implied this past weekend. Lucky the poes did not sell Mama's house as she would hve been homeless when Mama was evicted from SummrHill Lodge because the bright Doctor did not know what he was doing. I repeat, n January 2016 I said to my brother, do not send Mama to a retirement village. But Doctors know best and even advised him to send Mama to SummerHill Lodge. Marek who was Mama's caregiver and book keeper since Tata passed away in March 2006 knows fuck all. Mama went through one manic episode a year. Since 2003 till 2015 I was not an inpatient. Last night I cried again whilst I was talking to Mama out loud in front of Jabu. Mrs B said I should talk to Mama, Mrs B attended Mama's funeral. I have a shrine for Mama. I stay on Mageia 8 these days but will boot into Ubuntu Linux 12.10 Beta on the 13th just to get the last updates before the final release on the 14th of October 2021. Mangero 21 is my backup OS. I still can't get HPLIP to work on Ubuntu Linux. Lenovo's latest BIOS update fucked up amongst others my sleep on all my Linux OSes on my S145. HP is still the best for me. Even thogh my 250 G5 is so slow, I don't know why in South Africa they still sell machines with 4 Gigs of RAM. I was lucky to get 8 Gigs on my S145. There are online stores which have laptops with up to 32 Gigs of RAM but then you pay for it. 04:50 SAST the birds have jut started to chirp. A glimmer of light will appear soon. My mouth is very dry this morning, maybe it's from the Allergex. Time for some cold juice I think. Load shedding at 06:00 till 08:30 even though there was supposed to be but there was none yesterday at the same time in Pennington and Park Rynie. No juice will make me feel cold, let me have some coffee, the sky is visible. 05:00 SAST. Bitcoin is at 55 764 USD per coin and climbing. 05:09 SAST. I can see the tar road now and the traffic is picking up. Five cars per hour at this time. 28 square flat in Freeland Park, fuck. Let's hope this iNkombo deal with Miss A works out. Water is only available between 05:00 and 07:00 SAST, one baths in a basin, and ESC cuts the electricity whenever they feel like. Sometimes for days in Malangeni. But we will build a bathroom and buy a Jojo water tank. I will work out today according to the plan I drew yesterday what furniture we can take with and which to sell, now that South Africa is not on the UK red list I am sure my brother and his family will come here to make trouble. Last time he parked outside, did not greet me and looked at the roof of Mama's house. On one occasion when my brother was in Pennington he came with his wife and only invited Mama for lunch and not me. Even though he used my Whatsapp to arrange the meeting and I thought I was going with. 05:24 SAST according to me the sun has risen. I wonder if I should brew Jabu her lemon water now before ESC cut the electricity, maybe they will not like yesterday. 05:25 SAST that's all for this morning, I will upload just now. Bitcoin is now at 56 000 USD per coin, 05:27 SAST. 08:20 SAST I curse the day I purchased my Hyandai Elantra 2005 1.6 GLS from Mark Pillay of Umdoni Village Pennington, but I went through so much shit with it in the first month that now it's too late to sell at a loss and I hope Mr P gets the cylinder head right this week. 16:05 SAST Jabu's best friend comes to sleep over for the night. I retire after Uzalo TV series with Allergex at 21:05 SAST and wake at 23:49 SAST, my WI-FI is not grafting....

12/10/2021 00:53 SAST Tuesday After calling the call center and trying first to reboot and get a connection on my WI-FI router I failed. So support told me what to do. I need to wait ten minutes and turn the router on again, the SIM has been refreshed. Right ten minutes more than up wish me bon chance. 00:58 SAST I will now turn on my router. 01:08 SAST still no joy. 01:15 SAST I get my network up but reset the router through the GUI and I have no network again. I should not have reset the router to factory defaults like last time. 01:29 SAST still trying. 03:07 SAST sat with support for fifty four minutes, they will come collect the router. 03:08 SAST let me have some Rooibos tea. 04:41 SAST Turns out I need a SIM swap my SIM does not work in my smart phone. Miss S will wake at 05:00 to maybe bath and get ready to go back to Mtalumi and work. I hope they slept through all my talking on the smart phone with support. I am on Ubuntu Linux 12.10 Beta now, there was a kernel update, I thought the kernel freeze was on the 07/10/2021. Bitcoin is at 56 538 USD per coin at 05:09 SAST. Right I brewed Miss S some tea and now she is ironing her skirt. Miss S is having a bath now. 05:26 SAST Time to knock off, I am really tired. 05:18 SAST. Cannot upload at 05:27 as I have no internet connection again. Finally a internet connection at 05:42 SAST Let me upload now. At 10:00 SAST the estate agent Mrs P came to take pics of the house. At 13:00 SAST she brought along a prospective buyer. Jabu returned from work and cook a delicious meal of pap and chilli russian sausages, the russians cost only 49.99 ZAR per kg at Umzinto. I retired after Uzalo at 21:15 SAST and woke at ....

13/10/2021 03:06 SAST Wednesday. It's patch Tuesday for South Africa today on Microsoft Windows 10. Will not be doing it, don't have data now that I need a SIM swap and new router. Strange when I first came to Pennington in 2012 I had a USB dongle with three Gigs of data per month and then after three Gigs the speed would go down to 128 kbps. I as usual am drinking my Turkish brew of coffee. I feel good this morning, nice and fresh after a good night's sleep. 56 250 USD per coin at 03:53 SAST. Time for my Rooibos tea, as I said I never enjoyed Rooibos tea but since Mama passed away and we had over 160 tea bags in stock, I thought I would give it a try and now since April 2021 I have been drinking nothing but Rooibos tea and Ricoffee of course with one Turkish brew when I wake up in the morning, when I am a bit naughty I sneak in another Turkish brew during the day but very rarely. Miss A is reading my text but not replying since last Sunday, I wonder if she found another cash buyer. I am listening to my video collection which I have collected over the last eighteen years via Totem on Ubuntu Linux 21.10 Beta. Ah I just noticed the birds have started to chirp, 04:55 SAST. Yes it's been eighteen years since I opened my AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's business. Now since January 2016 it's AMMPOL IT BIPOLAR 04:57 SAST a glimmer of light in the sky again. The sky is turning a light orange as the sun rises from the East over the ocean from the beach. 05:11 SAST I see the road now I think I will take a break and go for a dip in my above ground pool. 05:24 SAST I could only dip for thirty seconds in the ice cold refreshing clean water. Odd the pool was not full of leaves like after the bad weather of last week, I had to remove a ton of leaves. What I have always liked about Totem is one can select twenty songs in a folder for instance and Totem plays them one by one. No Youtube this morning just my selection of Gigs and Gigs of music video's. Actually I have four terabytes. So take your time with the SIM swap and router. This is a pleasant break from Youtube, I will only listen to online Catholic Holy Rosary Mass later at 144p. On my one broken box I had mp3's which would play sixty four days if one left them to play on Rythymbox. 05:45 SAST Time to upload. 18:07 SAST Two Doctors said I should get exercise. The one Doctor said I should walk Jabu to the taxi rank or as far as I could walk when Jabu walks to work. We did this last spring and summer, now Jabu refuses. I hate walking alone. 21:50 SAST I just got out the shower twenty minutes ago and printed the offer to purchase. Miss A is still not responding to my Whatsapp text. 21:53 SAST Miss Asithandile Mgnadi answered that her family does not agree to the contract but she just read the contract now and has no family in iNkombo nor Malangeni nor Umzinto. Strange last Sunday she texted me that I can go to her house anytime to take measurements. Jabu still has her mattress and garden table and chairs at Miss Asithandile Mgnadi's house at Umkhmbane Hills, still from when we had a braai earlier in the year at her house whilst we where renting, and to top it all Miss Asithandile Mgnadi wanted me to transfer 10 000 ZAR on last Sunday without a written contract. Looks like I will not sleep again tonight, I am too upset, I have no where to live now once Mama's house is sold as my brother once again since January 2016 has negated on his many promises to purchase me a flat in Scottburgh in his name, leaving the flat to his son should I die. Let me go drink some Coca cola and relax in front of the TV for a while whilst I gather my thoughts. 22:27 SAST. I watched TV till after 23:59 SAST.

14/10/2021 02:10 SAST Thursday I wake up, I fell asleep on the couch for an unknown amount of time. 03:00 SAST Bitcoin sits at 57 709 USD per coin. 58 152 USD per coin at 03:13 SAST. Mama what have you done, choke to death on marshmellows, you could still be with us. Mama you where so strong. It's that heartless brother of mine and his Indian wife that want nothing to do with me now that you are dead Mama and wanted nothing to do with you in the first six month's of 2020 when we where in dire financial trouble, your pharmacy bill came to 1500 ZAR a month on average, mostly for nappies which I used to order for you.I miss you tucking me in to bed, I miss our long chat's, we both could talk, It's a pity my brother sent you flying back and forth from London to Warsaw as his wife was so rude to you, my brother even shat on his Indian wife whilst Mama was in her flat in London. Mama you returned exhausted from your overseas trip and tripped over your suitcase in July 2019 in the dark going to the loo and fractured your shoulder humorous. Maybe it was my fault that I left the suitcase there in her 25 square room. God bless you Mama, I miss you. I hope I get my car back on Friday as promised, it was supposed to be Thursday but Mr P had to go to a funeral. At least if my Elantra is running I can sleep in it. My back of my neck is stiff now, let me watch some music videos to relax. 03:48 SAST. Yesterday I sent three emmails to my brother and his wife, all the same content more or less asking if my brother purchases me a flat in Scottburgh will he pay for electricity, water, rates, levy food and my bills like internet and DSTV as well as petrol for my car and a 10 000 km service, I asked his wife to reply that they agree or disagree. My brother will after all be taking 100% of the inheritance of Mama's house and offered to purchase me a flat uner 500K ZAR in Scottburgh, if over 500K then in Toti or Jabu and I could move to Durban as there is plenty of work for maids there so Jabu and I will not be split apart, if I move to Scottburgh I will only see Jabu my wife once a month as she grafts most weekends especially during the school holidays. She likes it that way even though she gets most Sundays off. On whatsapp my brother agreed to the terms of the Scottburgh flat but not via Gmail. Wow I have not heard these songs for ages, take my self control by Laura Branigan. Better than the hip hop, rap shit they show on DSTV, the 115 ZAR package. DSTV family has Trace Urban which is quite good, we where given a free taste for ten days but the package costs 295 ZAR I believe, so I deceided to get DSTV family for a month to see how it goes, only because the package has Trace Urban, I leave it on the whole day till Jabu comes home. Here we go again almost sunrise, I feel too cold to go for a dip. I am wearing my long john's, t-shirt and two jerseys, just as I thought I was coming right. Same story, I can see the road and the sky is a blue orange colour. I did not notice when the birds started to chirp. I can't wait till tomorrow, I pray I get my car back. After all my brother did loan me in the region of 10 000 ZAR, I don't remember how much after forty days of negociations. 05:13 SAST time to call it a day. Wow my neck is tense, i need to get the massager out, Tata's. Bitcoin is at 58 180 USD per coin, 05:16 SAST enjoy your day. I will upload at 05:30 SAST. I brewed Jabu's hot lemon water at 05:50 SAST, We had fruit salad for breakfast, paw paw (complimentary of Jabu's mother), banana's and pears with yogurt. followed by one egg each and fried tomatoes, I had four slices of fresh bread, I get hungry when I work all night. Let me check when last I had a shit. Ah ha, I last dumped on the 12/10/2021, I will need to take the laxative tomorrow, I am not going to leave it for five to eight days anymore. I was a bit cold this morning, I am waiting for a courier but eventually passed out after 10:00 SAST and had a shave and a swim when I woke, it's stifling hot, we have a power failure now since 11:20 SAST. Lucky I just managed to brew my Rooibos tea, I only purchased it when it's on special at 37 ZAR not when it's 58 ZAR for eighty bags. At 12:01 SAST my SIM swap arrived. 12:14 SAST let me proceed to insert the SIM into the router. Thanks guys once it was activated it worked, I wonder if someone did not deactivate my old SIM on purpose. We had mash and chicken livers for supper. Jabu is still upset with me because I called her a "bitch" because she would not let me walk with her to the taxi stop and to the corner so I can slowly get some excercise as my one Doctor said I should do, now that it has warmed up, last summer we used to walk together. I don't recall what time I fell asleep on the couch but I watched Trace Urban at 23:00 till, however Jabu just told me that I retired at 19:30 SAST and woke at 21:16 SAST.....

15/10/2021 01:00 SAST Friday Downloaded Ubuntu Linux 21.10 amd64 iso. Bitcoin sits at 57 311 USD per coin, 01:34 SAST. Miss MD is coming to clean the house today so it can look spick and span for the prospective buyers. I am going out at 09:00 to see a private Doctor, Doctor D whom I usd to see in 2012 till early 2014 when I had a medical plan. It's amazing I have not gone bonkers with the little sleep I am having, I was mild manic a few days ago. But soon I will be tired. 01:15 SAST I booted into Manjero 21 and updated 76 packages via the command line. While they where updating I went to bed to sleep and woke at 04:26 SAST. Bitcoin now sits at 59 166 USD per coin at 05:00 SAST. For the first time since I installed Mageai 8 X frooze at 05:10 SAST, had to hard reboot and back in Mageia 8 now, hope I am not been hacked again. Bitcoin is going crazy it now sits at 59 076 USD per coin. The sun has risen and looks like a beautiful day to be, I will brew Jabu's hot lemon water at 05:55 SAST. Will Bitcoin hit 60 000 USD per coin before I leave home at 09:00 SAST via shuttle. Such a peaceful place Pennington, I love the sound of the birds chirping, but beware as it gets hotter it's nyoka season. I will miss Pennington. I have alredy seen a nyoka on Mama's steps by her impatients and one on the front security gate on coming home with the Elantra this year. Bitcoin has climbed to 59 350 USD per coin 05:48 SAST. I have been cheating these last twenty four hours and have had four Turkish brews. 06:07 SAST now time for some Rooibos tea. At 08:48 I left to see my old private Muslim Doctor, I use dto see him in 2012-early 2014 when I had a medical plan. We ariived at 09;15 SAST so I waited till 10;00 then phoned him. In the meantime the nurse took my BP which was fine 135/95 and my blood sugar which was 6.6. Doc D altered my script he said I was taking too much shit and gave me a Valium injection as well as Valium pills and some others. Doc D is a dispensing Doctor. I fell asleep at 19:30 SAST and woke at 23:12 SAST. Maybe the pills and injection need some time to kick in. At 16:00 SAST Bitcoin hit 60 000 USD per coin.

16/10/2021 00:53 SAST Saturday I enjoy waking early but not as early as 23:12 SAST, 02:00-03:00 SAST is fine for me. I made a big fuck up the other day, I was sitting in my fav armchair, the one I used to sit in SummerHill Lodge when I visited Mama, the lid of the 250 G5 Celeron was closed and I bumped a huge mug of coffee on the laptop. I quickly cleaned the 250 G5 Celeron three times with a damp cloth, It has not been so clean in years but coffee was pissing out all over the place from the 250 G5 Celeron, my brother did not want to take out contents insurance, he as usual ignored my email about paying 50/50 for the insurance then told me on Whatsapp that insurance in London is cheaper, fuck looks like everything in the UK is cheaper than in South Africa. If we get cleaned out now I loose everything never mind the load shedding can fuck up the electronic stuff. I told him I will hold him liable. 02:14 SAST I retire to bed and wake at 06:33 SAST. Bitcoin is at 926 655 ZAR per coin at 06:56 SAST. Will Bitcoin hit 1 000 000 ZAR per coin this weekend. 61 726 USD per coin at 07:00 SAST Will Bitcoin break April's 2021 record high of 64 870 USD per coin. It's going to be a cool weekend with rain forecast for today and tomorrow. No dipping. So in total I slept six hours. Jabu is not going to Umzinto for shopping today but will have a well earned weekend off. I will be watching the Bitcoin price this weekend so I don't loose another 13 000 ZAR like I did in May 2021 when Bitcoin crashed. 07:31 SAST no rootkits on Mageia 8 for a change. According to Mr P last night my radiator was totally blocked, took the whole radiator out, he said I will get my Hyandai Elantra today. I am trying to print to my print device a pic I found of Tata, Mama and three of there closed passed away friends whom I knew very well but the page on Ubuntu Linux 21.10 and on Mageia 8 keeps printing in black and white. I am drinking Ricoffee now let me go brew some Rooibos tea and I see Jabu has a phone call. Sorry it was my Cubot Manito. I need to remember to take some laxatives this morning. Bitcoin is at 62 131 USD per coin. 07:55 SAST. Last time I dumped was on the 12/10/2021 08:30 SAST so I want to try the laxative every three days now but I forgot last night so I will take it this morning. 08:10 SAST Let me go enjoy my Rooibos tea whilst watching Trace Urban. Jabu and I spent a pleasant day together. We had mince and rice for lunch. Mr P as promised got a driver to drop of the Elanta at my brother's and my house at 18:00 SAST. We has a long chat at the dinner table and Mr P said he knows Mark Pillay for fifteen years. Unfortunatly.

cylinder head replacement

16/10/2021 20:46 SAST Saturday Bitcoin has fallen to 60 969 USD per coin, I can't stay up all night watching the monitor. I will try and retire now now. 22:15 SAST.

17/10/2021 02:23 SAST Sunday Woke up for a piss and checked the time on the microwave, 02:23 SAST perfect. 02:43 SAST let me fetch my morning brew. So to sum up on the 7th September 2021, I did not sleep the whole night almost, I took 14 mg of Rivitrol but still could not sleep, Mr Google says one can take up to 20 mg of Rivitrol in 24 hours, I had an appointment at the psych clinic on the 8th September 2021. The shuttle came to pick me up on the 8th September 2021 and we where at GJ Crookes by 07:30. I was screened and went to the psych clinic and left my file and bag on one off the seats where the patients where sitting right next to each other, no social distance. I then told the Sister I a going for my vaccination. My Doctor had no arrived yet, she normally arrives at 08:00. I was already registered so the vaccination process in the underground car park went quite quickly. On my return to the psych clinic, believe or not I was next in q. Today there where two Doctors and I did not see my normal Doctor, Doc K. The young Indian GP reduced my Risperdal from 2 mg at night to 1 mg as I complained of ankel cramps. She also gave me Norflex bd. I then proceed to Dentist. Mt friendly African Dentist was on duty and extracted one off my top teeth, she said I will be back as my teeth where loose. She gave me a local anesthetic spray first before the injection as I complained that the injections hurt. This time I did not feel the injections at all. She extracted the tooth after pulling and pulling but I felt no pain like the last two extractions where the teeth where infected. She said I will be back. And true as fuck I have one loose tooth which wiggles when I touch it but I have yet to go to have it extracted. I was at GJ Crookes on the 7th October but the q was too long so I went shopping to Checkers and came back and found the waiting room full, social distance plus around fifteen folks standing. I asked my African lady Dentist if I could have my tooth extracted without my file, she said no, so I collected my blue card at reception and fucked off home. I was home early. The 8th September was a miracle, everything proceeded like clock work except that I had a dry socket and pain for three weeks. On the 7th October we did go to my dentist in Tira village but he had closed down 03:20 SAST Bitcoin sits at 60 989 USD per coin. It's a bit chilli's with my window open so I am wearing two jerseys and my long john's but no socks. The weather forecast is 18 C and rain for today, typical, the weekend and I cannot dip. i now have my 61 K ZAR Hyundai Elantra 1.6 GLS parked in front of my office, I am very pissed off that the job was not finished by Mr P correctly, he should have rather finished the job and given me my car back on Monday night. I have had only three smokes, I am so busy typing, 03:46 SAST Bitcoin sits at 61 249 USD per coin. Let me have a Youtube music break. Ah what a nice Rooibos tea break, God bless you Mama, may your soul be resting in peace. I used to brew Mama Rooibos tea a couple of times a day in her fav pot. Soon it will be the 21st October, six months since Mama has no longer been with us. I am on my own with Jabu, my brother stated he only has bucks for his family. Even though after forty days he did loan me bucks to repair my cylinder head. We will see how the Scottburgh flat deal works out, Jabu and I will be split up, I prefer to stay in Pennington. Same bucks for water, electricity, rates, levy, bills and food. Poor naive Mama, she thought my brother would help me out once she passes. He is rolling in the bucks but it's his Indian wife that calls the shots. Before the estate agents got involved my brother refused a very good offer for Mama's house, now he will pay 35K ZAR commission to the estate agent. Bitcoin sits at 61 240 USD per coin, 05:08 SAST. Right just finished my Rooibos tea, lets have some Riccoffe. How time flies, almost sunrise. What a pleasant sight, I can see my Elantra from my office window now. It's been raining. 61K ZAR the Elantra has cost me plus 350 ZAR to repair the lazy starter, the Elantra did not even idle yesterday evening. The birds are chirping again. Cold rainy day forecast as I said. 05:29 Bitcoin sits at 61 271 USD per coin. Fucking buurmans cats sit in my engine to keep warm during the day, kittens that is. At least its not rats. 06:07 SAST let me upload. I retired at 21:45 and woke at...

18/10//2021 00:13 SAST Monday Usual Turkish brew but as my brew was brewing I checked out my smart phone for messages and the Bitcoin price which is now at 02:08 SAST 61 538 USD per coin. I brew my Turkish brew weaker now, Jabu used to brew the Turkish brew for me at 07:15 when I slept from 20:00 till 07:** SAST for two months. Let me pause the Morning surrender and deliverance prayer and brew some Rooibos tea, As the 21st of October 2021, Mama may your soul be resting in peace. Thanks for the Rooibos tea idea. 02:35 SAST Bitcoin is at 62 189 USD per coin. Let us pray, 02:43 SAST. Lets start the second day of the week with more prayer, Rosary followed by Catholic Mass, online. 03:06 SAST. My warranty for the S145 expired on the 7th September 2021, how time flies. Thank you Mama for this wonderful gift, which gave me so much hard ship in the beginning with Lenovo's fucked up BIOS updates and the touchpad and WI-FI not working at first on Linux operating systems. Maybe Linus will bring out a kernel out one day that supports the Lenovo S145 8 Gig RAM touchpad. As you know I got the touchpad to work on Ubuntu Linux but it fucks up the whole OS after a few days. Will Bitcoin go uo to 1 000 000 ZAR this week, I ask the question again. Bitcoin is climbing and just now was at 935 000 ZAR per coin. The other day Bitcoin was at 880 000 ZAR per Bitcoin. Mama used to watch Catholic online Holy Mass everyday on her Tablet but her tablet is old and faulty so on the 21st April 2021, the day she passed away she watched Mass on my S145. Her last meal was Macoroni and mince which was not her fav. She chocked to death on Marsh mellows, fuck. 21/10/2021, Thursday, will be six months since I last saw her alive. I type as I listen to Mass in the back ground, yes I can multi task. Mass is over time to upload and go back to sleep. 04:15 SAST. I woke at 05:50 SAST with no electricity from ESC. I brewed Jabu her hot lemon water and myself a mug of Riccoffee on gas. It's 07:02 SAST and Mr P left me a text via Whatsapp that he is coming to my place today. I told Mr P that my car will never go to his workshop again, I don't care if he knows all the Indian chaps from Umkomaas to Sezala or all the Metro Police, Protection services and SAPS in the area, what Mr P did was disgusting and dishonest, dumping at sunset of the 16/10/2021 my Hyandai Elantra 1.6 GLS half broken and taking 5000 ZAR cash. We will see what time he pitches. ESC sent a SMS that there is a fault in our area. Strange my tower is not working after the power outage when the tower always used to stay on for hours. Bitcoin is at 62 379 USD per coin. My battery on my S145 is at 26% as of 07:16 SAST. 24% time to sleep my S145 07:19 SAST. Mr P took my car this morning and left his Merc Vico in my carport. I bet you he will come collect his Merc Vixo tonight and say my Elantra is not ready yet. I was incorrect Mr P did drop off the Elantra at 20:00. With my old cylinder head, my jack lever and wheel spanner. Mr P now stated that it's not the starter but the battery that is no good. He drove it 12 km from his workshop and when he removed the oil cap, it seemed fine, no water, we agreed that I would drive th eElanta for a week and if the water des not mix with the oil I will be happy. Electricity came back on at 14:00 SAST. When I get too excited I cannot sleep so I watched Adult Only XXX on DSTV at 23:00 SAST....

19/10/2021 00:47 SAST Tuesday, I am drinking Rooibos tea with lemon. I am going to put my socks on and another jersey, it's rather chillies and see if the Elantra starts. 00:50 SAST Bitcoin sits at 61 857 USD per coin. 01:12 SAST the Elantra started but the temperature gauge goes up too quickly, it's over heating. Fuck, I parked the Elantra higher up in the garden just in case it is the battery and I can roll backwards a longer distance and start the Elantra in reverse rolling backwards. Before it took quite a while for the temperature gauge to move at all, but now the temperature gauge goes to 1/4 quite quickly. I need to ask Mr P about the temperature gauge when he drove from Park Rynie to Mama's house, the 12km. 02:47 SAST been listening to Rosary and Holy Catholic online Mass. 02:56 SAST Bitcoin sits at 61 926 USD per coin, that's 932 525 ZAR per coin. So looks like it was not the starter after all. I received my original cylinder head back and my jack lever. 03:12 SAST, let me try get some sleep. I wake at 04:55 SAST almost two hours sleep. I forgot to mention that I updated Micorsoft Windows 10 on my S145. The birds are chirping and I can see the road. Bitcoin is at 62 040 USD per coin at 05:06 SAST. I will go check on my Elantra just now. God willing, the Elantra will be ok now. Jabu is still fast asleep till 06:00 SAST. Jabu woke a bit early and I brewed her hot lemon water at 05:40 SAST. The Elantra started, but the DOHC 16 V cover plate is fastened with a green cable tie. The temp gauge goes to 1/4 very quickly, not like before, the temp gauge would take a mile of travel to move. I filled the water bottle with water to the top, excess will flush out. 06:00 SAST Let me get ready to upload. At 07:45 SAST I took a drive to Kelso beach and back. When I came back the dipstick was clear of water so was the oil cap. I just had to add water to the water bottle container like I said. i spent the rest of thhe day resting, I did mention to Mr P that my right front tire looses air so he put 2.4 bar in it and the left fron has 2.1 bar. The tires and air con are the only thing to sort out now as well as the starter and or the battery. However we had a 11:30 appointment with the estate agent so they pitched at 11:00 just as I was having a deep power nap. By 16:00 I was too tired to fetch Jabu from work so thank God her boss gave her a lift home, I will not drive the Elantra if I am too tired. I retired at 20:05 and woke at .....

20/10/2021 02:12 SAST Wednesday Usual Turkish brew and a couple of fags to get my nicotine levels up. Bitcoin broke the the 64 K mark per USD per coin as I slept. 02:40 SAST Bitcoin now sits at 64 079 USD per coin. Just had a kernel up date on Ubuntu Linux 21.10 so let me reboot. 02:45 SAST. Time for a mug of Rooibos tea. Jabu will wake early this morning as her Boss who is coming from overseas are arriving back, they gave me some fantastic fury sandles, jusst my size foor the winter as well as secnd hand sandles like the ones Ewa used to post to me from Germany way back. Ewa used to also post me Tabac, I now use Old Spice even though I have used Tabac my whole shaving life almost. Ewa and Krysia are back on chatting terms after I informed Krysia that Mama is dead on Whatsapp in April 2021. Ewa admitted it was wrong of her not to chat with me since the third quarter of 2020 when I announced that Jabu and I are back together again. Ewa, Jabu, my mother's only sister who is still alive and my brother said that Jabu will leave me once my funds are finished. We will see. Even though I was exhausted last night I took two Allergex pills as well as the seven other pills I take. Remember I saw Doc D last Friday and he adjusted my pills I am taking, gave me a Valium injection as well as Valium pills and some others. Unfortunatly they did not help with my sleep since last Friday. I need to go to GJ Crookes, there is an injection waiting for me there since a week now according to Doc K. I also need to have two loose teeth extracted and soon need to go for my second shot of Covid-19 vaccination. I can feel the stress in my neck now, let me go for a piss and watch some music videos on Youtube. 04:00 SAST 63 906. I was pretty pissed of yesterday after only having two hours sleep, I had a appointment with the estate agent for 11:30, two of them came at 11:00 and woke me from my power nap. The one Mr B started to ask me about the defect list I had sent to Mrs P, I don't like him, Mama did not receive a defect list in March 2012 when she purchased the property. In fact the Tereblanche's who had the property on the market for four years, layed their own tiles on the outside of the shower which fell down and cut Mama's head open. Mr B is another one of those guys who thinks his arse does not stink. There is a crack of 4 m running down the lenght of my office, he seemed to be very worried about it, the crack was there since March 2012 as Tracy cleaners removed the stinking carpet in my office. I mentioned that the carport roof is totally fucked as I had designed it 6,5m x 4,5m, in 2012 made of gumpoles and slates, two troops of monkeys had a little war on the carport roof a while back and destroyed the top slates on the west side. So as far as I can see Mama's house has three possible defects, one being the office cubboards have collapsed from a dripping outlet of the water heater, a month ago a new thermostat and element where fitted, the carport is fucked and possibly the septic tank which has not given me any hassles for a year now even though I don't have a truck come to empty the septic tank once a month which is included in the water bill. I very much like Mrs P and we know each other from March 2012. As I call it a morning with a glimmer of orange sky, I will now relax with Trace Urban, I need a long break, last time I went on holiday was October 2012 with Mama not counting Jabu and my honey moon at South Beach Durban in May 2013. Bitcoin now sits at 63 855 USD per coin at 04:56 SAST. Adious till next time I will upload now. At 07:30 SAST I left for GJ Crookes hospital, where I first had my second shot of vaccnation, I was sneaky this time, I put my card in the q for my my file first then went to the under ground parking for my vaccination, the q was rather long so I asked an African chap to keep my place. I quickly went to the psyhc clinic to get my script for my injection and on return to the vaccination site I was almost next in q. So I have had my two shots now. I then went to fetch my file and asked if my file was ready, the clerk said to me "what's your problem", I replied no problem I just wanted to know if my file was ready, a few minutes later they called my name and I paid 45 ZAR. I went on to the Dentist, a young Muslim dentist quickly extracted my two loose teeth and I was out of there in no time. My young African lady Dentist was also there, I asked the Muslim Dentist for some local aneasetic before the injection site but there was hardly any left. So she injected me with a bit first and then more on the site, the extractions here quick. I have bugs buny front teeth now which inherited from Mama as she suffered from peridonthitis. I then poceeded to the pharmacy where the half wit African guy was at the window. I eventually found out that they had my injection at OPD. I first went to OPD but was redirected to the injection room, my mouth was full of cotton wool so I could not talk. I shwoed the Sister Doc K's script and the Sister gave me a shot in my buttocks. Hopefully I will be right in three days as Doc e informed me when he arranged Mama's shot in the fist week of Aoril 2021. Today at 13:45 will be six month's since Mama passed away. I retired early after Uzalo.....Oh I forgot to mention my Elanra drove well except the starter or battery is now fucked, I arrived at GJ Crookes at 07:55 SAST and left at 10:00 SAST, my Elantra's starter needs to cool down before she will start again, so far no water in the oil after my 32 km trip and the plastic water bottle was full as I had topped it up. The radiator was full of water and the radiator fan comes on, the temp gauge stays below half.

21/10/2021 00:05 SAST Thursday, almost six month's since Mama passed away, I will light a candle for Mama whose soul is resting in peace, Mama was a devote Catholic 01:47 SAST how time flies Bitcoin hit around 66 000 USD per coin at around 16:15 SAST yesterday, right now at 01:49 SAST Bitcoin sits at 66 086 USD per coin, the highest it's ever been this year. Let me have a break. 02:52 SAST let me try sleep. Lay in bed for three minutes and I can feel when I will not fall asleep. So brewed some Rooibos tea and went to watch TV. 05:06 SAST, I have only had three hours sleep. Bitcoin now sits at 64 846 USD per coin. Let me upload. 05:10 SAST. What a day, this morning my brother answers my question if Jabu and I will still be here foe Xmas, then follows up to thirty five emails between us. Where I get mostly insulted by him and the last email ends in my brother saying "don't make your problems my problem's. I was trying to convince my brother that Jabu, I and a tenant stay in Mama's house in Pennington but he want's fuck all to do with me now that Mama has passed away, I have been nothing but robbed since March 2012 by those who call me larney. An example of this is a chap who sold me Brea Shade lawn for 3000 ZAR in 2012, he kept calling me larney and the lawn died a few months later after an expensive water bill. My starter or battery is now fucked in my Elantra. As I said I managed to drive to GJ Crookes but on cutting the engine at 07:55 SAST the Elantra woulds not start again. But when the starter has cooled down at 10:00 SAST, my Elantra started first time. My brother also asked me today how I am going to pay back the bucks he loaned me for my Elantra's cylinder head, he made sure he put loan on the international transfer. Fucking piece of shit and his Indian wife Rebecca. Took me forty days to get get the "loan" from him. Strange my brother previously mentioned when Rebbeca's mother died of Covid-19 a while back her sister, husband and two children where dependant on Rebecca's mother pension, wonder who send's funds from overseas to Rebbecca's unemployed sister now. Mama's day of passing showed what I knew all along, my brother since I flew down for his 21st to Cape Town is a cunt. Sue me. Any way Jabu returned home with plenty of gift's from her boss who had just returned from overseas and gift's for me too, a nice shaving travel bag and pj's, I always had my own shaving travel bag when I travelled on time share and business. They are not rich snob cock suckers like my family members from London, even though they are rich. Fuck those who have ever called me larney. Fuck the little shit, let him sell Mama's inheritance, he refused a private deal for 750 000 ZAR on the house where he would get 50% and I would get 150 000 ZAR and 2500 ZAR over ten years when we where supposed to move into Miss A's house. Now the estate agent will get 5% plus 15% VAT. 20:22 SAST I just finished eating pap and gravy, I had yesterday's left over mince and mash for lunch, Jabu always chooses the tender pieces for me because like I said I inherited periodontitis from Mama. I have faith in the Lord, he will not split Jabu and I up again. Today a mechanic number four collected my car to look at the starter and battery. I was so excited to purchase the Hyandai Elantra with my Bitcoin profit's but it all fell sour by one who "called" me larney. Apartheid that what it is in the new South Africa. Shame it's my fault that I came to South Africa as a child into an apartheid system. We will see what the Lord provides for Jabu and I. If I go to Scottburgh, we will see each other once a month. Like I said Mama was incorrect when she said "a family member will look after you". Anyway let me go watch the end of Uzalo. 20:36 SAST. Crashed just after Uzalo with my meds which I took at 20:00 SAST and Allergex which I took after Uzalo.....

22/10/2021 04:12 SAST Friday Had a good nights sleep. Over six hours of sleep. Maybe the injection I had on Wednesday will slowly kick in. Too much stress with my Elantra, my family member where I will live once Mama's estate is settled. Now it's the fucking battery or starter. So far the water is not mixing with the oil since Mr P brought back the car on Monday in a fair condition, unlike last Saturday. In September 2020 I told my family member and Mama let's buy a car for 40 000 ZAR on Gumtree, my family member said what piece of shit will I get for 40 000 ZAR and Mama was afraid of the maintenance cost's. Well there now you have it, my family member who lived in KZN for many years with his first wife should of told me about those who call me "larney". My family member did however help Mama and I a lot when he was with his first wife. It's Rebecca his Indian wife that's the problem. Had two dumps yesterday without taking any laxatives after four days. I sent Mr P a text yesterday that I will pay him his 4500 ZAR by EFT as agreed on Monday night when he drives from his workshop on the way home to Sezela if the water does not mix with the oil before then and I need an invoice with a three month warranty he promised on the second hand cylinder head. That will be 61 000 ZAR that the Elantra has cost me in total plus the starter or battery plus the 999 ZAR car cover I purchased on Wednesday from Scottburgh Mica. 04:59 SAST Bitcoin is at 62 834 USD per coin. Monkeys on the the roof, peskey little shit's as my brother calls me. When Mama and I moved into Pennington in March 2012 with three K9's the monkeys where quite a joy to watch, Bono my family member K9 which he dropped off by crate to JHB was quite viciuos and killed a monkey. I like German Sheppard's but had to settle for family member K9's as I said no and Mama said yes. I miss haya my Datschund who used to sleep at my feet in JHB and Pennington, Bono terrorized her. Buci another of family member K9's was killed by Jennifer's K9 from down the street. Forget his name now but's he is a large Labrodor type, oh yes his name is Gus, have not seen Gus for along time. Jenny accused me of hitting Gus with a stick. Bt I eventually got half the vet's costs out of her but I don't have any K9's now just the buurmans cats whhose kittens sit in my Elantra's engine compartement to saty warm in Winter. 05:18 SAST looks like the sun has risen on this cloudy day, I pray I will have my Elantra back soon. Feel much better after a good nigh's sleep. Jabu and I only have a few month's left together so we need to make the most of it. Miss A fucked it all up. 05:26 SAST let me brew some Rooibos tea. My family member ignored my many emails that the content's of Mama's house should be carried on to be insured for 971 ZAR per month including the building, now the executor of the estate has only insured the building, I wrote my family member an email that he will be liable if my contents are damaged, stolen, hit by lightenning or power surges. We where to pay 50/50 for the insurance. He is a fucking no good tight shit. Let me see if my Rooibos tea has brewed. Bitcoin has dropped 3000 USD per coin since yesterday. That's odd I have no sound on Ubuntu Linux 21.10. Let me investigate. Sorted. I am thirsty let me go to the kitchen and get my Rooibos tea. So far no pain like last time in my extracted teeth even thogh I am not supposed to smoke for three days. I am getting a bit tired now and will soon upload at 06:00 SAST. I will correct the spelling mistakes later. Will listen to on line Holy Catholic Mass and deliverance later. 05:49 SAST let me brew Jabu her hot lemon water. Nothing like washing one's hands with clean lemon juice, Jabu say she too tired after work and also want's an erect penis so we don't have any sort of sex now, except hugging and kissing when she feels like it. 05:56 SAST Jabu is up for a pee, she greeted me and took her hot lemon water from the kitchen. I have been at this for two hours now let me upload, My 2012 Zippo lighter purchased at the mall serves me well, today's value according to the Zippo web page is 1200 ZAR. I had six Zippo ligther's, only three are working an one is missing, my original Zippo lighter I purchased in 1992 still grafts. The Zippo lighter I purchased at the mall at the shop where I purchased Jabu her engagement ring and wedding band closed down and I purchased a pipe lighter for 350 ZAR on closing down sale, still works, a pipe lighter. 06:05 SAST. Forgot to mention my mags on the Elantra are most probably fucked that's why the right front tire keeps loosing pressure as well as the front left of which both have new tires. this Elantra which I purchased for 28 000 ZAR from Mark Pillay of Umdoni village will end up costing me over 80 000 ZAR. I don't know how much four new mags cost. 08:50 SAST, Bitcoin sits at 62 599 USD per coin. I am listening to the Rosary and Holy Mass now. I pray to our Lord that my forth mechanic gets my Elantra right. I will know later this morning if it's the battery. Looks like rain and cold all next week. I sent family member an email this morning, sell Mama's Pennington house as per your wishes and I get my 50%, he gets his 50% and I will never hassle him again and make my "hassles his hassles". family member will most probably want his "loan" back. Yet family member owes me 20 000 ZAR for tools I sold the first time round he tried to sell Mama's house and 6000 ZAR for an iPhone 6s he promised me so I owe him nothing. My family member blames me for selling mt mechanical tools to George, yet family member put the house on the market so I started to sell stuff. Pennington is like Saudi Arabia they throw the beggars into the dessert so no chance of me sleeping in my car at Pennington. oh my Lord my forth mechanic just texted me at 09:12 SAST and said the brakes did not work he had to pump them on the way home yesterday. New brake pads where fitted early February 2021 on Mama's property in front of me and Wednesday the brakes where good. Fuck this I hope I have not found another con artist. 09:41 SAST had a nice dip in my above ground pool the water is not ice cold today. I read on Mr Google that one should not drink coffee for five days after a tooth extraction but I am drinking Ricoffee now, was dying for some, will have another mug just now even though I had my Turkish brew this morning, getting a bit tired of Rooibos tea all the time since Wednesday. Well the smoking is not doing my teeth extraction any good, oh I forgot to rinse with salt water which I have never done before. Strange my previous extraction gave me pain for three weeks, the African lady Dentist extracted the tooth. 10:02 SAST let me finish with Mass and have a break. PS my sleep function now works on all my Linux OSes on my S145. GJ Crookes new wing built a few years ago is unfortunatly falling into disaray, the male toilets by the Pharmacy have had no water for month's and the toilet seats are all off the toilet. These days I rarely stand and piss, I am so used to siting in the dark at Mama's house in the wee hours of the morning in darkness having a piss only with my 2012 halogen luminaire on in my Office. Could not find another one similar. Forgot that I am about to brew my Rooibos, let me go for a quick dip. 11:05 SAST, 11:56 SAST Bitcoin is at 63 336 USD per coin. Water is lovely but it will rain all next week. My family member replied that he will help where he can but will not be abale to have a holiday, new car or bike because he has to pay for my maid and garden services, Like I said we had no maid (politically correct term in South Africa is a domestic worker) for month's and now with Mama's house on sale we need a maid every ten days. Where am I going to rake 1100 squares of leaves and into which trailer or truck am I going to put the leaves. Magic trees in Mama's garden like I said and some protected. Cannot clean the leaves out the gutters as I sold my mechanical tools to George for 16 00 ZAR including two extension ladders, Chris A gave me a fair price for some tools. 12:11 SAST started to download MX Linux 21 KDE Plasma based on Debian 11. Will try it out. It's not the battery on the Elantra which is faulty. Torrent complete, 12:27 SAST. Lets try her out but let me upload first 12:28 SAST, the forth mechanic arrived at Mama's house with the starter, he says he shat himself going down the hill yesterday as the brakes failed, he took me to his house where he showed me that the rear brakes where not grafting at all and only one front right disc was working. God bless Mark Pillay. 14:07 SAST this is fun I am going to have a Elantra whoes retail value is 43 500 ZAR but I still need mags for 6000 ZAR or tubes. 14:10 SAST let me burn my MX 21 KDE plasma. I hope MX 21 KDE Plasma is live, am going to boot into it now, just a cup of coffee first. 14:35 SAST. MX 21 KDE Plasma looks good wi-fi grafts not the touchpad. 16:08 SAST light thunderstorm. Jabu is walking up in the rain. 16:12 SAST, Bitcoin is falling 61 840 USD per coin. 16:13 SAST will upload now. 16:14 SAST Jabu arrives home. We have dumplings and one chicken thigh for supper, lovely. and I retire at 20:06 SAST....


23/10/2021 00:12 SAST Saturday I wake for a piss as usual and brew my Turkish coffee which is cold by now as I have been typing a letter, 01:18 SAST let me fetch and warm my Turkish Coffee, Bitcoin sits at 60 699 USD per coin. I am listening to Holy Rosary and Catholic Mass, 01:22 SAST, let me go to the kitchen and get that Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee is cold and my large mug is not suitable for a microwave, let me drink my Turkish coffee black like I like my woman. 01:32 SAST Turkish coffee tastes shit without milk, let me go warm it in another mug. Ah, that's more like it. Let me carry on watching a movie and put Holy Rosary and Holy Mass on standby for the day light hours. 01:41 SAST Bitcoin sits at 60 786 USD per coin. 02:50 SAST still watching my movie and drinking my mug of Rooibos tea, I have turned off the halogen luminaire so I am typing by the light of the screen. Must be careful not to knock over my mug again, what a disaster that was. If I feel tired I will go to bed. 02:54 SAST. Jabu is snoring :) 03:27 SAST let me put Ubuntu Linux 21.10 to sleep and go relax in front of the TV a bit and watch Trace Urban, no good MTV Base was better this morning. 04:46 SAST Birds are chirping, glimmer of orange in the clear sky, sunrise soon, I miss 2012 when before sunrise Jabu and I used to take the three K9's for a walk on the beach in my Merc C 180, I had put a plastic mesh divider between the front and back of the car so the K9's would not get into the front of my Merc C 180 whilst I was driving down to Pennington. Those where lovely moments when I was fit and strong and we parked at the Kiosk and walked to Botha's house side or Kelso side and watched the sunrise come over from the East. I proposed to Jabu at the third set of rock's left of the tidal pool facing the ocean. Hopefully one day I will have a K9 again and be able to take long walk's on a beach. I love K9's, like I said I had a couple of German Sheppards up North. Unfortuanatly Bono the Boxer K9 turned vicious after a few days at Mama's place coming from Morningside by crate. He did not pass the stick in his food test and bit me. Ober and Panthera where never like that. Even though Panthera was a black GS K9 she took no shit but died young of utereous problems. Haya used to sit on Ober's back, my GS. Well trained. I wish I had a GS K9 puppy not Kusa registered. 61 154 at 05:06 SAST. Ah looks like sunrise. I don't know why the folks don't put time clocks on there outside luminaires with a 24 hour reserve instead of burning their lumens so late. 05:12 SAST let me upload. Found aphoto of Kasia th eother day when she was five years old which I took with a instant camera, shame she is crying as she sits on Father Xmas's lap, there is one of Pawel as well, can't find it, he also cried, not used to Father Xmas. Have not seen Pawel nor Kasia in over twenty years even though Pawel did contact me in JHB as he was also a Linux guy and I posted him a Linux DVD. Last time I heard from Kasia was two years ago on Facebook. Dorota my ex really fucked thing's up the money grabbing whore, even Mama said she ripped me off. I left my house to her in Malanshof and paid 2000 ZAR maintenace for the kids in the late 90's not by court order. Fucking cats, I need to get a K9, there they are in Mama's garden again. 05:30 SAST, time to wake Jabu at 06:00 SAST. Jabu left for Umzinto to do her hair and shopping at 07:50 SAST. THe shop she was at was quite busy with long q's, when she was finished at Umzinto she went to visit her mother. Jabu returend back to Mama's place at 16:22 SAST, carrying at least 12 kg. We normally do our shopping at the local store or Checkers when my Elantra is running. But meat is cheaper in Umzinto. I had a very rough day chatting with family member on Whatsapp this morning till about 14:15 SAST. I was mostly called an "idiot". It's 19:57 SAST now and load shedding will start again at 21:00 SAST till Monday 05:00 SAST. Jabu and I are becoming more distant this last two weeks since the Miss A deal fell through and I am possibly going to live in Scottburgh in a 45 square flat as promised by family member who will put the flat in his name and if I die his sun Noah will inherit it, so there is nothing for Jabu. Looks like our marriage will fail soon. Pity I love Jabu so much and she loves me, I can tell by all the good things she does for me. Just her elder brother Zwe is talking shit into her head. As per isiZulu custom apparently the younger son will inherit Winnie's (Jabu's mother) house if she dies as Lala has a RDP house and Jabu is married to me. So she gets nothing, I need to provide a house for Jabu. Jabu will have to rent a room in Malangeni. And I go to Scottburgh loosing all my furniture and appliances. 20:08 SAST let me go sit with Jabu, she is on Facebook as usual. I forget what time I went to bed but it was early.....

24/10/2021 03:08 SAST Sunday Had a brilliant night's sleep after spending the whole day with family member yesterday texting. Bitcoin is now 04:16 SAST at 60 956 USD per coin. Looks like the injection I had on Wednesday morning has kicked in, Dr e when he gave the same injection to Mama in the first week of April 2021 said it takes three days to kick in. I am now under the care of two GP's not Dr e though, he is retired, even though he said he can help me with an injection for a 500 ZAR consultation fee, I thought he would give me a freebie like he gave Mama. Dr e is the shrink that had me released from Umzimkulu Pysch Hospital, (Doc K and Doc D), the more the merrier are looking after me now. What it's 04:44 SAST and I hear chirping. Bitcoin is floating around 61 000 USD per coin at 04:47 SAST. Good. Time to upload and hopefully have a relaxing Sunday without family member calling me an idiot and abusing me. Looks cloudy and cool outside, weather forecast is rain the whole week, 05:50 SAST Let me upload and relax in front of the TV. My family member started to text me so I am ignoring him, I want to have a peaceful Sunday. My print device does not work too well on Ubuntu Linux 21.10 let me boot into Mageia 8, I need to scan a document. 13:07 SAST. Jjabu cooked phutu and beef stew for late lunch, delicious. I was busy watching my Bitcoin monitor after that. I get a bit nervous when the Bitcoin price dips. I had a very pleasant Sunday as I did not read family member text's, Retired at 21.37 SAST.....

25/10/2021 02:02 SAST Monday There we have it, another good night's sleep. We have agreed with Mr P the mechanic that I can test drive the Elantra a bit longer seeing as he gave the Elantra back to me with the starter not working, I have only put about 36 clicks on the Elantra since the 18th October 2021, so far the water is not mixing with the oil, (family member said I should have changed the starter by myself). Bitcoin sits at 62 000 USD per coin at 03:16 SAST, thank's God. Mageia 8 crashed again when I went into the routers control panel. No one is using the water now but there the pipes are making a noise again. 05:12 SAST I will upload now. Fell like watching some football. Spent the day doing the laundry and watching the Bitcoin monitor on Microsoft Windows 10 after I had updated Windows 10 on my 250 G5. The Microsoft Windows 10 updates seem to go faster on my 250 G5 than on my S145. crashed very early, must have been 19:30 ish.... with some Allergex.....

26/10/2021 03:12 SAST Tuesday Had a dump, oh yes let me record it. The laxative worked I took at midday yesterday. After my total brake failure on the 21/10/2021, My Elantra now needs a new Master Cylinder. Lucky I did not kill myself coming back from GJC on the 20/10/2021 like I said. 04:08 SAST one hour till sunrise, it started to ran last night. My left buttock and thigh is a bit painful from lying in bed too long. I cleaned out my boxes in the office today. The forth mechanic came back with Elantra today, the new starter did not help and the battery test's ok. Elantra will still not start when the engine is hot. He worked on the brakes so they are safe now. I will have to go to an auto electrician. Purchased a two plate gas stove and set it up this morning around 04:15 SAST this morning, at least Jabu will be able to cook during load shedding. 18:20 SAST Bitcoin sits at 62 281 USD per coin. Let me upload now, 18:28 SAST. Retured at 20:00 and woke up to pitch darkness at 22:40 SAST, feeling tired but once I get up that's it. Typing by the light of the latern (I remember I used to type by candle light) but the lantern is too bright. Jabu gave me a push out of bed as with the amount and dosage I a taking I battle to get out of bed. On getting the news that a new starter and battery tests out ok, I almost cracked when the forth mechanic brought me the Elanta with the same problem, will no start when engine is hot, he said I should take the Elantra to an auto electrician, but I think it's the fault with the radiator thermostat as per Miss Google. 23:21 SAST battery is at 79% on my S145 on Magero 21. Jabu shat on my for using the new gas stove this morning, the lowest flame is too hot for pap and gravy we had last nigh, I had to finish of the pap with my emergency gas cylinder. What another bad buy, in fact since Mama received some funds back in August 2020 everything has gone wrong. The S145 is a fuck up with the touchpad not working on Linux. I purchased my Elanra with Bitcoin, another fuck up. And now Jabu tells me the two plate gas stove I purchased is unsuitable for pap an phutu, the lowest flame is too high. My neck is stiff again at the back only had two and hone half hours sleep, should have have taken the the Allergex. 23:45 SAST a frog croaks outside my office, beware there where there are frogs nyoka's follow, Still have some Turkish brew left over so I will wait till ESC hit's the power on button at Simmerpan or wherever, Maybe Durban has it's own control. There we have it Bitcoin is at 61 316 YSD per coin at 23:53 SAST, would be happy if Bitcoin went back up to 66 000 USD per coin, It's thanks to Marion we have this lantern, she and her sister purchased it at the mall for me but the local shop also has them, just out of stock. Ether, the first crypto I ever purchased is doing very well at 4202 per token. The toilet flushed itself a couple of times and the pipes are still noisy at night, must be Mama. Oh well 23:59 SAST.....

27/10/2021 00:53 SAST Wednesday ESC control hits the power on button for Pennington and Park Rynie. It's raining outside as I sit here in silence trying conserve the S145 battery, It's at 51% and charging, raining quite heavy now. 00:07 SAST let me try and sleep but I will only hit the sack when I am really tired. Bitcoin is sitting at a steady 60 380 USD per coin at 00:43 at 00:43 SAST, I am glad I am not using the lantern now too many lumens for a small room, my 2012 halogen luminaire is just gnarly. I can see the road by the neighbours night luminaires, it's very wet. 00:44 SAST let me go brew some Rooibos tea, 02:33 Ether sits at 4160 per token, bit high, 02:34 SAST let me relax in front of the TV for a bit, 03:27 SAST Bitcoin is at 60 826 USD per coin and Ether is at 4170 per token. Ether has never been so high, remember like I said, I started of my crypto days with Ether in August 2020. 03:50 SAST It's pouring with rain. Let me go drink some Turkish brew. 05:03 SAST Load shedding to start at 06:00 SAST in Pennington and Park Rynie. The monkeys where juming all over my Elantra yesterday even with my new car cover. I need to move the Elantra further down away from the tree with the red flowers the monkeys love to suck the nectar out of the red flowering tree. Mama's huge bougonvilia is not blooming. 05:15 SAST let me upload. I was supposed to go to church today but after falling asleep after 05:30 SAST, I only woke at at 08:15 SAST and Jabu was still here late for work. She had made me fruit salad and sandwitches for breakfast. i had left over macoroni and mince and pap and gravy for lunch. I spent the whole day watching the 250 G5 monitor to check the Bitcoin price. My Ubuntu Linux 21.04 frooze after a while, second time this month so I used Microsoft Windows 10 with a VPN as my Bitcoin monitor on my 250 G5 and that just worked fine. My family member arrived in Scottburgh last night without informing me. . That seemed to do the trick. Jabu cooked chicken a la king for supper, delicious. I retired some time after Uzalo....

28/10/2021 02:16 SAST Thursday Usual brew, Bitcoin sits at 58 413 USD per coin and Ether is at 3934 per token at 03:07 SAST. Bit off a drop but they say Bitcoin should correct itself to 56 000 USD per coin and then go up in November 2021, hopefully I will have a nice Xmas 2021, present. I see the microwave clock and cracking East Coast radio I used to listen to in the first quarter 2016 when I had no TV clock's are off. East Coast radio does not pick up too well in Pennington, I have to place my Cubot Manito right by the lounge window with the earphones hanging on the burglar bars for it to pick up East Coast radio crystal clear. I see on Miss Google that my radiator thermostat might be broken or the valve timing is out that's why my Elantra only starts when she is cold. So far Mr Ra, Mr P and Mr B have not done a good job on my Elantra, lets see what Mr T can get it right. My seventy one year old mechanic from JHB is also giving me advice. Mr B skimmed my cylinder head when it was too thin according to Mr P and so the head gasket blew again on the 12/09/2021. So I let Mr P take over. He purchased a second hand cylinder head and fitted th ecylinder head. Now on the 21/10/2021 my brakes failed whilst Mr T was driving my car down the road to his workshop. I was at GJC on the 20/10/2021 and the brakes where fine thank God. Maybe I should take my Elantra to Hyandai to have repaired and pay 20 000 ZAR. 04:31 SAST time for some Rooibos tea. Oh yes, I forgot to mention, Sister P mentioned that the Pennington clinic is closing down in March 2022. Load shedding starts at 06:00 The birds are really chirping this morning, maybe there is a nyoka in the tree. SAST 05:07 SAST let me upload. 11:36 SAST Bitcoin and Ether are slowly climbing again. Been watching my Bitcoin and Ether all morning on Microsoft Windows 10 on my 250 G5, don't want to make another fuck up. 11:41 SAST almost time for lunch at 12:00 SAST. My brother family member arrives in Scottburgh last night without informing me, I wonder what trick he will pull now. 11:50 SAST Bitcoin is at 60 852 USD per coin and Ether is at 4135 per token. 11:50 SAST let me have some lunch. Jabu returns home from work and falls asleep on the couch, I make sure I am deadly quite. I carry on watching the Bitcoin monitor on Microsoft Windows 10 via a VPN on my 250 G5. This 250 G5 is a good machine, Zack used to play Call of Duty Black Ops on the 250 G5 when it was new. I miss Microsoft Windows 10 sometimes but the 250 G5 is not suitable to upgrade to Windows 11 as is my S145 suitable. I crashed at I don't know what time, must have been around 21:00 after my shower and shave, once again as I showered I thanked the Lord for hot running water. I had previously asked family member if I may purchase his Sansui 46" TV, Defy Microwave and leather look armchair (I used to sit in that armchair every Wednesday and Sunday, I visited Mama at Summerhill Lodge.) He responded that I need to sell the TV and I will not ask him for bucks for repairs to my car any more, So I sold the TV to Jabu for 10 ZAR. I would really like to buy the leather look armchair from him and the Defy Microwave which is reaching near to end of life, like the TV.

29/10/2021 00:01 SAST Friday according to the microwave clock. I fire up Microsoft Windows 10 on my 250 G5 via a VPN. I don't use a VPN on Mageia as in the past I would loose all networking when I installed a VPN on Mageai, the VPN used to work on Ubuntu Linux. Wonder if I should risk it. Watched a bit of twerking on TV and now I feel tired, will try sleep. 02:32 SAST. 03:00 SAST cannot sleep. 04:02 SAST power failure at ESC. Will watch a movie, till the S145 battery dies. 05:00 SAST the electricity comes back on. Upgraded to Microsoft Windows 11 on my S145, my 250G5 is not compatible. Will check out Microsoft Windows 11 later, was a bit tired after six hours of upgrading. The S145 was running a bit hot during the upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11. Had pilchards with real chilli's and rice for supper, yummy. Must of retired at 22:00 SAST.

30/10/2021 02:14 SAST Saturday I like it when I wake early as long as I can sleep during the day. Bitcoin sits at 62 022 USD per coin and Ether sits at 4375 at 03:24 SAST. Ether was 3126 per token a week ago and bitcoin was 40 000 USD per coin on the 21st September 2021 if I remember correctly, should have purchased some then but these meds make my brain slow. I am now sitting with an Elantra that does not start when the engine is warm after it came back from Mr P that way. The battery has been tetsed ok and a new starter fitted still the Elantra will not start when warm or hot. I received a quote yesterday from Mr T of over 5000 ZAR to repair the brakes, the Elanra is undriveable without correctly functioning brakes now. I want to start her up soon and pump up the tires once the weather changes from rain to sunshine. The mags must be fucked as the tires keep loosing pressure so I want to put in tubes. Lovely this Elantra is going to cost me 75K ZAR. I wanted to purchase a car for 40K in September 2020 but family member and Mama said no. Well there you have it now, one can purchase nice cars for 40K ZAR. Lets hope it does not rain this morning I want to start the Elantra before the battery goes dead and pump up the left front tire. Mr P put 2.4 bar in the right front tire, that's the problem one but he only put 2.1 bar in the left front, Tiger Mart when they where still open put 2.7 bar in my left back tire when I complained that it was also loosing pressure. Lovely workmanship we have on the South Coast, at least when I was an electrician for sixteens year my work was right and a wireman once told me first time for such and such a company. If I had the bucks I would stay in Mama's house and the lovely village of Pennington but alas my brother want's to sell, he says it's not a good investment, a flat in Scottburgh suits him better with the title deed in his name. 05:45 SAST. 12:00 SAST, the estate agent brought along one prospective buyer just as the garden services where her. Garden looks nice now, like I said family memberfamily member said I can rake the place myself, fuck my leaf blower which I purchased fpr 600 ZAR and sold for 1600 ZAR plus all my mechanical tools and extension step Ladders to George, when batman first put Mama's house on the market now he blames me for selling my tools, I thought the house would sell fast three years ago. I hope Mrs B who has put a deposit down on some furniture does not pull a blind one on me, Mrs B is the one that sent George, three years go. One has to be careful of those that have "so blessed" written on their trucks. We will see end November 2021 if Mrs B comes as promised, otherwise I don't know what to do with her 500 ZAR deposit. 15:03 SAST Jabu has been and is cooking pap and pork chops, she boils the pork chops first so I can chew them, we have a two plate gas stove now, fuck all this load shedding by ESC. 15:08 SAST had fruit salad for breakfast and some egg and tomatoe sandwitches. Jabu is a darling. She always chases me out the kitchen when she is cooking. 15:10 SAST crypto is steady. 21:28 SAST slept most of the day, took some Allerex with my morning meds. Just had Friday's leftover pilchards and rice. At 18:50 SAST whilst I was fast asleep, an estate agent phoned me and said he had a offer on the house, unamanga. Did I mention I sold my forty year old Gallo guitar which needs the base to be glued yesterday for 250 ZAR. The buyers courier will pick up. I think I will be in for a long night tonight, the estate agent, he woke me up from a deep sleep.

He paid a debt, He did not own. I own a debt I could not pay

I needed someone to wash my sins away

And now I sing a brand new song amazing grace. Christ Jesus paid a debt that I could never pay

22:03 SAST let me go sit with Jabu. Jabu deceides to go to sleep, we are growing distant as the day approaches when Mama's house will be sold and Jabu goes back to Winnie her mother and if family member keeps his word I will go stay in a flat in Scottburgh, I have asked family member for endless times of draft copies of the Scottburgh deal but he refuses to put them in writing. Pity Jabu and I have to be spilt up because family member will not keep the house in Pennington in his name even and let his son inherit Mama's house, oh but I am repeating myself. I can't even sleep in my car by the beach as the Elantra is not running again.

31/10/2021 Jabu cooked a nice breakfast and fruit salad with jogurt which I only ate at 10:00, I almost chocked to death like Mama when I took a cold piece of pork sausage as I was passing through the kitchen and it got stuck in my throat. At 15:00 we had dumplings and a chicken thigh, Mama always used to say eat slowly, enjoy your food, I am trying to do so. All last night I backed up Mageai 9 on my 250 G5 and started a new install of Magia 8 as Mageia 9 development was dead, but something is fucked up with the BIOS, first time ever I have installed, Mandrake, Mandriva or Mageai and they will not boot. I eventually installed MX 21 KDE Plasma, still only Micosoft Windows boot's, I still have Ubuntu for four years installed on my 250 G5 Bitcoin monitor so I will have to use Microsoft Windows 10 via a VPN for now, Windows 11 is not compatible on my 250 G5.

01/11/2021 02:10 SAST Monday Day of the dead in Poland, All Saint's day, where the Poles visit cemeteries to remember the dead, I will light a candle for Tata, Mama, Dominic and all those I knew who have passed away, especially Mama who suffered so much the last two years of her life with her fractured humerus and Tata who died from an OD of steroids due to his RA, today we vote for local elections, like I said, I get a tooth extracted or cleaned or filling for 45 ZAR, my meds I take must cost over 3500 ZAR per month, I pay 45 ZAR every six month's and sometimes my file is at the psychc clinic already so the visit is free. Viva ANC Viva. Fucking neighbour's cats, if the kittens don't sit in my Elantra engine then they shit all over our yard and don't bother to cover the shit up sometimes, I hate cats, I am a K9 man. And these peskey monkeys are really getting to me. Stealing our food, knocking over our trash bin which they never did in nine years, and jumping all over the Elantra even though I purchased a car cover which fit's just perfect like. Lost count, including the 28K ZAR I paid Mark Pillay, the Elantra has so far cost me 64K ZAR. But according to Mr T and I knew it already it's one hell of a bitch DOHC 16 V 1.6 GLS with 76 KW of power. Hassle is the Elantra has been more in the workshop than in Mama's yard. 05:54 SAST Bitcoin sits at 60 334 USD per coin. Today is a bank holiday in South Africa due to the elections. The MX 1100 is working just fine on Windows 10, 250 G5. 06:00 SAST let me upload. 15:00 SAST went to vote,the q was too long (for my bladder) and it was so hot so deceided to try again at 20:00 SAST. We waited in the cool spring breeze for an hour and cast our ballots. It was over quickly. As promised I voted on all three forms for the ANC. Just looked for ANC and their logo add made a X. Retired after 22:00 SAST.

Votela ANC mhlaka 1st November 2021, nali ivoti lami

02/11/2021 02:10 SAST Tuesday Had some Rooibos tea in the microwave so finished that first. I miss my extra large mug which I knocked over in a power failure during the wee hours of the morning but a kind Christian brought me two mugs at 14:45 SAST yesterday. Bitcoin sits at 61 304 USD per coin at 03:42 SAST. I still for the life of me can't even get Ubuntu Linux 20.04 to boot off my 250 G5, I have installed Mageia 8 and the install went just fine but I have tried all the BIOS boot order options but Mageia 8 would not boot so I installed MX Linux 21 KDE Plasma all went fine but it will not boot. I am stuck with Microsoft Windows 10 for now. Will try again when I have time. Being watching the election results. 04:19 SAST, it's fucking windy this morning. I was happy to go out yesterday and we even went to the local store. I feel like watching some twerking now. 04:40 SAST the birds have started to chirp. I wonder if the birds chirp in Scottburgh CBD. As the sun is about to rise at 05:02 SAST, it's still hell of a windy and cloudy. 05:00 SAST let me upload. 07:15 SAST I finally get the BIOS right in my 250 G5 after installing Ubuntu Linux 20.10, what a dumb miskae I was making, I had to hit enter on the oS Loader and up came Windows 10 first so I set it to Ubuntu Linux 20.10 and she booted, I wasted my time installing Mageia 8 and MX Linux 21 KDE Plasma but now I know what's up the world is my oyster. I will install Mageai 8 again, it's and easy install then MX Lnux 21 KDE Plasma. At 10:45 an estate agent came to take me to Scottburgh to see a magic flat, my brother basically told me to fuck off like the iNdunda story and said more opertunities will come along like this. He says we need to sell the Pennington house first, what a fuck up. Like fuck, family member stated he will not pay for my garden services and cleaner at Pennington, Mama's house so I have deceided not to let any estate agents in, let him fly down from London and sell the house, I am going to do all the work so I can sleep by the beach in my car, fuck that. He just want's to split Jabu and I up. We keep Mama's house and that's final It's a bit chillies today but will warm up tomorrow. Maybe I will be able to go for a dip. 14:45 SAST how the day has flown by, Bitcoin sits at 63 160 USD per coin. Jabu will be back home soon. We had leftovers for supper, I did not have time to eat lunch today, I had yesterday's phutu and beef stew, from Umzinto, the beef stew that is. Did not really sleep, just fell asleep on the couch and woke now and again for a piss, was busy working out the 250 G5 BIOS and installing Mageai 8 for a second time, I found out that the touchpad does not work during install, I always use a mouse si I did not know. After install of Mageai 8 the touchpad on Mageai 8 works. Fell asleep on th ecouch at 23:00 SAST...

03/11/2021 SAST Wednesday Another day, Lord please let there be no shit, 05:01 SAST, It's almost sunrise. Just a few days ago family member said I need to find a place to stay, so I found this lovely flat in Scottburgh five minutes from the Catholic church, now he does not want to put an offer in he says we must wait till the Pennington house is sold and it's such a lovely flat, fuck him he does not know what he is doing nor what he want's. He is full of false promises like the iNduna story. He says another oppurtunity will come along, like fuck, not a flat with such a low levy. the levy for this flat is 1020 ZAR some flat's in Scottburgh require a 4400 ZAR plus levy, pity Miss A deal did not work out, I would rather be stabbed by para's for my laptop and Jabu's tV, family member said I need to sell the tV to use the bucks to repair my car so I sold the TV for 10 ZAR to Jabu. I am being forced to leave Pennington because family member keeps talking about the "cleaner" and garden services which he will not pay for, he expects me to rake when part of the tools I sold for 1600 ZAR was an electric leaf blower which I had purchased for 600 ZAR from Mr C who is now retired and used to be our handy man. Never mind what I am going to do with a trailer full of leaves. My family member catagoratly stated that we need to sell Mama's Pennington house and he will buy a flat in Scottburgh in his name which will be inherited by his son when I pass away. I will live in the flat. Like I said he also suffers form BPMD it's in the genes. Yesterday he even threatened me that the Police will evict me from Mama's house whilst I have been doing all the legwork for him and his precious inheritance. He said he will give me no funds if I stay at Pennington. 05:53 SAST let me up load Bitcoin is at 63 235 USD per coin. Spent the rest of the day watching my 250 G5 Mageai 8 Bitcoin monitor, retired Just after Uzalo.....

04/11/2021 03:10 SAST Thursday Had a good night's sleep, just downloaded Fedora KDE 35 to give it a bash. 04:31 SAST the birds are chirping, summer is almost here. Bitcoin is steady at 62 436 USD per coin at 04:43 SAST. Hindus across the world celebrate their most significant festival of the year, Diwali today. Rooibos tea time, 04:53 SAST. My brother does not want to put an offer into the shareblock flat I viewed yesterday, he says it's too soon. Lovely flat. Time for a break, 06:07 SAST. Retired early after Jabu cooked rice and mince..........

05/11/2021 02:10 SAST Friday Must have fallen asleep at 19:30 last night, Jabu woke me up at 22;00 because I was taking up the whole bed, so I went to watch TV and fell asleep on the couch till 02:10 SAST. Bitcoin sits at 60 971 USD per coin at 02:58 SAST. did not feel like typing today but have the morning off. 05:21 SAST just came out of the pool. Water is nice and cool and refreshing under the giant tree. Will no upload right now, have some more news for today. Robert said via Whatsapp today that I am lucky I am not on the street. He is doing me such a big favour whilst I am looking after and being forced to sell my half of the inheritance. Tonight we are having russians and potatoes in the skin for supper. I think I am being robbed by Robert, he buys a 28 square flat in his name, leaves it to his son when I die and if he should die first I can be evicted by his wife Rebecca. I loose 350K ZAR worth of furniture because I have to sell my furniture for peanuts as nobody is responding to my adds out in the sticks.

06/11/2021 06:58 SAST Saturday, been up since 01:40 when there was load shedding. Tried to boot into Microsoft Windows 11 with secure boot enabled but no go X will not come up. So shrank the Windows 11 partition and installed MX Linux 21 KDE Plasma. Looks good so far, print device is once again tricky, yet to set it up. Other wise looks good, reminds me of Debian 10 on my 250 G5. 07:05 going to rest now, Bitcoin is steady. So peaceful and tranquil with only the birds chirping and the ha de daas on the pavement, they tend not to come into the garden anymore because of the buurman's cat's. Weather forecast is a thunderstorm but if I can get Jabu out of bed I would like to go for a low tide swim. Right that's it let me go relax. I went for my first swim in the ocean so to speak at 10:16 SAST when it was low tide. The rock pool you see right at the top of my webpage was a bit shallow. My above ground pool is deeper, I caught the tide a bit too low so I only went for another dip amongt's the small fish, Botha's house was visible so was the new development they are building right over looking the ocean. I spent a pleasant hour sitting on rocks with mussels clinging to the rocks. The last time I was at BJ rock was with my TSR. Jabu and I are slowly falling apart, of course Robert says maybe my marriage was already in trouble, I feel sorry for him he has one of the many BPMD inherited from the genes of Mama. However Jabu will no have oral sex with me anymore as she says she needs a hard penis. My meds 15 in all daily do not allow me to obtain an erection since this year. I am being forced against my will to move into a tiny 28 square flat in Freeland Park when I chose a flat next to the Anglican church in Scottburgh, five minutes from the Catholic church, there goes all my furniture and appliances I collected since 2003. I have so far managed to sell my forty year old guitar to a guy in Howick. Who sent his own courier. I have been offered 8000 ZAR for Mama's furniture, her bedroom suit alone goes for 35 000 ZAR new in the shops.

07/11/2021 02:10 SAST Sunday Been trying to login to Microsoft Windows 11 but it will not take my pin nor password so I deleted the "Ngc" file but my password still does not work even if my pin worked Microsoft Windows 11 will not come up as I tried the other day but I will fix it. Pity i did not make a USB flash drive recover disc or maybe I have one. 03:33 SAST time for some Rooibos tea and Bitcoin is at 62 060 USD per coin, going up. Let me drink my Rooibos tea and relax a bit with some Youtube music. This Windows 11 installation is really fucked, keeps looping with all the repair options. No great loss. Forecast is rain today and for the next few days. In JHB I used to smoke BB, KZN they smoke Boxer even though Checkers has BB but I keep burning holes in my clothes since 2003 so I smoke the cheap fags, Paul Mall. I asked my doctor for meds to take without going manic to stop smoking. Twenty years ago BPMD folks could not take these meds as like I said BPMD folks would go manic. there are a three month course for 600 ZAR a month. 05:19 SAST, let me have a break on the couch now. At 08:06 I surprised Jabu and roasted a chicken and cooked potatoes in the skin, she cooked the spinach, it's 11:19 SAST and we still have not eaten, only had fruit salad with paw paw from Jabu's mother, pears, banana's and jogurt. That should keep the constipation away but it does not. Whilst I was dipping at BJ rock yesterday we received and offer on Mama's house but Robert want's to wait till December 2021 and have a better offer. 11:23 SAST. At 14:00 SAST we left for Freeland Park, perfect 28 square flat overlooking the pool. Robert will most probably say another offer like this will come along, which it will not. Got back at 15:45 SAST, Bitcoin now at 16:24 SAST sits at 61 995 USD per coin.

08/11/2021 03:08 SAST Monday Bitcoin hit 1 000 000 ZAR per coin. Bitcoin now sits at 65 280 USD per coin at 03:13 SAST. Jabu and I grow more and more distant apart as the day comes when I have to leave Pennington. We had a shit weekend, Jabu was upset with me that I roasted the chicken Sunday morning for brunch, I had my morning power nap as usual. Marriage wrecker that what Robert is. It costs the same to live in Pennington as it does in Scottburgh. He does not like the Pennington house or his Indian wife Rebecca is giving him shit. Fucked up SASSA would not give me a disabilty grant the Tuesday before the looting and riots even though I had a disabilty grant in JHB and I filled in the forms exactly like they said on SASSA online. Looks like I will do the laundry only on Wednesday due to rain. 05:08 SAST. Spent a very intresting day chatting with one of my family members via gmail, will not be able to use MX Linux 21 Wildflower anymore as it does not sleep nor when I sleep it manually it does not ask me for a passworrd when I open the laptop lid, pity MX Linux 21 Wildflower looks so good. in fact none of my Linux OSes sleep again, how lovely to be hacked on my S145. Spent a pleasant evening with Jabu, she loves me but cannot halp me accomandation in iNkombo as her elder brother Zwe does not agree, unlike 2012. 2013 and 2014 when I used to sleep over at makakwazi's house on weekends. I never knew two paw paw trees could bear so much fruit, we eat fruit salad every morning with banana's and pears and of course makakwazi's paw paw's which cost 30 ZAR each in Scott street. So the negotiation's have ended and I will be receiving my part of the inheritance as early as next year January/February 2022 and I will rent a room where I can till my inheritance money is finished.

09/11/2021 02:12 SAST Tuesday, Had a good nights's sleep after Uzalo but wanted to watch Tom and Jery but was just too tired after the continual abuse by a poes family member yesterday. I was thinking of Tata yesterday, pity he was euthanized, my family member said maybe I should be investigated for Mama's death, yeah sure I shoved marshmellow's down her throat and caused her to choke to death. The Lord took Mama as one day in April she said, Lord take me out of here. She suffered so much with her bladder problem, we used to spend an average of 1500 ZAR a month on meds and nappies for Mama. Her fractured humerus in her shoulder really fucked her up and the physio from Umdoni Village really made it worse she complained. The windows are filthy dirty and I will need to get someone to clean them, unfortuanatly with my osteoporosis in my knees I am unable to climb a step ladder anymore. Tata had RA so I thought I was getting it too. So as soon as there is a decent offer on Mama's house and I have sold all my furniture and appliances I have collected since July 2003, I will look for a room to rent in Pennington or Scottburgh, smoking might be a problem. I have been offered 2.5 % of the actual replacement value of the furniture, fridges are no problem but the looters have all new stuff so it's difficult to sell. There was no wi-fi network in Pennington yesterday during load shedding between 16:00 and 18:30 SAST. I wonder how these folks with medical aid call an ambulance if need be. Bitcoin still sits at over a million ZAR per coin. Time flies, it'S time for some Rooibos tea, may your souls be resting in peace to all my family members who passed away, the first to go was my aunt in Cape Town who died of lung cancer at age 51, she always told me not to smoke, the Burma Komaris stole her inheritance and my flat in Warsaw I lost out on as grandad said the first sister of the four who get married get the flat and that was Mama and Tata. 04:45 SAST. Let's brew that Rooibos tea the birds are already chirping they are actually irritating me, too much wildlife maybe time to go back to JHB, I am now so finally releaved I will have my control freak brother off my back. He sends me bucks from UK marked "loans" when I told him to mark them as "gift" 401, He want's his money back but owes me thousands and thousands in ZAR from the last few years especially the SummerHill Lodge move, he is a liar and a BPMD thief, I don't want to hear from him again with his false promises. He has two things coming if he thinks he is going to get his "loans" back, I am house sitting here with no household insurance because he was too tight to pay half of 971 ZAR and only the building is insured by the executor of the estate. Lucky Mama left me some bucks which in the 2nd quarter of 2020 Robert and I had major battles over because she wanted to give him half and he is rolling in the bucks, so Mama kept it all and gave me some to invest in Bitcoin. Which turned sour as I made 28 000 ZAR by January 2021 and bought this piece of shit Elantra which has cost me over 64 000 ZAR including the 28 000 ZAR I paid for it to date. Lucky I have Bitcoin to make an income, Xmas I will be smiling if Bitcoin does not crash like it did in May 2021, let's hope mechanic number four is the best, the TSR is still in my name, gee you get dishonest people like Mr Ra the first mechanic to work on the Elantra who said he registered the TSR in someone else's name but he did not and a month or so I received a traffic fine. One thing about my TSR it never broke down on the road, only once I was back at Mama's place. Like I said the TSR was good for the first few years and then the Chinese shit started to fall apart. I had many happy day's even in winter visiting Mama at Summerhill Lodge at 08:00 wearing gloves and my thick jacket to drive through the chilli air, reminds me of one bike rally by Middelberg in winter when it was freezing cold, I still have my badges somewhere in this mess of my office but Clive the tenant stole my MCP badge I had since 1999 when I did my MCSE NT 4. Don't even know what NT we are on now but it's a fuck up. Pity I was looking forward to Microsoft Windows 11. Maybe the Lenovo S145 is not compatible with Windows 11 who know's or I have been hacked again most likely. You really don't like my book do you? Anyway it's 05:40 SAST let me have a break. I forgot about load shedding, ESC cut the power at 06:06 SAST. Let's try upload during ESC load shedding, Robert leave me alone and get off my case, 06:31 SAST.

10/11/2021 02:12 SAST Downloaded the Windows 10 iso but it will not boot, will have to try Rufus on Windows 10 on my 250 G5. Jabu and I are really growing distant now that we know we will be apart, I was having a crap after taking a laxative in the morning, last night and she would not get up off the couch and turn the light on for me. She does not like the thought of moving back to iNkombo. I am thinking about an offer to move north by one of my friends but meds will be a problem, It's either inheritance and homeless here or overseas. Pity I love South Africa. 04:50 SAST, let me upload. 17:31 SAST I really don't know why I am stressing about Microsoft Windows, from July 2003 my over clocked custom built desktop machines had no Microsoft Windows installed but my mothballed Centrino Duo which had Windows XP and multiple Linux OSes installed, Windows XP came in handy once when I had to configure a remote control. The next time I had Windows 7 was in October 2012 on my Gigabyte laptop, Microsoft Windows most likely drove me crazy. Jabu went to Umzinto today to do some veggie shopping and bought some beef stew at a very reasonable price for phutu and beef stew which I love. She also purchased some breyani mix in loose packets. Like I said prawns are my fav but phutu and stew then beef or mutton breyani come next. I spent the whole day packing today. Bitcoin is still more than 1 000 000 ZAR per coin when in August 2020 it was in the region of 331 000 ZAR per Bitcoin. After a hard day's packing I retired after Generation, we had pap and russians for supper.

11/11/2021 03:25 SAST Thursday, poor Jabu she does not know how to operate the LED latern and let it on with all three rows shining when I woke up, I am running out of flash drives so I had to back up my one 32 Gig flash drive and put Windows 10 iso on it, gone are my Samaba days and NFS days. Just not enough time to sort it out and Ubuntu Linux 20.04.3 frooze again yesterday whilst sleeping on my 250 G5. Today is Armistice day. I always remember it in honour of my uncle Gabriel. I managed to glue my mug together (was only two pieces that broke off at the top) which I broke compliements of ESC. But the glue instructions say not suitable for hot liquid so we will see, let me go brew some Rooibos tea, God bless your souls Mama and Tata. There runs that K9 up the street again, looks like a Malangeni K9 not a 5000 ZAR Pennington K9. Now that my Elantra is in for repair's the buurman's cats are not using my Elanta's car cover which I purchased for 999 ZAR as a scratching post and suntan post. Let's hope mechanic number four does a better job than the fists three mechanics. I think I will wake Jabu up this morning at 06:00 with her hot lemon water but Jabu woke up at 05:40. Mr P tried but like I said the first time he brought back the car after sunset it was live wires all over the place, the DOHC 16 V cover was not fitted, sabotage, I wonder if he did not have something to do with my brakes failing. It's amazing I drove to GJ Crookes all that way on that Wednesday and on the Thursday the brakes failed. Like I said the two rear brakes where not clamping. Anyway I trust Mr T to sort it out for me. Bitcoin dropped 2000 USD over night but I am still holding on. 05:50 SAST let me have a break. 12:50 SAST I sent out an email of "peace be with you..." I will see if I get a reply. The TSR is finally off my name as of today, seven month's later,lets hope Mr Ra pays the 200 ZAR traffic fine. 13:05 SAST let me have lunch. oh yes this morning I successfully flashed a Windows 10 iso with Rufu on my 250 G5s. I have the non original Microsoft Windows 10 installled on my 250 G5 HP and it grafts just fine, now that Windows 11 has fucked out due to no fault of mine on the S145, I will at a later stage try and install Microsoft Windows 10 on my S145. Retired after Generations.....

12/11/2021 01:38 SAST Friday i had to boot into Mageai 8 yesterday as Ubuntu Linux 21.10 is full of shit with my HP print device otherwise it works 100%. Kernel update for Mageia 8, let me reboot, 02:12 SAST. My glued together mug is holding out, I am drinking my Turkish brew, right lets reboot, Bitcoin is still over 1 000 000 ZAR per coin, I wish I had more Ether. 02:18 SAST shutdown -r fucking now. 03:18 SAST time for some Rooibos tea. 04:00 SAST The Microsoft Windows 10 iso I downloaded and flashed with Rufus, I knew that yesterday boots but it is beyond my scope of savy to install Microsoft Windows 10 from flash drive on my S145 as Microsoft keeps looking for drivers unlike my HP 250 G5 which I installed no hassle from a Microsoft Windows 10 iso. I don't have time to fuck around. We are back at 2003 where I had only Windows XP installed on my Centrino Duo. From July 2003 till October 2012, like I said I only used the Linux operating system when I ran AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's so no sweat, I have just lost my steam and orgin games which work on Ubuntu Linux anyway, not much of a gamer anyway. Goodbye Microsoft Windows NT on my S145, I will use the 126 Gig free space to install another Linux OS. Just lost 2000 ZAR because Microsoft Windows NT is a fuck up not the operator. 04:30 SAST let me relax with some Youtube music video's. The birds are chirping. 05:00 no wi-fi connection again, fuck, never had so much shit with internet connection as with this piece of shit wi-fi. 10:30 SAST my mechanic pops by, he is battling to get some parts for the master cylinder and tells me the gearbox in the Elantra had no oil. Jabu and I had a love ly love ly evening. I retired as usual after Uzalo......

13/11/2021 02:22 SAST Saturday Woke for the second time, Jabu woke me up last night at 23:45 as I was taking up the whole of the bed so I fell asleep in front of the TV and then went back to bed. So Miss Google and I attempted to install Microsoft Windows 10 again, this time from a USB 2.0 port and secure boot enabled. Voila, there we have it by 06:30 I had Microsoft Windows 10 installed and received my 2000 ZAR back on my S145. I am currently on Madeia 8. Jabu and I had a love ly love ly morning tea. After fruit salad we went down to the beach at 09:45 and returned at 12:45 SAST. Today is a scortcher but so far I don't have a Lithium sunburn. I just woke up from my power nap and Jabu is sleeping. 14:40 SAST. I had boiled the meat on Friday but we only had the Breyani today and there is left over for tomorrow, nothing like an original Breyani not out the box. At around 19:00 I crashed, I do have a bit of a Lithium sunburn on my face and shoulders, I did not take my evening meds......

14/11/2021 00:37 SAST Sunday Took my last evenings meds now. Finally installed HPLIP on Ubuntu Linux 21.10 but it does not graft, I don't have time to fuck around with Miss Google all morning. Jabu does not like it when I walk around naked in the house and have to wear my boxer's when she is here. But once it really gets hot I will like last summer be walking around naked as I sit here now typing on Ubuntu Linux 21.10. So far after my install of Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 10 grafts, MX Linux 21 KDE Plasma grafts, Mageai 8 grafts but I don't think Mangero 21 will graft, I have to reinstall the boot loader. 02:33 SAST let me have some Rooibos tea. I don't understand why Mageai 8 is number thirty seven on, Mageai Linux 8 was number twenty a few months ago and is a super OS with a easy control panel. So I will be rebooting between Ubuntu Linux 21.10 and Mageia 8 and MX Linux 21 to print on my HP print device. Don't know why Ubuntu Linux does not come out stock standard with HPLIP installed as it is a known fact that HP print devices work the best on Linux. Usual fruit salad for starter's for breakfast with my meds then Jabu cooked us a Sunday special, one egg each, fried onion, fried tomatoes and bread. Just woke up from a power nap, 12:10 SAST. 17:57 SAST I forgot to mention that he only twp packages I have installed on my new Microsoft Windows 10 installation are Lenovo Vantage and a VPN. Hopefully the VPN will keep the hackers at bay. I am dying to get my Elantra back. Jabu is lying on the couch with her smart phone and after another power nap I deceided to listen to some music on my S145. Had a very lazy Sabbath, watched online Holy Catholic Mass as usual early this morning. 18:42 SAST let me go ly down on the couch and watch some TV. oh yes just after sunset I went for a skinny dip in my PH unbalanced above ground pool.

15/11/2021 03:02 SAST Monday Had a good night's sleep. Last time I was at the Kruger National Park was in February 2012. I really miss the bush. Even though there is so much wild life and game here in Pennington. Jabu and I where in the Underberg during he winter of 2012 and Mama and I where in the Underberg in October 2012 when I still had my Merc C 180. And of course I was at the Underberg when I was sent there by the kurwa Doctor Ndlovo. I would really like to go to a game park soon and see the big five, I have never seen an Ingwe in real life before, all the rest I have spotted, especially at Mabula except Lion's, there are many Lion's at the Kruger Park. South Africa is a tourist rich potential country. How I miss God's Window and Pilgrim's Rest, I wanted to redesign Mama's house into a Pilgrim's Rest type house. But I had to fit ten socket outlets in 2012 and outdoor luminaires. As well as two outside taps and a stopcock. I also wired four decorative up lighters to light up the many trees in Mama's garden. Below is a pic of me on a cattle and game farm where there where Ingwe.


15/11/2021 02:15 SAST Tuesday So far I have managed to sell my forty year old Gallo guitar and my two sets of Logitech speakers with woofers. Folks just don't want to come all the way out to Pennington to purchase which is a fifty minute drive from eThekweni. What shall I do this morning, I am dying to get Mangero 21 to boot but I know it will not and mX Linux 22 had the problem where it would not lock screen after closing the lid. The same OS works differently on different machines. For instance Mageai 8 works perfectly on my HP 250 G5 but on my Lenovo S145 I have to manually activate the net applet each time I boot into my S145. I am sitting looking at two Zippo lighters, I need to send them in for a service pity I lost one out of my six. Not really lost, It's somewhere in this mess of my office.

16/11/2021 Tuesday Fixed MX Linux 21 would not lock screen. Jumped around through all the distro's till I landed up in Microsoft Windows 10 on my S145 and watched Tom and Jerry. Basically either than updating, watching music videos and looking at the incorrect weather report Windows 10 is beyond the scope of my knowledge since I purchased my 250 G5 four years ago. Like I said I have left Windows stock standard except that I installed Lenovo Vantage and a VPN. I had a dip at 05:00 SAST this morning and another dip at 10:30 SAST to freshen up after my power nap. i did however notice that Windows 10 runs a bit hot when running and Windows 10 CPU was very hot when upgrading to Windows 11, will not be caught up a sucker for the second time with a Windows 11 update, Microsoft Windows 10 will be supported till 2025, maybe by then Microsoft will have sorted out their shit. The weather is changing looks like rain. My Elantra will be out of the workshop soon, I had to sell all my crypto to pay for the repairs to the brakes, starting hassle and to put tubes in my tyres. The air con will still not be grafting but I have deceided to repair the air con as if the windscreen mists up I will have no visibility. The Elantra is insured for 43 K ZAR when Mr T is finished with the Elantra, the Elantra will have cost me close to 70 K ZAR, good thinking batman. When I wanted to purchase a car for 40 K ZAR in September 2020 the family said no. I could have purchased a perfectly good car for 40 K ZAR. Now we sit at 70 K ZAR. Fuckup after fuckup. 12:07 SAST let me have a break. 13:18 SAST better have a bite to eat. I am really pissed off, Mr L and Miss/Mrs M did not come to take the furniture away yesterday after I had every thing set up. On top of that Miss/Mrs M via telecoms said she would do a real time transfer of 4000 ZAR which never happened, but Mr L promised me he will buy the goods, so it's my last chance to sell and I trust him. Mrs B says she has no money to purchase the furniture which she put a deposit down of 500 ZAR on two month's ago, so looks like I will have to give back Mrs B the 500 ZAR. Fucking monkeys, they tore the trash apart again today, I wish I had an aggresive K9 like Bono my Boxer K9 to tear the monkeys apart and keep these fucking cats away, maybe I will get hold of a K9 just for a couple of months or month. Wilbur Smith passed away the other day, I was quite fond of his books and still have "Bird's of Prey" which I read at school, I was quite a bookworm then. I still have not read to the end Wilbur Smith's "Pharoah". Real juicy bit's about ingquza in "Pharoah". I think I need to finish reading the book and check what came out after "Pharoah". Let me go join Jabu as she sit's on Facebook, there will be no cooking tonight as we are having yesterday's mac and mince. When was it, yesterday I had a G&T, I found Mama's Gin and had a bottle of Tonic water in the fridge, maybe I will have another one now just in case the Tonic water goes flat :-) Actually fuck that, let me rather go for a dip. 17:10 SAST. What a nice refreshing dip, cool cool water. I am sure I had "Pharoah" at the place kurwa sent me to. So did I have some other magazines brought to me by a family member of scantly dressed girls, fuck I am sure I will be damned to hell for all the porno I check out at and all the strip show's I have been to in my life especially bike rallies. One way ticket to hell I tell you.

17/11/2021 01:27 SAST Wednesday Fuck HPLIP on Ubuntu Linux 21.04, almost got it right but keeps picking up my USB print device and Ubuntu Linux is number six on like fuck, the only good thing about Ubuntu Linux is that it saves my boot loader when a BIOS update or some other fuck up occurs. There will be no more BIOS updates on my S145. I noticed in the past on my over clocked desktop machine which still grafted in Pennington the more one updates the BIOS the bigger the fuck up in over clocking speed. Anyway that machine has been dead for a long time now. Pity, I have all the parts for it and a fast in those days GPU somewhere, Gigabyte. The mobo is dead and I had a fantastic CPU cooler but with all this load shedding by ESC one either needs a generator or APC UPS 1100 VA. I am on Mageai 8 now which is thirty seven on and HPLIP just works. My glued together non microwaveable mug from the start is holding out. I can hear the alarms going off, Bitcoin and Ether are crashing, lucky me, I sold around 66 K USD per Bitcoin and now Bitcoin is at around 59 K USD per coin, should be just make it to repair mt Elantra and put in some gas. 04:23 SAST the birds have started to chirp. What shall I do today, maybe find something else to pack. I am wearing silk like pyjama trousers, so soft on the skin which are highly flamable, Jabu got them new from her boss. God bless them. Talking about God, I think I will listen to holy online Catholic Mass after my power nap this morning. On the 21st of April 2021 Mama watched her last online Catholic Mass on my S145. She had had enough of the pain from her fractured humerus and did not bother taking pain killers as they did not graft. The Doctor's said she needs pain therapy, but I still say that bitch physio fucked up her shoulder more and Mama complained to that fact. I remember when Mama was lying on her back in her bed, we would do shoulder excercises, In the name of the Farther and the Son and the Holy Ghost amen, Mama used to crap me out that it's not the Holy Ghost but the Holy Spirit. Mama used to enjoy church but Marion fucked that up for her, the satan's child. Everyone want's best for their Mama but some just make total fuck ups. Sunday I will light a candle for Mama as I do every month. I miss the auroma of the inside of a Catholic church. On my TSR I used to stop by and say a quick prayer but now they keep the gates locked. I used to enjoy Catholic Mass in Scottburgh the most when Mama stayed at SummerHill Lodge. Need a shave today, I only shave every three or four days the same way I dump. 04:56 SAST Bitcoin sits at 59 535 USD per coin. A jogger just ran down the road, good for him, my boss younger than me at one of the companies I worked for was also a fitness freak and died at the age of thirty four, head on into a 24 wheeler truck, I used to drive with him often, may his soul be resting in peace. 05:02 SAST I think I will upload now.

18/11/2021 00:37 SAST Thursday I was on Mageai 8 then booted into Windows 10 to see if Windows 10 is still grafting then booted into Ubuntu Linux 21.04 and set the laptop power to power saver mode and so far as of 02:00 SAST till now 03:50 SAST I have 28 % battery left whilst watching a movie during the ESC load shedding from 02:00 SAST, I now have 27% battery. Very chuffed that Ubuntu Linux 21.04 is doing it's job and I will get more than two hours battery out of my S145. Let me carry on watching the movie. Simmerpan should hit the button any moment now. Oh fuck the wind is picking up. 03:59 SAST. Very chuffed my battery lasts longer than two hours on Ubuntu Linux 21.04, let me put my power back on performance mode, I want to see how long this baby will take to charge. Let me carry on watching the movie but first my third cuppa, this time Rooibos, I now brew my Rooibos tea and don't leave the bag in. The wind really picked up at 04:01:30 SAST. Just got two more paw paw's, large ones, they sell for thirty ZAR in Scott street from Makakwazi yesterday. Eating very healthy during the paw paw season, can't wait for mangoes and litchi coming soon, especially those small mangoes, yummy. Ubuntu Linux is the top distro in the world really but it would be better if Ubuntu Linux had a DVD like Mageai all four Gigs with everything on it especially HPLIP. Fuck this HPLIP, I need to boot into Mageai 8 or MX Linux 21 if I want to use my print device. Windows 10 is even worse. the birds have been chirping for quite a while now. Let me upload now and call it a morning, I am tired now. 04:40 SAST. Tried to retire at 19:00, the back of my neck was so stressed from the day's packing and not having a power nap, eventually fell asleep sometime during Uzalo.....

19/11/2021 01:18 SAST Friday, took some Allergex last night as I could not fall asleep. Fell asleep last night on the couch and woke up with a stiff neck. Jabu took my fag out my mouth as I fell asleep on the couch, she then tried to wake me but I would not budge so I carried on sleeping in my pj's and dressing gown on the couch till 01:18 SAST. I am drinking last night's Rooibos tea which I put in the microwave. Will brew some Turkish coffee just now. Where the fuck is summer? In JHB November used to be the intense thunder storm month. 02:35 SAST Doing neck exercises like Mama taught me. It's going to be cold the next few days. Jabu is very happy to cook for me, breakfast, lunch left over from the last evening's supper and then supper. I was just fucked last night from all the packing and did not have my power nap like I said. This morning I need to take my power nap.

Elantra Good News:

19/11/2021 04:11 SAST I am on Ubuntu Linux 21.04 now, what I love about Ubuntu Linux is that there are updates almost every day. Pity Ubuntu Linux 20.04 freezes on my 250 G5 when coming out of sleep, my uptime on Windows 10 is seven days on my 250 G5. My smartphone is getting rather full, I wonder if Android installs the removes the packages like Linux. I don't feel like going around the clock now, I will stick with Ubuntu Linux 21.04 till I need to print or there is a kernel update. Bitcoin has fallen to 56 875 USD per coin at 04:21 SAST, lucky I sold my crypto and did not lose out this time. I can't hear the birds chirping this morning as I am listening to Tina Turner just loud enough not to disturb Jabu, oh wait there I hear them. This Dolby audio is quite good on the S145. Bitcoin is now at 56 134 USD per coin, 04:57 SAST, we will see if it stay's there then corrects itself. Retired at 19:30 SAST.

20/11/2021 00:37 SAST Saturday, Turkish brew as usual, and some music in the background, I am also trying to balance the books. Funds are getting scarce. I have put all my funds into the Elantra. 02:17 SAST, how time flies. Drinking brewed Rooibos tea now. May your soul be resting in peace Mama, In the name of the Farther and the Son and the Holy Ghost, Amen.

21/11/2021 SAST Sunday Today is seven month's since Mama passed away and exactly eight month's since my cousin Dominic passed away. May their souls be resting in peace, I am already burning a candle for them and all my family members who passed away. November is the Catholic month where we pray for those who left us.

22/11/2021 01:32 SAST Monday We had a wee problem this morning, a mother fucking wee problem, with three operating systems, I reinstalled Mangero 21 and either already has a boot fat32 efi or I made a new one which I did and ticked "bios-grub" instead off "boot only", well fuck me George on boot I had a kernel panic, so I booted into trusty Ubuntu Linux 21.04 and that fixed my fucked up grub, I always said Ubuntu Linux is the best operating system in the world except for HPLIP. And btw the Texstar you are a wanker, I download the latest PCLinuxOS Magnum and not a fuck would the wi-fi see my router but it saw all the neighbours routers. So that's Texstar and his clan fucked and what number eighteen on like fuck. This is all on my S145. I had used PCLinuxOS in JHB and it's just a clone of Mandriva with synaptic as the update media. So I went around the clock the clock to see if Mageia 8, Ubuntu Linux 21.04, MX Linux 21 and of course the poes Microsoft Windows 10 graft. The only thing I got right with Windows 10, this time was to add my print device with HP Smart. But I was so bold as to try and install Origin like I had in September 2020 but the mother fucker kept giving me an exception error of some sort and I could not install Origin. Fuck Microsoft. My machine will not sleep again after all this. What an early morning. is a load of shit most folks use Ubuntu Linux. Mageai 8 at number thirty seven, like fuck. I go fetch Jabu at the mall, she has boxes to pack. That evening Jabu and I separate.

23/11/2021 01:25 SAST Tuesday My Elantra took 450 ml of water in the radiator before I went to fetch Jabu from work. it's a hassle removing the car cover every time, I took the Elantra to 6000 RPM for a short burst yesterday and she seems to drive fine. Looks like the radiator cap does not seal 100%. The plastic water bottle feeding the radiator was full. The ABS works fine. I am only going to Drive my Elantra around Pennington for now. She starts over short distances, six clicks, without her having to cool down first. The monkeys love to jump all over my Elantra and the cats guard my Elantra by suntanning on the car cover, the three haa dee daas that come visit Mama's property have become very nervous since the cats are around. A black cat crossed my path at the doorway inside Mama's house but it had white socks so I don't know if that counts.

24/11/2021 00:08 SAST Wednesday More packing today. 01:40 SAST Bitcoin is sitting at 57 750 USD per coin and Ether is at 4352 per token. I had an uptime of 12 days on Microsoft Windows 10 on my 250 G5, I updated Ubuntu Linux 20.04.3 and rebooted into Mageai 8 and am now updating. We will see if Mageai 8 freezes as did Ubuntu Linux 20.04.3 on my 250 G5. 03:16 SAST I will need a long power nap this morning. Let's hope Jabu makes me some paw paw, pear, banana and pineapple with jogurt fruit salad this morning to take with my meds. I will miss her especially her delicious cooking which sometimes does not agree with my stomach, too much oil and imana. We had pap and russians last night. I love pap and phutu but that's why I have a beer boep. So it's farewell my dear Jabu we had good years together but the Pennington house is on sale so we need to split. Jabu had the day off and went to the Scottburgh Mall, she bought me a flash drive and decided to go to Umzinto after all to do some shopping, we texted each other on Whatsapp. By the time she got back to Mama's place at 15:50 SAST we where back together again. We had pap and russians for supper again, 50 ZAR per kilo the chilli russians. As usual I retired after Uzalo and woke at....

25/11/2021 03:23 SAST Thursday This Mama's house for sale is giving Jabu and I a headache. I have decided to book list all the furniture in the house and appliances, most of which is mine anyway and rent a room in Pennington, Park Rynie or Scottburgh when Mama's house is sold. Photo albums and such I will put in storage. From last Sunday my family member has still not put an offer on a flat in Scottburgh which was ideal for me so I am tired of this fucking around. He thinks I am going to do everything at the last minute like he does.

26/11/2021 01:14 SAST Mageai 8 uptime on my S145 01:34:11 up 2 days, 22:11, 6 users, load average: 1.83, 1.00, 0.71, need to reboot after a kernel update, had my 4th day dump first and drinking my Turkish brew. Mageai 8 installed kernel 5.15.4-desktop-1.mga8, Thank you Mageai developers and Linus my touch pad now grafts on Mageai 8 after fourteen months. When I rebooted into the Ubuntu Linux 20.04 boot loader the right kernel would not come up so I preformed Mageai's best trick and did an upgrade which reinstalled my Mageia 8 boot loader, Mangero 21 fucked up my boot sequence and caused a kernel panic. Let me go celebrate with a glass of coke. Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ. I am so happy you will not believe it. Come on Mark bring out a kernel image 5.15. I am busy downloading deepin 20.3, it also has a kernel 5.15. Fuck this touch pad works well on Mageai 8. 03:50 SAST deepin 20.3 downloaded and flashed to flash drive. Let me go have my cuppa Rooibos tea now and relax. 04:49 SAST I just came out the shower, yesterday I noticed a horrible smell coming from my groin area, I have a boil the size of a golf ball on my right testicle, I once had a boil lanced at the Milpark Hospital which cost my medical aid a couple of thousand ZAR, yet two years later a Polish surgeon lanced a boil for me under my groin aria for 500 ZAR and not under anesthesia like at the Milpark Hospital. I can put my cock on the block that these boils come from the meds I take. Right that's it I am tired now. 04:58 SAST.

27/11/2021 02:10 SAST Saturday The touch pad on Mageai 8 however does not work perfectly. When the S145 came out of sleep this morning the touch pad was not grafting. So I had to logout and login to get the touch pad to work. Pity. Let's see if Canonical can do better with there next 5.15 kernel image release on Ubuntu Linux 20.04. I woke up a bit too early this morning as I took some Allergex at around 21:30 last night and was hoping to sleep till at least 04:00. I wonder if I should try deepin, why not. deepin was a quick install but once I upgraded to kernel 5.15 I cannot for the life of me find kernel 5.15 in the boot loader. I am going to boot into deepin 20.3 now again but half the stuff is in Chinese, they seem to make better operating systems and smart phones like my Cubot Manito with the fucked battery which the battery costs 650 ZAR on ebay, than the do motorcycles. 04:13 SAST let me upload and reboot to deepin 20.3. I made a slight fuckup installing deepin 20.3 the first time, it took a long time "tuning" the system so I tried to go into a tty and "startx" which worked but I had to do a quick reinstall. I stayed on deepin 20.3 which looks like a very nice Linux operating system but I cannot for the life of me boot into kernel 5.15 after consulating with Miss Google. deepin was the first distro to come out with kernel 5.15 then Mageai unless you built the kernel yourself. Gone are the days when I could build a kernel in my younger years. The meds have taken a toll on me and now we are just poor, dumb simple folk bar Jabu who is quick on the ball and a wonderful wife. I sold my Philips CRT monitor today for 120 ZAR, what a mission for 120 ZAR the missionaries wanted to test it first as if I am running a shop here. Please email me with the procedure to run the deepin 20.3 5.15 kernel. We had one of my favs last night phuthu and beef stew with chaten. Chaten is tomatoe and onion finely mixed with chillies. How I will miss Jabu's cooking and she gets pissed off when I go into the kitchen so I don't know her recepies too well like I don't know Mama's pizza base receipie, all I know is Mama used flour, cottage cheese and water but I don't know if it was self raising flour. Anyway the local store OK Foods sells dough and is a wonderful store with many special's, I wish I could win the truck, I have never had my own truck always drove a truck for a company. I was telling Jabu when Chris Hani was assasinated in April 1993 and there was a State of emergency, I drove into Boksburg for one of the Bank's I am heavy in debit with and there where ten thousand Africans walking down the street I did a quick hand brake U turn and got out of there. In those years as an electrician I used to graft in many townships. The Bank I was working for doing computer cabling once told me when I had finished the job in a small township branch to get out of there quickly. Now the same bank I owe thousands of ZAR to compliements of kurwa Doctor Ndlovo. I retired early as usual.


The two works of art below I purchased on Jabu's and my honeymoon at Durban's South beach in May 2013

28/11/2021 02:02 SAST Sunday Had a good night's sleep and am drinking my Turkish brew as usual, the horrible smell from my groin area seems to have gone now and since yesterday I am on antibiotics. 03:10 SAST let me brew some Rooibos tea now, my touch pad on Mageia 8 is grafting after I logout out and in again but I don't really use my touch pad the S145 is more like a workstation but it's nice to have. Let me put some music on through my Dolby audio on my S145. The UK has put South Africa on it's red list again, I think The President, Cyril Ramaphosa will have a family meeting tonight, I really like uncle Cyril as long as he does not follow the EFF. There is fake news going around that he will ban fags and alcohol again which is bullshit as we would the have a revolution in South Africa. Much worse than the looting and riots. 04:35 SAST I drive down to Pennington beach to take some sunrise shot's at 04:48 SAST, the beach is deserted, I remember in 2012 there where ton's of folks with there K9's. I am still loosing 100 ml of water from my radiator to the beach and back. I will replace the radiator cap this week otherwise there is a big fuckup with the cooling system again. I don't like the colour of my dipstick oil, It is not clear but creamy murky. 05:42 SAST now the sun is really shinning in my eyes, let me upload. Jabu and I left for Pennington beach at 07:55 SAST and had a wonderful time under the shade enjoying the fresh ocean air, Jabu cooked Chicken a la King for supper on our gas stove.


29/11/2021 01:35 SAST Monday I have a suspicion that my Hyandai Elantra which I purchased from Mark Pillay of Umdoni Village stood for a year on lawn as the Elantra is rusted underneath. Like I said I purchased the Elantra for 28 000 ZAR and including that has now cost me 70 000 ZAR to fix up, Mr P said he will come after work today on his way home to Sezela to check out the creamy oil on the dipstick then he will do what he did last time, leave his van here on Wednesday and take my car to his workshop. Fuck. Summer is here, I emptied my above ground pool last night as it was dirty and am now filling the pool up. I am dying for a dip in this heat. 12:59 SAST. Mr P did not make it as he returned home after sunset and said he will pop in tomorrow morning on the way to work. I am sure Mr P curses the day I had the Elantra towed to him and I am sure he curses Mark Pillay. Jabu is on edge this last month as she does not look forward to going back to her mother's at iNkombo. I still do not know where I stand. Like I said I think I need to rent a room and loose all my memories from thirty years. My family member now stated that he is not sure if he want's property in South Africa after suggesting himself that he buy a flat in Scottburgh in his name with the proceeds of our inheritance. I can't get anything in writing from him. I am upset that the Elantra has water in the oil again, Mark Pillay was right that "bush mechanics" worked on the Elantra and Mr Ra has not paid the TSR traffic fine to date. Mr Ra brought the Elantra back from Umzinto running on two cylinders and Mr P came out and fixed that. The rust touch up job for 1600 ZAR was not done in Umzinto as Mr Ra said, he said the rust was sanded down and painted but now the rust is coming through the paint. When I was at Tiger Mart Wheel Center before they closed down I took pics of the under carrage. I showed the pics to my seventy one year old mechanic who advises me via Whatsapp and he said the Elantra must have been parked on the lawn for over a year. I never new that and need to start parking under the carport again. Only problem is two troops of monkeys had a battle on top of the carport and the slats came loose. Now when there is a violent storm the slats fall down onto the Elantra as well as tiny leaf residue, not a very good design of mine in 2012. I built a 200 mm concrete slab with reinforcing when my TSR parked under the carport, just the size of my motorcycle. I remember I used to do a 180 spin out the carport with my TSR. The neighbours cats still suntan on top of my Elantra's car cover. He must have six cats. There where monkeys by my Elantra with baby monkeys so cute but they did not cause any shit, reminds me of bush babies. When Jabu is in a good mood she calls the monkeys her brothers. Anyway I retired to bed at around 22:30 SAST but could not sleep so I watched TV till 23:59...

30/12/2021 Tuesday 00:41 SAST, Jabu is deep in sleep and snoring. Lets hope Mr P pitches this morning on the way to work and has a look at the creamy white oil on the dipstick. It's a hot early morning and I am sitting naked in front of the screen, the pool was magic to swim in this afternoon, crystal clear and I went for a skinny dip after sunset as well. Lets me go brew my Turkish brew as I do normally at this time of the morning. 00:46 SAST. 00:54 SAST changed my mind, I am tired, going to try sleep. 01:42 SAST no cannot sleep. Rather stuffy in my office. Let me take 1 mg of Rivitrol and some Allergex, 02:35 SAST. 03:02 SAST no let me not. Three hours till Jabu gets up and I brew her her lemon water. 04:15 SAST let me upload. Mr P pitched and said tomorrow he will leave his van and take my car to his Park Rynie workshop and fix the trim, fit 2 bolts on the DOHC 16 V cover (which he tied with a green cable tie) and change the oil and oil filter. Two independent mechanic's say it's the cylinder head gasket that is fucked again. Jabu came home very late at 17:55 SAST as month end there are no taxi's and I have been advised not to drive my car by my mechanic's as it put's stress on the engine and bearing's with the oil mixed with water. Jabu cooked pap and russian's for supper and I retired very early.


Pic of my dipstick, 29/11/2021, morning

01/12/2021 Busy on Deepin 20.3 so lost track of time, woke around 02:00 SAST, the time now is 04:26 SAST. the birds are chirping, summer is almost here. Again like Ubuntu Linux 21.04 the print device and HPLIP does not graft on Deepin 20.3, kernel 5.10. Like I said can't for the life of me get to boot off kernel 5.15 LTS. I am still on my Turkish brew have not had time to drink and smoke this morning. 04:38 SAST let me brew some Rooibos tea. Time is running out. Mageia 8 is still my top distro with kernel 5.15 coming out a day after Deepin 20.3 kernel 5.15 which one needs to be a wizard to boot off. 05:01 SAST let me upload now, I am on Deepin 20.3 kernel 5.10. Deepin 20.3 kernel 5.10 is a very good OS, I don't know why it's only rated thirty six on The only reason I am pissed off with this whole affair is that I cannot test if my touch pad works on Deepin 20.3. 05:45 SAST time for me to go for a dip, I am feeling hot, my BP must be up. Mr P arrives in a Merc C 230 Kompressor at 11:45 SAST at Mama's house with two of his drunk mates drinking in the car, the retired Scottburgh detective says my car is a "piece of crap". They leave the Merc C 230 Kompressor at Mama's house and Mr P says he will be back tomorrow before 16:00 SAST. He sighed that he is repairing my Elanra under warranty, most mechanics I have consulted with say the water in the oil is the cylinder head gasket again. Mr P arrived at his workshop in Park Rynie with my Elantra in less than ten minutes, he must have driven 140 km/h to get there which is not good for my engine bearings with the oil fucked. I did not have my power nap this morning and am now going for a skinny dip in this hot weather. 21:10 SAST. Mr Ra's wife said a relative will pay the TSR fine this Friday. 22:03 SAST 22:36 SAST still busy with my new toy, Deepin 20.3, variety is the spice of life. I retired at 22:45 SAST.

02/12/2021 04:02 SAST Thursday Took some Allergex last night. Still only five hours sleep, drinking room temperature coke which I left next to my laptop. Will brew now. Deepin 20.3 kernel 5.10 04:34:09 up 2 days, 8 min, 1 user, load average: 1.15, 1.19, 1.10. We will see what luck the Lord gives me today. 70 000 fucking ZAR for a "piece of crap". 04:58 SAST sunrise already. Fuck the chirping birds, they jump around in the tree's anyway when there is a nyoka in the tree. We had some small lizards in a protected tree but it fell over, fuck all of this. Motherfucker's. In the name of the Farther, the Son and Holy Ghost, where are you? Defiantly not at Mama's house since August 2020. Jabu is becoming full of shit these last two month's since she knows she is going back to iNkombo, no hugs, kisses nor ingquza only Facebook, where the fuck I am going I don't know, I was offered 10 200 ZAR for all the household content's by Lerne and Michelle. Looks like I will have to sell them myself or wait for a buyer whom want's to purchase Mama's house with the furniture. "24 years I have been living next door to Alice" Smokey. Reminds me of Carina and the cattle/game ranch. Made a fuck up leaving her even though she drank and had BPMD worse than mine. Pity I can't get the print device to work on Deepin 20.3 kernel 5.10. I will see how it goes with Deepin the next few days. Jabu will wake early this morning, she did at 05:28. I had her hot lemon water ready for her. 05:37 SAST let me upload. Mr P arrived alone with my Elantra after sunset, I don't know the exact time as our wall clock had stopped, the last few years it has been tempremental. Must have been after 19:00, I checked my boot if my jack was there, the trim seems to have been repaired and the oil was clean as well as the DOHC 16 V cover now has four bolts. I will check properly tomorrow morning. Mr P helped me to put the car cover back on and he texted me that they where putting blocks and bricks on the R102 after the Kelso bridge, he just missed the obsticales in the road. Jabu obtained some beef stew from her boss, so we had one of my fav's, beef stew and phuthu for supper, fab. I also received two expensive shaving gel tubes. Actually I will try them out tomorrow as I need a shave. Thank you very much. 22:30 SAST let me go for a skinny dip, it's hot. Retired at 23:16 with no power nap during the day. Took some Allergex. oh yes one of my top teeth broke off in the evening.

03/12/2021 02:05 SAST Friday My K9, Ridgeback cross Bull Mastiff is lying next to me right now, I received him gratis yesterday at 10:05 with 10 kg dog food, two 1 kg food in a can, leash, collar, choke chain and non slip water dish, treats etc. I will spend my last day's in Pennington taking Tyson for walk's to stay fit baring which if I am homeless I will drive around with him in my car like the one homeless guy does on foot in Pennington whom Mama invited into her house with his K9 and wife a few years ago. Tyson will take a few days getting used to his new home, he still keeps his tail behind his legs when I take him outside for a pee, If I am fit enough I will take him to the beach today. Thank you Lord for slowly answering my prayers. 03:35 SAST. Mama always cared for the homeless when she was at SummerHill Lodge Scottburgh. Thank you Mama, I brew Rooibos tea in your memory and enjoy the healthy tea. I need to take 1 mg of Rivirol now as per Doctor's orders as I am quite tense and tired right now and will never fall asleep till 08:00 SAST like I have done many times in Pennington and Johannesburg. Some folks piss it up I take prescription drugs. 04:08 SAST, It will be a cloudy cool day today. Deepin 20.3 kernel 5.10 uptime 04:11:12 up 2 days, 23:45, 1 user, load average: 1.36, 1.05, 1.03 Bitcoin is sitting at 56 600 USD per coin, Ether is at 4523 per token, Gold is at 1771 USD and silver is at 22 USD, Brent crude is at 66 USD at 04:17 SAST. The birds have started to chirp, Jabu is not snoring tonight and Tyson is fast asleep laying on soft cushions next to me. But I have a feeling that Jabu, Tyson and I will buy a house in Umzinto, Mhlengi stays in uMlazi. 04:32 looks rather cloudy outside. I am just worried that the girl Miss J & Mr S who gave me Tyson said if the rehoming does not work Tyson must come back to her, I hope she is not using me as a kennel. She said her partner who is in Bedfordview will come in two weekends to visit Tyson. 05:00 SAST let me upload and relax. At 08:40 Tyson and I left for Pennington beach in my Elantra. I had not had much sleep in the last thirty six hours so I had a double Espresso at the Kiosk whilst Tyson lay at my feet. We sat in the fresh ocean air with a good view of Pennington beach. 23:53 SAST Tyson had little water so I poured him some and he is lying down with me in my office. I need to fill up some water bowls for the evening of which I have plenty. Bitcoin and Ether have crashed whilst I slept. Gold and Silver is still doing good as well as Brent oil which is at the same. 23:59 SAST.

04/12/2021 00:00 SAST Saturday Tyson farts quite a bit. He is a massive K9. I am taking him to the Vet soon for a check up and rabies certificate. He does not seem to be bothered with my smoke and had his first long piss yesterday morning and a dump in the afternoon. Jabu took him for a walk after work yesterday and she said he had two large dumps. He ate for the first time late morning when I gave him some dog food out the can, then I mixed it with chunks and bingo. Miss J said he should eat once a day but Miss Google says twice a day tweleve hours apart. Long time since I had Bono, Buci and Hiya. My fav was Hiya a cross Dachshund. TYson is licking his foot now. So far so good with my Hyundai Elantra 1.6 GLS 16 V with 76 KW at 7500 RPM. Wow Tyson is noisy licking himself, let me play some music. 00:32 SAST. Tyson is like Bono he farts a lot but does not slobber. I will find out from the Vet soon. I called the Vet yesterday and panic station's I need to bring him in if he is not eating, what is she doing saving for her ski trip. That's why I only want to see Doc B. I remember Doc B once came to Mama's house. I will get all the intel from Doc B. Let me change the music, I am tired of this hip hop rap shit. Just brewed a mug of Mama's fav, Rooibos tea. I used to brew her five pots a day. One pot two and one half cup not mug, Mama would never drink out of a mug. Feeling rather tired might just hit the sack after my mug of Rooibos tea unless I take 1 mg Rivitrol to stay awake. It's supposed to piss down today 100% but I hear no rain yet. Hopefully will have a quite weekend with Jabu sleeping in late. Jabu is snoring this morning. It's amazing I am not suffering from moderate mania after all the shit I have gone through since April 2021. Deepin 20.3 kernel 5.10 uptime 01:36:24 up 3 days, 21:10, 1 user, load average: 2.82, 1.88, 1.57 I think I will stick with Deepin 20.3 kernel 5.10 till I need to print then I will boot into Mageia 8 or MX Linux 21. I had a ndlwabu the other day this week and it was good. I also had some nsangu yesterday, first time in twenty five years and I was good, one needs to relax, I don't drink alcohol as such, maybe one beer every three month's. I love Coca Cola. What is Tyson doing now, licking his balls? no he keeps licking his feet, I need to ask Miss Google. Tyson looks a bit older than five years to me. Where is this rain? Let me check the weather report. Ah ha 92% of rain from 11:00 SAST. We are running out of milie meel and sugar so I will have to go to Checkers soon to purchase in bulk, I received a kind donation for bills, food and the domestic worker to come once a week during the holiday season starting next Tuesday to keep Mama's house nice and clean for the prospective buyers. The garden services where here the other day so the garden looks good. Pity it almost seems to rain on the weekends. Today is pap and russians day, last night we had pilchards and rice in a hot chili sauce. I take my meds at 08:00 SAST so I have to cook my own breakfast this morning and feed Tyson at 06:30 SAST. Tyson ate well. Tyson is sleeping on his forth bed, one in my office, right now, one in front of the TV, his real bed which Miss J brought along is at the back of the TV room. and one at the back of the Elantra. Tyson will fit in here just nicely. Would not mind going for a skinny dip right now before the weather changes, 02:25 SAST. Lovely 18 C water so refreshing. 06:50 SAST Bitcoin and Ether start to crash.

05/12/2021 03:24 SAST Sunday Mess around with my 250 G5 and did not see the boot option at first so I managed to boot into Mageia 8, Ubuntu Linux 20.4.3 is under construction, will have to reinstall. Touch pad works best on Ubuntu Linux 20.04.3, all these years I have been installing with a mouse. At around 10:00 SAST,I have misplaced my thirty year old Seiko, I gave it to Jabu after my power nap on the beach after we returned from Checkers. The Elantra just barely started after we had finished our shopping. TYson enjoyed the beach and he barked for the first time this afternoon at a passer by on our street. Jabu cooked chicken Breyani (not from the box) for supper. At 20:00 I retired.

06/12/2021 08:20 SAST Head for the Vet, Hipcio gets a 5 in 1 and rabies, he is allowed no visitors till he settles in which can take up to six month's. Jabu and I take Hipcio for a walk after his supper. Jabu then cooks mac and mince for two days. Hipcio is a Hippo in Polish.

07/12/2021 02:00 SAST Tuesday, yesterday would have been Dominic's birthday, he passed away on the 21st March 2021, rest in piece my cuz and friend. He was the only one to call and congratulate me on our wedding day from the Pawinski's. So thirsty let me get my Turkish brew. 01:00 SAST let me go reinstall Ubuntu Linux 20.4.3 on my 250 G5, no don't feel like it right now. Deepin 20.3 kernel 5.10 uptime 01:01:58 up 5 days, 20:36, 1 user, load average: 1.92, 1.59, 1.11, I rebooted and Mageai 8 had a new kernel. Let me boot into Ubuntu Linux 21.04 and see what's new. 02:35 SAST Jabu and Hipcio are fast asleep. 08:20 SAST the shuttle arrives to take Hipcio and I to the Vet. The Vet check's Hipcio out and gives him a 5 in 1 and rabies injection, the Vet says Miss J and Mr S should not visit Hipcio as this will confuse him. We get back by 09:40 SAST, I did not take my Elantra because I never know whether it will start or not. Even though when Mr P dropped it of the other evening she started. Mr P and I agreed to wait fourteen day's to see if the water mixes with the oil again. The radiator does not seem to be loosing water, I will check tomorrow morning again. Jabu and I take Hipcio for a walk after his supper, Jabu cooks mac and mince for supper for two day's. I like to feed Hipcio at 05:00 SAST and 17:00 SAST every day. Hipcio is a Polish word for a Hippo. Hipcio had a crap this morning next to Mama's Azelia's and a piss right by the washing line. I am sure he misses his home but Mr S and Miss J wanted to give him away for mahala. I need to fix the hole in the fence where the small deer went through and the hole in the fence where the neighbour's cats come through even though Miss J said Hipcio will not try get through. Hipcio is like a real Hippo, when he moves he moves fast. 23:00 SAST let me retire or I will watch Adults only, I am so jags. 02:00 SAST I have had Ubuntu Linux 20.04.3 running for a while now. I just can't stay away from crypto, it's like a bug that has hooked me since August 2020 when the price of Bitcoin shot up. All this nervous buying and selling since August 2020 I have made only approximatly 12 000 ZAR. This year May when I lost 13 500 ZAR and the other days crash really fucked me up, I lost 8500 ZAR. oh well at least I tried to make a living. But my family member says it's gambling. My brother and I now have an agreement, I sell Mama's house, the executor of the estate deducts the fees and I take of his 50% inheritance 20% so I will get 70% inheritance, he gets 30% and will I will never bug him again, my brother will continue to pay the bills till Mama's house is sold. Pity I did not buy Bitcoin at 42 000 USD per coin, I bought at 52 300 USD per coin and then Bitcoin crashed last week to 42 000 uSD per coin. Fuck. Difficult to make a living. Bitcoin now sits at 50 579 USD per coin at 02:21 SAST and Ether sits at 4337 per token at 02:22 SAST, bit high to buy. I sold all my Ether the other day as funds where running low. Well so far Bitcoin has not moved drastically like I purchased it 15 minutes before last weeks crash and then it dived to 42 000 USD per coin from 52 000 USD per coin. 02:28 SAST time to relax with no Rivitrol this time, retired on the couch and woke up with a stiff neck.....

08/12/2021 01:35 SAST Wednesday Being fucking around watching the tennis, last night I played my Bluetooth speaker loud (Wagner, Beethoven's 5th and Chopin), I thought I would buy one with my funds I had received from my stuff I had sold. There is something wrong with my Ubuntu Linux 20.04.3 installation and my Bluetooth does not work too well. Unless I am still so stoned from yesterday's wheat that I have forgotten the command line. Fuck this it's prescription drugs, no alcohol and wheat to get through to February 2022 now. Way too much stress. Still no ingquza, just a kiss now and again really frustrating what the bitches can do to you with holding their pussy's. POWA my fuck. Joko tastes shit anyway. Rooibos Lager, now that's a tea which I am enjoying right now. So as the days go by Hipcio, the Elantra and I will see it through, Jabu is a lost cause. February 2022 is D day. Where will I be God willing. I took on a K9 because I need the excersise. Like I said I hate walking alone. Hope this wheat works. It's good and potent usangu. I love the hills of Kwa Zulu Natal. Would not mind going for a one hour scenic taxi drive through Malangeni, I miss the Sishiyma. Two guys came to the fence yesterday and I let them in to view the property, one was a potential cash buyer. The one guy gave me 34 Peter Styvesant Blue loose, 20 in a packet, I enjoyed them but I prefer PS Red soft pack. So wheat is sweet and I feel less tense now. Will monitor the wheat story over the next few days, actually I will chat with my Doctor's, today. Talk of the devil I received a kiss, touch and feel of pussy for a few second's this morning, Jabu has the day off and is going to Durban for Mhlengi's business. 05:35 SAST cloudy and cool, rain forecast. Bitcoin and Ether are holding steady, brent crude is going up. Silver and Gold hold steady. Buy Bitcoin now 05:42 SAST at your own risk. 12:10 SAST went down to the beach with Bono and had some fresh beach air, I ordered a double expresso but after twenty minutes it did not come so I left. Bono is doing well. Eats breakfast and supper, drinks a lot of water but Bono is still scared to stay outside. Maybe he is not used to the fencing. My Doctor's told me wheat is not sweet so I have to stop. Fell asleep on the couch again and woke at 23:30 SAST.

09/12/2021 00:00 SAST Thursday am watching Adult only XXX, I only took my meds thirty minutes ago and already feel fucked, this is poison I am taking. Ether is up, Bitcoin the same, Gold, Silver and Brent crude not much change. I had fun yesterday in lieu of Jabu, tried my old tricks and it was good, Jabu does not mind if I do it in front of her, I get a goodbye kiss when she goes to work, fucking around with my bluetooth speaker now, works well on MX Linux 21. 02:27 SAST Jabu had a more powerful bluetooth speaker but she borrowed it to her brother Zwe. Yesterday's Vivaldi was good on Youtube. I had a dip just now with my African Lion Dog. I keep calling him Bono. As the sun rises it gets a bit cool. 05:48 SAST Time to relax. I wait for the auto electrician but he was robbed and has to buy new tools. Tyson is a bit scared to stay outside. He prefers to lie under the big fan in the lounge. After consulting with my second Doctor, he said the same, I should not use wheat with my meds so I am out of stock anyway but had a good few days. That was not too much of a good idea even though I went to sleep during and woke up at...

10/12/2021 03:53 SAST Friday and booted into Deepin 20.3 from Mageia 8 and am now on Ubuntu Linux 21.04 which always seems to have updates, pity I can't get HPLIP right otherwise it would be 100%. Robert says I can clean the house and do the 1020 square garden myself after working from 00:01 till 07:00 on my laptop every day almost. Today I woke late and has a good night's sleep. Bitcoin and Ether are not doing too well even though Ripple seems ok. Since I have been using Ubuntu Linux for over a year now I find it to be the most stable and best OS bar HPLIP with which I am not the only one that is having hassles with, I wish Mark would release the 5.15 Kernel image so my touch pad works after fourteen months on Ubuntu Linux. Today since December the 16th 2006 the year Tata passed away I still wonder who sponsored with there uncompetive behaviuor under cutting my prices by a third and selling faulty DVD's. Who opens a Linux business in December holidays anyway. This morning whilst Jabu was bathing she opened her legs for me and let me finger her a bit, it was nice for us. I need kisses, hugs and a bit of ingquza now and again even though I can only get it up in the mornings rock hard lately just enough to come, must be the mild mania. Ubuntu Linux 21.04 installed an update and has asked me to reboot. 10:14 SAST. Had a busy day, had three offers on Mama's house, it's basically sold. We had pilchards and rice for supper and I retired after Uzalo as usual. Oh yes I wanked and came for the second day in the row on the couch, in the morning, must be the Lord at work.

11/12/2021 00:37 SAST Saturday Went back to sleep and woke again at 03:01 SAST. There is a bit of rain and slight thunderstorm, of course the elecricity went off at 04:09 SAST, typical ESC in the hilly billy sticks, Malangeni some times does not have electricity for days.04:26 SAST I have put Ububtu Linux 21.04 in power saving mode, I am still waiting for Canonical to release Kernel 5.15 or better. Let me go get my Rooibos tea. Lucky we have gas two plate stove. Which is not allowed in some flat's in Scottburgh, especially the flat I am intrested in. I still have received nothing in writing from Robert regarding the flat offer. He is too scared of his Indian wife Rebecca, has to ask her permission for everything, must be 24 C in my office now with the fan off, I wanted to buy a small generator long ago but they are too noisy for the neighbours. The bird's are chirping as usual and Jabu and Tyson are sleeping. 04:40 SAST, I think I will go for a dip in the rain. Oh yes the estate agent say swe will have to move out around April 2022, Jabu and I will try find a place to rent in Pennington, a small cottage or servant's quarters. I don't want to be under the control of Robert and Rebecca. They can stick their flat, right time for the dip, 04:45 SAST. 04:55 SAST nice dip the water must be 20 C but way too much chlorine and I have the small pool floater set on No. 1. At least the water does not turn green like it did in JHB. Water is crystal clear. Come on ESC, I have 69 % battery left over, almost a hour now. I received a small donation this week for my book. I wish Canonical would really release a new kernel for Ubuntu Linux 20.04.3 LTS, I thought it was my bluetooth freezing 20.04.3 LTS but it's not. Right it's been exactly an hour without electricity. Fuck it's stuffy and hot in here. Let me go in naked mode. My above ground pool takes 2300 litres at 90 %, 608 gallon's. Unfortunatly even though I have a Polish passport I cannot go back to Poland as I will not get a pension nor free meds, viva ANC viva. Long live President Cyril Ramaphosa. Almost two hours without electricity, let me go check if I received a SMS from ESC. We spent a lazy Saturday with me dipping and Jabu relaxing after work. I ate left over pap for late lunch and Jabu made sandwitches at 20:00 SAST, this fucking numlock does not come on boot with Mageia 8 and catches me out every fucking time. I retired early as usual.

12/12/2021 03:15 SAST Sunday,a new week. The time I put here is not necessary the time I wake up. Mama's house has had three offers on Friday so it's basically sold if Robert accepts the offers, he want's more, which will not work out. Jabu is pissed off and want's to go back to her mother's in April 2022. I am trying to find a place in Pennington for us to stay with Tyson. Last week I had quite a week, I was feeling quite horny and manged to come three times on the couch and used my toys as well. I have not been right since 7th September 2021 but each day I feel better, too much stress from Jabu and Robert with this house sale.

13/12/2021 04:57 SAST Monday Smoked some wheat last night against two Doctor's orders. But my Sangoma says I need to. Woke up very late. Had a good night's sleep because of the wheat. Busy drinking my first cup today, Turkish brew. Tyson is doing well. We did not have a good weekend. I feed Tyson at 06:00 and 18:00, he has quite an appetite. Mageia 8 froze last night so I had to hard reboot. "rkhunter" shows a lot of suspect files and rootkits which it did not show last week. I am feeling much better, just I need some ingquza. According to our sale agreement dated 03/02/2021 Rakish took over my TSR on that date but still has not paid the fine of 200 ZAR as somehow the TSR landed up in my name till the 11/11/2021. So so far Ubuntu Linux 20.4.3 LTS is freezing on my HP 250 G5, I thought it was the bluetooth speaker and now Mageia 8 has frozen, wonderful. I am still wondering who had enough bucks to sponsor for five years, must have been a big company. But I traced them back in 2007 and I know who it is. Finally another good night's sleep, wheat is sweet. Let's hope I don't go crazy like pyscho as the two Doctor's said. Today Mr P promised to come to fit a stronger battery to my Elantra. Even though the other mechanic says it's my relay, we shall see. The Dolby audio is quite good on my Lenovo S145, can't play it too loud though, Robert my brother refuses to pay for the domestic worker and garden services Christmas bonus or part thereof from April 2021 even though Mama's property looked nice for the client's viewing the property. Robert says I can clean the house myself and do the garden myself after waking up at 00:01 most night's and being on S3, S4 and S5 meds and he want's us to buy a flat in his name, like fuck. One can't trust him and Rebecca his Indian wife, they promised me a second hand iPhone 6s once and negated on that. Let me go have a cup of coffee and feed Tyson. Rooibos tea does not taste so good in the morning. No fresh chicken's at Checkers last week so we had beef stew and phuthu at 16:00 yesterday evening, beef stew compliments of Jabu's boss. I will listen to Catholic online Mass through my bluetooth speaker this morning when Jabu is gone to work. Let me feed Tyson, 06:11 SAST. Touch pad is grafting nicely. 12:32 SAST Mageai 8 froze again when coming out of sleep, looks like I am been hacked again. I am on Deepin 20.03 kernel 5.10 now. I will not use wheat for a week and see how I sleep and feel. I don't have any more stock anyhow. I feel very much relaxed and more confident on wheat. Jabu gave me an extra long kiss yesterday and this morning and she let me touch her padda in the bath this morning. 12:50 SAST let me upload to the world with this red thing of mine deeply planted. It feels so good when I am mild mania. Looks like Mr P is not coming with the battery. Monday he is always busy. Jabu after a hard days work should be home at 16:00. She grafts real hard but does not understand how I can ly on the sofa since 2003 when I opened my AMPPOL IT Linux CD"S and DVD's business. They forget I get up at 00:01 most nights and sit in front of the screen like I used to since 2003 in JHB. 23:39 SAST just woke up a while back, drinking leftover Rooibos.

14/12/2021 00:00 SAST Tuesday Going to be a long day. We start the morning with the red thing firmly planted. Let me go brew some Turkish brew. Jabu went off to work upset with me. At 09:35 SAST my brother in law came to visit and asked for some work so I told him to clean the house but he does not like it. Green likes little work for lots of buck's and want's to finish in a hurry. I spent the day waiting for Mr P and accept the offers given to my brother and I from the estate agent. 18:20 SAST Jabu and Tyson are back from the beach can you believe it in under one and one half hours. Like I said I had a tense day waiting for folks to pitch up, only the estate agent did. 18:27 SAST Jabu is cooking now. Pap and russian"s, I retired at 20:35 SAST.

15/12/2021 02:19 SAST Wednesday Mama's house is almost sold, once the bucks are in the bank I will be happy. We have two offers. Bitcoin is sitting at 44 250 USD per coin at 02:48 SAST. Our domestic worker which helped me pack resigned on Monday, I am glad, she chatted too much with Jabu, Pume told Jabu everything I said. I had the luck of the devil that Green pitched up yesterday. At last summer is here, It's been hot the last week. Drinking my second cup now, Rooibos tea. What a mission it was for me to sell Mama's house with folks coming in and out, I am glad it's over, now for the price of crypto to go up will be just befuck. Mr P said yesterday that he will pitch with the battery this morning. Let me go update Microsoft Windows 10. 03:19 SAST. On my S145. So I updated Windows 10 on both my HP 250 G5 and Lenovo S145, took fifteen minutes on the S145 a lot longer on the 250 G5. What a difference a i5 makes. Been fucking around watching TV today and waiting for Mr P and Mrs P. Robert recons he has a better offer on Mama's house. Bitcoin has been hovering at 48 200 USD per coin all day. Jabu's boss gave me some shaving lotion in a tube, wow what good stuff, must be real expensive. I have quite an appetite lately, wonder what's for supper. I picked up Jabu at the shops and we had rice and chicken livers for supper. Jabu also took Tyson for a walk to the beach.

16/12/2021 02:23 SAST Thursday It's a bank holiday here today. Mr P did not pitch up yesterday but his idea of a bigger test battery will not work anyway, it's the relay that's faulty. Time flies It's 03:43 SAST already and Bitcoin has gone uo to 48 877 USD per coin. Afternoon, Jabu and I have a big argument, I can see she is unhappy with this Scottburgh flat story. We make up later that night.

17/12/2021 03:25 SAST Friday Had a bad night's sleep. Was up and down the whole time for a piss. It rained the whole night. 03:30 SAST will boot into Mageia 8 and leave it to see if it freezes again. Mageia 8 is still full of suspect files and rootkits. No updates this morning but Ubuntu Linux 21.04 had some updates. Bitcoin does not want to move up or down, it's sitting at 47 840 USD per coin at 03:58 SAST. Looks like I will not have a 100% working car for Christmas. I lifted the bonnet the other day and noticed that my fuse box cover is loose and there is a blue live wire running to somewhere, the fuse box cover can fall off when I am driving, the clips have been broken. Fuck this. Never had such shit workmanship in JHB, then I knew my mechanic's well, they where Tata's connections. To top it all 6.1 ZAR in my Cool drink holder so the thieving cunts stole 5 ZAR. Can't hear the birds chirping this morning, maybe the music is too loud, no I think it's the rain. Here they are now the birds. Jabu is still thinking whether she will eat Xmas with me, she is also tired of this ED story and want's a hard penis. I have not fucked her for a long time, this year has been a bad year for sex, now she does not even want oral sex. 04:40 SAST let me upload and have a cuppa of Rooibos tea or maybe cool drink. Let me go relax, it's fucking cool this morning, too cold for me, 04:52 SAST. Did sweet fuck all during the day except sleep, eat and watch TV. Retired at 18:00 SAST. And woke at 23:02 SAST. Bitcoin is not doing too well, 46 506 USD per coin at 23:17 SAST.

18/12/2021 00:00 SAST Saturday Nothing much. We will eat beef stew and phuthu tonight and Jabu bought Tyson some pet mince and bones with her tip money from today. In sixteen days Tyson has eaten about eight kg of dog food, he looked so small on the video but at least he is eating, like I said I feed him twice a day. The cooked bones where not a good idea, Tyson swallowed them whole. 23:37 SAST, brewing my Turkish brew, fuck I am thirsty. Went to sleep before 19:30 SAST.

19/12/2021 00:00 SAST The weather should be better today with a bit of sun but cool, I had three dips which where ice cold. Retired very early. Can't put up with Jabu's bad mood.

20/12/2021 02:51 SAST Monday, looks like I am being fucked around again, no updates on Ubuntu Linux 20.04 and Mageia 8. I have been feeling quite horny the last ten days but no pussy only a touch now and again. 09:30 SAST Still no word of my battery from Mr P.

21/12/2021 00:30 SAST Tyson comes to our bedroom winning, he needs to go out. Today is eight month's since Mama passed away, I will light a candle for her now. 02:00 SAST been watching TV in the meantime. At last an update on Ubuntu Linux 20.04, Firefox.

22/12/2021 01:23 SAST I go to the kitchen and Tyson want's to go out again. I brew my Turkish coffee. Updates on Mageia 8 and a new kernel at Last. Jabu has become so unpleasant after work that I go to sleep early these days. She recons her job is to cook and that's it. Mageai 8 has failed me at the end of the year, must be the 5.15 kernel, keeps freezing overnight.

Lazy day, Jabu went to Umzinto today for her mother, also bought some beetroot, I like beetroot soup on Xmas eve and fish, now to get hold of some fish. I remember the days when Mama was well and used to cook brilliant Xmas eve and Xmas day food, Polish style. Never again. I will purchase some ham for Xmas morning and attempt to make Mama's Xmas vegetable salad with tinned veggies, gherkins and mayo served cold from the fridge. The last Xmas I spent without Mama was when I was in the pyschc ward. Let's hope Jabu does not fuck up this Xmas. I was quite happy that my Elantra made it to Park Rynie and back the other day, I did not turn off the engine at Park Rynie though. I dipped a few times today in 20 C water, it's so nice.

23/12/2021 02:23 SAST Thursday, Bitcoin has gone down again, yesterday Bitcoin was sitting nicely. 04:07 SAST Bitcoin is at 48 446 USD per coin.

24/12/2021 03:15 SAST Friday The cryto's are up, Bitcoin is over 51 100 USD per coin. I spend most of my day watching the crypto monitor hoping the crypto's will go up, this morning was a nice surprise. I had beetroot soup and fish for supper. the beetroot soup turned out very well but a bit too much evaporation.

25/12/2021 Merry Christmas

For late breakfast we had rolls, ham and I remembered how to make Mama's salad, tin of mixed veg, gherkins, chopped apple's, mayo, boiled egg all chilled from the freezer. Zack and his friend's dropped off some milk Jabu forgot at her mother's and they finished breakfast with us. For a late lunch we had turkey, I fell asleep so it was slightly overdone as usual. But very eatable. The morning started off with a text from Jabu to me which led to a pleasant morning's oral love making, twice. Jabu gyrated her pussy as I licked her pussy. So nice to finally touch Jabu's naked body and kiss her soft lips. Jabu had some red wine and I stuck to my tea, coffee and cold drink's, no wheat now for many days. I am feeling really good. I have Ripple, Ether and of course Bitcoin which stays at the same price more or less, Bitcoin has been floating around 50 200 USD per coin. I don't have much and am ready to sell if the price start's to drop. It's a thrill to have a bit of crypto for me since August 2020. I eat very fast and sometimes remember what Mama used to say, eat slowly and enjoy your food.

26/12/2021 00:37 SAST Had a sip of yesterday's Turkish brew and am now waiting for my Rooibos. 02:00 SAST exactly, just came out the pool, had a nice cool swim. Don't feel like sitting at the laptop, maybe will go watch a movie. Went to sleep and woke again at 06:30 SAST. Ubuntu Linux 20.04 is doing well but no updates during the holidays. Spent a lazy day with Jabu and Tyson, went for a short walk with Tyson but it's irritating with all the K9's barking as one walks past the houses.

27/12/2021 01:23 SAST Monday Always in a good mood when I wake up and Bitcoin is doing well. 01:54 SAST Bitcoin is 50 796 USD per coin. Woke at 23:32 SAST and watched TV music videos.

28/12/2021 00:00 SAST Tuesday still watching TV.

29/12/2021 02:12 SAST Wednesday Bit nerve racking this crypto business with it going up and down, yesterday it dropped. And Bitcoin now stands at 47 700 USD per coin at 02:31 SAST. To top it all I have toothache for two days now. Let me go get my Turkish brew.

30/12/2021 01:15 SAST Thursday So hot went for a swim but my tooth hurts with the cool water. At 16:01 SAST sold all my crypto, it's useless watching crypto going up and down and recently it's being going dowm, just can't risk it, lost a few hundred ZAR in December but at least the Bitcoin, Ether and Ripple kept me busy, now I will be totally bored out my mind but have a few bucks. Woke at 23:45 SAST. Sleep so much during the day that I wake early.

31/12/2021 00:00 SAST Friday Watching music video's now. Still no updates on Ubuntu Linux 20.04 which is strange. My personal distro of the year goes to Mageai Linux 8

01/01/2022 03:01 SAST Saturday Slept right through New year. Jabu cooked mutton breyani for late lunch. Let's hope the Lord is kind to us and does not split Jabu and I apart in the new year.

02/01/2022 08:34 SAST Sunday, slept late did not wake, just had a shower, thank you God for giving me hot running water.

07/01/2022 09:07 SAST So the days go by waiting for what will be, so far I have not found any place for Jabu, Tyson and I to stay. I will have a very large inheritance but a bit useless if we don't have a roof over our head. The inheritance is too small to purchase a house. Bitcoin has crashed again and at 09:12 SAST is sitting at 41 261 USD per coin. I have been going to bed early these days and wake around 06:00 SAST. Finally been getting updates on Ubuntu Linux 21.04 and a kernel update as well. GRUB does not see the new kernel so I have to boot into Mageia 8 and fix it by reinstalling the boot loader.

08/01/2022 01:28 SAST Saturday Woke early for a change. Boil on armpit still painful, get these fucking boils from the meds I am sure. Bitcoin not doing too well, sitting at 41 675 USD per coin at 02:07 SAST. The last two days I took Tyson for a twenty five minute walk but my back really fucks out. We had mutton phutu for supper, delicious. Retired at 20:35 SAST and woke at 22:05 SAST with a really fustrating feeling, fell asleep on the couch and woke at ...

09/01/2022 01:05 SAST Sunday Woke with a stiff neck from my couch. Had a 02:20 SAST shave and skinny dip. So my brother contacted me yesterday and is still keen on purchasing a flat in Scottburgh but some of these levies are so high. Jabu came home from work a little early and cooked Chicken a la King with potato sald. Very nice. We have deceided if I move into a flat in Scottburgh I will drive Jabu to work everyday and see how long my inheritance lasts.

10/01/2022 20:10 SAST battled to fall asleep again, took somw Allergex and more (1mg) of Rivitrol and fell asleep.

11/01/2022 06:32 SAST Slept right through the night.

12/01/2022 08:26 Slept ten hours last night. This morning I was watching the news and they had a little girl getting ready for school, so sad it reminded me of my daughter whom I have not seen for over twenty years. Last time I saw my daughter was when she was five. I made a big fuckup taking on Tyson, I thought Mama's house would take a year or two to sell and now it's sold. What am I am going to do with Tyson, the poor K9 has got so used to us. It brings tears to my eyes thinking of Tyson these last few days. This morning is quite cool but I think I am going to jump into the pool anyway.

13/01/2012 07:35 SAST What an unlucky 13th. I took Jabu to work with my Elantra and on the way to Checkers my engine cut out. Very kind African guys tried to push start me and jump start the Elantra but no go. The tow truck arrived at 10:00 and now the hassle might be the transponder in the key ignition. I also found out from my mechanic that my car was running on only three cylinders, my one spark plug is dead. What a fucked up day, it's 22:14 SAST now and I can't sleep. I eventually fell asleep, Green, Jabu's brother who was supposed to go to Checkers with me stayed overnight. We had pap and Umzinto pork for supper. The pork was very soft, just right for my teeth. I had the terrible cramps in my ankles for some reason. Green emptied my pool as it was starting to get dirty and now I have lovely fresh water. It was very hot last night, I turned on the outside light and had a skinny dip.

14/01/2022 02:30 SAST Hope today will be a better day. 03:40 SAST, Wow it's hot so I went for a skinny dip to cool down. I don't dry myself so I keep cool for a while, I don't know what I am going to do in Scottburgh without a pool. I am sure it's my BP that goes up and makes my face so hot. Yesterday Green bought me some Peter Stuyvesant and my mouth does not feel so horrible but I can't afford to smoke those. I must say it's 04:09 SAST now and I still feel cool. Spent the day with Green watching TV and chatting. Went to bed at 20:00 SAST and suddenly woke ate 23:00 SAST. Watched TV.

14/01/2022 00:00 SAST Friday Watched some more TV and went to bed but can't sleep. 01:04 SAST. This typing is boring me. Apparently it's my crankshaft sensor which if fucked in my Elantra now.

15/01/2022 10:05 SAST Saturday Jabu went to Umzinto to do her hair and buy some meat. Funds are low. My headaches stopped on Friday afternoon. I pray which I should not because it does not work that my Elantra will be fixed this week.

16/01/2022 03:48 SAST Sunday Both Mageai 8 and Ubuntu Linux 20.04 updated systemd, strange, Mageai needed a reboot but Ubuntu not. Since I installed Deepin my GRUB is slighly fucked, I can only boot into Ubuntu by choosing the Mageai in GRUB. Never happened to me on my Centrino nor my 250 G5. This S145 BIOS is a bit fucked. So the days go by waiting for March April 2022 till we move out to God knows where. Oh yes when I went for a swim yesterday morning there was a 1.5 meter brown snake which slithered away from me towards the fence, great now I am a bit wary of going for a swim at night but I am getting quite hot now so I am going anyway and will take my torch with me. 04:19 SAST. 04:33 SAST that was a nice skinny dip, so cool. Oh yes Tyson is feeling a bit under the weather, Friday I had to coax him to eat and Saturday he would not eat breakfast but eventually ate supper, late. 05:45 SAST I wanked and managed to cum for a change, at last. It was good. Jabu is sleeping.

What I have sold of mine so far:

What I still have for sale:

I also have a Pentax K 1000 SLR camera with 35mm Pentax lens and 2 x convertor, 80-200mm generic lens, needs service.

Made in USSR Tento like new 20 x 60 Binoculars.

Made in USSR Tento 10 x 35 used Binoculars

Ama motorcycle helmet Medium

Motorcross helmet XL with tinted goggles

MCSE 2000 and Windows NT 4 books

Thirteen network forensics and intrusion detection books

Java book

Over fifty novels and books pertaining to my visits to Europe

African object de art

Thirty years of collectables, from eastern Mpumulanga, eg Rhino large heavy Rhino from Rhodesia a gift from my brother in better days before he married Rebecca, Ingwe, Lion, Crocodile, Aardvark, Giraffe, Elephant etc some broken when I was manic in Pennington. Jabu calls it my zoo, I will loose them all.

CRT Monitor

isiZulu shield and assegai

More to follow

How I feel today 23/12/2021 at 04:00 SAST, relaxed, good mood, the wheat kicked me into a fab frame of mind, Dominic's birthday was on the 6th of December, I lit a candle for him, he was the only Pawinski that congratulated me on my wedding day at 09:00 but the wedding was African style and only started at 11:00, Dom passed away at the age of 53, happy to have a K9 and sad I will loose my life's collection over the last thirty years of collectables, lucky I smoke, I thought I had gum cancer but a retired Dentist from Warsaw told me otherwise, was day of the dead, all Saint's day, on the 1st November 2021, Poles go and visit grave yards in Poland to remember their loved ones. well rested. But NAFI and sad, I get the incorrect intel that my family member is in Scottburgh (27/10/2021) without telling me he is coming, he will come to Mama's house and shout at me. I am sure he will go look for flats in Scottburgh for me if he keeps his word. I will not drive in a car with him, he drives at 130 km/h on the R102 between Pennington and Scottsburgh. Like most folks from Pennington do, even they used to overtake my TSR on the Umzinto river bridge. Mama passed away more than six months ago, but had a good nights sleep, apprehensive of the Bitcoin price falling and happy the Elantra is in good hand's now, bit anxious, the Hyandai Elantra 2005 1.6 GLS cost me 58 500 ZAR to date, in 2005 it was a hell of a good car, just bush mechanics have worked on it, 16/10/2021, 26/10/2021 cannot drive my Elantra as the brakes are not kosher. Had a good short four hour sleep. Much better now that my brother actually communicated with me and sent me a link of a flat in Scottburgh of a flat on auction. The reserve price is 525K ZAR but offers will be accepted from 500K ZAR. But the levy is 4800 ZAR. There is also a 45 square flat for sale in Scott street, huge according to European standards, lovely can't open the windows as I would breath in the exhaust fumes of the continual traffic, Monday to Saturday. So from a 320 square house in JHB which took Tata nineteen years to build on weekends and holidays to a 140 square house in Pennington to an unknown size flat in Scottburgh or to sleeping in my Hyandai Elantra near the beach. At least Jabu can go back to her mother's house, pity the deal we had in iNkombo got fucked up by Miss Asithandile Mgnadi. (Maybe the Lord did not want me to stay in iNkombo, the para's would have stabbed me for my TV and laptop, whilst I was swimming in my above ground pool) 02:14 SAST let me have a break as Bitcoin sits at 61 424 USD per coin, that's 918 000 ZAR per coin. I wonder what Joe Biden deceided on the 15th October 2021 or is the executive order on Monday 18th October 2021. Mr P agreed I pay him 1500 ZAR over three month's, 26/10/2021 07:42 SAST even though he gave me back my Elantra with the starter or battery not working and the trim fucked on the passenger side, the battery was tested and a new starter fitted, same story, once the engine on the Elantra is hot she will not start, have to wait one hour for the Elantra to cool down then she starts and did I mention the brakes failed on me, the rear brakes are not clamping, the discs are rusted. Mr P tied my DOHC 16 V engine cover with one green cable tie and one has a bolt missing. He is yet to come and repair my trim on the passenger side, seems more like sabotage to me. He did say Mark Pillay came to visit him whilst my car was at Mr P's workshop and that he knows Mark Pillay for fifteen years.

Pennington wildlife sanctuary:

I will dearly miss Pennington. I love dawn when only the birds are chirping and I go for my sunrise and sunset dip.


As of 6th December 2021 my fav Distro's on my 250 G5 are:

As of 8th December 2021 my fav Distro's on my S145 are:

The release date for Ubuntu Linux 21.10 was 14th October 2021. I want to shrink my Windows 11 partition on my S145 and install MX 21 Linux KDE Plasma, but it's very dangerous operation. The only reason I have Ubuntu Linux 20.10 in forth place on my S145 is that I can't get HPLIP right except on Mageai 8, MX Linux 21 and HP Smart on Windows 10. It's very possible and probable that I was hacked that's why Ubuntu Linux 20.04.3 kept freezing when coming out of sleep, I will check it out the next few days, installed 5.15 Kernel on Mageai 8 on my 250 G5.

Tiara Village

A pic of Mama at Tiara village Scottburgh diner, my dearest Mama, miss you so much and love you, watch over me in heaven please. 1941-2021, 80 years young when she died, 14/10/2021, I still sometimes cry when I think of your goodness towards me Mama, I still have a shrine of you my dear Mama, (I removed Mama's shrine on the 12/11/2021) rest in peace, we where each others caregivers since Tata passed in March 2006 till April 2021 and since July 2003 you helped me so much with my AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's business till 2013.

the cross i bought Mama in Sabie


The cross on the left I bought Mama as a gift in Sabie, February 2012 when Ewa and I went on timeshare at Pine Lake Inn. Mama always used to wear it when she went out. The very top Neviile God bless his soul, handed them out at St Claire's Catholic church one Wednesday, he passed away in SummerHill Lodge at the age of ninety two. I don't remember where I obtained the one with the Pope nor the one with Mother Mary. The one off Mother Mary needs to be polished up, I just found it the other day whilst cleaning out my office.

19/09/2020 06:12 CAT Saturday Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, I received the Lenovo S145 i5 on the 16/09/2020 a Wednesday, thank you very much Mrs M from South Africa, Mama. With 8 gigs of RAM it is a mid range laptop but miles faster than my Celeron. What a mission it was to install Linux on it. I first tried Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS but the WIFI and touchpad would not work. I then tried Mageia 7 and updated Mageia 7 to Mageia Beta 8 but still no go. Debian Buster 10, X would not start. PClinuxOS Full Monty would not graft with the WIFI even though on all off the for three days I tried to install, git dkms and build essentials, PCLinuxOS came close, I was about to return the laptop when I tried one last thing, Ubuntu 20.10 Beta on the 18/09/2020, and the WIFI works except for the touchpad. I will not tell Mama about it as she will be heart broken that she bought me such an expensive gift. I will eventually sort out the touchpad. Ubuntu 20.10 Beta only grafts with legacy set in the BIOS. I am now typing this on my new S145. Ubuntu has always had a hassle with pasting with my MX 1100 middle button. i am waiting for Mageia 8 final to be released and will give Mageia another go. As you know I don't use Windows 10 much so I need a laptop where Linux grafts. I used a lot of data trying to get Linux to work on the S145. But now I have the WIFI working I am happy and I don't use the touchpad much anyway. 04:05 19/09/2020 I updated Ubuntu 20.10 Beta on my S145 and then downloaded MX Linux, I flashed it and still the WIFI would not work. So I thought I would try Mangero 20.1 KDE Plasma as it was released a few days ago and is based on Arch which I have not tried before. First I tried Ubuntu's 20.10 Beta start up disk creator but it would not work so I tried isodumper on my Mageia 8 Beta on my HP Celeron but that failed as well. When I tried "dd" on my HP Celeron on Debian Buster 10 it somegow filled up my / so I have to fix that. Eventually PCLinuxOS came to the rescue and I managed to flash Mangero on my HP Celeron. So I installed Mangero 20.1 on my S145 and true as fuck the WIFI works but not the touchpad. 23:52 I am waiting for midnight to proceed further. At midnight I will test Mangero 20.1 further on my S145. 00:04 20/09/2020. All is going well with Mangero 20.1, my MX 1100 mouse works nicely on Mangero 20.1, so now I have tried Arch. 21/09/2020 01:01 Whilst I was about it I updated PCLinuxOS and at last the new kernel works after 5 or 6 duds after the stock kernel. Thanks Texstar. I booted in Debian Buster 10.5 and it worked fine with enough free space. I am now going to update Mageia Beta 1 on my 250 G5 whilst I type on my S145, the next thing is to set up NFS but it is a long time since I did that blindfolded. 21/09/2020 02:00 I booted into Windows 10 on my S145 with a bit of a hit and miss trying to get used to the S145 BIOS, I think I have it figured out now. It took three hours to download and install the Windows 10 2004 feature update and another two hours of rebooting and installing by that time I had fallen asleep at 05:00 or so, when I woke at 06:58 Windows 10 just finished the feature update and all seemed fine, strange PCLinuxOS and Mangero are also rolling releases and PCLinuxOS takes twenty five minutes to install a kernel and 284 packages on my 250 G5, well done Microsoft. 22/09/2020 02:15 installed kernel 5.9rc as well as dkms in grub on Mangero 20.1 and touchpad works. I am begining to like Mangero 20.1 KDE Plasma. 03:40 22/09/2020 I booted into Ubuntu Linux with kernel 5.8 and my touchpad works on my S145. 22/09/2020 19:45 Ubuntu 20.10 Beta is working well, I have noticed in the past that most Ubuntu Beta releases work well. Ubuntu Linux 20.10 will only be released on the 22nd October 2020. Just my MX 1100 mouse is not too koscher on Ubuntu as the MX 1100 is over ten years old and is almost dead. Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta was released officially on the 02/10/2020 but I am using the current daily build so I have been calling my Ubuntu Linux 20.10, Beta. I am trying to click my S2 as gentle as possible as the MX 1100 I had to hit the button hard.


Mhlengi my stepson at Pennington beach


In memory of Tata 1931 to 2006

To read the next parts my book please email me at with "AMPPOL IT" in the subject line, which most likely has been redirected all these years except that I received two emails, T&C's apply, YOU NEED TO MAKE A DONATION THIS TIME via Paypal. I receive donations from two sources at the moment. Mama gives me a roof over my head and feeds me, we barely make ends meet, in fact we don't. *up till August 2020. We got a lucky break during August 2020. And one from Cyril Ramaphosa the President of South Africa, a 350 rand unemployment grant. This book is for info purposes. For forty five Rand every six months I receive well over 3200 Rands worth of meds every month from the ANC government and KZN health dept at the Pennington clinic. In the years I have been typing this book I have not received a single donation via Paypal (received $60 for my ECG forth quarter 2020), nor have I sold a DVD. Yet from 2003 till 2013 my SOHO AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's was doing ok until we moved to Pennington from Randburg. G.J. Crookes helped me out a lot, recently especially since January 2016. 08/08/2020 05:15 I have thought about it and will not join the ANC party because they have banned fags (smoking). Even though I feel for the poor and I at least have food on my plate but I should be receiving a 1890 rand disability grant, which two G.J. Crookes Doctors refused to give me as they say I can work, sure I am stoned half the time on my meds. I had a disability grant in Gauteng but I let it lapse when I was too busy with AMPPOL IT to go to the big city to fill out new forms. There is little freedom of speech in South Africa the way I have been hacked because of this book. As of Tuesday 18th August 2020 the President said we may smoke again. January 2021 we are at an adjusted level 3 lockdown again, God save our souls. At the first family meeting this year the President Cyril Ramaphosa said the beaches will be closed for 14 days except for fishermen. So most of the holiday makers from all over the country who are in Pennington bought fishing rods so they can go to the beach. I have never seen so many people walking up and down our street with fishing rods.

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This book was first typed on a Centrino Duo then a Celeron N3060 and now a Lenovo S145 i5 with ADSL then Cubot Manito and Samsung A20.

OS used Windows 10 x 2, PCLinuxOS x 2, Ubuntu Linux 20.04.1, Ubuntu Linux 20.10 Beta, Mangero 20.1, Mageai 8 Beta 1, Debian Buster 10.6, Fedora KDE Plasma 33 Beta.

Contact: info at pawinski dot co dot za

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